Sledgehammer Games has announced the details regarding the Grand Master Appreciation Day. The day takes place on October 19th, 2015.

Sledgehammer Games will give players until October 18th at 9AM PT to reach Grand Master Prestige rank. At that time, they will take a snap shot of all player’s ranks on all platforms; players that are Grand Master Prestige will be rewarded with 10 Advanced Supply Drops on October 19th.

Exactly thirty days from now on Sunday, October 18th at 9AM our team will take a snapshot of our records from all platforms (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, and PC) and reward all Grand Master Prestiges on those platforms with 10 Advanced Supply Drops starting on Monday, October 19th!


  • Yankeephil


    • Baruck Obumo

      to die in a road tomorrow

  • Maximiliano Martinez

    Another way of saying “Play our game more pls.”

  • Mick

    Lol and we all thought we were getting more prestiges ? SH is pathetic.

    • ccrows

      More prestiges would have brought A LOT MORE HATE than 10 ASDs.

      I mean sure I would have done it, but nah that would have pissed off a lot of people that were close to the finish line…

  • RdJokr

    … I don’t even…

    You want us to play this game that badly, SHG? Here’s a fucking hint: SUPPLY CREDITS.

    • the tah

      I’ve been grand master for a few months. Get your shit together. Lol shits weak

      • RdJokr

        Sorry that I don’t have enough free time to grind away at the game.

      • Baruck Obumo

        I’m sorry we have lives

        • the tah

          Yet you bitch about a video game? Lol k troll, nice life you living.

          • Baruck Obumo

            wait, when was i b1tching

    • ccrows

      At the very least, replace the daily Supply drop challenge with an ASD instead of a regular SD…

    • tuby

      Yeah the must give all people who play this game the free supplydrops because they still play the game.fuck you sledgehammer

      • tuby

        Btw I almost never play the fame anymore

        • tuby


          • yousmelllikedonkeycrap

            I play it everyday and have no trouble at all finding games so u n ur other little butt buddies are just terrible at the game

          • Tuby

            Fuck you I have bever sad I have trouble to find matches are you high on crack dickhead negro.I onldont play the game that much anymore. But a solud 2.25 kd and over 75000 kilss aint that bad.

          • Tuby

            Sorry for bat grammer was in a rush

          • w

            You have trouble finding games, so you must suck at the game. Typical 12 year old response that makes no sense. YOU probably suck, so you must find a lot of games since so many other people are just as sucky as you.

    • Prostidude

      Jokr… the feels… The thing is tho is that is was a code. Ass sucking Condrey never said anything about them. Just like every COD since the beginning they throw in code to try. Most pass and suck ass. Some are great but denied. But of course you have Activision. The epitome of money whores.

  • ccrows

    *UGH* I’ve been a GMP since IDK like May/June.

    I mean it’s netter than nothing, but they got the number wrong.

    ^ You prestiged 20 times, you should get 20 ASDs… *sigh*

  • Eddie Redgrave

    Really though, who else is gonna log in pop boxes and logout~

    • zack

      Everyone lol bet they will give like 1 legendary out of the 10 to try to get people to play.

      • youStinkLikeDogShit

        Try to get people to play? Me and about ummm idk 4
        3 to 5 people play every night and find games no problem so u must just stink at the game and no I don’t care about ur kd

    • ccrows

      Would you have done the same if it was supply drop credits too though?…

      • Eddie Redgrave

        No, I would actually play. Ive posted it to Condrey via twitter a while back and after being gmp for 2 months, I’m also master in ranked. To me there’s really no reason to play anymore :/ I thought about going for gm in ranked and then i said fuck that grind im already just playing for gear idc about.

        • ccrows

          For me every day I challenge myself for the DNA bomb. Which is hard because I have a legit account.

          The thing is that I should have had it 3 times, but lost it because the other team forfeited. (2 times because of the countdown timer, and once because there was only one person left and he chose to hide)

          Even if I never get the DNA, I still enjoy going for unstoppable medals… *shrugs*

          • Eddie Redgrave

            Seriously i dont get how people get the other players not to quit when they go for DNAs

          • ccrows

            and that’s the other problem with playing people with similar skill, it’s that EGO that you are about to get DNAd, so let’s just quit and feel better.

            Sure I probably could go into infected RN and get my first DNA, because people will stay, but to me that just wouldn’t count…

  • ShepeTunka

    Better than nothing…

    • Baruck Obumo

      TBH i think nothing is better!

  • ccrows

    *sigh* Y’know I really do like AW, despite all of its flaws, and still enjoy playing it every day. (mainly because I LOVE Dom in this game)

    Sure SBMM blows, and yup the ASD purchase system didn’t belong, but the game (especially if you took the time to port forward) wasn’t that bad. I really appreciated AW the most when I saw just how unpolished BO3 currently was at beta.

    ^ With that said, I still think BO3 will end up being the better game (cuz I have a ton of trust in Vahn), but while AW is not the best COD, IMHO it’s still far from being the worst. JMO though… *shrugs*

    • Thomas the TankSwag

      It was really good for a while, but over time its flaws have just ruined the game more and more to the point that its now impossible to play.

      • ccrows

        If Dom wasn’t in AW, I’d feel the same. But I absolutely love Dom in AW.

        ^ It’s easy to cap flags (even solo) and I RunNGun Rush constantly, so if people want to camp that’s cool. I usually I get my streaks up first, and that usually backfires for campers…

        • Thomas the TankSwag

          Dom played well because of the fast movement. I could win a game against average players even if all my teammates were inept because of being able to run across the map before someone could capture a flag.

    • Ivan

      It is the worst! At least Ghost had great hit detection, before u try to say that game is the worst! The ttk in aw is horrible.. Wasting a full mag on someone is stupid!

      • ccrows

        Nah Ghost was much worse. You can say great hit detection, but you really couldn’t tell the difference between core and hardcore in that game.

        You want to succeed in Ghosts, OK don’t move. Wait till the other person blink, and you’ll win the gunfight cuz there was little time to react.

        Heck they gave you all the tools to troll camp too. IEDs, Amplify, (and yes I could still hear footsteps when people used DS), and a dog that growled when anybody got close.

        ^ But that wasn’t even my biggest beef with the game. My biggest beef was that Danger Close wasn’t balanced in F**king Core. Blast Shield only countered explosives without people using the DC perk. So you could load up with tubes, Kastets, nades, whatever, and there was no counter.

        The arguement was DC costed 4 points, but give me a Flak jacket then that costs 4 points. and no I’m am not going to use a trophy system, becuase in order to use a trophy system properly yoju were required to CAMP!

        Finally I wasn’t bad in Ghosts. My KD (while not spectacular) was above 2.5, and I had the same in BO2. Honestly I probably could of had a 4KD, but I’m a rusher, and you got screwed for RunningNGunning in Ghosts unlike BO2 or AW.

        TL;DR – Cool story bruh…

        • DB

          Ghosts would have played different with a proper UAV and something like a VSAT (#nocamping)

          • ccrows

            Oracle was basically a VSAT, and it was a freaking support KS on top of that too.

            ^ Sure there was a perk counter, but people rarely spent the points.

            The Oracle is a whole other argument, but IMO it should have been an Assault KS…

          • DB

            no – the Oracle was nice (AW has one too) but you could counter it with cold blooded and people far away were difficult to see – the VAST is the best anti-camper streak you see everyone and where they are looking. so no one can hide

      • Thomas the TankSwag

        TTK is great,the fun and arcadeness in a gamr is better than realism

    • RdJokr

      Yeah… I love this game, but at the same time I hate the fact that SHG barely ever acknowledges PC. Like, God forbid them to pay attention to PC or something!

      • ccrows

        I understand your pain, but you have to wonder how much of the PC community actually bought that game?

        ^ Which sucks because I’m sure you’re the victim because of that…

        • RdJokr

          Less than a million, which is really saying something about the state of the PC community.

          Given that Ghosts was the game that made a serious dent in the player base, it was to be expected that the playerbase for AW would be initially low. And it only made things worse with its shoddy optimization.

          But even then, playerbase isn’t the biggest issue. The biggest issue is the stupid ass matchmaking system in AW, which for some reasons can’t match you with anyone other than those who own the same combination of DLC as you. No quicker way to kill off a game than that.

  • Stefan Lang

    Thats just not gonna happen. Especially with NBA 2k15 coming out next Friday ?. 10 ASDs that’s probably gonna contain shit items anyways.

    • ccrows

      I consider myself a diehard hockey fan, but I can wait until BF to get NHL16.

      Sports games to me just don’t have that same fun factor online, because the opportunity is greater for someone to quit.

      Sure people quit in FPS, but at least there’s a revolving door that IMO still keeps the online experience fun…

    • PrimoRDT-

      You mean NBA 2K 16 ? Haha.

      • Stefan Lang

        Hell yeah bro I didnt even notice ???

  • J4MES

    So the Grand Master Prestige players don’t even get their Supply Drops until October 19th which is two weeks before the release of Black Ops 3!? That’s another monumental kick in the teeth to the community who still play this POS. Sledgehammer keep on embarrassing themselves with terrible decisions on this game and after the latest cosmetic DLC; it feels like they are beginning to take the piss out of the few remaining players.

    • ccrows

      Here’s the thing though, we don’t know how much this is Sledgehammer’s decision, and how much it is Activisions.

      While I am excited about BO3, I’m also a little scared on what Activision is going to push on Treyarch for extra cash. I mean, it has already started with BO3 being ported on prev gen.

      A year from now we’ll see just how greedy SH was with AW, or maybe it was Activision pulling the strings all along. IDK… *shrugs*

      • J4MES

        I think both are to blame – It is probably Activision who’ve made this decision so they don’t lose Supply Drop sales for the next 4 weeks and when the GMP’s do get their free drops; it’ll be right at the end of the cycle just before BO3 and they’ll be worthless to most players remaining.

      • Kyle Soule

        I wish activision would just leave for good then we wouldnt have to worry about bad decisions anymore. But sadly I dont think thats going to be happening any time soon 🙁

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    Dear Sledgehammer: Do not work on Advance Warfare 2!!!

  • DB

    halo 5 anyone….?

    • ccrows

      Nah, even though COD is getting more like Halo, I can’t do Halo anymore… 🙁

  • Frank Rizzo

    Well la-de-FRICKIN-da

  • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

    Lol.10 ASD s ? I should have received an award just for playing this game till lvl 10.

    • Kyle Soule

      That award should be getting your money back.

  • Most comments translate to:

    “I didn’t enjoy your game because the exo movements were too fast and people around my skill level proved too difficult. Praise be to BO3 for slowing the game down to my nooby level and allowing me to smack noobs so I can feel proud of myself.”

    • ccrows

      Don’t worry, the headglitching hate will be coming down the road for BO3.

      I still think that BO3 will be a great game, but the headglitching complaints will probably be one of the biggest complaints with BO3…

      • People always complained about headglitching; Ever since COD4.

        • ccrows

          True, but there were a lot of headglitching spots.

          That’s one thing about AW that while there were headglitchers, AW movement system punished people (especially in Dom) that just sat there.

          That’s why I love Dom so much in AW, because it punished people that camped more than any other COD game.

          IDK, if the camping/headglitching becomes a mess in BO3 then KC will be my primary game mode. Meh, whatever I still think that BO3 will be a great game…

          • I use the movement system to get everywhere so quickly. Since I was very adept, I was also able to unitize it for dodging their attacks. As for DOM, I always triple capped, so our victories were too swift lol.

          • the big dirtty

            I don’t always play DOM, but when I do, I ALWAYS triple cap.

    • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

      Ah and then again LovekillerX and GuyWithBrains upvote when it comes to SBMM.I m starting to see a pattern here.

      • LovekillerX

        Yeah because we are the only ones here who upvote their preferred opinion…? I can click that upvote like it or not. Move on please.

    • Kyle Soule

      No aw was just way too boring and there was a lot of bs in it.

      • If you want to know the definition of BS, I’ll give you a small list:

        *Stopping Power
        *Game ending nukes
        *Ridiculous “hand holding” streaks in MW2/BO2
        *Commando Lunging perks
        *C4 + Shield spam
        *One Man Army + Danger Close noob tubes.
        *Dead Man’s Hand
        *Shotguns as default secondary weapons
        *Stealth Bomber support spam
        *EMP support spam
        *IEDs and Claymores
        *Last Stand and Final Stand

        AW had the least amount of BS in it compared to previous titles because it removed everything I listed above. But to most people, the BS I listed above are considered fun…

        • Kyle Soule

          You forgot the most bs of all: SBMM and exos.

          • Playing against fast moving opponents around your skill level isn’t BS. Your inability to do so while blaming the developers for your problems is what I call BS.

          • Kyle Soule

            A big hunk of junk on your back that ruins map flow and does not fit the maps and being a typical fanboy while praising a broken game just because you suck and get to play with the rest of the noobs is what IS bs.

          • The movement system is fine and it doesn’t ruin the map flow. Also, fast movement and SBMM isn’t broken. Go play MW2–that’s the definition of broken.

            I’m praising a game because I suck at it? You are desperately trying to win a losing argument and it clearly shows. First you say I suck. What next? Mom jokes?

          • Tuby

            Somebody who is good at aw dont need to find proof on a internet forum. Enough said bad player alert

          • What proof are you referring to? Also, the only bad players in COD are the ones who complain about SBMM. The ability to adapt and endure is what SBMM provides, but so many are not able to handle it.

          • Kyle Soule

            I didnt say anything about predictable map flow. I said good map flow. Good map flow has nothing to do with spawn trapping. It means the game isnt broken like aw. Sure mw2 is broken but at least it is fun. I did not say anything about fast movement so before you get off subject use your brain (it is there for a reason, you know so start using it) because apparently you have a very short attention span and dont know how to stay on track. SBMM causes a game to be broken because it sets you up against sweaty tryhards and people with no skill which is what is in aw hence it being one of the most broken games I have ever played if not THE most broken game. You do suck at it but you are not as bad as you are at other CODs which is why you praise it. Try actually reading something carefully and again, use your brain, you know, the thing inside of your head because apparently everything has to be dumbed down to the most simplest words for you to understand what someone is trying to say. Btw I will not be doing mom jokes because I am not immature like you and before you say you didn’t say any mom jokes you were the one that brought them up so apparently you want me to say some. So before you throw around pointless and immature comments at someone think of what you are going to say so that you dont make a fool of yourself like you did. Oh and if you were trying to insult me then you failed as usual surprise surprise (not really).

          • Good map flow aka the ability to know where the enemy is coming from so they don’t spawn behind you. In other words, a good map flow is something that will prevent you from being blindsided by opponents in unfavorable locations. You should realize that in every Call of Duty game, you’ll always have people popping up out of nowhere. You can’t blame exo suits when someone sneaks up on you or when you cannot anticipate enemy movements. Your ability to sense enemy locations is on you and you alone.

            “SBMM causes a game to be broken because it sets you up against sweaty tryhards…”

            OK? You’re against opponents who actually know how to play the game. Why is that a bad thing? If you’re so desperate to win, why not earn more skill? That way, they won’t seem so sweaty since you’ll be way better. Also, in case you forgot, but you bought a game that focuses on “competition”. Expect the people you encounter to compete. If you can’t take the heat, then I suggest playing private match with friends or taking a break.

            Lastly, you were the one who threw the immature insults at me in the first place. Those insults included calling me a fanboy and that I sucked at the game. All of this is done so you can gain some imaginary leverage in our discussion. So please, stop being a hypocrite by saying I am the immature person in this conversation when it’s clearly you who is at fault.

          • Kyle Soule

            Good map flow has to do with good map design and fluent gameplay, not what you said. I dont know what game you are playing but aw is the only cod that people pop out of nowhere usually.
            Apparently you dont know what a sweaty tryhard is. A sweaty tryhard (self explanatory) is someone that tries super hard to not suck. If I wanted to earn more skill, which I have, then I would not be playing aw which sets you up against noobs/tryhards which is what you like since you have no skill and are on the same level as them.
            There is a difference between competitive and straight up tryharding. Competitive is when you strategize and plan things out. Tryharding is when you have no plan or strategy and just enter a gunfight and try too hard. Sound familiar? Its not the heat I cant take because I can take that. Its the game I cant take which I already explained to you why unless you couldn’t understand it clearly for whatever reason.
            A fanboy is not really an insult. It simply means you really like a game. When I said you suck I was just stating the truth so its not an insult. Before you say something learn what the word means because clearly you dont have a very good understanding of simple words and their meaning so open up a dictionary and learn them and then come back and use them because there is no point in using words if you dont know what they mean.

          • So if people pop out of nowhere, it’s bad map design and not good map flow. Clearly, that’s the problem. How absurd of me to believe the true problem in this situation be your inability to watch your back and check corners from time to time. It’s the developer’s fault for making maps poorly because you can’t take the time to check your surroundings. Makes perfect sense.

            When it comes down to it, nothing is wrong with a tryhard. Saying they lack strategy isn’t necessarily true. The term “tryhard” is obvious; A person who puts forth 100% effort into their gameplay–sometimes by using the best weapons if necessary. The term itself is often misused as a face-saving insult because someone feels inadequate. Why is it a bad thing that people put effort into a game? Can’t we just adapt and overcome their onslaught instead of mocking how they legitimately play?

            When you say someone sucks, it’s an insult because it’s meant to antagonize someone. Saying “it’s the truth” is not an excuse around it, so stop being immature. Also, you should fix your grammar, especially with your run-on sentences.

          • Kyle Soule

            I dont mind checking corners. I just want good map design. Most tryhards dont have a strategy plan. Yh sure they might do that but just like I said, most dont have a (good) strategy plan.
            Most people use the word for its actual meaning including me. So basically you consider cheesy nooby moves effort? Please, say no more.
            When there is someone that gets a cheesy kill then Im not going to accept it and be cheering them on.
            Yh and you calling me immature is not an insult? Thats not true so there was absolutely no reason in using it. Before you type something make sure it makes sense because clearly you dont know what you are saying.
            Are you really going to be a grammar nazi? Psshhh! Give me a break. There are two types of grammar nazis. The first one being someone that really cares about spelling and the second one being someone that lost an argument and doesnt have any good points which is where you come in. Also, there is a difference between run on sentences and long sentences. A long sentence is simply a sentence that is long enough to get your point across in many words until a period is needed. A run on sentence is a sentence that goes on and on and laques a period where a period is due. Didnt you learn this in english class?

          • Good map design means you have a map that has a variety of long/close areas that allow most weapons to be usable. Also, a good map allows for teams to always be engaged in combat rather than being too clustered or spread apart. It shouldn’t be about preventing opponents from sneaking up behind you or allowing you to have a better idea of where the enemy is located.

            What is considered a cheesy move? Someone shooting you from behind? I’m betting that any death you receive is cheesy because you’ll most likely blame every other factor but yourself. Examples include bad spawns, Elite variants, lag, panic knifing, and more. If you say that a cheesy move is someone who lacks strategy, then that’s an erroneous claim since you cannot officially prove it.

            There is a reason for calling you immature and it’s due to your attitude that you have against me and other people on CI. What was that one comment you posted? Oh yeah…

            “Comment if you think lovekillerx is high on acid.”

            Yeah… very mature of you.

          • Kyle Soule

            Good, you are catching on. Thats what good map design is! Good job!
            A cheesy move is a cheap and easy move. I know when its my fault. If anything is cheesy its your comments. Its pretty easy to tell if someone laques strategy. Want to know how you find out? Its called observing and inferring.
            Yh and you talking shit about other games and replying to people in a negative way isnt immature?
            Wow, how hypocritical of you.
            Oh and stalking people and going through their comments just so that you can jump on their back is quite pathetic if you ask me.

          • I said good map design should NOT be about preventing opponent from sneaking up behind you and NOT allowing you to have a better idea of where the enemy is located (in case you misinterpreted that part). Otherwise, the maps in AW are fine, even with Exos.

            So define cheesy. What is a cheesy moment? You keep mentioning it, but never define it or explain to me in a few examples. Also, being able to tell if someone lacks (not laques) strategy by observing is different from actually proving it. The same logic lies in “panic knifing”–you can’t prove someone panicked just by observing.

            I wasn’t stalking your comments. I read up on the MP40/M1911 news and saw your comment clear as day. What’s pathetic in this situation is how you started the insults in the first place, yet declare me the immature person regardless of that fact.

          • Kyle Soule

            I know that implies but good map design is also a continuous flow as well. Fine, that is your opinion that the maps are fine but me plus a lot of other people disapprove of the maps and exos were not the best.
            I already defined cheesy. It means, assuming we are talking about a cheesy kill, a very cheap and easy kill. There isnt really any easier way to say it.
            Oops, not sure why I spelled lacks as laques but that is beside the point. You want proof? Go and play COD right now and tell me how many people are using “nooby” tactics because it is more than you think. Yes you can by observing. If they aren’t panick knifing then what else are they doing?
            Whats pathetic is that you fail to see that you started the insults and your trying to blame it on me. Your the one who started calling everything bs, not me. You are the immature one because you cant take a little defensive comment when your the one who started this mess in the first place. When you say something you should expect someone to reply back.

          • Here are my definitions of “cheesy kills”:
            *Tossing C4 in a blink of an eye (behind a shield)
            *Infinitely noobtubing across the map without having to move.
            *Being able to melee attack from 15 ft away via Commando
            *Blowing someone up via Dead Man’s Hand
            *Surviving way longer than normal to get a kill via Painkiller

            *Dropping into final stand and blowing someone away.

            In other words, the kills are gained by ridiculous methods, thus make them cheesy. Notice how everything I listed above are all gone. Therefore, it’s very difficult to consider anything cheesy in AW.

            Panic Knifing isn’t a genuine panic. If they aren’t panicking, what are they doing? It’s called them reacting faster than you. Even IF they panicked, it’s still your fault for getting to close. Claiming it was a “cheesy kill” to render yourself blameless is not good.

            Lastly, you should listen to your own advice about who started insults. What was it that you said to me the first time?

            “…being a typical fanboy while praising a broken game just because you suck and get to play with the rest of the noobs is what IS bs.”

            Oh, but you’re innocent because you’re stating “facts”. In reality, you are a hypocrite in pure form.

          • Kyle Soule

            First of all there are still cheesy kills in aw.
            Panic knifing Is a panic. Most of the time IT IS a panic knife so don’t try to deny it.
            If you are really going to wine and cry like a big baby for me calling you a fanboy then I think you should know that we are all fanboys of something including myself.
            You are the hypocrite because you said you don’t know what a cheesy kill is but now you are contradicting yourself and all of a sudden you know what it is. You started this whole thing by stating that pretty much everything is bs so just stop being a whiny asshole and get out of here and before you say that’s an immature comment ,grow up and take the hate because you are the one being immature because you can’t take the hate.and
            This is the last comment I will be replying to because I am done wasting my time with a pathetic troll. Before you say you won this argument your wrong because I won and I’m not wasting anymore time and I will just simply ignore your next comment. So don’t waste anymore time because I won and you lost. Sorry, maybe next time 🙁

          • Panic Knife is an excuse. Can you really prove that everyone panics without asking? No, you cannot prove it. Most people who see you at close range simply knife because they have a quick reaction. And what does it matter IF they did panic? You were the one who got that close, so it’s your fault they got you. Take some responsibility for your own mistakes.

            When we talk about cheesy kills, the only cheesy kills that can be considered in AW are corner campers and maybe people who spam grenade launchers with Danger Close (I say maybe because I always use the trophy exo in Hardpoint). In the whole aspect of things, those cheesy kills I mentioned are deathly paled in comparison to the older entries ie MW2, MW3, and BO2. I consider it more cheesy that someone can insta-toss C4 behind a shield or drop into Dead Man’s Hand and blow me up.

            The only person in this discussion that’s getting upset is you. I’m remaining calm and keeping the discussion going, but you are continuing to throw insults at me ie calling me a whiny a**hole, pathetic troll, fanboy, “I suck at the game”, and more. I never considered the discussion as a competition, but if we had to pick a winner or loser, you definitely lost since you lost your cool many times.

          • ScOott

            jesus kyle this the second time I’ve seen you destroy someone lol.. U got a secret dark side.. #DontFuckWithKyle..

          • Kyle Soule

            Haha yh! Im on a roll aren’t I?

    • Mister perfect

      Do you jerk you penis of when you wrote down this comment. II am pretty good at aww but I dont have to mention that in Every comment. Quite sad to be honest

      • You really need to work on your grammar.

        • Mister perfect

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    • Mister perfect

      Moreover I think you are shit and want to prove your not in the comment section .

  • In less than one month prior to BO3, AW is still recognizing their community by offering this Grand Master Prestige Appreciation Day. Despite their hard effort and fantastic work on AW, the community continues to spray their toxic attitude around like a trolling skunk.

    And for what? The game being too fast to handle? SBMM making the noobs less plentiful? Someone getting better variants by spending real money, even though the variants don’t win the games for you? All of these are YOUR problems, so handle them by yourself. Stop treating the devs as a scapegoat just so you can feel less inadequate. While you’re at it, GROW UP.

    Thank you.

    • GinsuVictim

      They fuck up and it’s somehow our fault?

      • How did they screw up exactly?

        • RdJokr

          Let’s see…

          – Weapon balancing makes absolutely no sense (MK14, EPM3, M16 pre-patch, etc…). Quirky weapons like the NA-45 and the XMG only make things worse.

          – Many map glitches and exploits remain untouched SINCE LAUNCH
          – Zero communication with fanbase, especially the PC crowd
          – Matchmaking is absolutely fucked, because apparently SHG can’t be bothered to include an automatic DLC filter to match everybody with everybody regardless of DLC.

          Do I need to go on?

          • Some weapons are bad, but others have their uses ie the NA-45 clearing Momentum sites. Also, the XMG is fantastic now (granted it didn’t used to be that way).

            Map glitches/exploits have always been in each COD multiplayer and a lot of them don’t get fully patched to this day.

            SHGames does communicate with the community. Since there are millions upon millions of people asking/spamming questions and being immature punks towards them, they cannot reach out to every single person. Also, if I were them and had to face a childish community, I wouldn’t communicate with them at all.

            As for DLC, there shouldn’t be a “manual” DLC filter because the filter itself should be “automatic” (and probably is). If people are missing the DLC, finding matches may take longer, but they are found if people have proper internet and are playing at specific times of day where everyone is active.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            This excuses nothing.

        • GinsuVictim

          Movement too fast for the connection to keep up. Mostly boring maps, even in the DLC. Terrible spawns. Worst weapons. Killstreak selection stinks. ASDs.

          And I actually like this game, but it’s the worst one.

          • Connections are fine for me and I rarely had issues. The maps were unique, the spawns weren’t that bad (except in FFA modes here n there), some weapons were bad, Killstreaks were balanced because they didn’t hold your hand and do the work for you, and ASD’s really didn’t present a clear advantage over other players.

            MW2 was the worst one because not only was that game unbalanced, but it was also a hack-fest for a month straight (during April) after the two original devs were fired.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            The connections were an issue because of the movement. Nobody is specifically saying that your ping is lagging. The maps were pretty much ALL absolutely terrible. Spawns were the worst after Ghosts. The only dominant weapons were the OP ones. Killstreaks were weak, not balanced. Killstreaks have never held your hand. They’re supposed to REWARD you for getting a chain of kills, not punish you with garbage killstreaks that shoot airsoft pellets.

            Modern Warfare 3, Ghosts, and Advanced Warfare are the worst Call of Duty games of all time. Modern Warfare 2 may have been broken, but why is that game STILL playable to this day, but Advanced Warfare is dead?

          • “Killstreaks have never held your hand. They’re supposed to REWARD you for a chain of kills…”

            So when you say REWARD, you mean being more effective like in MW2? If so, then that’s hand holding right there.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            It’s not hand-holding JUST BECAUSE the streaks are actually usable. You are, essentially, claiming that streaks (which have been in Call of Duty for years) have to be weak JUST because they’re effective? No. If I EARN 7 kills in a row, then I should be able to continue o chain my streaks further by seeing you on the radar. That’s the basic fundamentals of this franchise. I am not referring only to MW2. I will use BO2 as my example. BO2’s streaks were effective because that game rewarded you for doing well. In Advanced Warfare, you’re essentially supporting the act of “lets just make these weak because previous streaks were effective.” Streaks aren’t overpowered, because they don’t fall into the overall game’s design philosophy of balance. They have to be strong so that you can continuously chain them. If I earn 10 kills in a row, then I better be able to have something rewarding that will obliterate the enemy team. In the grand scheme of things, they’re limited. More effectiveness validates their use, which is why MW2 is held in such high regard. It was a very rewarding game for its time.

          • “Streaks aren’t overpowered…”

            “They have to be strong so that you can continuously chain them. If I earn 10 kills in a row, then I better be able to have something rewarding that will obliterate the enemy team.”

            You contradicted yourself. You say streaks aren’t overpowered, but you want them to demolish the enemy team AND have the ability to chain them to earn more devastating streaks. That’s the definition of overpowered–something that happened in MW2.

            Example: Get four kills via hardline, call in a double kill predator missile, call in the harrier, and then the pavelow. By then, the player has amassed 10-20 streak kills because they chained together. The hand-holding is real.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            It depends on the game in question. In Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops 2, the streaks were crazy, and justifiably so. It’s not overpowered just because a streak can obliterate the enemy team. No, that just means that they’re usable, and not pathetically weak, like in Ghosts and Advanced Warfare. The thing is, is that MW2’s streaks being powerful (NOT overpowerful), was justified through the required chain of kills that you had to earn. If I get a chain of 7 kills in a row, then I SHOULD have a Harrier Airstrike that’s strong. If I have a 9-kill chain, then my Pavelow better ‘do some work’, for me. If I earn an 11-kill chain, then I deserve a Chopper Gunner/AC-130, and so on and so forth. In otherwords, they were powerful, but weren’t overpowered, due to the amount of kills required. The Nuke is debatable. The difference between MW2 and AW, is the fact that I feel obligated to actually USE the streaks in MW2.

            Then maybe you should make better points. Not once did I ever receive the notion that you implied ‘chained kills’ as in streaks building off of each other. I’m talking strictly about gun kills, but my flawed logic here is that MW2 and BO2 are different games in regards to the chaining of kills. Unlike BO2, MW2 streaks built off each other. In that aspect, you COULD subjectively call them overpowered. The kicker is, however, the fact that that Double Kill Predator Missile is entirely luck-based. You aren’t guaranteed a kill with that streak. Sometimes it requires timing.

          • spartanelite

            You call mw2 fun? That shit wasn’t fun at all

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            In your opinion, contrary to popular belief.

          • spartanelite

            Because that’s basically where cod blew up and no one found anything annoying and are blinded by nostalgia

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            MW2 was broken, but was still fun. Wish I could say the same about AW. At least it’s polished, right? With some invisible wall hacks, here and there. MW2 obliterates AW, even with the noob tubes. AW was that bad to me.

          • spartanelite

            Well they at least did it,mw2 just release it and forgot about it also every cod game has those glitchs

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            You can’t excuse glitches. MW2, again, was the best CoD in its first half a year, and it’s still playable.

          • spartanelite

            Ha no if you can move from spawn from constant chopper gunners and infinite danger close nube tubes

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Seems like a more pleasant experience than Advanced Chorefare.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Furthermore, saying that MW2 wasn’t fun but Call of Cluster-Fuck is is utterly laughable and immediately held in disregard.

          • spartanelite

            Mw2 was the worst, but then everyone calls it amazing and people who don’t stupid and I see none of that in that game :l

          • GinsuVictim

            It has a ton of problems, but the maps and weapons are way better than AW.

          • spartanelite

            The maps are meh and weapons were really unbalanced

          • TheHorror

            I agree with most of that, however it’s laughable that you said you praised Ghosts in an above post but say that AW has terrible spawning. Which it is from time to time, but nothing will be worse to me than literally spawning in front of someone ADS with a sniper like in Ghosts.

          • GinsuVictim

            I spawn right in the line of fire in AW, BO2, Ghosts, etc. It’s a problem in later CoDs period.

          • TheHorror

            The spawning isn’t good in BO2 or AW, but Ghosts is on a totally different level in my opinion at least.

          • GinsuVictim

            Nothing in Ghosts is as bad as Nuketown.

          • ccrows

            Was just about to say, PREACH ON BRUTHA! F*** Nuketown!

            but then I started to think about “Free Fall”.

            Can we at least agree that both maps suck?…

          • GinsuVictim

            Free Fall doesn’t exist, only the exit lobby option.

    • ccrows

      Because the COD cycle is real.

      If people can praise Ghosts, then there’s no doubt in my mind that AW will get a lot of love a year or two from now…

      • GinsuVictim

        I praised Ghosts the whole time it was the current title and still do.

        • I spent so much money on DLC for Ghosts I sometimes just play it just because. It’s not that bad, but compared to black ops 2 it’s night and day.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Ghosts is the worst Call of Duty, if not MW3.

          • The truth hurts alright?

            “It feels bad man.”

            -Pepe the Frog

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Both games had potential, but shared the same fates; they were executed poorly, like everybody in the sniper communities’ births.

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          Ghosts was terrible.

        • ccrows

          Ginsu, Agree that you’ve been a fan of Ghosts since day 1.

          That has been noted by me a while back, and I respect that… 🙂

    • Willekeurig persoon

      Games are about fun -> AW is no fun -> No reason to play AW

      • Why isn’t it fun? What is the definition of “fun” in your vision? Not having to sweat? Play against noobs all day?

        • Willekeurig persoon

          I love competition and pairing up against good players. But after a long day, I simply don’t feel like sweating to get a good score.

          • Nobody is forcing you to sweat. If other people are playing harder, nobody is forcing you to play the same way. Just don’t blame me when you lose.

          • Willekeurig persoon

            And that is exactly why AW is no fun to me and alot of other people as well.

          • So in order to be fun, you don’t want to sweat…but you also want to win and perform well? That’s like saying you want to be Youtube famous and you want to use a potato to record your videos. It’s not going to work.

            The only way you can accomplish not having to sweat in order to have fun is if the skill differences were enormous. With that being said, YOU might be having fun, but what about those lesser skilled players you’re stomping? Should they only be there to suffer in order to make you happy?

          • Willekeurig persoon

            If you create a system in which people of very different skill levels compete against eachother (like the old CoDs) you will have these benefits:
            – Way more diverse matches.
            – “Noobs” will actually learn to play from the more skilled players. Instead of stomping other noobs (and thus stay nooby).
            – Better players will have more fun playing the game. Being good will actually pay off.
            – Stats will become reliable, since everyone competes against everyone. No clusters.

          • So…it’s basically about “crushing noobs” in order to have fun. Being skilled doesn’t mean you are also granted endless privileges because you say so.

            Also, there’s a flaw in your “noobs learning to get better” logic–if it’s supposed to help them, how is it helping you to get better?

          • Brad

            Are you high? SBMM is cancer because I don’t want to play sweaty players every game some games I should play noobs some games people closer to me or better, and the same goes for the noobs there will always be people that are better and worse than you no matter how good you are. You don’t learn to get better playing against someone of your skill

          • Willekeurig persoon

            Glad to see that there are more people who actually think. And not blindly defend a game, just because one does like it.

          • SBMM does provide a marginal skill difference, but nothing too extreme. You can’t have 0.5 KD players going against 2.5 K/D players. It’ll be a slaughter-fest. However, that’s what most people want in order to have a fun time.

          • Willekeurig persoon

            Where are you getting these conclusions from? Certainly not from my comment, if so, then you must have interpreted it the wrong way.

            There will always be better players than you, whom you can learn from.

          • Yes, there are better players that you can learn from, but why can’t you take your own advice? You say you don’t want to sweat and noobs should learn from better players. That tells me that you don’t want to learn from better players. Otherwise, it ruins your fun.

          • w

            He probably would take his own advice, but HE CANT. He’s stuck in his own skill parameter. Why can’t there be varying skill differences in a lobby? He doesn’t want to sweat EVERY game. Keyword EVERY. Sometimes he wants to use a bulldog and goof around without getting obliterated. What’s so wrong about having varied lobbies?

          • Read my earlier comment. I mentioned how SBMM provides a marginal skill difference–just nothing too extreme.

          • Willekeurig persoon

            Exactly! Forget using any fun/low-tier guns, as you will be absolutely destroyed playing against your own skill with a Steed.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Right, we’ll just blame the shitty game that you’re excusing.

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          Oh please. No need to excuse SBMM. It does nothing positive for the game. You can’t play against those types of players and have fun and be sane whilst playing this piece of shit.

          • So again, what makes the game fun for you? Crushing noobs?

          • Willekeurig persoon

            Why are you against “crushing noobs” in the first place? Those people couldn’t care less about their kd ratios and other stats.

            When I first started playing CoD, I sucked alot and got raped by all good players. But I didn’t go and cry in a corner. Instead, I was very interested in their tactics and classes they used.

            And to be honest, I enjoyed the game even more then, than I do now. While I’m a way better player now.

            TLDR; bad players don’t care that they’re getting bad scores. And if they do, then they better learn how to play the darn game.

          • You cannot automatically assume that newbies in Call of Duty don’t care about stats and that they want to be destroyed. That’s wishful thinking at its worst.

            So you’re saying that if you got destroyed in Call of Duty, you deserve to destroy others out of a sense of privilege? That’s like saying your father abused you and now you’ll abuse your own children. Not everyone wants that kind of experience, but you insist that they should learn the way YOU see fit.

            Here’s an idea. Pick on someone your own size. Leave them alone and let them play their own game within their skill levels. Stop treating them as food in order to nourish your ability to have fun.

          • Willekeurig persoon

            I don’t assume it, I know it.

            You’re defending your precious game so much now, you are starting to not make sense anymore.

            Oh well, have fun playing the game if you enjoy it so much..
            Me and alot of other people will just wait for a game without such an outrageously annoying element in it.

            You seem to be pretty upset about others having a different opinion on it than you have. It’s just a game..

          • Yes, it is a game–a game that is meant to be played in a fun and FAIR manner (I stress that word since many people don’t want fairness). That makes perfect sense because it maintains fun for everyone without it being shifted entirely to one’s benefit, thus leaving the rest completely bewildered.

            Our opinions differ, but when your opinion involves the need to sacrifice the fun for the rest simply because they are of a lower skill tier, it makes you looks like an a**hole. That’s my beef with your opinion.

          • Willekeurig persoon

            Sure, I’m an asshole for wanting all people to have fun in a videogame.

            Right now, the fun is actually shifted toward the not so good players.
            But also fucks them over, because they don’t learn shit in those lobbies..

            A “FAIR” game as you call it, would make everyone play against everyone, instead of unfairly putting some players in easier lobbies. And because of that, achieving the same (or better) stats as players who have to fight for it.

          • The lower skilled players do learn because SBMM doesn’t place them in an environment with perfectly matching skill levels. In every game, regardless of the similar skills, there will always be better players within that lobby. As a result, learning can still be achieved without any demoralizing moments.

            Everyone against everyone, no matter what skill level, will cause serious problems. It makes things way to difficult for the lower skilled and demotivates them to the point of not wanting to play. Meanwhile, the higher skilled will have such as easy time, they won’t learn anything at all–but why would they since they’re having fun?

            My idea of fairness is not having that lopsided skill difference via everyone vs. everyone. Matches should be a fair competition, not a complete bloodbath.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            What makes the game fun for YOU? A forced challenge? Skill is irrelevant. What I find fun would be gunfights that aren’t TOO random. SBMM doesn’t add anything critical, just a FORCED challenge, which is bad game design. You could say that I want to face bad players, but that hasn’t been the case for the past dozen games, now, has it?

    • Danzyy

      Well said! I LOVE YOU lol Took those words write out my mouth!

      • w

        Bad said! You can’t even spell right!

    • KernosT

      Lol dont win you games,lets see you win a game with an Mk11 against a full team of Steeds.Ridiculous gun balance,spawns,ridiculous map flow,Advanced supply drops and all this bullshit which essentially gives you better chance at getting better guns if you pay money,close to P2W.Well that is all you need to give a bad game. No content is useful if the game is fucking wank. Just look at destiny. You can offer the community for 10years but if the game isnt good then its no use.And also if I wanna play against people of my skill, League play is for that. It should not be enforced in pubs.

      • WhiskeyDick

        Perhaps you mean mk14? If so… That gun is a beast, granted I often play hardcore, still I nearly have dropped a couple DNA bombs using the mk14, I haven’t used it in a few months as I’m working on getting sniper rifles diamond camps unlocked, but I know it’s accurate af and if you know how to use the mk14 it’s not as trash as you make it seem, I’d use it against steeds! Lol I’ve ran through matches with just pistols versus bals/asm1 and gone positive…. You guys are funny how you act like there’s some godly weapon in this game! If anything id say the atlas 20mm sniper rifle needs to ads faster, or offer better sight attachments

      • Skill determines the outcome of each gunfight, not the weapons themselves. If someone is very skilled with the MK14, then yes, they can outmatch a team full of Steeds.

        Public matches and Ranked matches only differ based on specific rules. Both need to enforce a skill based system. That way, most games can be fair without having completely one-sided matches.

        Lastly, about those people who earn Elite weapons from supply drops while I use the base variant…

        • jkl

          No one is skilled enough to beat a team of obsidian steeds with an mk14. Now you’re just defending AW because you’re pressured to respond.

          • I’m defending AW because it’s a genuinely good game, but people like you cannot handle similarly skilled players. To yourself, a public match should only exist to provide noobs for you to destroy in order to have fun aka making them suffer so you don’t have to sweat. That’s downright pathetic.

            A selfish person like yourself has no say in what makes a Call of Duty game good or bad because you don’t think about equality and fairness for all–you think only for yourself and are close minded to everything else.

            Remember that.

          • jkl

            wrong, you are putting words into my mouth and making assumptions in order to make your point. That’s downright pathetic. I can handle similar skilled players, and I can show my stats so I can prove you wrong. I play this game because I enjoy not being able to know the outcome of a match or what the enemy is going to do. I enjoy learning. They’re can be an inexperienced player that sits in a weird corner and I can be able to change my strategy, or a player that is more skilled than me from which I can learn and apply his strategy to my own.

            What I dont like is SHG feeding the same players and experience, knowing exactly what my opponents are going to do, and a limited amount of lobbies (I even get no games found in a lot of modes). Before you go and say “Well that doesnt happen to me” remember that we probably have different “skill” lobbies, so your experience might not be the same as my experience.

            I understand why this is being done, so that the ultimatum player (ie. the player with a 0.25 K/D can enjoy the game). I get that, but when some some people cant find games or are suffering, then theres a problem.

            You are also putting me into the same category as the other people arguing with you. I don’t understand why you are calling me selfish even though my first interaction didnt have anything to do with what youre accusing me of. So, a person that makes assumptions, believes to know whats best, and likes to pretend that theres nothing wrong with the game also has no say in what makes a Call of Duty game good.

            Remember that.

          • Prostidude

            “skill lobbies”. Unless you’re a fucking dumbass there is no SBMM in AW.

            If there was I would consider your K/D being a fucking 0.000 to the amount of fucks a give about a guest talking shit on CI. Before you go say “Ohh K/D doesn’t matter go suck a fat one” remember you probably jus flat out suck ass.

            Referring back to your dumbass on a previous comment. “No one is skilled enough to beat a team of obsidian steeds with an mk14.” 1 – You mentioned an MK14, so I already know you play noob ass lobbies with your “skill lobby” ass. 2 – Suck a dick if you think Obsidian Steeds beet good Gun skill. Ohh wait, you would not know that feeling.
            Remember that.
            P.S. Make a fucking account then talk shit on CI. Other than that suck a fat one.

          • jkl

            > “skill lobbies”. Unless your a fucking dumbass there is no SBMM in AW.

            Stopped reading right there. A wrong statement while using your instead of you’re. Peace.

          • Prostidude

            > A wrong statement while using your instead of you’re. Peace.
            Please read correctly.
            Plus, unless your a complete family degen and you’ve been living under a rock for 10 years. Skill lobbies = SBMM.
            Let me repeat that for your dumbass. Skill lobbies = SBMM
            Remember that. Fuck outta here.

          • jkl

            I don’t understand what you’re talking about. What are you on about?

            You just said that there is no SBMM in AW. I am insinuating that there clearly is. You used your, but it’s supposed to be you’re. What am I supposed to be reading correctly?

            I said “skill” lobbies because I was telling the other guy that we are probably in different type of lobbies with different types of skill (ie. he can’t tell me that there is no problems with finding matches when he is probably matched in different skilled lobbies = more lobbies). Different SBMM lobbies would have sounded weird.

          • w.

            I meant to say “I play CALL OF DUTY because I enjoy not being able to know the outcome of a match or what the enemy is going to do. I enjoy learning. They’re can be an inexperienced player that sits in a weird corner and I can be able to change my strategy, or a player that is more skilled than me from which I can learn and apply his strategy to my own.” Didnt mean to say this game. I am not defending it.

          • Having similar skill levels means that each match can have a varied win/loss outcome. It’s not always a win-win scenario (even with SBMM being less potent). However, the main point of SBMM is to keep things fair and equal (as mentioned earlier). No more of these lobbies where the newest players get creamed by the Elite.

            If people can’t find games, they have to consider a variety of issues, such as internet speed, location, time of day, the specific game mode being played, etc. I find games quite often at nearly every time of day, except for the early mornings ie 3-5am.

            I call everyone selfish because that’s what everyone is in the community. They always give me the same exact replies of “I don’t want to sweat” and “I want to have fun”. Believe me, when you hear that 99% of the time, it’s hard to not assume someone is selfish.

    • Greasy Neckbeard

      Cock sucking is real

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      ‘Recognizing their community’? ‘Hard effort and fantastic work’? Are you taking the piss? There’s no way you can look at Advanced Warfare and make such ignorant claims.

      1. The game IS too fast to handle. This is flawed design and the reason why it’s so heavily criticized.
      2. Thanks for proving the fact that SBMM doesn’t exist for noobs, it exists to play in a more competitive environment, which is fucking stupid. Nobody wants to play a CASUAL VIDEO GAME in such a way. Except delusional people, of course.
      3. Variants can win games for you. In some cases, it is Pay-to-Win. In others, it is purely cosmetic. Damage controlling it isn’t logical to me. If I’m spending real life money, then I should be able to trade these variants and sell them.
      4. Advanced Warfare is a joke of a game. Plain and simple.

      Like most games, the only ‘community’ that this shitty studio has left are the fanboys. That’s it.

      • The game being too fast and not being able to go against similarly skilled players is your fault. Also, variants don’t win the games for you.

        The only joke in AW is you.

        • GinsuVictim

          The game being fast is great, but their netcode can’t keep up a lot of time, creating a lot of shitty deaths and missed kills.

          • I don’t notice the netcode not keeping up. I play in the USA on Xbox One with a 12ping internet, so that’s why.

          • GinsuVictim

            I’m usually host, so my connection is solid.

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          Factually not the case. It is flawed game design to appeal to a minority of a populous, AKA you. I will re-iterate my claim that Advanced Warfare is a joke of a game. You can’t claim that you stay sane through the AW experience and be expected to be taken seriously. Variants CAN and WILL win games for you, depending on the individual variant itself.

      • spartanelite

        So people complaind about ghost being to slow now its to fast and the fact your trying so hard not to say the only way you like the game is by stopping noons is preet bad too.The variants are fine IMO because the base gun can usually do as well as a variant and sometimes better,have bought a single ASD and I have a bunch of the elite’s already and lastly you just keep bitching and moaning like you most likely will in bo3

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          This immature view is why Advanced Warfare is conceived in such a negative light. Skill is literally irrelevant. Not only to THIS franchise, but gaming as a whole. I don’t understand this narrow-minded logic that I don’t like SBMM just because I want to face noobs. There is no MATURE view on this, because of the fact that the past games were more fun with a minimal case of that method of matchmaking logic and, furthermore, it is simply illogical to state that I can’t bear anything more than 5 minutes of AW JUST BECAUSE it is “too fast.” No, that’s a fanboy type of mentality. The real reasoning is the FACT that it is a chaotic cluster-fuck of a Multiplayer experience, due to this list of reasons:

          1. Poor spawning logic.
          2. Poor map design through the illogical overuse of verticality and randomness.
          3. Too extreme of speed for boost-jumping, and too quick of a delay of the one in question.
          4. The complete amateurly lack of overall design philosophy through weapon balance in order to appease and appeal to the competitive crowd. Note the lack of extreme nerfs to the BAL-27 and ASM1 to slightly bring some evidence to my claims.
          5. The complete REHASH of perks and weapons, mainly weapons such as the ARX-160, AK-12, Bulldog, Lynx, etc. Rehashed content is inexcusably insulting.
          6. Iterating a payment method of the Looting System, regardless of the promising of the lack thereof.
          7. Appeasing and/or appealing to and only to the competitive crowd and spinning it by phrasing it as “listening to the community.”

          Advanced Warfare is a heap of amateurish design philosophies due to my reasoning. Not because of my overall skill, but because Sledgehammer’s priorities are stuck inside a blender (the minority crowd). If my negative criticism is conceived by you as “bitching and moaning,” then, through my reasoning, such is validated. You can call it whatever you want. I have the right as a paying consumer to criticize these individuals because they are disrespecting me, even though I initially supported them and gave them a chance. The next time you make these tired, generic claims, I highly recommend that you either keep your opinion to yourself, or find better reasons for your points.

          • spartanelite

            1.)Spawns IMO are good,there have been worst and spawns aren’t always perfect either 2.) Maps aren’t randomly vertical I can go around the maps with ease if you didn’t give up on the game calling it bad an hour into it you’d probably know 3.)I can see why’d you find that annoying but IMO I didn’t mind it,I got used to it 4.) Perks have always been about similar through out the game’s and an example of rehash of a weapon would be? I can only think of about one 5.)never bought an ASD have almost every primary elite,I don’t buy those or plan to also not to mention that they’re free as well 6.)I don’t see how they didn’t listen to the community,they basically give out free gun’s 7.) Well you could call it that,I mean it is their first Cod,you can’t give them too much crap,you could choose to let it slide if you didn’t like it or not that’s on you,but on they’re next game they should probably fix most of the things that were wrong

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            1) Spawns weren’t good. I’ve spawned in many places where my enemies were either near me, or in my line of sight. Spawns won’t be perfected, but they’re still bad for such an unneededly chaotic game.
            2) The maps ARE too vertical and the gunfights ARE too random. I’m around level 4-5th prestige with a few days played. I know what I’m talking about.
            3) Not everyone can “get used to it.” It’s a genuine problem. You must put up with a lot.
            4) Doesn’t matter. This was Sledgehammer’s first game. They should have known better. That doesn’t excuse them making crutch perks. Rehashed weapons would include the AK-12, ARX-160, MP443 Grach, Lynx, Amelia, Bulldog, etc. from Ghosts, as well as rehashed audio on DLC weapons.
            5) Doesn’t matter. People still bought them. It’s inexcusable. “Free” ASD’s are limited. If I get loot, then I should be able to trade it with others, or sell it to someone else if I don’t like it. Otherwise, I’m pointlessly putting my money into these drops, making them a cash grab.
            6) Who asked for guns? Guns aren’t technically free if they require you to find them in randomized loot. What is this, Wack-a-Mole? The only known free gun I’ve seen was the M1 Irons. Nice little gesture. Gun isn’t too worthless. However, they only appeal to one community: competitive. Then they make PR statements implying that they listen to everyone. If they did, then boosts would have a slight delay and wouldn’t be as fast, certain guns wouldn’t dominate, ASD’s would be gone, etc. Technically the only real thing they listened to us about was Exo-Zombies, which was most-likely already planned (nobody knows the facts). Pretty fun mode that I appreciate. It’s not everything I wanted to a tee, but it exists, so they have my gratitude.
            7) I won’t cut them any slack. They will most likely repeat their mistakes. I’m not giving them a second chance. In my eyes, they’re done. Why waiting until the next game to fix everything? That condones rehashing the franchise. That proves my point. They aren’t getting another chance from me.

          • spartanelite

            How are you not going to cut slack to a first time studio making a game for one of the most well know toxic communitys in gaming -.- (hope you know how difficult it is) IMO they still did a solid job, a lot better then mw2 turned out

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            MW2 was the best CoD until YouTube killed it with showing OMA noob tubes. Sledgehammer did awful.

    • spartanelite

      Exactly thank you

  • Funny. I won 18 free ASDs from their Facebook ASD code giveaways. Not even GMP yet lol

  • old school gamer

    BOO SHG. Why announce it now if we have to wait an entire month for it? Why not just put in place the supply credits system which was leaked 3 freaking months ago? There are so many other things you could/should do instead of this lame attempt to get people to keep playing a month before BO3 drops. looks desperate

  • old school gamer

    and at this point I guess we can completely rule out ever getting the supply credits system.

  • LovekillerX

    Nice to hear this although I’m doing fine without advanced supply drops. However those who are grand master prestige already can get really good loot!

  • CynderTheDragon

    So i’d have to go up 26 prestiges in a month…Fuuuck, no way in hell im doing that.

  • Slothigans

    This is fucking dumb. It should be for EVERYBODY that’s played this game. Why should it be for a grand master prestige only? Because they play 24/7? I think we should all get the supply drops isn’t that what appreciation is? Rant over. (:

  • Mick

    Imagine they take out SBMM completely on the last day before bo3 release ?

    • Kyle Soule

      You would probably have to pay activision money to have it removed smh 🙁


    If I am Grand Master prestige 1 do I still get this? Or do you have to be prestige 30?

  • How about instead of giving 10 supply drops to all the grand master peeps, how about giving 10 supply drops to everyone as thank you that still play this horrid game. November couldn’t get here soon enough

    • Kyle Soule

      Probably just going to get boots out of them anyways lmao.

      • ShootyMcBoom

        Sad but true..

      • Andrew Williams

        Nigerian knee pads

    • Danzyy

      Shut up with your damn f***ing moaning! waaaa waaa waaa waaaaaaa go cry about it somewhere else man why are you even on this page if you don’t care! It’s Sledgehammers first Call of duty give em’ a break! I think they did pretty well! Things will never be quite as fast paced again 🙁 Haters of AW are camping bitches that don’t lije rushers

      • They developed some of MW3, so technically it wasn’t. Face it, they went off on a wild tangent with AW and got carried away with these bullshit Exo suits.. They clearly never intended to finish the game the way they started otherwise they would have realised that the map flow and how 80% ofgame modes *should* play out had been completely ruined.

        • Saying that .. I got to Prestige 10 on AW.. How..? I have no idea, probably because my mates played it which made the game somewhat bearable and almost playable. Don’t think I ever really had a good time on it or had fun like I’m used to having. Never really looked forward to earning kill streaks, or using them.

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          I’m never buying another game from this studio again. They are absolute dogshit. Great at developing good visuals at constant 60 FPS 1080p on PS4, but piss fucking poor in regards to the overall design philosophy. Catering to competitive through SBMM didn’t help, either.

      • Liam

        Check you out, this is probably your first CoD. He’s probably played the game since it revolutionised with CoD 4 they way he sounds. Everyone I know that’s played CoD since the original Black Ops hates AW.

        • fuckyouliam

          wait? him saying give 10 supply drops to all players makes him sound like he’s been playing since cod4? I say 2+2=4, does that sound like I’ve been playing since cod4?

        • Viking

          I’ve played CoD since CoD4, played every single cod after that, and even played the ones before. And I personally liked AW only because it gave me something new. I can understand why people hate it but in my opinion, its not THAT bad of a game. It’s SHGs first CoD that they had FULL control of. They can learn from their mistakes. SBMM can be removed, better weapon balancing, better maps and shit like that can be lessons learned on their next launch since its too late in the CoD cycle to fix it now. But at least they gave us something truly new. That’s what gamers have been asking for is something new and that’s what they did. Sure it may not be widely accepted but you can’t say they didn’t try. And to still support the game this long after release even though they get a shit ton of hate for the game? I give props.

          • Adam

            i agree, advanced warfare wasnt designed to be like CoD4 or BO2, it was a new thing! and had they not done exos, BO3 would have them and everyone would quit CoD. exos were like a test

        • Eric Wyatt

          i absolutely love AW ive played all and own all CODS and in my opinion i feel AW was the best of all CODS

        • Danzzy

          Mmm I’ve been playing since world at war man. Sadly I’ve never played cod4 🙁 moved from Xbox to Ps3/ps4. I’ve just learned to respect and ve patient with Activision. There a busy company dude

      • GinsuVictim

        All I do is rush, and I’m not big on AW.

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          It’s funny, because this moron acts like camping is a rare occurrence in AW. Uh, no, quite the opposite. People make themselves at home on rooftops all the time, which exactly proves why the game drives everyone insane.

          • GinsuVictim

            Oh yeah, camping is definitely there and it drives me nuts. This game is fast paced, so get out of the fucking corner!

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            It’s not just fast-paced, it’s holistically a chaotic cluster-fuck.

          • Danzyy

            Mmm probs because your shit and you get put into the same game as little bitches! Lol leave me alone you little assholieooo

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Right, because, say, professional reviewers who professionally critique video games are shit at it if they say anything negative? That’s your reasoning? You’re ignorant. The game sucks. Get over it, child. *you’re

      • You sound like that one dude who made that Youtube video some years ago that told everyone to leave Brittany alone

        “Leave Advanced Warfare alonee!” ?

        • Danzzy

          Hahaha fuck you girlfriend! Don’t be dis-respecting my Brittany bitch 🙁

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        Kids these days. Your statements are weak and Strawman.

      • imBATMAN

        aww little kids can type! so cute

      • ItzSikh

        Why don’t you 1v1 me on mw2 rust you noob, AW is for the peasants who don’t know the actual gameplay of CoD or in other words first timers on CoD.

        • Xx_COLSEY_xX

          WOW! You actually said that? LOOOOOOOOOL 10 year old detected

          • ItzSikh

            Wow you just found joke do you want a cookie

      • ShepeTunka

        Correct me if I’m wrong.
        But, I do not remember any other COD having an appreciation day or stuff still coming way after launch.

      • william stevens

        I don’t camp and still hate the fact a year on almost and still way too many problems with the game lag/no support/ blatant hackers too name a couple

    • spartanelite

      Still crying

      • You probably want to make a better reply than that.

        Talk about useless.

    • mac0172

      How about give me all the drops i missed out on for being grandmaster for 3 months.. fkng bullcrap cod4remakeplz

  • WhiskeyDick

    Lol after all the endless begging for free asd’s…. Sledgehammer/activision offer it to the community and they bitch and complain? I’m not mad since I can’t earn asd’s anymore

    • jordanxxxbrookes

      I guarantee you most of the people bitching don’t even play AW anymore and probably haven’t in the past 3+ months at least if they got any sense. So they are literally just complaining to complain.

  • Brad

    If you have prestiged 30 times in the horrendous AW, you deserve to be in the hall of fame, and have Michael Condrey personally take you out to dinner.

  • GTA V

    This is just a way to keep the people that like playing AW. To stay playing AW. I’m sure they’ll do more stuff like this one black ops 3 releases.

    • jooker-jr

      It would be very nice, since each studio has 3 years.

  • Prostidude

    Ladies and Gentlemen Just as we predicted. Complete aids to add to the cancer of a game AW. Prepare your anuses, this isn’t the last you have seen of buttfuckery.

  • Prostidude

    ATTENTION: New system provided straight from Activision. Purchase a prestige rank up for $10. At 0 prestige? Get all the way to max! Purchase a prestige up bundle for only $250. Or just by a bundle for 5 Prestige rank ups only for $40. “(Speak fast like at the end of those commercials on TV.) WARNING: All purchases do nothing to your account. Instead it is given as a donation to the We Are Money Whores Foundation (WAMWF). In the WAMWF we are partnering up with EA to provide you the ULTIMATE Buttfuckery of complete bullshit you have ever seen. -_-

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    These are the same morons that claim that they “listen.”

    • jooker-jr

      All of them do.

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        What’s Sledgehammer’s deal? Why are they so far up competitive ‘s butang?

  • Bloodyman2103

    We don’t want supply drops, WE WANT BO3!

  • kenji jojima

    How about instead of complaining about how awful the game is just stop giving Activision business altogether. AW is such a shit storm of endless fecal matter through a high powered fan that it’s pointless to even discuss the multitudes of reasons as to why you should hate the game and never buy another SHG game again. But, to lay all the blame solely on SHG is unfair. The blame should be placed squarely on the shoulders of both Activision and SHG. Out of this whole situation I feel terrible for Vahn. He has to work for Activision. My god. If Vahn had his own studio we’d probably have some REALLY AWESOME AND FUN EXPERIENCES.

  • FPS Broski

    well fuck, i got VAC banned… FFS!!!

  • Tronus

    I’ve been killing it the last few day’s, I’ve also killed my relationship too, ooops 🙁

  • jooker-jr

    It would be much better if they choose like 5 variants but it’s better than nothing.

  • Danz

    Do we have to be Master Prestige 50m or just Master Prestige?

  • Heyydeerr

    Do we have to be Grand Master prestige 50 or just Grand Master prestige?? :/

  • Isaiah Oneil

    Black Ops 2 is the best COD to be every created. Activision is needs to keep making COD because everybody else just scuks at making COD.

  • Edward

    Will Master Prestige 15 get the supply drops also.? *Gold Unicorn

  • Ggftw290

    I didnt take a screenshot

  • Ggftw290

    Please tell me it will still work i hit gmp on saturday and didnt know bout this screenshot thing

  • Ggftw290

    Help me

  • Ashley Woodward

    What time will we get them

    • Tronus

      I’m still waiting too, I checked at 7am in the UK and nothing 🙁

  • Krydolph

    Advanced Warfare is a lot different in the mocement than what you are used to playing most FPS game, when I first bought it, I hated it! But I kept playing it, because I used my own money, and I wanted to get something for them! I took me almost a month to really learn and appreciate the mocement system. To know to jump around a lot my self, and not lose track of my enemy the second he started doing that!

    Now I do think AW is the best game, and I only preordered BO3 because I know AW will die completely when BO3 comes out, it is already a nightmare to find a match in it (we are talking PC here)

    What I don’t get is this “The weapons are so unbalanced” arguement I see all the time… Yeah some weapons are better than others, but I havent played many games in the past where the variety guns used was so broad as it is here. I see AK12, Bal, HBR and now STG used A LOT, then we have MP11. ASM1 and KF5 also very populair. And though you only see MK14 in HC (where it is a beast mind you) most weapons are used. Pytaek and Ameli are very useable, not to mention the shotguns, where both Tac19, S12 and bulldog are used, each with its own advantages and disadvantaes!

    Different weapons for different playstyles, and maps.

    Most games has like max 3 weapons used + one sniper and one shotgun.

    No matter what weapon you use in AW someone feels its OP, many whine over EM1 when the fact is, it isnt that good, many whine over ASM1, when the fact is, it isnt that good, many whine over BAL27, when the fact is, it isnt that good, many whine over S12, when the fact is, it isnt that good. Yeah the shotgun is very good when you get very close to your enemy, but when you know there is a shotgunner in the game, its not that hard to keep him at bay and kill before he gets close, just dont put yourself in the situations where he has the upperhand, thats the kind of skills (or common sense) that no cheat program can teach you!

    I find the weapons are very well balanced, and the fact that you see so many different guns used are the proof, I will though admit that the STG is a bit OP, but not more than the HBR insanity

  • Tronus

    if I don’t get my supply drops, I’m throwing my toys out of the pram and uninstalling the game 😛

  • william stevens

    Still no asd I think they were talking crap and just wanted to lure everyone back to a game that nobody will ever play again come the 6th of November

  • abel altamirano

    This is bullshit, I have received nothing. I have been prestige grand master for 8 months. This is false information. So sad getting everyone hyped for no reason.

  • J. David Michie

    I went on this morning to get my supply drops…..where are they???