The Call of Duty Black Ops 3 trophies have finally been revealed, and as with all Trophies and Achievement, *SPOILERS* ahead…


The Trophies also reveal that Dead Ops Arcade is returning (Dead Ops Arcade 2) and a new difficulty called “Realistic“…


  • Platinum – Awarded when all other trophies have been unlocked.
  • Disavowed – Complete Black Ops on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.
  • A Second Chance – Complete New World on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.
  • High Tide – Complete In Darkness on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.
  • Belly of the Beast – Complete Provocation on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.
  • Into the Abyss – Complete Hypocenter on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.
  • Blood for Blood – Complete Vengeance on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.
  • Friends and Foes – Complete Rise and Fall on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.
  • Understanding Madness – Complete Demon Within on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.
  • Fly, Swim, Shoot – Complete Sand Castle on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.
  • 200 Stories of Sheer Adventure! – Complete Lotus Towers on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.
  • Full Circle – Complete Campaign on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.
  • No One Will Believe You – Complete the Campaign on Realistic.
  • Another Side of the Story – Complete the Campaign on any difficulty.
  • Hold Still! – Kill 6 enemies affected by one Blinding Swarm or Firefly Swarm.
  • Rolling Heavy – Kill 5 enemies using one burst of Unstoppable Force.
  • Sting like a Talon – In Campaign, kill 20 enemies while flying the same Talon.
  • Decimator – In Campaign, kill 10 enemies in under 3 seconds.
  • Curator – Discover all of the collectibles in the Campaign.
  • Gun Game – In Campaign, kill 5 enemies with 5 different guns in under 30 seconds.
  • Personal Decorator – Earn all Decorations.
  • Doing Camo Right – In Campaign, unlock all camos for any weapon.
  • Maximum Firepower – Take control of an ASP.
  • Walking Encyclopedia – Discover all of the collectibles in any Mission.
  • Crackshot – In Campaign, kill 5 enemies from over 100m away.
  • Can’t Hide – In Campaign, kill an enemy through a wall or obstruction.
  • Biff! Bap! KaPow! – Kill three enemies in a melee combo.
  • Inertial Distance – In Campaign, wall run over 250 meters.
  • For real this time – Earn a Gold Rating in the training simulator.
  • Foe To Friend – Use an enemy combat robot to kill 10 enemies.
  • Throwing Flak – Kill 3 Talons with a single mid-air grenade detonation.
  • Unlocked Potential – Fully upgrade a Cybernetics Core.
  • Lock, Stock, And Then Some – In Campaign, unlock all attachments for any weapon.
  • In Their Sleep – In Campaign, kill 5 stunned enemies in under 3 seconds.
  • Silverback In Black – Hack the Data Vault and brace yourself for Cyber’s Avengening in Dead Ops Arcade 2.
  • The Beginning of the End – In Shadows of Evil, complete all Rituals.
  • From the Shadows – In Shadows of Evil, spot the Shadowman fives times in one game.
  • Not out of Gobblegum! – In Shadows of Evil, purchase and chew every type of GobbleGum in your Pack.
  • Sorry, we’re DEAD – In Shadows of Evil, kill 10 zombies that are inside of a store in one game.
  • Strike! – In Shadows of Evil, use the rocket shield attack to kill at least 10 zombies in one burst.
  • Beat CoP – In Shadows of Evil, summon the Civil Protector in every district in a single game.
  • The Spider and the Fly – In Shadows of Evil, kill 10 zombies ensnared by a Widow’s Wine grenade.
  • Margwa Party – In Shadows of Evil, kill 2 Margwas in a single round.
  • Parasite-Seeing – In Shadows of Evil, kill 5 Parasites while riding on the train.
  • Welcome to the Club – Reach Sergeant (Level 10) in Multiplayer while playing online.
  • Battle Tested – Reach Commander (Level 55) in Multiplayer while playing online.
  • Tactical Specialist – Get 5 Medals based on a Specialist Ability in a single game.
  • Deadly Specialist – Get a Specialist-based medal that requires 3 or more rapid kills while using any Specialist Weapon.


SOURCE: Exophase

  • Dead Ops Arcade 2!!

  • Realistic difficulty? Jeez.

    • Hope it cuts off your hud. I loved the immersion of playing the hardest difficulty and AWs understandable implementation of a hud.

      • It’ll be first person…

        • RdJokr

          Says who? We haven’t even seen the map.

          • Just wait and see…

          • Ak74u

            It will be first person because that would be amazing and you know treyarch they’re awesome like that.

          • RdJokr

            Dude. That doesn’t make sense.

          • Ak74u

            I bet it will be in first person and I know because treyarch wants to give the best experience possible and this would make it more fun just know that it’s a possibility that DOA2 can be in 1st person

          • Daniel

            3rd person or gtfo

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Yeah, the point of an Arcade mode is Twin-Stick/Isometric.

      • RdJokr

        Like Ranger Mode in the Metro games. I like that idea.

    • Mick

      Maybe it’s with lower health and limited HUD. Maybe even making you own decisions as the level goes on.

    • Bryce Keller

      Prob no hud whatsoever and one hit kills. Played a couple of other shooters like that.

    • Daniel

      No health regen
      One hit kill

      • Felix Lamirande

        sounds legit

  • LovekillerX

    Those trophies sound interesting… and I seriously can’t wait for Shadows of Evil.

  • Yay, DOA2!!

  • When I play the campaign on the Realistic difficulty mode I’m definitely doing that with a 4 man team.

  • Furst


  • Michael Romo

    “Realistic”. What, so you actually get wounded by the bullets and don’t magically heal? I don’t get it

  • Im worried. I don’t think I ever saw a campaign with less then 14 missons. This one only has 10-11. They better be super long with lot’s of replayability and great Co-Op.

    • Maybe it’s not all the achievements? I don’t know, I hope there’s more missions than what this list reveals.

    • I’ll just copy my comment from Reddit:

      Black Ops had 15 missions, Black Ops 2 had 11, yet they are almost the same length at BO2 was little bit longer if you did absolutely everything in singleplayer

      • That’s interesting. I never knew that. I prefer more missions regardless, because I like the different sceneries. As long as the story is good I suppose it doesn’t matter.

        • But I feel like it’s a wasted opportunity. With all the great things that they implemented into the campaign, having limited amount of missions would make it worthless. Vut I also noticed that there are 48 Trophies every CoD before had 51. Maybe some are hidden.

          • Doesn’t matter how many missions are in the game. What matters is how well they can make a story. An amount of missions never defined a good story.

        • Yankeephil

          They say the missions aren’t linear though, they say each mission is a wide open area for you to explore

          • Yeah I know they aren’t linear that wasn’t my point. I was saying I like different sceneries.

  • The Flash

    DOA 2? Seriously, the first one wasnt exactly well received, guess we can expect Transhit 2.0 aswell

    • I thought DoA was awesome… Didn’t see much negativity back then

    • Josh

      No one is telling you to play it so.let the people who play it , enjoy it, they’ll be very happy that it’s back.

    • ccrows

      But what will the third Nuketown Easter Egg be? Hmmmm…. 😉

    • ccrows

      Ripping on DOA2? All I can say is… 😉

      • DEMOLITION12

        did you think this was funny

    • Wasn’t well received? Where did you get that information? It was just a bonus arcade zombies game. It wasn’t supposed to be anything special. Just a little surprise for the fans. You don’t have to play it either. You still have Shadows of Evil and the Der Rise remake.

      • The Flash

        it is the least played zombie ‘map’ on BO1.

        • Daniel

          TranSHIT is the most played bo2 zombies map and it sucks ass

          • The Flash

            Actually Town is most played, but the reason for that is because its a default map, and more people dont buy DLC than those who do, but if i were stranded with just green run, i’d no longer have BO2.

        • Because it was a bonus zombies mode you got from the vault computer and was just a little arcade zombies game. It wasn’t supposed to be anything special. Just because it wasn’t played by a lot of people doesn’t mean it was bad. Lol.

    • Daniel

      DOA is awesome alot of ppl enjoyed it including me, its an A-mazing extra.
      We will never get something as bad as as TranSHIT again I hope

  • BOPS3 Best Code since BOP1

    This game just keeps getting better and better. were learning even more of the zombies still now it has a train on shadow of evil, dead ops 2. Amazing

  • Tayler Hammond

    Realistic is probably like hardened but you don’t heal after getting hurt, at least until major checkpoint maybe. Also you probably don’t have nearly as much ammo as you usually do in campaign and you don’t resupply any ammo or grenades.

    • Logic Chief

      It should also not has that snap aim that makes vet super easy to do.

  • Stefan Lang

    November 6th hurry up ????

  • Logic Chief

    don’t complain about dead ops arcade if you don’t like it don’t play it. all it will be is a bonus thing to do won’t affect the real zombie maps.

    • I loved Dead Ops Arcade. Felt like a bonus to those who were smart enough to use the vault computer in the original Black Ops.

    • 3pac umaru shukar

      I like that it’s back. It was always pretty funny to play when you were tired of the other maps for a while.

    • Ak74fu2

      I’m pretty shure it will be different if they made it in first person that would be awesome. I hope that’s what they did and of course it’ll have different levels and upgrades

  • Underdog BO1 FTW!

    This is what $60 game should be. Campaign, MP, Zombie and arcade game.

    • But it’ll be first person

      • ItzSikh

        so what if it is, still worth it

        • *More worth it.

          • Mr_ysi42t96

            It’s in 3rd, otherwise it would be normal zombies

          • billy

            It is 1st person retards

          • ItzSikh

            alright calm down, no need to correct me even though it really wasn’t wrong in the first place

      • Stealthninja808

        How is this new information? Since when has a Cod not been first person. If you are talking about DOA, then expect it to be third person.

        • I am talking about DOA and I assure you that there will be a first person mode.

          • Stealthninja808

            Prove it, I read the description of the achievement, how does it point towards a first person mode? It would be cool and all, but the original was in third person mode.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Again, not Third Person, it’s Bird’s Eye View/Isometric.

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          Not Third Person, Bird’s Eye View/Isometric.

  • Guywithbrains

    Really interesting trophies. I don’t care about Dead Ops Arcade 2 so much but especially campaign completion trophies got my interest.

  • Skillreks

    I feel that Realistic is Harder than Veteran, (its higher on the list) and you won’t get a HUD, no Auto-aim or aim assist, if you get shot in the head, or any other place mortally, you will die, if you get shot and stay alive, you remain injured, maybe your movement will be slower. Maybe they will have certain points where someone in your squad can remove a bullet from your leg or something like that? that would be cool. And why not? The campaign is so big itself, it couldn’t be added to last Gen, so I don’t see why they can’t just keep going with how good it will be

    • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

      CoD that hard ? Yeah …I m sure it will be like that.

    • Remove a metal bullet from your metal super-human robot body. Seems legit.

    • kia0525

      Sounds like Arma, too realistic for cod. But no aim-assist and less health is more likely.

      • justchill

        not exactly , it means that if you die, you have to start from the beginning. like i am the night from batman arkham origins

  • What if on realistic mode, you have to start the whole game over if you die? Could Treyarch be so evil? :^)

    • MichiganerE

      Oh god.

    • Well, it doesn’t really matter since you can play any mission of the game at the start. Remember, they said all the levels would be unlocked?

  • Mick

    This game literally has the full package. Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies. Along with Dead ops Arcade 2. This game sounds very promising. The achievements are very interesting and I like how multiplayer achievements are coming back.

  • MichiganerE

    Only 13 missions, huh? Let’s hope that these missions are at least 30 minutes long seeing as this is a co-op campaign.

    • LovekillerX

      It feels like there are always less and less missions available. Remember when MW1 had 20 missions + Mile High Club?

      • Guywithbrains

        This really bothers me because seems like there are 10-11 missions in Black Ops 3. Sounds a lot like Destiny in terms of story’s length. Also gameplay is a lot like Destiny. Let’s hope actual content of this story isn’t on Destiny’s level.

        I don’t want to sound like party crusher but let’s be real: we have 10 trophies from campaign missions in Black Ops 3. Every time trophy list has full list of campaign missions so 10 trophies = 10 missions. That is not acceptable in my opinion.

        • LovekillerX

          10 missions… sounds so low. As a “singleplayer veteran” I expect a little bit more. To be honest Destiny’s trailers let people understand it is another Mass Effect (in a good way) but it turned out to be short and it lacked a real story. I won’t lose hope yet but I will be on my toes.

        • Ghosts has 18 missions yet it has one of the shortest campaigns.

          • Guywithbrains

            But as someone said below I enjoy change of scenery and different types of missions. Ghosts had a lot of vehicle missions and that is why I enjoyed it a lot.

            Also I think Ghosts was long but that’s just me.

          • And one of the worst.

      • MichiganerE

        I remember CoD 2 having 27 missions.

    • TheAdversary

      It’s Treyarch. It’s almost a guarantee that each mission will be around 25-30 minutes, featuring somewhat good level design for most of the levels. Older CoDs may have had more missions, but they seemed to lack in terms of length quality design.

    • RdJokr

      13? I see 11.

      I feel confident that Treyarch can deliver a substantial campaign. But you know somewhere out there, there’s gonna be that one douchebag who gets the game early, speedruns the game on Recruit difficulty, then says the campaign is 4-5 hours long just to make COD look bad.

      • MichiganerE


      • MichiganerE

        Disavowed – Complete Black Ops on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.
        A Second Chance – Complete New World on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.
        High Tide – Complete In Darkness on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.
        Belly of the Beast – Complete Provocation on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.
        Into the Abyss – Complete Hypocenter on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.
        Blood for Blood – Complete Vengeance on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.
        Friends and Foes – Complete Rise and Fall on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.
        Understanding Madness – Complete Demon Within on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.
        Fly, Swim, Shoot – Complete Sand Castle on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.
        200 Stories of Sheer Adventure! – Complete Lotus Towers on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.
        Full Circle – Complete Campaign on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.
        No One Will Believe You – Complete the Campaign on Realistic.
        Another Side of the Story – Complete the Campaign on any difficulty.
        That’s 13.

        • RdJokr

          The last 3 achievements are all “complete the campaign”, just different in difficulty.

          • MichiganerE

            I didn’t notice that.

    • Scott

      Did you watch driftors video , he said a theory he heard was that once you finish the BO3 campaign , you unlock a secret mission in BO1 , and then go back to BO3 to actually finish the campaign

      • RdJokr

        That theory’s already been debunked by Vonderhaar ages ago. Way too convoluted, plus it punishes the people that don’t own the old games.

        • Scott

          Dam , it would of been creative if they did that

          • Not to mention, Activision never signed on for Backwards Compatibility on either new gen console, so to the players who only have the new gen console, that wouldn’t make much sense at all.

      • MichiganerE

        No, I don’t watch Drift0r or that many CoD channels for that matter.

    • Daniel

      BO2 had 10 missions

      • MichiganerE

        It had 11. Also, what does BO2 have to do with anything.

      • RdJokr

        11, actually. And that’s not even counting the 5 optional Strike Force missions.

        • Daniel

          5 strike force sucked
          BO3 has 11 as well

          • RdJokr

            Strike Force was a great idea, just poorly implemented because of the sucky AI system. I guess it was partially why we got co-op campaign this year, so we don’t have to put up with useless AI teammates all the time.

  • JDahn

    I hope there’s a map like five and then we will have 2 maps + dead ops on release 🙂

    • KopiePasteAction

      Shadows of Evil is the “five” map. There is a forrest map

      • Greasy Neckbeard

        You sure about that?

  • Dead ops is back yay.

    • There’s nothing here that really has any Spoilers.

      • Eh, I didnt notice their spoilers tag at first for some reason.

      • RdJokr

        Some would consider the DOA2 reveal to be spoilers, since the achievement for unlocking it is supposed to be a hidden one.

        • Really? The consider that a Spoiler? How odd….

          • RdJokr

            Well, it would be quite a surprise if no one knew about the achievement. Would make the discovery of DOA2 in the game that much more satisfying.

          • People would’ve found it the first day the game came out regardless, but I understand.

  • TheAdversary

    I feel that “realistic” difficulty might end up as another shitty meme that redditers will wave around like a shillelagh.


    note how many of those zombies trophies actually mention zombies.. the game is dead

  • DOA FIRST PERSON?!!?!?!?!??! FUCK YEA BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ScOott

      Huh ? .. Wouldn’t that make it a normal zombie map ..

    • Stealthninja808

      How did you make that assumption?

  • Yankeephil

    So we get a train instead of a bus. Hmmmm

    • Stealthninja808

      Well I didnt see fog and alien babies, so I think it will be fine. It will probably be like the tram on mob of the dead. Meaning it only serves as transportation or a shortcut from one point to another, or maybe multiple.

      • TheVale

        I hope you’re right mate. But it sounds like those weird flying bug alien zombie demon thingies will be the new dennisons

        • Stealthninja808

          I think the flying nova things are part of the three headed boss

  • GTA V

    Omg yas, I can’t wait to get all this stuff done. I hope I have enough memory in my xbox 360 for this.

  • DeadZombieGaming 12

    Hmm… ShadowMan in Shadows of Evil? interesting

    • TheVale

      The guy we saw in the trailer

      • DeadZombieGaming 12

        We never saw him… we have only heard his voice

        • TheVale

          We did see a shadow haha. Plus we know what he is going to look like(because they released the cast)

  • GTA V

    This game is epic! I’m going to do a walk through video on my xbox 360.

    • TomTomTomTomTomTomTom

      I hope you didn’t plan to do the campaign.

      • GTA V

        Yes that’s what I plan on playing. Campaign only. I’m from Brazil

  • GTA V

    Or I mean a wall run through. Ahhhh yeahhhhhhh 360 campaignnnnnnnnnnnnnannanananna

    • BushySonic_ SDMN

      there is no campaign on the older gen consoles…

  • Snafflelophagus

    “Realistic” has got to be the dumbest difficulty setting I have heard.. Are the rest less realistic? In relation to what? Do I die in one chest shot?

    • Meme guy

      You aren’t wrong, You’re just an arsehole

      • Snafflelophagus

        Why not both? *mexican music*

        Meme guy indeed..

  • I’m 100% certain there’ll be more achievements, no mention of the easter egg ending achievement, no mention of the Giant (but I know that’ll be separate as it’s dlc), number of mission seem low, plus no mention of the other huge leaked zombies info (which I won’t spoil) from the pc files.

    • Yankeephil

      I doubt there’ll be trophies for the giant. They’ve never had trophies for collector’s edition bonus maps.

  • David Bam

    Ride the train you say? Every district you say? Seems like Tranzit is back on the menu boys!

    • Daniel

      But it wont suck this time

    • Yankeephil

      Straight from Treyarch

  • Daniel


    • Daniel

      They should have included the original one too

  • 000000

    If your going to put ‘*SPOILERS*’ in the opening paragraph then don’t put Dead Ops Arcade 2 in the title!!

    • Yankeephil

      This fid has a point, you’re supposed to write spoilers before spoiling unknown information like DOA2.

      • 000000

        Fid? That cut real deep, man.

  • I’m pumped to see what secrets can be dug up (or maybe unlocked *wink wink*) in the Data Vault that will be similar to the BO1 console.

  • Adam

    So you don’t get any achievements for playing on normal difficulty? That’s kinda lame.

    • The Flash

      complete the game on any difficulty is an achievement i believe

    • Drasadex

      I actually wonder if they removed Recruit and Regular from the difficulty choices.

  • Slothigans

    Dead ops is so fucking fun when you play with friends.

  • Daisy Doggin

    Hell yes, DOA2!! EPIC!

  • BHCMax
  • JoZer805g

    I hope they add trophies for The Giant.

    • Drasadex

      not likely.


      Its considered DLC so there most likely is.

  • shadowguy14

    Ah Tranzit, I have missed you

    • TheVale

      Don’t joke about things like that

  • O: Peeping Tom!

    I`m glad dead ops is back, so many memories.

  • Sweaty Juggernog Swamp

    Oh man! The hype is REAL today folks!

  • CoDforever

    Aww shiet, i was hoping for a full blown zombies campaign lmao

    • Greasy Neckbeard

      Zombies campaign would suck ass

  • TJ

    With the co op campaign, Will each player unlock a trophy, For example, if you finish the story, will all 4 players get the trophy or will only the host?

  • John

    I hope they made more than 1 zombie map. If they fucking made SOE and DOA I’ll be mad. Cmon atleast have 3 maps like bo1 did

    • TheVale

      They will don’t worry. Shadows of evil, a forest map, Der riese(The Giant) and DOA2 upon release

  • Hey

    Are we not gonna talk about the fact that one of the achievements says “beat the black ops campaign” while another says “complete the campaign”

    • Random

      Where? Which one says that? There’s one that says “Complete Black Ops on Hardened, Veteran or Realistic” but nothing about the Black Ops Campaign… I’m guessing there’s a mission called Black Ops.

  • Slingshot // YT/SLintegra

    yo theres a train in shadows of evil lol this is gonna be fuckin epic