Today marks the start of the Mountain Dew / Doritos Fuel Up for Battle promotion for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The promotion is limited to U.S. and Canada. You can now find specially marked packages of Mountain Dew and Doritos products and enter those code in online to get double XP in Black Ops 3’s new Shadows of Evil zombies mode.

Players can visit Players must have a Mountain Dew account and have to link that account with your Call of Duty Profile account. In addition, Mountain Dew has stated that once you enter a code in, they will provide you with a special video featuring, well, you. Different Mountain Dew/Doritos products offer different amount of 2XP in Zombies. Majority of codes will offer 10 minutes, while buying a 24 pack of Mtn Dew will provide 30 minutes.

If you’re in Europe, Monster Gaming has a similar promotion that will start on October 31st!

  • Juses


    • Gouest fook fagits

      Za oltimate sweg

    • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

      Wii wa aweitin fur dis dai .The dai wehre our lurd Juses Crust wuld be furst ann get his sweg again.

      • Juses

        Eye kno. Am noe longur un swegless fagit

  • MrHotShot118

    What about people from the UK?

    • Yankeephil

      The Monster Energy promotion should be starting soon

  • Burek

    Im third but i dont know what to say

  • J4MES

    ”Players must have a Mountain Dew account”

    Oh dear!

  • GR3Y_B1RD

    Mountain Dew and Doritos are totally useless if you life in europe arent they?

  • Sweaty Juggernog Swamp

    Yay! Now I get 2XP for eating junk food!

  • Michael Romo

    I already got 15 codes but I’m not using them

    • Nick Finger

      Mind sending them to me?

    • RdJokr

      I wouldn’t turn down some codes if you got them.

  • Call of Duty isn’t worth Moobs..

  • MichiganerE

    it l00ks liek bo3 haz dat mlg $w4g

    • Josh Goodale

      Go Blue!

      • MichiganerE

        I don’t even watch sports.

  • Felix Lamirande

    I try to create an account but my Zipcode isn’t valid -_-

  • Greasy Neckbeard

    Damn nice

  • Tomas Benitez

    Is it available in Mexico?


      lmfaoo you are a joke!

      • shadowguy14

        Your name says it all

  • So the double xp is only for Shadows of evil? If that’s the case, that sucks. It would have been better if it was for both multiplayer and zombies!

  • Ratboy

    tiem 2 git my mtw dew and dewritos mlg #xXx420quiekscopez_HDxXx

    Fulluw meh en yitube 4 meh 420quiekscopez 4 dayz

  • Joe

    Don’t eat or drink that crap. Your health is more important that double xp (that will probably come around often). For real though, those products are made for gamers to get fat, keep consuming their (disgusting) products, which will make you keep sitting on your ass and play/buy more games.

    • ogsimpson

      suddenly all the fat gamers just realized how they became fat

    • Bob

      That’s what you say but not all gamers are lazy and fat. That is racist towards the gaming community and hobby. Chill the fuck down Michelle Obama.

  • Elvin menie

    I live in the Netherlands….And monster energy is fucking disgusting.

    • shadowguy14

      Fuck you

      • Josh Goodale

        Fuq u

  • shadowguy14

    You guys do know that you don’t HAVE to eat this stuff right? Just buy it, get code and throw it away

    #common sense

    • Jessica Because

      I’d rather eat it than ACTUALLY throw my money away. That’s the dumbest thing I think I’ve read yet on here.


      • shadowguy14

        Forgive me, I assumed every user on here is filthy rich =/


        • Tuby

          You have not to be rich to purchase it.

  • Hey why haven’t you covered the 5 new zombies character videos that get unlocked when you redeem enough points on the site? Boxer, Magician, Femme Fatale, Detective, and Shadow Man all have official back story narrated bio videos.

  • Richard Method

    So, this is only for zombies? Or, can I used these codes for 2XP in MP?


    Where are the codes? They’re not under the cap

  • Spoderman

    What would be multiplayer double xp in Europe? Monster energy is double zombies xp.

  • Marcus

    Is it 30 min a can or 30 min for a 24 pack