Microsoft has updated the Xbox One Store listing for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 to state that the game download is around 45GB in size. The listing has been updated both on the online store and on the Xbox One console. Players have been able to preorder Black Ops 3 digitally on Xbox One since April, but today’s the first time a file size has been listed.

In addition, as of this writing, the Xbox One store doesn’t allow anyone to preorder the game. It says “Bundle Only” and does not show a price. It seems like Microsoft is updating the store to allow pre-downloading soon.

We’ll update as we get more info.

SOURCE: Xbox Store

  • Daniel

    Off topic:
    The new Xbox UI is buggy as f* but its way faster and better
    Hopefully I wont run into trouble trying to pre download bo3 wish me luck

    • ccrows

      Fortunately the new US is in beta.

      Let MS knock out as many bugs out for now, but it’s good to hear that it’s faster… 🙂

      • Daniel

        Its like 50%faster its awesome
        But again, bugs everywhere

        • ccrows

          Yeah I was enrolled, but there’s was a couple of bugs early on that I was like “eh I’ll wait”.

          I just hope that besides “speed” that the party chat bugs get resolved when this officially rolls out…

          • Daniel

            I did not test that out but Im pretty sure its fixed

    • w

      i still havent gotten the new xbox ui even though im enrolled? I guess some members get it before others.

      • Daniel

        Preview members must first opt in 4 the update
        Them every 2 weeks MS will send more new UIs
        Players that provide more feedback get the new UI first

        • w

          i did opt in. I gotta provide feedback I guess…???

          • w

            still says “enrolledpendingchange” or something on the preview dashboard

          • Daniel

            Just wait and you’ll get it

          • Daniel

            Go to the my stats leaderboard section, those points represent all the feedback you provided over the last year as a preview member, that’s the list microsoft is following to send updates

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      Good, the current UI was one of the biggest turn-offs of the system for me. Hopefully the DLC wait won’t be bad for ya.

    • jordanxbrookes

      I expect it to have bugs still since it’s available for Preview Program members to test it out and give feedback before it’s released to everyone. As long as it’s easier, more user-friendly and fast, I’m excited to try it out 🙂

  • Skillreks

    45 Gb eh? now we know why there is no Campaign on last gen!

    • RdJokr

      AW was around the same size on Xbox.

      • Daniel

        And Ghosts too

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        On 360?

        • RdJokr

          No, of course not. I’m talking about the Xbone.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Oh. By your context, I thought you meant 360.

  • Greasy Neckbeard

    45 GB holy shit

    That’s like 10% of my ps4’s memory

    • Kobrah

      Still smaller than most of my other games though!


      wow, it’s like, the same as every other cod on ps4 so far!!

  • I’m getting the 1TB PS4, so no worries.

  • Logic Chief

    Oh no my 1Tb Xb1 is like 92% full. I’m gonna need to download halo 5, Bops3 battlefront beta, then Battlefront at full game launch shit then fallout 4 i need to uninstall some of my games or get an external. Also 45Gb seems small for a next gen game i want to say aw was like 50 plus without dlc i may be mistaken but.

    • ccrows

      Just get a portable, they’re dirt cheap.

      ^ and even cheaper come BF… 🙂

    • Siftblade

      You can delete some stuff you don’t play much or plan on playing soon and redownload them later.

    • MichiganerE

      I recommend buying a 2-3 tb external hard drive, you can get them for a cheap price. Trust me, it’ll help out in the long run.

  • Daniel

    Why are you guys complaining?
    90% Of current gem games are 42-45GB minimum

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      Doesn’t really excuse anything. How are those sizes justified? We’re talking about hard drives that are 500 GB to 1 TB large. The sizes are too big.

      • Yankeephil

        Your logic is flawed, the games aren’t too big, the harddrives are too small.

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          What are you talking about? These file sizes are huge, and 500 GB – 1 TB hard drives are decently large. We rarely saw games this big in previous generations, even on PC. If Battlefield 3 were to be ported to current gen, would it be 11 GB, or 50? Surely there’s a better explanation than just blindly trying to justifying it.

          • ccrows

            IMO I think there’s a decent upgrade in graphics between current gen and prev gen. Sure it’s far from the the leaps of prevs gens of before, but that’s because we probably won’t see that true leap until 4K consoles and TVs become standard.

            TBF, yes I agree that there is probably some unnecessary bloat, but devs haven’t figured how to maximize games in current gen like they did in prev. JMO…

          • Biobooster77

            Surely though when MS were bringing games out they must have known the size of the games that developers were going to release, its just another way of MS bullying us into buying peripherals to add, could they not have just launched a console with a decent HD space, go onto Amazon and you can get a decent size 1TB portable HD they are cheap enough so they could have in my opinion done that and started with a 1TB console??

          • ccrows

            I fail to see your logic in “MS bullying us”. You do realize that when Sony released the PS4, their HDD was 500GB too.

            ^ At that time, 500GB IMO was reasonable, and 1GB would have jacked up the price for “either” console.

            So yeah MS has given us the ability to use portable storage, and oh yeah BTW you could go crazy and use a 5GB external/portable if you wanted to. (which I though was a pretty cool future proof update)

            Either way, IDK I honestly don’t get where you are coming from with MS bullying us. If we couldn’t use a portable HDD of our choice, or a portable HDD at all (AKA had to rebuy a XB1) then OK I 100% agree with you…

          • Biobooster77

            hey well I’m new to all this lol, OK maybe a poor choice of words, but if you were contact them back in the day they would recommend this or that or a specific speed HD which is “compatible” the fact that you can use most Portable HD is good, and I fully agree with you, but just to think if MS where honest with us in the size of the games from the beginning would you have wanted a 1TB console from the start? I know that I would have, don’t get me wrong I also think that you are right but this is just my opinion,

          • ccrows

            OK, and I respect your opinion, but keep in mind that games will always increase in size with each console generation. (that’s just implied)

            Also a 1TB console back in 2013 would have most likely increased the price of both XB1 and the PS4 by an extra $100.

            I’d much rather pocket that $100 and find a good storage deal on sale to my liking, instead of being tied to a console price point, but that’s just me…

          • Argy

            I honestly think most of the file size is bloat, sound files for story that get used ones, and textures that get used once. Seems like developers need to learn how to be more efficient…

      • RdJokr

        Well what did you expect? The texture quality gets better every year, so the size has to grow.

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          The main point being… Are the large gaps between file sizes justified in comparison to last generation? Is the texture difference genuinely huge?

          • ccrows

            Honestly, the only way that they could really cut it down is if if they broke the campaign, MP, Zombies, into separate downloadable pieces.

            ^ But they aren’t going to do that especially since COD Devs encourage people to play the campaign before MP.

            For me, I’m not a fan of zombies, and I usually skip the campaign, so that option would be nice, but I get why they want to package it all in… *shrugs*

          • RdJokr

            Funny enough, they actually do that on PC. MP is always a separate download from SP. Although it seems like they’re not doing that this year, since they want every mode to be easily accessible from one another.

          • RdJokr

            Yes. Look at the comparison videos for AW between current and last gen, and you’ll see a stark difference.

          • jordanxxxbrookes

            Aren’t you the person who proclaimed the leap from PS3/360 to PS4/XB1 was a bigger leap than PS2/Xbox to PS3/360????

            Or did you already forget that hyperbole? The sizes are annoyingly huge especially since the discs are huge. However, that doesn’t mean that whoever isn’t bitching about file sizes is justifying the evil ways of Microsoft or any company.

            Like damn, you are always accusing folks of being fanboys or worse accusing someone if justifying business practices. I’m pretty sure most people reading COD articles aren’t actively pro not anti big business the way you are. We pay our hard earn money and play the games. Just because someone doesn’t have pitchforks doesn’t mean they sleep in a damn Microsoft or Sony onesie.

            You’re always trying to start shit and argue stupid shit that only you care about. Do I wish the disc based game installs wouldn’t take 40+ storage space? Yes. Do I care enough to rant in a fucking article or talk about how this will “ruin gaming” or “anti consumerist”? No. You need to chill the fuck out sometimes.

            Go target big tobacco and quit acting like anyone here cares enough to be pro or anti when it involves video gaming the way you are.

        • jordanxxxbrookes

          He said last gen to current gen is biggest leap in console history which was stupid. He only said that to bolster his anti last gen stance.

          Now since he has an issue with large installs he’ll argue if texture changes warrant such an increase in file sizes

          You’re rational but if you weren’t and haven’t owned him numerous times he’d accuse your understanding of being pro Microsoft and a fan of all the evil things they do.

      • It’s a good thing Microsoft’s given me so many options for portable hard drives.
        I have 3.5TB to fill.

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          I don’t really remember if the PS3 had file sizes that were as massive.

          • Considering i’m talking about the new generation of consoles, and i work at GameStop so i read the backs of the games from time to time, both new gen systems had equal size files for their games, which clocked in at about 20GB average.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            I know, but talking about file sizes (and having BluRay having a 50 GB capacity), I randomly thought about PS3, because it’s the first ever console to use BluRay.

    • jordanxbrookes

      It’s only due to Blu-Rays allowing 50GB to work with, so it makes sense to use as much of that up to create a current-gen game.

  • Stif Meister

    Looks like I’ll be having a Harry Potter marathon while waiting for the download.

    • ccrows

      *Honestly can’t tell if serious*

      If your internet is really that bad, then why not just get the physical disk then?…

      • Daniel

        there is still 30 days to download it

  • imBATMAN

    How fast is the download on Gaystation compared to Shitbox?

    • Yankeephil

      Well download always goes off you’re internet speed. But I downloaded AW and all 4 dlc’s on XB1 and PS4 and it took 1 hour on PS4(while I played other games) and 6 hours on XB1(with the XB1 is rest mode, it said 18 hours while I was actually playing games)

  • ccrows

    To put things in perspective, (on my XB1):

    AW is 52GB
    Ghosts is 41.8
    GTAV is 48.7

    Sure updates will beef things up, but 45GB “Overall” is pretty standard.

    ^ AKA looking in the MS store ATM, AW is listed at 48.97GB.

    Come BO3, I’ll either shelve Ghosts or one of my other older games (not listed above) on my portable, no big deal… 🙂

    • Logic Chief

      When you mean portable you mean USB right?

      • ccrows

        (Just to make sure we are on the same page) It plugs into the USB port, but you can’t use a USB stick like you could with the 360.

        You need an external HDD, or a portable HDD.

        ^ I recommend the portable since you don’t have to plug it into the wall for power. It can draw power straight from the XB1, and act just like a USB stick. So basically the (portable) drive itself will be (physically) slightly bigger version of a USB stick… 🙂

    • Hey fam, does a portable hard drive make the loading times slower?

      • ccrows

        TBH, it’s kinda hard for me to answer that since I’m using a “HGST Touro 1TB 7200 portable HDD”, and the thing flies with no problem.

        Most portables are 5400 which is fine, the 7200 will function the same, but will be faster in loading.

        If you look around, you can find a refurb of my drive for $55, on a certain auction site – and no I’m not affiliated with that…

        • shantzonpoint

          I can confirm that the touro does indeed enhance loading times. My nephew has a touro and he loads in a good 5 seconds before me every round. Before he got the touro he usually loaded in after I did. I just ordered one for myself.

      • Mark

        when I had the XB1 and got a 2tb wd my passport load times in aw were cut by about 5 seconds compared to the internal drive.

    • jordanxbrookes

      I had to uninstall AC Unity and WWE 2K15 just to make room for the BF4 CTE which is like 40GB :/

  • GTA V

    Well maybe the fact that they don’t have too many weapon variants… but still that’s almost justifying that petite campaign…

    • ccrows

      OK but safehouse, gunsmith, zombies at launch, ETC.

      ^ That stuff adds up…

      • GTA V

        Gun smith is up to you what you do with it lmao. Stop defending them omg super fanboy

  • shadowguy14

    Good lord

  • The7Reaper

    I don’t care the size Im going to delete AW and replace it with Bo3.

    • Daniel

      delete ghosts, aw is good

      • Baruck Obumo

        haha good joke

      • Argy

        Delete both… and while you are at it delete some of those other games you never play *Looks at MC Collection*

      • The7Reaper

        I deleted Ghosts and replaced it with AW lol so you’re a little late there

    • jordanxbrookes

      Same haha.

  • So guys, off-topic, after putting in my blood, sweat, and tears into AW, I finally got an M16


    • ccrows

      Congrats! Also which console are you on?

      Reason why I’m asking is that I pulled 2 MP40s (same Pro Variant) yesterday out of regular drops, and some guy was bragging that he pulled the MP40 Royalty when I pulled my 2nd Pro Variant. On top of that some squeaker jumped into the lobby and started bragging about getting the Afterburn.

      Maybe it was all random luck, or maybe SH buffed the regular drops a bit. Who knows?…

      • I’m on the Xbox One. I’m also trying to get an MP40. I really want that gun

        • ccrows

          Like I said, I have no idea WTF was going on yesterday, but SH was giving that out in regular drops like it was candy.

          Sure they gave me the only variant twice that’s worse than the base, (while others were getting Royalty/Legendary) but I’m not complaining.

          Just happy to have the base, and hope you score one soon too… 🙂

          • What’s even better, is that I had my Xbox over at a friend’s house and I was upstairs watching videos and stuff with my friend while our other friend wanted to try out my Xbox One, so I think while he was playing AW he unlocked the M16. Later that night I just saw it unlocked and I was like “I would have remembered unlocking this” lol

            And thanks haha, I’ll be happy as long as I just get a variant of the gun to unlock the base gun lol

    • RdJokr

      I had the same reaction (sorta?) after opening a drop yesterday. Got the Sweet Sixteen variant. Not sure if I should be sad or happy.

      • I got the Bull Trap? I think that’s what it is called. I think the base is better than variant so far

    • jordanxbrookes

      Nice, hope you have fun with it 🙂

    • Ryan Collewijn

      after doing the same i had cel 3 my freaking first suply weapon

      • That’s another weapon I really, really want lol

    • spartanelite

      I got the royal ak-47 the first day it came out :3

    • Imventing

      i didnt know people still play this

      • While I dislike playing AW, it’s the only game I’m not bored of at the moment. I’m literally burnt out on playing any other games right now.

  • Jessica Because

    I’ll just delete about 5 on my Hardrive games I pirated and don’t play anyway. Meh.

  • Honestly not surprised at all. Games used to clock in at like 20GB towards the start of this console cycle.
    Thanks to all the options MS has given me over the past couple years, i’m not worried about my Hard Drive, i have 3.5TB to fill.

  • High quality textures take a lot of space.

  • Phr0z3n

    Black ops 3? 45 gigs?

    4-5 = -1

    -1 * 3 = -3

    Half life -3 confirmed.

  • XboxWon

    45 gigs? I can dig it. Most games that are on the Xbox one are extremely complex and require lots of code and high resolution images.

    My guess is that the ps4 version will be around 30 gigs.

    • Daniel

      48 Im calling it

  • Pirates

    45 gigs? Bitch please I got space for dayz! 😀

  • Its_Prixr

    There are consoles that are 1TB and even 2 TB or you can just buy a bigger hard drive I don’t have a problem with how much storage I have remember there were Xbox 360’s that were only 4gb ? Now that’s a struggle lol im sure many people had that problem when they wanted to download Dlc packs and games.

  • Mako Shark

    Should add another 10 gigs then I bet for the higher rez PS4.

    #6 in the World in CoD AW