UPDATE: Kotaku reached out to Microsoft and got a statement stating that Microsoft is working with Activision to re-instate preorders for Black Ops 3 digitally on Xbox One. They are currently encouraging fans to preorder at retailers for now.

We do not comment on the specific terms of our arrangements with any of our publishing partners, however we are actively engaged with Activision to return ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops III’ to the Xbox Store. In the meantime, fans can pre-order ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops III’ for Xbox One or Xbox 360 from any of a host of retail partners here.

Original Story:
Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is no longer available on the Xbox One Store for digital pre-order. In a strange turn of events, it appears the preorder listing disappeared shortly after pre-loading started on Xbox One. We reached out to Activision for clarification and got this response:

Activision did not remove the digital version of Call of Duty: Black Ops III from the Xbox Games Store. Black Ops III is ready for launch on November 6th and is the most anticipated game of the year. Black Ops III is available for pre-order or pre-purchase through our other retail partners worldwide.

According to Activision, they did not remove the digital versions of the game from the Xbox One store (which leads us to believe it was Microsoft), and they are asking fans to preorder the title at other retail partners worldwide.

In addition, we’re getting reports that select U.K. retailers have taken down preorders for digital codes of Black Ops 3 for Xbox One. GAME UK and Amazon UK no longer selling digital codes for Xbox One Season Pass of Black Ops 3 or the digital game. Activision has not stated anything regarding this for now.

We’ll update as we learn more regarding this issue.

  • Juses

    Eye gut mi sweg bek

  • David

    How is this a news story?

    • Keshav Bhat

      Because the game was available for preorder since April on Xbox One store, and in the last few days has been pulled randomly. Store is asking folks to preorder at retailer instead of in the digital store.

      Activision provided a comment too.

      • David

        Hahaha, classic bad journalism, trying to make a story out of one that isn’t there. NO WHERE in that statement by Activision did they say that we should pre-order at a store, INSTEAD of online. The only thing they said was that they didn’t remove it from the store, which probably means that there was an issue with Microsoft’s Xbox store, and that it probably will be back. Saying that it is ‘available to purchase from our retail providers’ is simply them trying to sell their product, not them telling us NOT to pre-order it from somewhere else. Besides, online stores are ‘retailers’ too.

        • headspawn

          Hey David, the point seems to be missed on you, it’s not bad journalism, it’s bad reading comprehension on your part.

          “NO WHERE in that statement by Activision did they say that we should pre-order at a store, INSTEAD of online. ”
          You literally can’t (at the moment) pre-order online.

          The digital storefront that people normally click on to buy the game isn’t allowing people to buy the game. I’m looking at it on my Xbox, right now. There are three listings in the marketplace…

          CoD: Preorder Edition

          CoD: Digital Edition


          I am unable to purchase any of them, and it does in fact say, “Available at your local retailer for preorder”.

          Which is the first time I’ve ever seen that, literally zero games on Xbox One/360/PS3/PS4 have ever had a game listed in the storefront that doesn’t allow you to purchase and says to go to a local retailer instead.

          • Zed

            Can we buy it online on 6 nov

        • Trinityvitaliaty

          Yeah.i luv CI but ur observation is correct,they took that part way out of context.

      • Trinityvitaliaty

        That makes sense to me now.Its fair to say u encourage people to purchase it elsewhere.I retract my former statement.

  • Naqash Liaqat

    Its been awhile but what happens to those who preordered on the xbox market?

    • Psn Mr_Baxter

      That’s what I’m saying. I’m assuming they have to still give to those who pre ordered.

      • FaiiR

        I can still download the game from the Xbl store but i preordered it months ago.

        • Bax

          Ok cool cause I bought it on there too. I was a bit worried because activision didn’t touch on that.

  • Kurt Angle

    Ugh hopefully they put it back up before launch. I seriously don’t want to go to a midnight release, go home, wait for the game to install and download day one patches.

    • SoulTaker

      You suck. You suck. You suck.

    • ccrows

      Yo Kurt, come on back to the WWE already.

      Wrestle Cena in your first match if you want fans to cheer for you… 😉

  • Matthew

    It sounds like Activision claims nothing, but Microsoft kinda has fingers pointed at Activision, wtf is going on?

    • ccrows

      Let’s look at the the facts here:

      Only digital is screwed up, not physical versions.

      ^ That means that Activision still wants people to buy and play this game on Xbox.

      My guess – Somebody found a way to hack & download Black Ops 3 for free, and now Microsoft and Activision are both working together to find out which orders are legit, so EVERYBODY gets their money… (and as usual the good guys “AKA us” are the victims for now)

  • Clash

    Breakups nvr good but eat it

    • ccrows

      How is this a “breakup”, when you can still buy the physical version?

      This is an issue with digital only, that’s it… <_<

  • Daisy Doggin

    Hmmmm no good

  • Ryumoau

    This sounds really weird. Hope nothing awful turns up for the digital versions of this game during launch. Either way i’m getting the retail version.

  • Potat0chip

    is this real?

    • SoTotallyXray

      Yep, that is indeed real, CI did confirm it via Twitter

  • I preordered the digital deluxe edition at Gamestop, I’ll still get it right?

  • Zed

    I puy100€ on my box but i couldent buy digital deluxe wtf

  • Zed

    Can we buy bo3 on 6 nov on the xbox store

  • Ryan Collewijn

    sooooo… why? i get why but just becouse you can pre load the game?

  • Ryan Collewijn

    well atleast its pre downloaded on my xbox one and the funny bit is that day i am going to work, i work at a game retailer haha bo3 sweats incoming

  • TychoW

    If i already bought the digital deluxe edition on the xbox one, what the fack am i supposed to do?

    • ccrows

      Wait for the CI update.

      At some point (before launch) Microsoft is gonna address the situation.

      ^ BTW I did the digital preorder too, but we have plenty of time between now and the launch of BO3…

      • TychoW

        I red that who already ordered the game digitally wont have issues.

        • ccrows

          Link please?…

          • TychoW

            Here you have

  • MetaSalamence99

    I have two questions: first, is the game still available to preload after this incident? Second: what happens to people who bought the digital deluxe edition through the Xbox store? Will we still get the same content as the preorder bonus told us on Day One?

  • Devin Wolfe

    Sony mad because Xbox One still has more digital preorders than PS4.

    • ccrows

      lol doubt it, since Activision doesn’t turn down money from anyone… 😉

      • Devin Wolfe

        Sony did it with Diablo 3.

        • ccrows

          Really? Wow, You have a link for that?

          I haven’t touched Diablo since the OG Diablo on PC, but honestly never heard of that…

          • Devin Wolfe
          • ccrows

            That doesn’t mention anything about XBOX getting blocked though like this…

          • Devin Wolfe

            There was no announcement of the Xbox One version until a week before release.

          • ccrows

            Did that Sony agreement also include Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition, or just Diablo 3?…

          • Devin Wolfe

            From the looks of it it was just Diablo 3.

          • ccrows

            OK, I guess that would kinda make more sense since you can’t buy the digital version of D3 in the MS Store.

            However, if you can dig up a link an article proving that Sony C*** Blocked MS on the digital, please share it.

            I would love to make some popcorn while reading that… 🙂

      • This Guy

        Lets not forget the Sony marketing deal with Activision for Destiny. MS was not allowed to promote or even mention the fact that Destiny was coming out for X1 and 360.

  • lemondroop

    This has got to have something to do

  • Devin Wolfe

    Yep Sony mad as hell.

  • Slash (SJS)

    Digital Deluxe Edition sold out… IMPOSSIBLE

  • The Flash

    its back?!

    • WeeabooScum

      The standard pre-order edition is back up for me as well.

  • XboxWon

    What do you have to say now PS4 scrubs? Microsoft once again worked out the issues and listened to their fans.

  • Anibal Casanova

    wtf im trying to preorder The Division to get the acces to the Beta this month but there’s no preorder link in xbox store. smfh