Michael Condrey has tweeted out stating that new loot items and possible weapons are coming soon to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

He tweeted out a teaser image of a new weapon, and in his tweet mentioned ASD bonuses, Double XP, and other secret stuff is coming soon.

Stay tuned for the latest.

  • Matthew


  • RdJokr

    … I love you, Advanced Warfare, but why can’t you just die out already? It’s almost BO3 season, WHY DO YOU EVEN DO THIS???

    • Matthew

      Despite BO3 almost here, wouldn’t this set a good precedent for future CODs to follow or any game really to release new content throughout the whole lifecycle, dead or not?

      • RdJokr

        While I would love post-cycle support like this for BO3, AW is just not getting a good enough reputation to do this. Especially given the fact that you have to actually get mad luck in supply drop opening to get the new guns.

        • Matthew

          Haha true, I’ve only gotten the blunderbuss and stg so far. It is sooo dumb that you have to unlock a random variant first.

      • CoDforever

        lol when bo3 does this same time next year everyone is just going to say “Black ops 3, why dont you just die already? Its almost ghosts 2 season!!”

        • w.

          who in their right fuckin mind is gonna say that?

          • CoDforever

            you know how much hate bo2 got during its lifespan?

  • This thing looks sick, but why does it have to be in Advanced Warfare????

    • Ak74u

      I’d be happy if bo3 had something like this, that gun looks sick!

    • jooker-jr

      Because… Reasons.

  • But will it be balanced? Probably not… Cool looking weapon though.

  • Drasadex

    Looks like a cool gun, too bad I won’t get to own it lol

  • Money Boy

    “You only get this tron lookin like weapon when you got a variant in a supply drop. You got a very slim chance, so get ready to spend a shitload of Money while we sit there laughing at you people!” – Sledgehammer

  • Michael Romo

    Why in the world is anyone going to care about AW this close to BO3?

    • Guest

      because bo3 isnt out?

      • Kobrah

        It will be by the time PS users get it

      • Dr. Salim

        There are other games to play this October while we wait for 11/6

  • DannyDlm

    So more Reskins?, k

  • GTA V

    Awwww yeah about to redownload my game I deleted lol

  • Peewee78368

    Why.. only means ps4 people wont get to use them. Bo3 will be out

  • Mr_ysi42t96

    Again….as soon as treyarch releases something

  • GTA V

    This is what I predict. BO3 releases.
    AW all weapons available now. Boom

    • CoDforever

      if they were to do that you think they wouldve done that for all dlc in the past as well?

    • Ak74u

      If I were them I would sell weapon pack supply drops where it’s only guns like dlc weapons and you could get either legendary, elite, professional, and maybe enlisted but they are all dlc weapons.

  • Joshwoocool

    despite all the BS with these being only in supply drops I love that they are supporting the game till the very end of the cycle.I hope treyarch does this(except for the whole supply drop part)

  • Maximiliano Martinez

    Honestly, I am proud of what Sledgehammer is doing. Despite all the backlash it has gotten, they are still standing proud of what they have made. It’s not easy pleasing the COD community, and I know that. Personally I wasn’t a huge fan of the game, but I understand all the hard work behind it. I’ll probably play it now and see if I can earn any of the new guns until BO3 comes out. Props to you Sledgehammer.

    • Michael:Bulletclub

      Lol Activision doesn’t give a shit about the community, they know it’s filled with mostly children who cry over almost everything. They know most people hyped for BO3 will hate it come next year. It’s just what they do.

    • Koolz

      So true. Looking back, they have stood out in post-game content.

    • JuttyCheeks

      I can see where you would think this, but you really couldn’t be more wrong. Do you think they actually give a shit about pleasing the CoD community and exhibiting their “love” of the game? Absolutely not. Everything they do that you consider to be “hard work” takes three days to produce and is all built around micro transactions. The only thing that they care about is money. Advanced Supply Drops, loot, new guns. That’s all it is. I bet 2XP is even a gig to get more people to play therefore a higher chance of them buying shit. I can make my guy look like a Loch Ness Monster Surfer but every time I go into garage on Detroit, I lag my off ass. Which has been a problem since day one. If they actually cared about the game and the community, they would have fixed all of that shit months ago, made other game tweaks to actually improve it, funded pro tournaments, and generally would have made their presence known. Condrey disappears, doesn’t go to any pro events, isn’t active about actual shit on Twitter, then occasionally comes out with “Oh hey by the way we have a new plan in the works that we started yesterday that will take little time, effort, and money, but completely empty your bank accounts. Thanks for being an ignorant dumb ass!” I just went off on the main stage with this rant but people like you just blow my mind. I can ALMOST deal with a game being trash, if they at least put in some god damn effort. But they don’t care, and they don’t care that people hate the game. Because at the end of the day they will make millions and produce more awful shit three years later. Glad you’re excited for a new pubs weapon three weeks before the next game though, let’s go get mommy’s credit card!

      P.S In Vahn We Trust

      • Maximiliano Martinez

        I apologize if my post somehow made you upset. Also, how am I wrong? I praised them for working hard on a game. Whether it takes hours, days, or months to do, they still did it. And if 2XP gets players to play more that’s on them, that’s your decision they never forced anything upon anyone. The lag is a problem on your end because I’ve never lagged not once on that map. As for Michael Condrey, he has attended events before maybe you didn’t notice because you’re to busy hating on the game. BO3 is out in 5 weeks, but I’m going to enjoy AW until then. Glad people like you aren’t playing anymore. 🙂

        • JuttyCheeks

          I am still playing the game because I love CoD, I am just saying that there is a lot of messed up shit and they only care about money. By the way you don’t lag out of the game you drop frames and skip. Has been a problem since day 1 ask anyone with a brain. And he went to the first event that the game came out but that’s it. And my point about 2XP was that it could potentially circle back to money, I don’t give a shit who plays the game. Thank you for the response though. Just by how you talk about it I know you suck at the game.

          • Maximiliano Martinez

            Yeah, because you assume that I’m bad at game by a post I made. I’m not sure if you’re idiot or just act that. I hope you realize that you’re the only idiot that has negatively responded to my post too.

          • JuttyCheeks

            I can just tell that you’re terrible by how you talk about the game. Link me a 2v2 or team challenge right now for $100

          • JuttyChecksGarbageAtAW

            I will spank you up and down what’s your tag hahahaha come on I love how u had such a big mouth but did not leave a gamer tag lolllll

          • JuttyCheeks

            What’s your MLG rank, how many Pro Points do you have, and what are your career earnings on UMG? If you’re worth my time I will play you when I come home from college in a few weeks. Either way I’ll play a wager against you and take your money

          • JuttyCheeks

            Where are you now? You talk out of your ass and then dodge

          • JuttyCheeks

            Look at CharlieIntel’s post about Treyarch’s changes based on the beta. THAT is what we need. Period.

          • darren

            I’ll play devil’s advocate here. So, say you’re a brand new dev team, signed by Activision to make new CoD IP. But, you’re brand new. You have experience, but no cash. Infinity Ward and Treyarch have been doing this for years, and have the money and the means. What do you do? YOU TRY TO MAKE AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE, so your next game won’t have to be overseen by Activision.
            Now, I’m sorry, but AW was awesome for a new dev team. And yeah, they are probably after money, just like EVERYONE ELSE. And you know what? We can hate it all we want, but they are laughing all the way to the bank. I bet their next game, won’t be mired in all the stupid shit (supply drops, variants, etc)as their first. Because they won’t be using Activisions money to make it.

          • JuttyCheeks

            I completely see you’re point. However, I have a few objections. First of all, this was their first game on their own, but they had a hand in MW3 and are not complete noobs in the industry. Second of all, they have plenty of fucking money to begin with, and Activision oversees both Treyarch and Infinity Ward as well. But yes I will agree that anyone would try to make as much money as possible, including myself. That is just how our dumb capitalistic society works. However, having said that, you can still be money whores and care about the game at the same time. I would be down with all the money whore shit if they fixed the broken things. For example the garage lag on Detroit, the frame rate glitch when you start the game, the dolphin dive mechanic, the respawn glitch in respawn-delay gamemodes, nerfing the IMR (admittedly a competitive scene problem but still), reworking spawns, weapon balancing, just to name a few. The hit registration and lag comp are brutal. You don’t get aim assist when you are standing still. It is one thing to complain because you don’t like the game, (and trust me, this game blows) but those things listed above are UNACCEPTABLE, especially eleven months into the game. So it is frustrating as an avid, competitive player to have to experience all of the bullshit but don’t worry because I can dress my guy up all pretty and use goofy guns. I definitely see where you are coming from, and I agree. But a little balance would be nice, at least some effort to show they care. Then it is even more frustrating to come on here and see bananaheads like my friend Max here jerking off Condrey and crew when the game is total dogmeat and they are clearly solely pushing micro transactions for quick cash instead of improving the game. Thank you for playing devil’s advocate I’m always down for a discussion

          • darren

            I really don’t think that SHG, was really prepared for what they were getting into. Yes, I said they have experience, in making games. Maybe not so much business wise. I think Activision are the ones pulling the strings with the money making scams. I completely agree. The way supply drops were implemented, and ASD’s exacerbated it. Variants, are a good “idea”, and Activision saw how it could make money. Infinity Ward and Treyarch are proven dev’s, where Activision doesn’t feel the need to be so involved. With the new IP, they wanted to hold their hand and make sure things went the way THEY wanted them to. Because IW and 3arch are established, and would know when their publisher is overstepping their boundaries, Activision needed someone they could manipulate. My fear, is that with the “success” of ASD’s, the precedent has been set. Activision found out just how stupid people are, and from here on out, every CoD, will be marred by Activision’s money making schemes. As for the actual game issues you mentioned, I haven’t really experienced them much. Some “issues” are always inevitable. Hit detection, respawns, lag, weapon balancing, are all issues that every game has to deal with. And eleven months in, do you expect them to fix them? Eleven months in, you still need to complain? Beating a dead horse, is what I call it. Eleven months in, no, they won’t fix these problems, but they are putting new stuff out there. To me, it’s hard to find new stuff, this close to the end, a bad thing. (Beside the fact that they will be behind the stupid supply drop scheme, rather than just giving them to us.)

          • JuttyCheeks

            Yes it is beating a dead horse, but my point in beating said horse is that the issues should have been resolved months ago. And thank you for conceding to some of my arguments as I have done to yours, we have some degree of mutual understanding. Yes we differ on points but you are one of few who have brain cells in this section. Two different people have made accounts to talk shit to me haha I love it

      • clownboyJuttyCheeks

        Omg dude your are such a little kid your internet must suck if you lag in there I never do 2nd take Vahns bird out your booty hole you were one of the little kid asking for serving new I’m cod and we got it in AW now you bash it grow up

        • JuttyCheeks

          It has nothing to do with internet dumb ass, it is a problem with the game mechanics and code. Everyone who has any sense of the scene knows that it has been an issue. I’m glad you have zero understanding of networking, code, and game design. Also, that is quite the assumption there young fella. I didn’t ask for jetpackers, and if you read my post I clearly qualify in my argument that I would not care as much if they at least put in some sort of effort. So that part of your argument in completely invalid. I appreciate you making an account solely to bash me though haha

    • Ak74u

      For this being their first cod game I also congratulate them on bringing something different. This was the most different cod so far and even though Exo suits were too much fast paced sometimes, it makes the gameplay different and unique

    • Rav

      lol please ignore those haters down there. Its only because this is related to advanced warfare they’re hating. If BO3 did this they would be praising it like crazy. Not to mention that if sledgehammer had actually only cared about profit, it would never have even bothered to make all those new weapons free to all of the public.

      • Adrian Rivera III

        These weapons are not free u have to buy ASD’s to see any good guns it’s like lotto you’re spending more to find these guns than earning them

        • Nicholas Tipps

          If you play the game enough you get them. Would you wrather have a game with no dlc guns, or a game with a small chance to get dlc guns.

          • Adrian Rivera III

            I’m 30th prestige I should have every gun and every cod before it you got guns through rank progression this is nothing but a scam

          • Perry Clark

            I agree Adrian. I’m 30th prestige as well. And I have logged over 38 days of play time. I can’t even get the Bal inferno! Not to mention any good royalty weapons. No new gear what so ever. This also comes with me buying 400 bucks in ASD.. what the heck!

          • Nicholas Tipps

            I meant variants, sry i didnt add that. Its kind of BS you dont get the base imo.

          • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

            What kind of a fuck boy are you exactly? If you support Supply Drops then I’m sorry you lack intelligence and are failing to realise that your getting your ass fucked hard by SHG and their Supply fuck drops… You can’t even spell ‘rather’…

          • Nicholas Tipps

            Wow, looks like somebody has been riding sledgehammers cock lately.

          • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

            Please tell me your not referring to me? If you are then you have an IQ of about 49 which is considered to be mentally inadequate.

            Did you even read what I wrote? Not one thing I said supports anything Sledgehammer does regarding Supply Drops… and yet your calling me a Sledgehammer dick rider? How does that make any sense whatsoever…? go back to school please, for your own good.

          • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

            Read it again and if you still don’t get it then there is no real wonder as to why you love Supply Drops and think it’s a good thing to spend a non fixed amount of money on copy and pasted “DLC” guns.

          • Shaun Greig

            So treyarch aren’t out to rip us off

        • Kobrah

          You can get all the weapons for free…

          • Except it’s near impossible and the only real practical way is to pay for ASDs?

          • Kobrah

            I agree but Adrian said they ‘are not free’ I was just saying that if you are lucky enough you can get them for free

          • They pretty much aren’t, which is the system SH likes.

            They get to have you spend much more than you should have to get a weapon but its okay because its ” free ” which we should ” thank sh ” even though it’s nearly impossible with pretty much a 0.5% chance to get the item you actually want.

            Its amazing, Activison and SH are fucking us up the ass and now people are saying we should be thankful. You really must not think straight at all to say that.

          • Kobrah

            I’m not saying I support supply drops (I fucking hate them more then anything else in AW beside gun balance), I’m just saying that it’s possible

          • Fair enough.

          • RdJokr

            I got the SVO, STG, Blunderbuss and M16 out of regular Supply Drops. Your argument is invalid.

          • It took Tmrtn 140 ASD’s to get 1 DLC gun. That’s more than £100 for a DLC weapon. I don’t care what anyone says .. It is a scam.

          • RdJokr

            It is all up to your luck. If you have insanely bad luck, then not even 500 ASDs will get you the gun you want.

            Did Activision or SHG ever promise that you’ll get the gun you want by buying ASDs? Nope. Therefore, it’s not a scam. This is just pure gambling.

          • Why should I have to risk spending hundreds of pounds for in-game DLC content they claim to be free? I shouldn’t. It’s unethical. It doesn’t support the CoD community in any way. I’ll never buy a SHG game again. Be CoD or anything else. They’re very clearly prioritise income and profit over everything else.

          • RdJokr


            Please just stop, OK? You act like SHG is the mastermind behind all of this ASD money making scheme. They’re not. Activision is telling them what to do. Publishers control the way DLC and microtransactions are distributed. You wanna complain about the fact that ASDs exist? Blame Activision.

            And I couldn’t give a shit whether you spend hundreds of pounds on this game or not. The main thing is: the content is there, and there’s a chance to get it for free.

          • ContrastMaster OfThe BluePeopl

            Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do in business?

          • well yeah, obviously, but there’s a right and wrong way to do business. I very much feel that ATVI have made a lot of the community feel isolated by their ASD/DLC strategy. Which long term, will only negatively impact future sales. AW has made me think that they don’t take the bigger more long term picture into account and off topic, it’s going to be interesting what happens in the next 2-3 years for CoD.

          • Stuout

            True it is gambling I bought 1 supply drop and got the stg44 then the next prestige got the blunderbuss and the svo out of reg spd.

          • Nick

            It’s all in the name CONdrey.

          • JuttyCheeks

            Your argument is anecdotal and therefore invalid, tough guy

          • My argument is invalid because one person got apl these items without any proof at all?

            Are you genuinely mentally disabled in some form?

          • RdJokr

            Dude, calm down. I’m just trying to make a fun conversation here.

            I have absolutely no reason to even lie to you, OK? Like, why would I even bother to do that? It’s not like internet cred matters that much to me. And it’s not like I could go back in time and take a snapshot of me opening a regular SD and getting the new guns.

            The point I’m trying to make here, is that getting SD guns completely depend on your luck. So if you have insanely bad luck, then not even 500 ASDs will get you that M1911 variant you want. It may seem like ASDs are an easy ticket to these new guns, but they’re not, because somewhere around the world, one lucky guy gets a Legendary MP40 from a regular SD, just because that’s the way it works: complete randomness.

          • spartanelite

            Yeah I got the blunderbuss,stg and royal ak-47 in one prestige

          • ContrastMaster OfThe BluePeopl

            No actually you’re claim is more likely to be proven invalid because I also have gotten just about every weapon new and old in supply drops and as a grand master prestige I don’t even receive advanced supply drops anymore unless I buy them which I never do. That’s Workableten662 on Xbox One and that can be verified in several ways. Am I lucky? Could be but still it is possible

          • So because another peeson says the same exact unprovable thing its invalid?

            I don’t think you understand how this works.

          • Shaun Greig

            I got the speakeasy,inferno,steed,breakneck,thunder tusk out of regular supply drops and plenty others as am gmp so will look forward to getting my free ASD from shgames for being GRAND MASTER PRESTIGE PEACE

          • ccrows

            Not lately, I’ve been scoring some nice guns on my secondary account out of regular Supply Drops.

            ^ & I’m not the only one either.

            The other day I scored an MP40 out of a regular supply drop, and some random in the lobby was like “I just got the Royalty MP40 ELITE!”, then not even 5 min later some squeaker jumps in the lobby and was like “I just got the Afterburn!”.

            /end of cool story bro… 😉

          • Piotr Piter

            Its pure RNG, You can get it or you might not get it. I am like 10 prestige and got only ak Rip elite. lol There is no real way of obtaining those weapons its just rng or money…

          • Shaun Greig

            Exactly someone with a brain

        • ContrastMaster OfThe BluePeopl

          Not true. I have just about every weapon and variant on my profile and I’ve never purchased any.

          • Adrian Rivera III

            You’re a shitty player then bc I’m at GMP and still don’t have an Insanity or any AK47 variant they give the good variants to the bad players so it’s evened out

          • stayflybeasty

            that’s 100% false. 3.7k/d and i have every elite i could want including both bals, never spent a dime . -stay thirsty-

          • Adrian Rivera III

            You said all of that for nothing no proof and you’re just one player who got everything compared to millions sit your ass down

        • Corey Hayes

          Very good point. It would be totally different if there was a challenger or something set up to earn these items that they come out with. I think its great that SHG has added a boat load of content in guns/gear, more that any other I’ve seen, but it sucks that its being handled in a way that forces buying supply drops.

        • Corey Hayes

          I dont even play AW anymore and its gotten to the point where it like, ” Oh, a new gun/gear set…wait…it really does not matter because its luck of the draw to get one in a regular supply drop, or maybe I’ll get better odds in an ASD.” It was better for us gamers when a gun/gear was included with the map DLC and camos and other crap were in micro transactions. This system just feels wrong because the only was to get this DLC is thru supply drops and everyone thinks the best was to “insure” getting one right away would be to buy ASD but its still a gamble.

      • JuttyCheeks

        you’re an idiot

    • Guywithbrains

      Man you said it well! #NoToHating

    • Willekeurig persoon

      So you think they’re doing all of this micro DLC nonsense to please the customer? Hahaha, riiiiiiight..

      • JuttyCheeks

        Exactly man these people are delusional

    • Good god every fucking time SH makes some thing new all you fantards violently defends the games bullcrap despite every arguement said has been debunked to absolute death, man.

      Just give it up, everyone already knows its gonna be locked behind ASDs and you’re gonna have to spend either potentially weeks on the game to maybe get one gun or spend all your money on ASDs.

      Everyone is sick and tired of this games bullshit and you can tell.

      The game is pretty much vacant on PC, the only real game modes you can play anymore on console are TDM and ranked and maybe SND if you’re lucky.

      This game is a gigantic failure and all SH is doing is just milking the rest of the in denial loyal children like you until you’ve sold your home and car and everything you own.

      • Maximiliano Martinez

        Where the fuck did you get that from? Not once did I say I was going to buy any ASD’s. Quit fucking assuming everyone that plays the game buys everything. The only thing I bought was the first 3 DLC’s. Jesus Christ, people like you make CharlieIntel intolerable. You criticize everyone for liking a game (and I even said i’m not a fan of it). Just shut up and save the energy it took for you to type those paragraphs.

        • Duke of hazard

          This comment section turned to shit because of people like him. All they bring is hate, thinking that they’re cool.

          • ScOott

            But we iz veri kewl ?.. Just joking .. Such a weak argument, they hate the game because they think they’re cool.. You do realise how much sense that sentence lacks ? I think you find people hate the game for good reason.. This place “turned to shit” for no other reason than CoD turned to shit.. During bo2 and before we were all singing from the same sheet, CoD is good haters get out… But the past two games have been that bad not even CoD fanboys (my self included) can defend it.. Should we piss off till bo3? Probably.. Is it going to happen no, because for once on a CoD fan site the haters out way the fanboys .. You know CoD fucked up when that happens . Hopefully we can get back on track when bo3 drops .. It’s looking promising so far..

          • I don’t think im cool and noone is bringing ” hate ”

            It sounds like you’re too sensitive to handle any sort of genuine complaint without saying ” OMGFGFF GTFOOOO UR RUINING CHAWEEE INTEWLLL!! “

          • Duke of hazard

            “It sounds like you’re too sensitive to handle any sort of genuine complaint ”

            Says the guy who couldn’t handle one person liking SHG without throwing a rant.

            You have your reasons to hate AW and that’s fine. But for you, Scott, Brady (the main 3) try to bring down people who try to be positive with SHG is childish and stupid. LOL You guys can’t handle someone saying “I like sledgehammer” or “I like Advanced warfare” without calling them a fanboy, puppet, sucking SHG or Activision’s dick blah blah blah.

            You can disagree with someone all you want with people who like the game, but that childishness is not needed on this website.

          • Your whole reply is rendered invalid because of the fact of me saying i don’t care or not if you like AW and SH or not, it’s that you’re supporting these type of actions to another user.

            Sorry, maybe next time?

          • Duke of hazard

            Oh gee, I don’t know. Maybe I called you childish because because you decide to reply with this?

            “Good god every fucking time SH makes some thing new all you fantards violently defends the games bull crap despite every argument said has been debunked to absolute death, man.”


            “This game is a gigantic failure and all SH is doing is just milking the rest of the in denial loyal children like you until you’ve sold your home and car and everything you own.”

            My point in my first reply was that attitude is not needed.You called him a retarded fanboy in denial. He tries to be positive and you insult his intelligence. He replies saying he doesn’t buy ASD’s and you decide to call him a cancer. And you have the balls to reply to me saying this?

            “It’s getting very obvious that people like you just seem to ignore the whole point of the situation just to say im childish for explaining why something is wrong and why it is.”

            Let me slow down a bit for you to get my point.

            Disagreeing with someone and backing your claims up = Perfectly fine
            Verbally attacking someone because he said something you disagree with = childish, stupid and a prick move.

            I told you this, If you want to bring up your points in a debate with someone, go ahead. But if you want to insult someone numerous times over a disagreement, then get the hell off this website. 4 Years ago, this was the one website that didn’t have this kind of negativity. Everyone had good vibes and if people disagreed, there were debates. Now I can’t even read 1 positive comment on AW without someone trying to bring him down, insulting him with all kinds of crap. I love this website and I’m ticked to see it come to this.

          • TheAdversary

            “Hate” is only justifiable through another’s actions. SHG’s actions during the latter half of AW’s life cycle is beyond reprehensible, therefore they get a lot of angry feedback.

        • Haha, you’re an idiot. If you actually read what i said properly you wouldn’t be saying your bullshit.

          I don’t critize anyone for playing AW, i never said ANYTHING about how if you play AW you’re evil.

          I criticized you for commemorating SH for bullshit like this they get away with by saying its free because you have 0.5% to get it.

          How could you base a reply by half reading someone’s response and then telling them they make CI insufferable?

          I’m telling you to stop commemorating SH for literally putting a F2P tactic in a fucking AAA 60$ GAME which they also expect us to pay for DLC maps and camoflauges .

          If anything, you’re a cancer.

          You support SH’s actions which are killing call of duty and You also dismiss everyone who has genuine complains about call of duty, people who love this game and want it to live and prosper.

          Don’t ever tell me ” I make Charlie intel insufferable “, especially when you haven’t even been here for more than 2 months.

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        Yeah, and one big reason why I don’t like CoD YouTubers, is the fact that they condone that behavior (paying for ASD’s and excusing it). Glad I don’t watch YouTubers like that frequently.

        • LovekillerX

          What you lose if others spend THEIR money on ASD? First world problems…

          • TheAdversary

            Youtubers are what advertise a lot of ASD purchases. They don’t lose money for buying 100+ ASDs. However, the kids who watch their videos will. ASDs are the exact reason why I no longer play AW. I’m not going to spend any time playing a game where people are forced to gamble, just to try and get an advantage in said game.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            They condone buying them. Are you seriously defending DLC?

          • LovekillerX

            Part of the business man. If I would own a million dollar company of course I would maximize my income. This is how capitalism works. I wouldn’t “throw away” million dollars because some people doesn’t like DLC. Just because you think DLC is “unjustified” it doesn’t make it unjustified. But I will back away for my own good.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Well, I’ll re-iterate what I’ve said to others. The fact that it’s a business doesn’t justify anti-consumer antics, in my opinion. DLC is pretty known to have been ruining the industry for years, now. It’s very problematic.

          • jordanxxxbrookes

            “Pretty none” isn’t a fact you bitch.

            I doubt any of us condone DLC but we also aren’t losing sleep talking about it every day.

            Whether you agree or not you are constantly providing FACTS of why DLC exists : players keep buying the bs and companies profit.

            Yet you have yet to provide any actual facts as to how it’s ruining gaming you bitch.

            So the OPINION that it’s no big deal at least has some data behind it. Your OPINION of it being worse than Chinese sweatshops isn’t backed by anything but superlatives and a barrage of preachy rhetoric.

            You are piece of shit. No way you weigh less than 250 lbs.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            ‘Pretty none’? I said that? Must have been a typo.

            Excusing what a company does condones that behavior. Poor naive manchild.

            Thanks for proving my point, then, genius. They shouldn’t exist, and they wouldn’t, if morons didn’t condone them.

            I actually have. Where are YOUR self-proclaimed ‘facts’? No evidence, just bullshit. Figures. Let me know how it’s NOT ruining the industry. I’ve already provided factual evidence.

            I never said that it was worse than Chinese sweatshops. Then again, you’re a troll, so a moronic statement like that doesn’t surprise me. They’re supported opinions, and withhold a popular belief. Keep living in your world of denial where you think everything you say is factual, though. It suits you.

      • STG44 has been out for like what, three mouths? Yeah, I have yet to receive that. AK47 and Cel-3 been out for a month and I have yet to receive any of them.

      • LovekillerX

        What makes your comment funny is that you claim SHG is behind this “pay to win” thingy but truly it is about Activision.

        Also you have pretty childish way to argue. By saying that AW’s players are denial loyal children and people that sell their homes and everything else for ADS just makes you look stupid and ignorant. I seriously thought you’re one part of Charlieintel’s brain but I was wrong.

        • Guywithbrains

          The most funny and entertaining thing in the internet is seeing people riding the hating vandwagon and talking about things they don’t even know about. Especially in terms of supply drops. Nothing is unfair in them because everyone has an opportunity to get good weapons for free. I don’t care how big those chances are.

          But I am not surprised. Now Charlieintel is full of ungrateful and spoiled children who spam comment sections with over 5 years old jokes.

          Constructive criticism is fine but people here don’t do it constructively.

          I know I get a lot of hate with this comment but answering me just tells that answerer identified himself.

          The truth had to be told.

          • Tuby

            The same with you about the subject pump stomping. This because you cant pump stomping in any lobby loser

        • Tuby

          They must give people the change to buy there preference gun in the game store instead of the gamble. I dont mind I can do also great with other weapons

      • Turkey Nipples3000

        Why can’t you guys just enjoy the game? Play it and wait for BO3 or play the older games and wait. stop wasting time complaining about this game being bad when there are other games you can play. Its simple.

        • Once again, another moron making the same arguement as everyone else that ive already made redundant multiple times to other people in the same CI article.

          If you’re going to make a arguement then read everything else I’ve said, otherwise you’re just wasting both our time

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      I can respect this comment, even if I disagree.

    • LLORT

      You are proud that they are cash-whoring ‘free’ DLC weapons through paid supply drops? GTFO you pathetic industry-sympathizer.

  • Mario Rivera

    Looks like a energy smg that most of us will be too busy playing Bo3 to use

  • JacobFinleyJr

    Looks cool, I may have to fire up AW!

  • Ryumoau

    I guess double XP is the thing i’d want the most since this will be the last time i play the game for awhile after BO3 and Fallout 4 come out. I wanna prestige at least one more time.

  • omar_soft

    Horrible way of obtaining the weapons aside, SHG’s post DLC season support is really amazing. Usually its just the 4 DLC packs and then maybe a couple bug fixes or two and then full force on to the next game, but SHG consistently releasing new weapons, albeit with the horrid supply drops required to get them, is really something nice to see. Hopefully Treyarch/IW follow suit with post DLC season support like this

    • Yankeephil

      They realized that people will spend money to try to get any new items, and their revenue spikes everytime so they’re going to keep doing it

    • darren

      Well after Ghosts was out, Treyarch was releasing new camos still. So, they were actually the first to do post dlc stuff.

  • Dr. Salim

    Once November 6th drops, this game will be dust.

  • Dr. Salim

    Looking like the AMR-9 and the IMR had a kid.

  • CoDforever


  • CoDforever

    You know it would be awesome if we can just buy the base versions for $2.99 ..

    • Kobrah

      Or if they just gave everyone the base like the M1 irons

  • ToonToons22

    Anything to keep Advanced Warfare alive until its inevitable death on November 6th.

  • Ak74u

    Advanced warfare is a good game and when I want something different or refreshing I can always come back to this game even if I’m playing bo3. AW has so much content that you can play for a long time to unlock more bonus stuff. Kinda sad how it will take maybe years to get everything because there’s no direct way of getting rewards but I think it also expands the games lifetime

  • Yankeephil

    I’m kindo of curious if the Activision contracts are based on dates or games, it would be funny if BO3 released their DLC to Sony first but AW continued releasing it on XB first

  • Ak74u

    Kind of reminds me of an M-TAR

    • Kobrah

      Looks a bit like the Peacekeeper to me

  • Aidan

    Looks like, And this is just my opinion, It’s just going to be a re-skin of the SN6.

  • Gamerazor247

    Another Weapon? That’s kind of surprising… yet expected. Maybe we”ll get a Legendary Pumpkinhead gear set and ‘III’ Gear promoting BO3s release. Maybe that secret stuff is Supply Credits… About time!
    And is that really Condrey’s Profile pic? It’s hilarious.

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE


    • Kobrah

      • Aidan


        • Kobrah


          • Aidan

            We should keep this going…forever…

          • Kobrah


          • Aidan

            and ever……..

          • Kobrah

            Never stop ………

          • ScOott

            Can anyone join in ? ……….

          • TheTripleJBrothers

            We all start to join in………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

          • Juses

            Ur all fagits…………………………………………………………

          • k………………………………

          • Moo…….

          • Aidan


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          • OutlawGaming

            …………. Im an outlaw 🙂

          • TheTripleJBrothers

            Oh hey Juses, you joined in. Welcome!……….. Yes, I’m still going…………

          • Kobrah

            Any one is welcome……….

          • jordanxbrookes

            How did I end up here? o.O …………

          • Kobrah

            Jordan! Welcome to the party! …………

          • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

            I STARTED IT YOU FUCKS ………

          • ScOott

            Glad to know ……..

          • Kobrah

            Glad to see you join the party………..

  • SH seriously has a thing for lasers, it’s odd since like maybe 5% of the playerbase actually likes them.

  • DeadZombieGaming 12

    Nothing to get excited over… we all know it’s gonna be a shitty reskin….

  • Aidan

    I haven’t touched this game in a month. I’m only now starting to realize why…This game literally makes me want to fucking shoot myself.

  • Oh look, more “Free” dlc I’ll never get unless I buy a year’s worth of salary Supply Drops.

    I only care about the double XP tho.

  • Ryan Collewijn

    maybe a dlc 5?

  • Peewee78368

    I like it… just dislike Ps4 wont get them till nov.. But bo3 will be out so wont matter.

  • FazalGaming

    If these come out anytime soon, PS3/4 & PC will get them after release of Black Ops 3. It wasn’t wise of SHG to save it for the end for their game’s life.

  • lunator100hd .

    I cant believe ppl buys ASD.

    • jooker-jr

      Especially now.

  • Alex

    Fuck off Condrey

  • J4MES

    David Vonderhaar can tease me anytime. Condrey is just an attention seeking cock who should do the honorable thing and piss off like Mark Rubin. The only reason Sledgehammer are still supporting this trash is because they have a nice little revenue stream from a few thousand people who still line their pockets hoping to get better weapons from advanced supply drops. The funny thing is all these weapons they’ve added are just reskinned pixels with sound files ripped from other guns – pure laziness but people still lap it up with their wallets..

    • jooker-jr


  • Dangelo95

    The good thing SledgeHammer did this year was support the game with new content every month which is how every cod should be from now on! Though AW is just about done and it had its ups and downs I can name them but we all know I just hope sledgehammer is listening to us for wha they’re cooking up on 2017 and take all our considerations whether it be Exo suits DONE RIGHT in AW2 or something completely new they need to deliver just like IW does next year and please for the love of God lets hope there isn’t that AIDS they call SBMM

    • If AW2 happens, then I’m not buying it. I’m sorry, but games like Ghosts and Advanced Warfare do not deserve sequels. I’m ehh on IW already, but if they make Ghosts 2, then hell no. I’m open to whatever project SHgames is doing as long as it’s not AW2. I honestly think SHgame should bring back that Vietnam game they had in mind..

      • jooker-jr

        Well, sequels are haul lay associated with the campaign, and AW has a somewhat good campaign and I heard that ghosts campaign is that bad.

        • Still doesn’t deserve a sequel. And AW campaign was just meh to me.

          • jooker-jr

            I liked AW campaign, but the end was simply stupid, and IMO they could’ve done more with the Universe of AW ( private military companies, futuristic gadgets, etc… )

            But I enjoyed using the gadgets in the campaign

            I would like to have another AW, But it will not sale well, so I think that Vietnam game will be interesting.

          • I really want them to do that Vietnam game they cancelled. I thought it was interesting. I hope they do it their next time around

          • jooker-jr

            And also the gaming community want innovation from games ( and especially cod ) and I don’t think there are lots of Vietnam games out there so I think they should do it.

      • Dangelo95

        Hopefully they’re smart about what they do and we will get answers for IW soon but prett much the possibilities for IW at this point are
        1.)Ghosts 2
        2.)MW4/MW prequel
        3.)Cod 4/MW2 remake
        4.)New Series

        • jooker-jr

          If they gonna remake a game then it should be Cod2 ( never played it but cod veterans say that its the best ).

          The smart move IMO is a Modern warfare game. ( MODERN IW, NOT FUTURISTIC).

        • I would love a MW prequel or go with a new series. Ghosts just failed

    • Paw

      All those contents are great. Unfortunately, it’s useless. Since those are un-achievable. There is no way you can collect full set of all those awesome stuffs. Not even need to think about it and that’s why AW is dead. Ppl gave up on it.

      • Dangelo95

        Yeahhh that was also a downfall cause some of these you could not earn unless you got a ASD which not everyone will buy them

  • jooker-jr

    IMO I’ll not waste my time trying to get it, I mean why they don’t do what they did with the M1 IRONS ?

  • Chris Best

    Too little too late. I am sick to death of “no games found” worst multiplayer match up algorithm of all time. Next game please. God even BO3 beta had better lobbies.

  • imBATMAN


  • Eric Wyatt

    fuck all you haters AW was amazing. it was a well thought out game.Exceptionally fun 2 play.and SH games were not afraid 2 try something new. the only problem i had with the game was NO GAMES FOUND. I seemed 2 have 2 play alot of TDM.As much as i loved Bo2 i can honestly say ive enjoyed AW as much as any cod yet.and im already looking forward 2 SH games next cod.

  • I agree it’s great that they’re still adding updates regularly, it’s a first that I can still play a COD game towards the end of its life and have new surprises, it’s just a shame that like people have said, it’s all pure luck and nothing to do with the £40 I spent on a goddamn season pass!

    The one thing I really dislike about Sledgehammer’s updates are that they don’t reward long time players, people who are higher level from lots of gameplay or people that have invested in the map packs or season passes. Luck or micro transactions just don’t cut it. I want to try out all the classic WW2 weapons!