UPDATE: In the message of the day, Sledgehammer Games has stated that you can also get extra by buying select Advanced Supply Drop bundles this weekend on Xbox Live and PSN. If you purchase the 10 Pack, you’ll get an extra 5 ASDs. If you purchase the 20 pack, you get an extra 12 ASDs.  [image via @OhhhLukeyy]

Original Story: 

Sledgehammer Games has announced that they have activated Double XP in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare across all platforms. The Double XP will end on Monday, October 12 at 9AM PT.

Rank up and try to reach Grand Master Prestige before Grand Master Prestige Appreciation Day on October 19th.


  • ccrows

    First… 😉

    • Vinyl

      Damn it!

      • ccrows

        lol… 😉

  • Vinyl


  • FazalGaming


  • LovekillerX

    Cool for those who are going to prestige. I got enough of prestiging after prestige 16.

  • DespicableDan

    Before the fuckbois arrive, we know you dont care about advanced warfare and how it was one of the worst cods ever apparently (not that I agree) and how its irrelevant now black ops 3 is nearly out.

    • DespicableDan

      Saved some breath for people there

      • Guywithbrains

        You sure did. But I am sure you can’t prevent hate bandwagon’s arrival!

        • MichiganerE

          How’s the beta so far?

          • I’ve heard nothing but good things. Except for some minor bugs and easy fixes. Can’t wait to play it for myself 😀

          • LovekillerX

            You sir won’t be disappointed. Having a blast with the beta! I suggest to make your way into AT-AT and kill multiple rebel scums. #downwiththerebelscum

          • I can’t wait to use the Orbital Strike! 😀

          • J4MES

            Easy fixes? The netcode in Battlefront is worse than BF4’s and that ‘easy fix’ took 18 months…

          • Where are you getting your sorce for bad net code in Battlefront from? I haven’t heard any Journalist, YouTuber or anyone on Twitter complain about this besides you.

          • J4MES

            I’m running hitbox tracking alignment tooling on the PC version – the same software that detected the woes of BF4. Don’t need YouTubers or twitter for things like that.

          • MichiganerE

            I hope that i’ll enjoy it.

          • Guywithbrains

            Pretty awesome. Feels a lot like stand alone Star Wars game. I went 40-11 in my first match in Walker Assault on Hoth.

            Sorry for little offtopic…

          • MichiganerE

            It’s fine.

        • spartanelite

          How do you download it

    • Choppabro2psn

      Lol, people are going to say what they want despite you saying it for them.

    • DaMadOne

      When the next CoD comes out, people will complain about how awful Black Ops 3 was. It’s a vicious cycle

  • LEL

    im prestege 1 level 28 and want to reacg grand mastar prestege befor black ops 3 comes out. how many more pesteges do i have to do before i reach max levl and can get free supply drops

    • Dre


    • darren

      There are 30 prestiges total, so if you are prestige 1, you’ve got 29 more to go. You get free ASD’s at level 20, 30, 40, and when you prestige, but there are no “free” supply drops for reaching Grand Master or otherwise. I seriously doubt that you will reach Grand Master before Black Ops 3, especially if you are only on the furst prestige.

  • Well, if I still had the game installed I still wouldn’t play it since it’d interfere with my time with the Battlefront Beta. Hope the rest of you that play it enjoy!

    • NoOneCares

      No one fucking cares, shut the fuck up.

      • ToonToons22

        Love how you created an account just for that special occasion.

      • Seeing as others replied to me including yourself I’d say people do care. 🙂

    • DespicableDan

      We get you dont play Advanced warfare, wish I could be as cool as you

      • I didn’t mind AW. Just ran out of room on my Xbox for new games. So I uninstalled the ones I didn’t play. I know you’re trying to make it sound like I was hating but if read what I said is I’d play it if the Battlefront Beta wasn’t happening right now.

    • RdJokr

      I’d give the Battlefront beta a try, but man I despise EA’s Origin client on PC so much. Not to mention that the system requirements for this thing is ridiculously high.

      Guess it’s more AW grinding for me this weekend.

      • MyKogInYourAshe

        I don’t really mind Origin, it has the basic features, great sales and an outstanding support. Uplay on the other hand…

        • RdJokr

          Uplay sucks ass as well, but at least Ubisoft’s games are on Steam, so at least I can deal with that (even though double DRM is a bitch). EA, on the other hand, keeps all their games exclusive to Origin. Like, I don’t see what harm there would be if they sell their games on Steam.

          • MyKogInYourAshe

            Ubisoft’s games are on Steam, but you need launch Uplay anyways to open the games

      • SoulTaker

        The requirements are a lie don’t know your exact specs but my friend runs it fine with a GTX 660 and a FX 6300 at medium settings 1080p.

  • Dre

    Would have been nice if they had a long double xp duration before i was gmp. I only ever saw weekend double xp for the whole games lifecycle!

  • JoZer805g

    On the day the beta for Battlefront starts? Nah, I’ll pass and now I wait till the dam beta is available in the Playstation Store, I hate pacific time.

  • SoulTaker

    Of course they would do this during the Battlefront Beta xD

  • Looks like I’m missing out on double xp again. Sorry got better stuff to play like Battlefront.

  • Ryan Collewijn

    well i gotta say this #hate incoming… THANK YOU SHG! i finally got trough this to master prestige and got my freaking mp40 after burn
    fuck all the haters

    • Choppabro2psn

      Make sure you have fun finding a match to get into.

  • jooker-jr

    My Internet isn’t working , just hours befor the release of the double XP and the battlefront beta… YAY!
    Well, at least I have MGS V.

  • W1LL1AM04

    Just when Star Wars Beta goes live #FML

  • Luis NH

    too much camping

  • Choppabro2psn

    Wait, does this mean any prestige after master or the last prestige rank?

  • Cool, but ill be enjoying Star Wars.

  • Hank Colyer

    I love this game off the break. Then The new weapons came in. Advance drops to get the weapons out. Very bad idea, I would be up non stop again trying to complete these weapons. Oh a new one coming out, prob won’t get that. I feel if you master a certain point by picking up and killing to earn challenges that at a certain point the weapon would be awarded. for sure gmp, however, prob. won’t get some new weapons to play and to end this game properly. Guys still time to fix!

  • Kerry P. Kleinbergen

    This is the only COD I was ever good at! May not be considered the best, but it gave me a year of great fun and achievement!