During today’s BO3Fridays live stream, David Vonderhaar confirmed that Black Ops 3 multiplayer will feature Hardcore modes for players that enjoy those.

Vahn stated that there will be a limited selection of modes available to play in Hardcore, but they will adjust the playlist as they get feedback from fans.

Vahn has also confirmed Ground War is returning in Black Ops 3, although it’s not clear if it’ll have a hardcore variant. 

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  • Finally furst at something

    • Dr. Salim



    what a surprise

  • Dr. Salim

    Oh man, I didn’t see that coming!

  • MurkN101

    In other news, the sky is blue.

    • Felix Lamirande

      Pluto’s sky as well.

  • FazalGaming

    Will Black Ops 3 have league play?

    • ItzSikh

      bruh bruh bruh

      • FazalGaming


        • ItzSikh

          I was saying that because I you didn’t know that league play was in the game in the form of arena plus this was already confirmed 2-3 months ago.

          • FazalGaming

            stfu vonderhaar. go fix razerback

          • ItzSikh

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          • FazalGaming

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    • Jenish Katuwal

      In the form of ‘Arena mode’ yes ^^

      • FazalGaming

        What is that?

        • Kobrah

          League play

    • RdJokr

      Dude… Have you been living under a rock? Do a Google search for “Black Ops III Arena mode”.

  • Stewart Thomas

    I could be wrong but I thought he didn’t name what game modes were in HC. I thought he just mentioned ground war seperatly. Could be wrong on that. Just hope they bring back ricochet

  • Mario Rivera

    Ground war hardcore? Ewww its bad enough to worry about getting randomly blown up and/or 1 shotted from 6 enemies

    • Capten ermirica

      You’re a clown.

    • Stop moaning you Prick. We’ve had the same game modes year after year in Hardcore and they’ve finally given us Ground War. I can’t fucking wait!

      • Stewart Thomas

        Your going to be disappointed. They have not announced HC Ground war. It will be standard modes we always get

        • Well it reads like that. I hope they do. I wouldn’t mind Ground War or FFA!

          • Stewart Thomas

            Sorry didn’t explain, if you watch the actual stream they say “hardcore is in the game , you have core, hardcore and bonus, bonus has ground war. Hardcore will have various modes”.

            They weren’t clear when they explained it but defo did not say t will be HC ground war

      • Mario Rivera

        Whoa there, be civil and chill with the hostility kid. I didn’t slap ur mom or anything so dont reply to me as if I did. I actually made a valid point if u understand how matchmaking works in the slightest. More modes, more lag. Thats y its important for them to cut down on the fat. Dividing 500 at a time or so hardcore players into 10 playlists isnt going to make any1 happy at the end of the day.

    • Guest

      Do you even play Hardcore or just saw a good opportunity to complain about something?

    • Corey Hayes

      We have had TDM, KC, DOM, AND SND only since I believe BO1. It gets kinda stale after a while. CTF and Free-for-All should be added. I’ll take ground war if thats at least another mode they want to give.

      • Mario Rivera

        FFA sounds cool, CTF probably wouldn’t be populated enough to detract servers that would be used in other hardcore modes but it sounds interesting.

    • I’ve always wanted to try Hardpoint and Ground War in hardcore. Being one shotted, blown up is how it should be in hardcore. There’s a reason why they call it hardcore. Whether you play or not, other hardcore players like my self would like to experience Hardcore Ground War, Hardpoint, etc. You wanna limit hardcore to TDM, KC, DOM and SnD then go make your own fucking game. Treyarch calls the shots, we just give feedback and its up to them to make the call. So sit down, play the game and STFU. Or just chug a gallon of bleach. Panic Knife – A scapegoat term used to render yourself blameless for being outplayed by a melee attacker.

      • Mario Rivera

        Whoa alot of misguided hate in there, unfortunately very little substance.

  • Adam

    I love you Treyarch. <3

  • imBATMAN

    I want a Ground war/Rescue the hostage/SND game mode.

  • cbns007

    As long as they do not go all crazy and take out HC Domination, I am happy. 🙂

  • Finally hardcore players like me know that we exist! LOL #hardcoreonly #HCTDM #doyouevenhardcorebro #PS4

  • dplusj

    Please give us HARDCORE Free for All. Hard core players never get a free for all mode and we have to deal with all the garbage like riccochet or team killing kids who think it’s funny. I prefer the TTK in hardcore and just want to be able to shoot anything that moves and not deal with the BS or the crappy teammates

    • dplusj

      ALSO do not make it so you get booted form the game if you kill team mates from kill streaks. Thats the WORST thing i’ve ever seen in hard core. Why do you get penalized for having a good game because you get some bombs to drop on the map and it takes a few seconds to fall from the sky and then boom you team spawned in that spot and you get booted. FIX THAT

      • Yankeephil

        It was awesome how MW2 did it, you get a timeout for so many team kills

    • JoZer805g

      I would tweet Vonderhaar about it for for feedback.

    • Jim

      I ONLY want HARDCORE — in all game modes. Core is ridiculous — in real life it doesn’t take a full clip to put someone on the ground.

      Please, David Vonderhaar, don’t cheap us on only a few hardcore games. I won’t be buying the season pass if this is just a core game.


        I agree with you on that one, give the hardcore players all the same game modes as core. Us hardcore players spent the same amount of money on the game as the core players.

        • Mousie

          AAAAND we got screwed , only 4 hardcore modes , no domination sigh

        • James Cameron

          I think they do this because the hardcore community gets smaller every time a game is released and if we were spread out among 8 different modes we’d never get a decent lobby.

  • Alex

    CORE has always been for pussies

    • Stefan Lang

      Oh please, hardcore takes no skill.

      • HUSTLExXxMAN

        DA f**k lol please tell me u were joking and meant Core

      • josh jones

        U die quick in hard core so its harder core players hate it nacuse they cant keep up with the play style it’s too differt worlds one universe

  • DeadZombieGaming 12

    Calling it! This will be the greatest cod in a long time!

  • J4MES

    I love HC mode in Treyarch games!

  • ItsBigSpace

    Can you watch the live stream back?

  • kris

    Please have hardcore kill confirmed mode.

  • MyShady

    I wont buy another COD game (didnt buy the previous two) until there are multiple Hardcore modes, of which one MUST be Free-for-all. This likely means i will never buy the game again, as i dont see it happening, ever.

    For anyone desperate for HC FFA, go back to Black Ops one for your fix (the last COD to have it i believe), as people STILL play that.

  • G-obey

    Hay there I really like too see about 8/ 9 modes on hardcore this year on BO3 as there only been about 4/5 and it’s a real let down when you see core get loads . I would like too see free for all / Safeguard / mosh pit / kill confirm / T D / S&D / Capture the flag / HQ and domination

  • Shawn Harnage


  • Isaiah Dawson

    No hardcore domination….wtf!

  • Trinidad Ramirez III

    I don’t know what there think bring back HARDCORE DOM

  • Ron Atwater

    Where’s Hardcore Domination and Hardcore Kill Confirmed. These other modes are cool, but people are constantly hiding. The above mentioned forces people to play rather than hide, c’mon man!!! I spent $63 59 to be jipped out of my two favorite modes. GTFOH man!

    • cbns007

      Really though!
      What kind of Call of Duty takes out hardcore domination?!?

      • Ron Atwater

        I know cous. I’m convinced they’re trying to make people play the other game modes, but I’m like I don’t play this BS!! Give me my Hardcore Dom and Hardcore KC!!

      • T-Stick Hines


  • Geoff

    Yes hardcore free for all is back YES THANK U.

  • [CRO] Sickness

    Please give us Hardoce Domination and Kill Confirmed ! It would be good to introduce an option that we can’t kill a teammate. There are many people who kill intentionally teammates several times during the round, and not be punished.This is very annoying! Treyarch, Vhan, please make these changes.

  • Reckinball

    Please get the kill confirmed hardcore in black ops 3…too many campers in TDM.
    Another issue is just trying to join a damn match…too long to get a match going and too many disconnect issues

  • DaffyDubz

    Hard Core Domination, bring it back. nuff said… And in responce to the “HC gamemodes don’t have enough traffic to support” issue, guess what happens when people can’t find a game in the gamemode they want? THEY PLAY A DIFFERENT ONE?! Yup, that’s exactly how it works. Same goes for Core… You have 50 different game modes, guess what? Only like 3 of them (other than TDM, only God knows why ANYONE even plays TDM lol) are even being used… The rest of them, “0%” population in them… Yet you still support your ‘Core’ players and all their USELESS, Un-Played modes? A multi-billion dollar game, and you can’t afford to host more HC game modes? Is it really costing you that much to make your customers happy? Maybe if we had the choice to play different HC modes, we would? Just a thought… Love the game, HATE that’s there’s no HC DOM… Guess -UL- will have to settle for CTF? I’ll see my fellow HC PC players in there, at least until HC DOM is back 😉 Or at least until you decide that your PC community in a whole is “too low in numbers to support” and you just cancel the game for PC gamers all together… LOL, never a dull moment in CoD…

  • T-Stick Hines

    We need hardcore domination and kill confirm i dont even understand why yall didnt those two games on there anyway.. but you manage to put hardcore capture the flag and free for all though get real can we have our modes back

    • T-Stick Hines

      Oh yeah we would love to have an option to play hardcore groundwar as well

  • Dominique Lawson

    I paid $470 for the COD ps4 and I don’t even get to play my favorite mode HC KC or DOM.. I will not purchase another COD if they don’t bring it back I wasted my money on ghost and advanced warfare.. I finally get a game I like and you took out the best mode smh

  • Kimbo Hwong

    We want hardcore domination or headquarters back!!!!

  • S Wright

    Look…I’ll play core if they die like they did in black ops one otherwise I’m seriously dissapointed that kill confirm and domination are not in hardcore. There was an entire community of us in b02 and all of us are really bummed

  • Lee Davis

    Please add all games to hardcore especially Domination