Dan Bunting has confirmed that there will be four player split-screen in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 offline for players to play Zombies and Multiplayer.

In addition, for those that want to play online in those modes, there’s a max limit of 2 player split-screen local.

  • Guywithbrains

    First! Good thing online split screen is returning.

    • Nicholas Tipps


      • Logic Chief


      • Guywithbrains

        Sorry but my sense of humor is in 2015. 😉

    • Juses

      Yew spelled “furst” wrung

      • HomePolecat96

        Juses sht teh fuk up yiw hev no sweg

  • Logic Chief

    So what do you guys think about the new stuff?

    • Drasadex

      pretty good.

      I missed using a flamethrower in COD5 lol

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      Just more features to prove that this is the biggest and best CoD since Black Ops.

      • Logic Chief

        Thats what im saying This is gonna be the best game since BO1

        • Nicholas Tipps

          ghosts had a spot it was a good game. 🙂

          • Baruck Obumo

            Go home you’re drunk

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    That is fucking cool.

  • Adam

    Thank you based Keshav.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Not even kidding… I thought of you when they announced this. 😀 Happy this feature is there for folks that want it!

  • Aceshigh87

    Good to hear that 4 player local is coming back. having to buy 2 copies of the game just to have a decent time with “old school multiplayer” was a major let down in the past couple of years. Plus I’ve only ever enjoyed offline zombies (I don’t trust or enjoy most public players) so having 4 people for that (as it’s designed to have) will be nice.

    Here’s hoping split screen online is handled better than AW was. It was a buggy mess the entire length of the game and they never once bothered to patch a split screen specific issue. The biggest of which was that 2nd player could NEVER look at their after action report.

  • Koolz

    Thank goodness. Halo 5 doesn’t have splitscreen so I’m glad I can play BO3 when my friends are over.

  • Lambchowder

    Great, split screen is back. Now I can loose games thanks to people boosting.

    • Humza Qureshi

      And I can invite three of my friends over to play custom games like I did in the days of BO2!

      Which do you think is more important?

      • Yesnoise

        Definitely friends. Probably had the most fun when i invited friends round and we all played 4 player split screen instead of having 2 people play whilst the other 2 are forced to watch. Glad it’s back in BO3!

      • Lambchowder

        I like the 4 player split screen offline, but online split screen? I think they put it in the game just for people to boost. I back out of every lobby I’m in when I get split screeners on my team.

        • Nicholas Tipps

          Thats not a real excuse sir.

          • Lambchowder

            Not all split screen players boost ik that but most of the time that’s what I notice.

        • Jenish Katuwal

          If you played with friends you’d see why people really like this back^^

          • Lambchowder

            All my friends own their own system so I never use it.

        • Andre R

          what is boosting??

        • josh

          Split screen doesn’t make it easier to boost, and I bet most boosters don’t use split screen. I find it more fun playing against people who are on the same system because they are actually communicating with each other and have real strategy.

        • Lacey Andrew Whitehead

          How do u know if your playing other people thats on split screen. Bc just bc they in same clan or lobby doesnt mean there playing on same ps or pc

      • John Blue

        There doesn’t need to be both the 4p offline and 2p online splitscreen for you to do it though.

        That said I don’t agree with lamb, splitscreen is good for online too

    • John Blue

      I don’t know how they’d go about handling the situation in a way that both allowed splitscreen online, which I’m sure is popular for more than just boosting (I know I like it), and didn’t cause this problem…

      Personally don’t care enough about wins to bother thinking about this but I can understand that they mean more to a lot of people and it does suck.

    • Yankeephil

      Split screeners are always on the same team no matter what. So there’s no way they can boost.

      • Lambchowder

        They boost with the enemy team. Just sayin most of the time I notice there basically not even playing going 6-26

        • Yankeephil

          That has nothing to do with split screening, people do that whether they are split screen or not. If COD could make it so players weren’t allowed to use console partys than that would stop the majority of boosting

      • Lacey Andrew Whitehead

        No. There in the same clan. My husband and i play together at aame time so we have to play on split screen. And we can boost jump. And just bc they show theyre together does NOT mean they playing on split screen. Bc its called a clan..

        • Yankeephil

          You’re dumb, we’re referring to XP boosting, not boost jumping. Which is where two friends kill each other repeatedly to get difficult score streaks and other things. But when you and your husband play, you’re always on the same team which prevents split screeners from doing that

  • Slothigans

    I think everybody should have to start the game playing with bots till you hit level ten, regardless of how good you are. That way it gives everyone a chance to get a feel of the maps and guns and people could stop making excuses for why they’re bad at the game lol.

    • ThatOneBlazian

      So basically Combat Training from BO1 & 2

      • Slothigans

        Exactly. But what I’m saying is it should be a requirement for everybody to do it. So you can’t make excuses for why you suck. *not you particularly* but you know what I mean.

        • JustForFun119

          This is actually implemented in Call of Duty Online, where players are only given the bot playlist for the first 10 levels and after level 10, TDM and other game modes are unlocked gradually. The bot playlist is separated into two sub-list which allows players below level 10/ below level 35 to join. The players are really good in CoD Online as far as my experience goes.

          • Slothigans

            That’s awesome

  • JoZer805g

    I was hoping for splitscreen online, don’t like screen cheaters when I’m playing against them.

  • Naqash Liaqat

    Finally!!! The good ol’ days having friends over to play some COD.

  • Luis

    Is it silly to ask if this will also be available on pc?

    • Bored1234


      • Eddie Tupy


    • Kevin Sosa

      it is not silly actually because there will be split screen on PC they announced that already

      • marcyff2

        how do you split screen on pc? I am just wondering….Multiple keyboards?

        • Avalanche

          Uhm never heard of controllers?! Personally I use 4 xbox 360 controllers on my PC. And use PC as multimedia/entertainment system! No desk…

          • Cesar Dominguez

            you have ps4 right
            can u playa splitscreen online?

        • Kevin Sosa

          look it up on google its all there , they let you use 2 pc monitor screens also , im playing on ps4 so its easier there , pc i have no clue look it up on google

          • Madison

            How do you play split screen on ps4?

          • Lacey Andrew Whitehead

            Only way is by adding another player.

          • Rhomíe

            How to add a player on uour own account?

          • Lisa Cipriano

            it probably wont work

          • Madison

            How do you play split screen on ps4 it won’t let me…

  • shadowguy14

    Fuck splitcreeners

  • Slash (SJS)

    This is what I have been waiting for.

    • Trevor Squires


  • Split-Screen multiplayer…

    • Goiradin

      The main reason I’m looking for this game is for splitscreen multiplayer, cause consoles decided to stop doing the ONE thing they’re supposed to do: Local multiplayer. Why even get a console then? Just get a PC right? The only benefit to consoles is the easy access local multiplayer. I’m getting a Switch next, PS4 turned out to have a disappointing amount of 4 player games.

  • moonbeta

    GUYS so in campaign and zombies can i get a friend and me to play it splitscreen but then can also play with 2 other people online (the other 2 are playing on different consoles)

  • pepe1

    Finally I can play with my family/friends unlike these other lonely kids that hate on Split Screen for whatever weird reason.

    • monique

      do you play ps3 split screen??? i cant play it that way and i want to 🙁

      • Nick

        I can’t figure out how to play split screen either on PS3

        • monique

          hope we can play soon

        • monique

          add me on ps3: zibbygirl

        • Josh

          It’s bullshit I can’t work it out either

      • W_is_for_wambo

        The official BO3 FAQ states that “Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 do not support split-screen.”

      • Lisa Cipriano

        i cant split my screen and i really want to play zombie mode with my brother do u know?

    • Mike

      No local multiplayer on old-gen consoles

    • Stif Meister

      Much popular. So social.

    • terance

      I really want to play zombie split screen with my brother offline but can’t figure it out on my ps4 can u please help .

      • Lucinda Nana Krause

        it only works if you sign in to the ps network, although you dont have to play online..you must have a connection.

  • Yuki

    I’m wondering if it’s for all versions of the game, since I have ps3 and not ps4

    • Emily

      It is for ps3 too, but you can only play online

      • The great one

        Wait how can ps3 only play online?

  • Jazz

    Ya I also love the fact you can colaberate with people in the room in person and not some randome people and come up with your own strategies and work as a team beter.

  • FidzuanAziz

    So can we play 3 player zombies? Sorry for this question but i had been through games allowing 4 players split screen and not 3 players split screen

  • Avalanche

    They did implement splitscreen for PC this time!! I hope that also goes for the 4 player local splitscreen *keeping fingers crossed* that would mean the return of a fun multiplayer shooter. Nothing can beat Timesplitters 2 with the customization though hope this will be good for some long awaited local multiplayer fun!

  • Thomas Ellis

    What people want is to play campaign mode with multiple players. Similar to Halo. Call of duty is a far better game but you can’t really do what you want with friends. We want to strategize war together. Make each level extremely difficult but allow up to four players online and level up by doing so.

  • i hope the framerate won’t suck in zombies…

  • alexf6460

    Holy shit already I bought 2nd a tv at the thrift store so I could get some my friends to bring over a 2nd ps4 to do lan local 4 player.

  • Omar Bo

    awesome!!!! I love split screen!

  • Nik

    Can you play split screen on zombies with a ps3

  • monique

    cant play split screen but i want to

  • zeedawg

    Iv just bought the game black ops 3 and tried playing split screen zombies offline. It dose not work it says split screen is not available in this mode. I dont know if u have to beat the game to unlock split screen zombies. Which will really suck. Alot of talk about split screen campaign but says the same thing. “Split screen not available in this mode”

  • Brock

    Anybody know how to start up the online split screen for Xbox 360

  • Kayley

    That’s carp if you can’t play black ops 3 like you play the second one everyone can have ago now people have to take turns just to play with there mates :/ bring back split screen!

    • Kayley


  • MerkChaos

    Is there split-screen campaign?

  • Mark

    how do you play split screen on ps4 multiplayer?

  • paul

    How do I play zombies splitsceen,for xb

    • paul

      I don’t see a optimus co op?

  • masteraiden

    How can i play split screen on my ps3?HELP

    • sam

      I have the same prolen :/

  • Jacob

    Can someone pls answer the question how do you split screen zombies for offline? It keeps telling me to disband members. Its on ps4 and im clueless love some help!

  • jake gillen

    I can’t do split screen on Xbox 360 on either zombies or local play doesn’t even let them join, its just nothing I can do solo but no split screen. Wtf I don’t east this pos if I can’t do split screen

  • Cod3

    Has anyone figured out how to play split screen yet?

  • taylor

    why the fuck can i not get split screen on ps3

    • Mercede Vega-Ramirez

      360 and PS3 doesn’t support split screen.

  • Donna Howell

    anyone know how to play spilt screen zombies ?

  • Alijah Naylor

    When will we be able to play split screen zombies? It’s boring not able to play the same game with him…

  • Mercede Vega-Ramirez

    My xbox 360 is not doing the split screen either anyone know how?

  • Aruba

    What about Xbox 360

  • Cynthia Loy

    How do I play 2 player zombie mode on my 360? Just bought the game & can’t figure it out please help!!!

    • Mercede Vega-Ramirez

      360 and PS3 doesn’t support split screen

      • monique

        and nuketown isnt for ps3 also….. hope in the future….

      • quentin thomas

        well thats dumb

    • Octavio Avalos

      You can’t it doesn’t support split screen for Xbox 360 or PS3… that’s been confirmed only Xbox 1 and PS4 however I have a PS4 and also can’t get split screen to work so I’m going to go to game stop and ask what the deal is…

      • Chris Collins

        So what did they tell you. I’m having same problem

      • chico_fininho

        wow… so… we spend 50€ (in my case) and we can only play multiplayer alone… sounds fair… bye bye call of duty…

      • Lisa Cipriano

        i cant too and i have a ps4 2

      • Octavio Avalos

        Sorry for the late reply guys I asked about a month ago and game stop said it only works for online for ps4 u can’t play split screen without Internet it’s so dumb and that’s for zombies But you can play multiplayer for split screen with out Internet

        • Christian Montgomery

          I have an Xbox 1 and I can’t figure out how to play zombie split-screen

    • Coxfunker
  • wstson

    Someone please tell me how to play local 4 player zombies for ps3 pretty please I’m very upset that I can’t figure it out

  • Octavio Avalos

    How do I use split screen for PS4 black ops 3 zombies already updated and have added another player?

  • Johnny McCarthy

    Is there aye update for split screen offline zombie mode? An campaign zombies?

  • Joshua T

    How the flip do you play split screen, COD BO3 on XBOX 360???? This is driving me nuts. Anybody know??

    • Mercede Vega-Ramirez

      Here it is everyone 360 and PS3 doesn’t support split screen

  • hummble bear

    Help I have a girl friend and not being able to play split screen on blocks ops 3 is breaking us apart
    360 g thanks treyarch

  • justin

    Does any one know how to set up split screen on multiplayer online i have 360 i can’t figure it out..please help

  • Kristina banger

    Does anyone know how to get the split screen on local multiplayer? Tried a few times for a 1v1 with my son but does not seem to work.

  • mactavis

    is there split screen on the xbox 360 or not

    • Mercede Vega-Ramirez

      No split screen for 360 or PS3 u can only have more players on online. Add if u like to play online thiagosaul09

  • dana

    I can’t figure out how to play splitscreen offline on ps3 for black ops 3…

  • Christina Terrazas

    We just bought the new game and can’t setup split screen for 2 players and we have an Xbox one…any advice?

  • DinkyDanger

    So wtf old gen has no campaign no online multiplayer and no offline splitscreen zombies!!!! Wtf are we paying for!!!

  • Tokairou15x

    Okay so to play split screen online for PS4, i have to have another account? Or is there an option to play with a guest account? Everytime I connect the second controller for a friend it says they have to sign in to a PSN account. Is that the only way??

    • tylong

      Wont let me either but for multiplayer try cp campaign won’t let me

      • Ty Long

        Have u found out yet

  • Split Screen Killa

    My xbox one will not let me add the second player to play split screen on multiplayer online. someone please help..

  • Herm

    My ps4 won’t let me play 2 player zombies offline and can’t play offline story mode with my friends? Can someone help

  • Herm

    My ps4 won’t let me play 2 player zombies offline and can’t play offline story mode with my friends? Can someone help

  • Allen Washington

    How do I play split screen with a guest on my ps4? I can’t figure it out, can I have some help please??

  • Roberto Stamerra

    sorry,can we help me? how can i play with 4 split-screen in pc? i have codbo3 original for online mod and cracked for play a zombie and bots in offline mod … but i can play only with 2 split screen in local … how can i do? thanks!!

  • Artie terrell

    How to play 2 players zombies split screen offline for ps4?

  • Kevin Johnston

    how do you get 2 player split screen for black ops 3 gun game and online

  • Martin

    I just bought bo3 and split screen zombies does not work on local play. How many of y’all returning this worthless game? You’re limited to only a few game modes in multiplayer and that free run is stupid no one wants to run all day and shoot at targets that’s stupid activsion is going downhill .

  • Juan

    I have it on 360 does anyone want to play zombies if so send me your gamertag

    • Devonte Smith


  • Ryan

    How do I use splitscreen It wont let me pls i big Noob Im on The PS3 pls help I fan/Big Noob

  • brett

    dumb as hell that you cant play 2 players zombies on xbox 360

  • Gavin Shepard

    Will trearch ever release an update that will let all people play split screen from 360 and ps3

  • Dolgoon Dolgoon

    Can i play COD Black Ops 3 2 player splitscreen if i have only 2 keyboard/mouse on pc

  • Ryan 456

    Do all accounts need ps plus to play 4 player local zombies?

  • lo;olo

    so how do i get 2 people from the same console to play online

  • lo;olo

    so f bo3 ima go back to the good cod hello bo2

  • CharleyJane

    Im on my brother’s ps3 and we are trying to play split screen and we cant find the option…

  • Laura

    I cannot get my second player signed in. No option to press x to sign in. I don’t even have a campaign in in ps3 want to play split screen

  • Busby

    I just got a ps4. How do I play 2 players offline?

  • pissed off asshole

    treyarch, you suck fucking balls. you really fucking suck. they get worse every new game made

  • Zion

    Come on tell us

  • Lisa Cipriano

    call of duty3….you cant split ur screen

  • Daniel Jeppesen

    I’ve only been able to play 2 player split screen on Xbox one.. Do I have to disconnect Xbox live in order to play 4 player split screen?

  • Jacky

    I want to play 2 player split screen online. Partner has a PSN+ account and I have a PSN account but can’t figure out how to play online together. Can anyone advise?

  • Vazquez Stephany

    Is there a way to play black ops 3 on the 360 but on the same game system it’s not allowing us 🙁 HELP!!!!

  • Kindness Matters

    how can I be on the same team as my friend? it keeps setting us on different teams and I don’t know how to stop it.

  • captain Random

    I want to play with my two brothers on infinite warfare but it is only two player. Boo Activision! BOOOOO!