In the newest Black Ops 3 Cybercore: Control video, it mentions that the Augumentation Breakdown Core is used to “turn an exo-suit against its user”.

This is the first time a reference to an exo-suit has been made in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Treyarch has been trying throughout the year to separate their new DNI (the new way your mind is attached to the technology) from Sledgehammer Games’ Exo Suit mechanics, but it seems that there is some sort of an exo-suit in the campaign mode for Black Ops 3.

As a side-note, Cybercores are only available in the campaign mode, so if there are any exo-suits, this will be limited to the campaign mode. As already revealed, Treyarch’s multiplayer has their new, separate chain-based movement system, which fans got to try out in the beta in August. The new movement system in Black Ops 3 is very different and more limited than Advanced Warfare’s movement system.

You can watch the new Cybercore: Control video here.


  • LovekillerX

    First again!

    • bhhs

      thank you for not saying it like a retard

      • LovekillerX

        You’re welcome. I know how to spell it correctly.

      • O: Peeping Tom!


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    • KK5

      You are the true Charlie Intel Bæ

  • TheCursedShank

    Great! Now everyone’s going to start hating on the game just because they mentioned exo suits! Smh

  • Mick

    Atleast it’s a campaign only feature. I don’t mind this at all.

    • Austin

      it’s not the same exo suit from AW and people are thinking it is.. smh

  • LOL


  • NiceOne

    Wow, this article and the video alone will kill hype for a small percentage of people… GOOD JOB!

    • Keshav Bhat

      How? If you played the MP beta, you know how the movement system in MP works already.

      • NiceOne

        My sincerest apologies.

  • TBH for campaign it would be pretty cool to have exos on a already enhanced BO3 solider.

  • IlikeCOD2220

    Urgh “Exo-Suits” are the last thing i want to hear… ffs..

    • John Blue

      You think too much of this. Exo suit could mean a billion different things – sci-fi literally has zero limits – but you instantly relate this to something in AW. Why? It makes no sense, BO3 already has different systems to do what AW’s Exos did, differently from them.

      All this means is that some enemies in Campaign mode probably use some sort of external powersuit that could be LITERALLY ANYTHING from being the “strenght-enhancer and booster” that AW had to being just a simple way to fire shoulder-mounted rockets while being controlled by the same sort of interface that the other technology of BO3 is.

  • Connor

    Why even make this article? Deliberately trying to get a reaction/clicks from people.

    • Thomas the TankSwag

      To try and let people experience the joy of being furst, lovekiller ruins that though

  • Guywithbrains

    That place in the picture looks dark and it is a good thing. Maybe I get to experience “dark and gritty campaign” for first time . Although that ride will not be long, more like too short even if the story itself is good.

  • I’m pretty sure “thrusters” were called exo-suits before, they might have even re-modeled them a bit when saw how much people hated them in AW. How much would it have affected the sales if we were still jumping with a device called “exo suit”?

  • infedel

    The fact that a article like this exists speaks more about the fanbase than the game. I think treyarch summed it up best, “MUTE ALL”

  • Dangelo95

    Won’t be in MP guys we already played the beta so calm down this would be a campaign feature onky most of these are campaign features only

    • Bo3 fan

      Can you not spell ok? GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!?!!?!?!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!! Nn

  • fires

    why are people associating it with AW. Exo- means outside or external, probably an augmentation that is fitted for normal human combatants, not everybody you play is a cyborg. That aside, im real hype for this game, the only footage ive seen is the beta, single player campaign, and zombies trailer. I only even vaguely know of cybercore– no spoilers this time around!

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    Why Treyarch would be inspired by Sledgehammer is beyond me.

    • Jay Evan

      You know that the concept of exo suits have existed before AW right?

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        The way that it was presented in Advanced Warfare was a tad different. Not original by any means, so I don’t want to seem like I’m saying that. What other games referred to the suits as Exoskeletons/Exo Suits? Mainly Advanced Warfare. Since all 3 developers inspire each other, it’s perfectly logical for me to accuse Treyarch of being inspired by Sledgehammer, and questioning that affair.

  • CrazyWolf

    YOU DUMB FUCKS! Those are only specific enemy types that use exo-suits! The only playable characters that use exo-suits are the multiplayer specialists Nomad and Outrider…AND THOSE EXOS ARE COSMETIC! Whoa…Sorry about the rage. Dunno where that came from…Still…I would’ve thought that folks already figured out how things work with this game…

  • Daniel

    We knew this since april, it was in the secret blog posts teasing

  • Slash (SJS)


    • Jay Evan

      Dude, just shut up. Nomad has an exo suit and moves exactly the same way as the rest of the specialists.

  • DeadZombieGaming 12

    Exo suits can mean anything. In Subnautica, Exo-suit is a big robot…