When the achievements of Black Ops 3 leaked, there was a mention of a ‘Realisitic’ Difficullty in the campaign mode. Today, Xbox Achievement got new details on it from Treyarch. 

Then there’s the new Realistic difficulty level to take into account too. “[In Realistic] you have one point of life, so if you’re shot once, you’re dead. It completely changes the way you play the game,” says Blundell. “You all have to survive as a group. You end up respecting the level in a completely different way, and once gunfire opens up, everyone just drops to the ground, because if any one bullet hits you or a grenade goes off near you, you’re dead.” The AI too has been entirely rewritten to “make independent decisions,” he adds. “We have more types of AI than we’ve ever had before.”

SOURCE: XboxAchievements

  • furst


    • Jasco


      • Michael


    • One Russian’s Revenge

      “I’m first.. At winning.”
      -cues people going ‘oooooohhh’-

  • Jasco


  • Aidan


  • I….I don’t know if that’s even possible to accomplish. Regardless, I’m gonna grind til my thumbs are down to the bone.

    • KK5

      I wonder if they will tone down the difficulty in realistic to hardened, in order to make it possible.

    • RdJokr

      At least they don’t make the achievement something like “complete the campaign on Realistic… with zero deaths”.

      Now THAT would be a seriously impossible achievement. It’d be on par with completing the campaign challenges on BO2 in Veteran.

      • Should be like 250GamerScore for that lol

      • Zedje

        There is an achievement for that

        • Aceshigh87

          Not for 0 deaths, just for beating it on realistic.

  • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

    Damn Treyarch really is trying to implement some challenge in campaign. I like it.

    • DoctorSpapS

      me and my friends are going to do this wish me luck

  • LovekillerX

    I thought veteran was hard…

    • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

      Only in WaW.

      • Devin Wolfe

        Nades spawned right under your feet.

      • MichiganerE

        Same with CoD 1, 2, 3 and 4.

        • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

          Never played CoD 1 and 3 campaigns , and played very little of the 2nd.

          • MichiganerE

            All three a total bitch, let’s just put it that way.

  • MaZerN

    not first

  • This would be impossible solo but glad we can play with three other people now 🙂

    • asdadasdad

      Exactly why I don’t like it. I want to beat it on Realistic _alone_.

    • Rovam

      its not ^^
      with smart use of the abilities you can do it solo

  • DeadZombieGaming 12

    Fuck it! I’m a man! i will complete the campaign on realistic alone…

    • I don’t think you can do it on your own against those big tanks

      • DeadZombieGaming 12

        I really want to get every single achievement, but i don’t have any friends… R.I.P

    • Epicsand

      Famous last words…

    • Wilbert C Castillo

      you play on PS4? i’m stuck playing realistic.

      • DeadZombieGaming 12

        I play on PC

        • Wilbert C Castillo

          Aww man!

    • Catherine

      The only thing that got me through it is chocolate and cigarettes…

  • MichiganerE

    This difficulty is going to be more torture than CoD 1 – WaW’s campaign’s on veteran difficulty combined.

    • KK5

      I like the new profile picture

      • MichiganerE


  • DeadZombieGaming 12

    This is just too much… But i want to get all the achievements… oh well. R.I.P Me

  • Drasadex

    oh fuck no lmfao

  • lunator100hd .

    Im happy for this difficulty just because many fools (spesially batlefield faggots) think that cod is an arcade childish game with zero skill involed even tho they probably couldnt handle the game on veteran.

    • mike

      Lol wut? Idiot.

  • JoZer805g

    That’s kind of unrealistic if your die from one shot, one shot in the head, yeah you’re dead. But getting shot once in most places at your torso to legs shouldn’t kill you with. Maybe three to five shots should kill you.

    • Wraith

      But then it’s just like normal Veteran minus the headshot one. But yeah, one is entirely not plausible considering you’re a war-ready cyborg.

  • Realistic difficulty? One shot deaths? Thumbs up–let’s do this.

    • DoctorSpapS

      Me and my friends are going to try to complete this campaign on realistic wish me luck with this i know this is going to be hell

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    Doesn’t sound very realistic. It should calibrate for body parts. But this just makes it even more insane.

    • Kobrah

      If you get shot in leg you might not die, but you would almost certainly be out of action. No point lying on the floor for 10minutes in a game

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        But you can crawl…

      • Schruk

        But everyone’s legs are not real.

    • Jessica Because

      Just pretend all the AMS have been shot down and you all are on your own. At that rate, you’d be quick to die from a measly leg wound.

  • John

    If you play co-op, can you then revive your teammates?

    • Drasadex

      I hope so.

  • Ryumoau

    I have a hard enough time beating these games on Veteran but this sounds like a new level of insanity. I guess with a huge amount of proper teamwork (and maybe max player levels) it could be done though.

  • tactikz4

    Wait there’s no trophy for completing all levels on this difficult right?

    • Aceshigh87

      If I recall there is actually…

    • Drasadex

      There is.

      “No One Will Believe You” is what the trophy is called.

  • Daniel

    Sweet I want that

  • Jenish Katuwal

    And someone was making fun of this mode before saying ‘… so what haha one bullet kills you or something? so retarded’ ….Oh the irony.

  • Jesse

    I wonder if this Realistic difficulty will be for the offline MP bots as well. They did confirm you can add bots Private and Local Matches like in previous games and they always had the 4 COD Difficulty Levels for how good they played (Recruit, Normal, Hardened, and Veteran).

    Now I’m wondering if there will be a realistic option for that as well where they play exactly like the MLG pro’s or something like that. Would definitely be pretty cool if they did that but they probably wont. Oh well one can dream.


      what are you on about

      • Shabur Bakhtiar

        He’s talking about local offline multiplayer, whether the bots will have Realistic difficulty as well.

    • RdJokr

      Multiplayer bot difficulty is not the same as campaign difficulty. In MP, it’s mostly how accurate the bots are.

  • The Flash

    so one shot to the foot is death right? lol, so does this mean, one to shot to the AI also means death

  • ItzSikh

    this is to support co op

  • Daryl

    Its like hardcore just got promoted to deathcore …. bring it on !!!!

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      It’s so metal.

      • Snafflelophagus


        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          BAD. NO.

    • RΛJΞΣV

      hardcore > dragonforce

  • Greasy Neckbeard

    This will be easy since I’m a fuckin beast

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      Famous last words!

  • AcePhoenix007

    This is fucking stupid.

    • ToonToons22

      Then don’t play on Realistic. Simple as that.

      • AcePhoenix007

        I never said I was going to….

  • SuperImpact

    This for the people who complain about veteran getting easier every year.

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    Wow Campaign is actually going to be challenge to do with friends.

  • Mikey9835

    I jokingly tweeted vahn for a hardcore mode. What have I done?

    • Drasadex


    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      You devil!

  • Slash (SJS)

    Oh shit… I’m gonna need to get a few extra controllers…

  • littlejeromeGTA

    I love the idea ! It will be a fun challenge.

  • Digital_Veil_

    The enemies die in one shot too right? If so, this really won’t be that difficult. But that would definitely make it feel realistic

  • LookOverThere

    So if I get shot in the leg, instead of getting aid from a medic and going back to combat but with slower movement and more sway, I just die? Seems very realistic.

  • Gamerazor247

    Yeaaaaahh, I think I’ll leave Ubisoft to the Realistic Difficulty.
    My Black Ops Vetern Experience was fucking bullshit! I ain’t looking foward to my AW Playthrough…fucking insta-aim bots..

    • RdJokr

      AW on Veteran is actually pretty easy.

  • imBATMAN

    It’s not realistic if an enemy shoots your foot and then you die instantly. if you bleed out then that’d be pretty cool.

  • Ghost

    I always play my campaigns on the hardest difficulty. Looking forward to the challenge!

  • Kobrah

    “One point of life” so if you get flash banged you die?

  • Sounds crazy fucking fun, i really really want to play this now.

    They should make it two hits, though.

  • J4MES

    I always play the campaign on veteran to start with and just grab the intel on recruit. Looking forward to this Realistic Difficulty challenge – I remember the mile high club on veteran in COD4 and that was so difficult but so satisfying. It would have been good to have this difficulty at veteran with no checkpoints for a real old-skool FPS feel though.

  • Frag Wall

    I don’t wanna ended having me headbutt on the keyboard.

  • -El_Greeko-

    That’s just stupid.

    It should take you 2-3 shots. You would NEVER die with 1 shot. Unless you’re shot with a fucking high caliber rifle (or parts of your body that aren’t protected e.g. neck or face).

  • Agile

    No because people have been shot in the foot and can still keep on fighting (but injured) that’s the proper way to do it

  • Merffy

    *gets shot in the hand
    *dies due to severe blood loss.

  • Jessica Because

    Guys, please. Evidently, CoD is still CoD by staying a little arcade. Obviously they pushed it by labeling it “realistic” when it actually just instagib. Overall, I like having this option and will give it a go…..after I max prestige.


    Sooo umm does anyone else think WaW campaign on veteran was still hard? Lol til this gets released.

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  • Argy

    Game developer realistic: Shot in the left toe, you explode. Shot in the right ear, you die, and shot in the chest and you walk on cause it’s just a flesh wound…

    Sounds like they are keeping to that story instead of, you know, actually trying…

    Also, if we’re all able to mech up, this doesn’t really make sense. “Oh no, he shot me in the mech arm! I’m dead… apparently…

  • Swiss Mike

    Hey ScoOt u think Blops 3 will have more PC players than ever before?

  • ivanosque

    1 point of health. So if I get shot on the toe equals death…. REALISM!

  • velos

    Does the AI also have one point of life? If not, seems a bit unrealistic (no pun intended)

  • Taylor H

    It’s not realistic when AI enemies take 3 shots to the head and are seemingly unaffected. Robots I can understand but human enemies are still human right??

  • Android Game
  • Aaron MV

    Well, right now I’m going through Realistic. It actually seems easier by yourself. With partners the game amps up the number of enemies firing at you and it’s relentless. A lot quit because they aren’t expecting to play that difficulty. I find it harder to have to run to people who end up rushing the enemy making it impossible to get to them with out dying myself. I’m doing it now with the Drakon. Seems to be the best. Powerful but fires like a semi auto assault rifle with vatrix 3. Plus high capacity ammo. 1 shots humans and 2 shots bots. Even takes out the cerberus in like 4 or 5 shots. Currently I just completed Vengeance on this difficulty. So far, the hardest parts for me are staying alive long enough during the final part of the first mission because you are getting missiles, gun fire and bots rushing you constantly. Once you do you actually feel relieved watching the cutscene with the bot ripping your arms off and etc. Another difficult part is escaping coalescence as it gets flooding. Running through the hallway over and over again. I found myself actually cussing, wondering how in the heck can people stuck in a pitch black underground location, caving in, people yelling, explosions and all the while they can flippin snipe you with hip fire all the way from almost the other side of the hallway. Like really? Getting shot once I understand. But that’s ridiculous. Mind you you can’t just creep through picking them off carefully. You have to rush through, as the whole place is flooding and falling apart. Then, you have to cover your partner as he gets a door open as you are rushed with tons of bots and people. Who can all apparently snipe you with hip fire even if it’s just your ear poking out for half a second to kill them and keep them back. Vengeance was actually a very easy mission to do on this difficulty, since I have my Drakon silenced, and FMJ is very useful, I recommend it to help stay alive. I am aiming to finish this in the next day or so.