A couple of weeks ago, Activision and Treyarch redesigned the Call of Duty Twitter to become a Breaking News Agg. account to hype the campaign mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. They were teasing events that take place within the fiction of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. But that marketing campaign back fired. Many press sites called Activision out for the ploy, saying their tweets and look of the account could trick people into believing what they posted was real. 

Treyarch, speaking to IGN, said they were stunned by fan reaction to it. They didn’t expect people to take it as a serious-news related thing.

 “Here’s my view – and again, I’m a simple director and not involved in the marketing at all,” he began by stressing. “However, it was absolutely not done for any kind of attention in any way. It was not done maliciously, or as any kind of scare tactic. I personally am very sorry for anyone who looked at it and got the wrong idea because it genuinely wasn’t meant that way.

“It was done on our channel, and it was to talk about the fiction of the world. I think we were as shocked as everybody else when it started blowing up, because essentially we were teeing up ready for a story beat. So again, very sorry for anyone who took it that way. It wasn’t meant that way at all – it was supposed to just be getting ready for a campaign element.”


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    Sekund ..

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  • Are you for fuckin’ real? People thought the Ember trailer was like a legit foretelling?

    • Aidan

      No, they thought the terrorist attack that Call of Duty Live-tweeted was real.

    • Yankeephil

      I think it was their post about a breaking news story that a hurricane hit syngapore and killed a bunch of people, that everyone was upset about.

      • Aidan

        That, and the fake terrorist attack they live-tweeted.

    • Will these people who thought the marketing was real be on ‘Pinheads and Patriots’ tonight, Mr. O’Reilly? 😉

      • Yep, and you can be sure I didn’t let them say anything important. ;D


      No they thought the twitter posts about the terrorist attack were real. I’m not sure why people didn’t decide to fact check that on you know any news site before taking it to heart but whatever.

  • ScOott

    And these are the kind of people I worry about .. Some strange people around.. Do these people have no sense of humour or no sense of what’s real and fake .. Even if u was stupid enough to think it was real.. You got to go beyond to then complain about it as well. Eedeeuts

    • Aidan

      Well, I’m not surprised people thought it was real. There are people who actually can’t sleep because they think that Obama is a Reptilian.

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      Obviously, they’re 12 year olds who lack common sense.

      • ScOott

        I doubt it, 12 year olds wouldn’t care enough to complain about fake “current events”

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          Well, it can’t be grown men, either, because we should have enough common sense to understand that it’s not to be taken literally.

          • Kobrah

            It would have been soccer mums

          • ScOott

            You would be suprised, I have watched soap actors tell story’s of grown men and woman giving them abuse over something there chsracter has done in the soap (cheating on someone)

            Some actors have even been attacked by these crazy people..

            Some people just don’t have a clue .

          • Sanchez

            So true

          • OutlawGaming

            This reminds me of that one episode if friends.

      • jordanxxxbrookes

        Sorry bitch. Your generic “kid” insult doesn’t apply here. 12 year olds playing sports, play video games and looking up gaming news. Same thing your dumb ass does now. Who makes fun of kids anyway? You’re on a gaming site not Washington Post you weirdo

        Also maybe if you showed passion for actual real world problems as opposed to shit your lame ass read on a game blog the world would be better.

        P.S. Eat a dick

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          LMAO! You don’t even know me, yet you’re here assuming dumb shit as if you do. Absolutely pathetic. Bye now.

          • jordanxxxbrookes

            Stop using the word pathetic bro (sis?)

            Who said I know you? I know your over the top wrestling character here. One minute caring about gamers and civil discussion.

            Next minute telling someone they make no sense, are an idiot or worse of all acting like your Malcolm X fighting against micro DLC

            I don’t to know you. MONTHS worth of repetitive posts paints a clear picture. I know in your world your shitty performance on COD doesn’t mean anything since numbers or skill doesn’t exist in a “casual” game. However, when you have 100+ posts being preachy jerk and close minded piece if shit I don’t have to know you.

            This site is like your pulpit talking shit and demeaning people’s opinions and calling them stupid is ok. Talking all that shit about Activision and how evil they are and how COD ISN’T IN YOUR TOP 100 FRANCHISES yet you’ll be playing Nov 6th calling every gun overpowered and getting your fat ass whipped.

            You have one more time. Apologize to everyone here for being a dick and best 2nd most hated person here.

            You apologize and you can be a douchebag in peace….You’ve been warned.

          • Sanchez

            Shut up, bully. Just chill take a step back and enjoy yourself. Don’t take things to heart, don’t let words online anger you, turn you toxic.
            I don’t care what he says about COD, stop being so demeaning and slanderous. Bye now.

          • jordanxxxbrookes

            It’s libel for one and for two it’s not about COD. I’m standing up to the bully.

            Lol at words angering though and toxic.

          • You

            jordonxxx you are not standing up to him (or as you call it bully) look in the mirror you are the bully. He is just expressing his own opinion about something.

          • jordanxxxbrookes

            Oh and I know you don’t play sports. You’re too much of an E-intellectual to play sports. You’re 21 years old playing games all day (hence your 100+ franchises played) and on gaming sites debating as if that’s something above a 12 year old. Just apologize so you can move on

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Don’t tell me what to do.

            Wrong. Again, you’re too ignorant to assume stupid shit about me. I played many sports throughout my lifetime. Being a gamer and having played thousands of games means that I’m a gamer, you casual.

      • Sanchez

        Nah age ain’t a factor at all. So many stupid adults. Most the youth these days got themselves set up as music producers, inventors of bit coin and such. I’m jelly.

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          If these are grown men, then IDK what to say.

  • Slash (SJS)

    I am still.

  • AstroCyborg

    so faking a terrorist attack made people upset post 9/11 who would’ve thought

  • I think they have to account for how many stupid people there really are in this world. And those who have no idea what Call of Duty is. I thought it was cool marketing, but I knew it’d become a big deal. Nice try Activision. I enjoyed the marketing. Shame it couldn’t have worked out better.

  • Ryumoau

    Wow…were people really THAT stupid that they thought the info was real? They still had @CallofDuty as their twitter handle and it would have taken less than a couple seconds to see that the news wasn’t posted on CNN or any real news site.

    God, i can’t believe how stupid people are online. Yet another reason i’m thankful for not using twitter myself.

  • Daniel

    Ppl who thought this was real shouldnt be allowed to have internet

    • Daniel

      that marketing was beast
      stupid press

  • Ray

    Wait this was all on their twitter account? Excuse my language but which dumbass relies on twitter for reliable news stories?

    • stayflybeasty

      people that want instant information on current events ? duh ?

  • ghosts sucks

    Who would take there news from twitter. What is this world coming to.

  • You know what makes this fact sad?
    No one bothered to look at the fact that @CallofDuty was right there, under the “Current Events” part of their screen name.
    You’d think someone would be like “Wait, the video game series?”.

  • imBATMAN

    So people who go to @CallOfDuty Twitter believe this? Even when the name “CallOfDuty” is there?

  • darren

    People are idiots. Most of the people bitching about it, just heard about it, and formed an opinion. But those same people, could give a shit less, when a show like Law and Order:SVU rips stuff from the headlines, based on actual events. Thats fine, but a video game makes up some shit, and let’s break out the mob. Idiots. Nothing but idiots.

  • RdJokr

    On one hand, the marketing team did its job way beyond expectation. They made the news articles believable to a significant amount of people. That’s one hell of an achievement in marketing and PR, and is sure to get more people to check out the game.

    On the other hand, how dumb do people have to be to even remotely think this is real? The press is not making this any easier, since they are the ones feeding BS and clickbaity news to the public.

    • Kill Denied

      It’s 2015, the year of everyone’s feelings. The media needs to make its money somehow.

  • You have to be completely off the wall if you thought this was real.

    It literally says @Callofduty in the tweet.

  • Rowdy Pritchard

    Black ops 3 campaign is stupid it’s doesn’t save your check points if u leave the mission and I’ve had to start over 8 times on demon within be it either glitches or I leave and have to start over this should be the best black ops game I’ve ever played but ibe played better games than this in the 1990s I love the difficulty set to realistic and got far but this games definitely needs some adjustments!