UPDATE – October 16th: Polygon reached out to Microsoft for a statement, and Microsoft responded stating that they do “not comment on the specific terms of our arrangements with any our publishing partners, however Call of Duty: Black Ops III is now available again for digital pre-order from the Xbox Store in two versions — the Digital Edition and the Digital Deluxe Edition.”

Original Story:

Last week, Microsoft removed Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 digital preorders from the Xbox One store without a proper reason, but today it appears the title is back up on the store for digital preorders.

As of now, the Xbox One Store is now accepting preorders for both the standard edition and the Digital Deluxe Edition. The description for the game still says “Available at your local retailer for preorder,” but the “Bundle Only” button is gone and “Preorder for Xbox One” button with the official price is back.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering, you can visit the Xbox One store on your console or store.xbox.com.

For pre-loading, many users that have already preordered have stated that they have been able to preload the title. The game is a 44.9GB download on Xbox One.

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            Funny enough, I’ve been watching Charlie Intel’s comment section for 3-ish years now, so I actually understand

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  • Victor Fernando O C

    I’ve done the pre-load, but has not yet returned to pre-order

  • Prime members get BO3 for $49.95. Putting it out there for people who haven’t preordered.

  • Anyone know why Activision removed this in the first place?

    • Masturbatory reasons, laddie.

      • So it’s because X1 sales outstrip PS4’s and as they have exclusivity Activision had to pull it from the Microsoft Store for a while? Thanks!

        • Jenish Katuwal

          You know this because? Of vgchartz’s outdated statistics which are *only* for US excluding Europe? Thought so.
          How about we all wait until official figures are released before acting like kids hm?

          • Yourdad

            We’ll never know the truth behind this sudden removal of pre-orders on the Xbox marketplace.

            But you have to admit, it’s a fucking coincidence considering Sony just got the deal for the title and numbers clearly show X1 pre-orders being way ahead.

            Activision helped Sony look a tad less ridiculous if you ask me.

          • Lol.. nothing is going to be 100% accurate in terms of numbers. Fact of the matter is though, by whatever margin it may be, Xbox One pre-orders are higher than PS4’s.

            Just a hunch, but it might have something to do with Xbox having exclusivity/MLG for the past 3 years and most of the community didn’t switch to PS4 purely because DLC swapped hands.

          • david sierra

            It just shows how loyal they are for their console even though they don’t have the exclusivity deal

          • Jenish Katuwal

            I’m sorry but I don’t get how people missed out this fact… Maybe they accidently released pre-load options as technically it wasn’t supposed to be available until 4th Nov therefore they removed it in a drastic action. That is my theory and I think it’s more legible than all the conspiracy theories going on around here.

        • In all seriousness, as an Xbox player, I do find it kind of fucked up that the second they switch to PS over Xbox something like this happens (that never happened on PS)…

          • jt3z

            Makes you think that PS had something to do with it. Doesnt bother me though since i have both systems.

          • You know what’s weird though? At my GameStop, preorders for Black Ops 3 are double on Xbox One. I just checked this last wednesday, and we have about 120 regular editions on Xbox One and like 60ish on PS4. Same with the Hardened Edition (not the numbers but the fact that it’s double).

  • Why does this nigga look like he’s about to drop the best, hottest Call of Duty that we haven’t seen in the last three years?

    • Golden, just golden.

    • Frag Wall

      Why? I mean his the famous DJ in Treyarch and how come people didn’t knew him?!

  • Felipe Rios

    Thank goodness. I was getting real tired of my Xbox telling me the BO3 installation stopped lol.

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  • D.Sharp Bumpas

    Xbox One pre orders are slaughtering PS4’s!!!

    That’s just hilarious right now

    The partnership you make with deals and you can’t get more people to buy the game than the other console

    SONY YOU ARE BECOMING MORE LAME BY THE DAY!! Those console sells don’t mean nothing to gamers!!! Games do!!! And selling out for third parties is funny as hell like, you must be really trying to pace and space content now!! MS is just steam rolling with HAVOK, NEW PRO GAME EXCLUSIVE PARTNERSHIP FOR ELITE CONSOLES NOW, THE NEW XBOX EXPERIENCE, HOLIDAY STICK UP! AND NOW THE GLOBAL HALO 5 YOUTUBE MADNESS PARTY!! Yeah we about to witness the greatest comeback in gaming history by 2016 next winter

    I’m calling it a wrap!

    • One Russian’s Revenge

      “Uhhh, okay.”

    • Mobin Amanzai

      I’m guessing that’s the reason why it was removed, so that maybe PS4 could catch up. Probably to show that they made a good decision with the PS4 deal…

      • J4MES

        That’s the most illogical thing I’ve heard – remove a revenue stream to prevent sales of a game…

        • This Guy

          This is Activision we’re talking about here. This is the same bunch that agreed to forbid MS from promoting that Destiny was also on the One and 360, which obvious impacted their sales. I wouldn’t put anything past them.

          • Evil_Annie_2015

            I agree. I was not aware of that marketting deal of Activision and Sony where xbx could not mention about destiny coming to the xbx1. But like you said, it is activision so the most illigical thing is the most logical for them.

        • Mobin Amanzai

          i was kidding but clearly you didn’t catch that

    • GinsuVictim

      Console wars….like buttfucking, but gayer.

      • ccrows

        +1, and I’m an XB1 owner too… lol

    • Logic Chief

      Sony knew if Xbox had the games that are going to launch in coming months only to xbox and if xbox also had cod dlc early sony would have zero chance they prob payed a boat load.

    • Jenish Katuwal

      Oi fanboy hows about you shut up. We like cod in this community not kiddo fanboys who think consoles are more important than enjoying the damn games that this site reports on.

    • Christian Marks

      You act like Xbox hasn’t done that for the past 5 years

    • micheal schneeberg

      Nigga stfu with your dumb illiterate ass system sales do matter with the puny sales at Xbox is getting I doubt they’re out Selling bo3 on ps4 lol you’re the dumbest nigga I ever ran into call of duty isn’t even a good game but then halo sucks and it’s the only exclusive that’s even any good on the Xbox i’m sorry that you spent so much money on a shitty cable box maybe next time you will make the correct decision peace out fuck nigga

  • Logic Chief

    this is old news charlie come on i had this pre-loaded like a week ago.

    • Kobrah

      Yes, but they removed it from the store to preorder shortly after you could predownload it. This article is just saying it is for sale again

  • idk if its preloaded or not on my Xbox one. this is what it says:

    – go to games and apps, manage bo3, it says “Internal – Manage all (44.9 GB)”
    – go to games and apps and select bo3, it says “You’re too early”

    is it preloaded or na, and how do I do it if it’s not? I’ve never digitally preordered a game and have no idea how to preload

    • ICallUpShotgun

      Hey mate, I got BO3 pre-order on xbox too. It is pre-installed right now. It says ”you’re too early” because you cant play the game yet (it hasnt come out yet). so you should be all good.
      You will be able to play the game at 00:01 and will recieve a small update (last year AW f*cked up tho)

      Hope I was of help!

  • Guywithbrains

    Gotta love these Microsoft fans’ conspiracy theories and trolling…

    In all seriousness I am glad it returned to the store. Although no one knows reason why it was gone in the first place. Maybe there were some technical problems?

    Also one question from me: I am probably going to buy Digital Deluxe edition for Playstation 4 so does anybody know if that deal (buy with 100 dollars and get 15 dollars back) would come to EU store too?

    • LovekillerX

      What is bothering me, is that why PS4 doesn’t have the pre-load ability yet? AskPlaystation said that usually pre-loads start 24 hours before launch. This isn’t a problem for me but it is problem for those who have really slow internet.

      • TheVale

        We can’t mate. Not too much of a problem for me either. But with AW what happened was I downloaded Destiny (50 gigs) and pre loaded AW (50 additional Gigs) so by the time AW went live my net had taken a serious hit and slowed down significantly. I hope they give us a little over 3-4 days to pre load the game

      • Logic Chief

        i would be so pissed if that was the case lucky i’m on xb1. i probably have the worst internet speed in this chat hands down. it took me 1 week 4 days to do a 50gb donwload. avg download speed is 90kb/s and upload is mostly none to 9kb/s. don’t even talk about my ping i’ve peaked at 3k plus and never went below 59 ping.

        • ccrows

          What part of the world do you live?…

          • Logic Chief

            Upstate new york just took this picture an hour ago tried playing aw couldn’t stop lagging

      • Jenish Katuwal

        Preload is on November 4th. Xbox preload happened as a result of a technical glitch.

      • Michael O’Brien

        PS4 can pre load games, Pre Ordered need for speed and the download started yesterday and the game doesn’t come out for another week. Same with bo3, I got the DD edition and it’s set to auto download 5 days before the game is launched. I’m just curious because it says it’s playable in 8 days which is a day before the launch so does that mean Digital Deluxe gets the game a day early?

  • lunator100hd .

    Its still too early , i cant get why to pre-load a game 20 days before its actually available? If you have that slow intrenet then just buy the disc.

    • GinsuVictim

      Better plenty of time than not enough.

      • lunator100hd .

        a weak before launch is more than enough.

        • GinsuVictim

          A munth iz bettur.

  • Eddie Tupy

    cmon november!

  • Jenish Katuwal

    Instead of accusing of other consoles of stealing away cod (talking to xbox fanboys not xbox gamers), how about Activision removed the pre orders because they accidently released preload for the XB1 when it was due for Nov 4th? Logic.. anyone?

    • david sierra

      Ok can you explain to me how pre loading works because on my Xbox it said updating does that mean it preloaded

      • Jenish Katuwal

        If it said updating black ops three then yes; some consoles automatically preload games. Activision probably made an error with accidental preload and pulled it off the library so it wouldn’t auto load for loads of people

  • Chris

    I’m gonna start by saying this, I’ve been playing on XBOX since CoD 4, never played PS3, never liked it. Obviously, I got an XB1 when it launched, defended it for a year and finally gave up after AW considering how little progress the console has made. I ended up getting a PS4 right before the beta launched, played the beta on the PS4 and had little to no complaints. Now, seeing as I’ve played on XB360/XB1 exclusively for so long, I said you know what, I’m gonna try the beta for XB1 also just to give it 1 more shot. Horrible experience! Matchmaking was next to impossible, non-stop lag, terrible host selection, lag comp was next level.. Just an overall bad experience in comparison to the PS4. The point I’m making her is that if I can admit the XB1 is trash & PS4 is the superior console after being a loyal MS dude for almost 9 years, anyone can! & whoever doesn’t is in denial. Plain and simple! Do yourself the favor and switch before Nov. 6th!!

    • Evil_Annie_2015

      Just because you can only afford one console, or prefer japanese titles, less exclusives, less features, a less stable online service, and pay for streaming games that you may already own or played, it does not mean everybody will enjoy that.

    • I had no problems on the Xbox One Beta on Black Ops 3 so I dunno what you’re on about. I’m going to remain loyal to the Xbox.

    • Jenish Katuwal

      Okay dude.. I own a PS4 play on it the most but how about you consider that BO3 was in beta so therefore obviously going to have issues; even on ps4 at times there was major matchmaking issues and I had to get off for like a few hours etc.

    • shantzonpoint

      I played the beta on both consoles and had good and bad experiences on each. They were different issues but the overall in game experience was solid on both. So I’m buying a copy for each.

  • justin hanson

    Now I can preorder digital deluxe edition without leaving my house, sweet xD.

  • Aidan

    Thats great I pre ordered from gamestop and couldnt get it from the market place. now its available and i cant preload it.

  • Aidan

    Just great. I dont even know how you get thecode after you perorder from gamestop.