The final eSports event for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – MLG Finals – has come to an end, and OpTic Gaming has won the tournament with the $100,000 first place prize!

Top 8:

  1. OpTic Gaming / $100,000
  2. Denial eSports / $60,000
  3. Team eLevate / $40,000
  4. Team EnVyUs / $20,000
  5. JusTus / $10,000
  6. FaZe Clan / $10,000
  7. Epsilon / $5,000
  8. DT eSports / $5,000

This tournament marks the end of eSports events for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Advanced Warfare eSports season consisted of Denial eSports winning the 2015 Call of Duty Championship, OpTic Gaming taking the Gold Medal at the X Games, 3 seasons of the MLG Pro League, and more.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 launches on November 6th, and Activision has announced their new eSports structure – the Call of Duty Word League – for the title. Learn more about the Call of Duty World League here.

Stay tuned for the latest Call of Duty eSports news!

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  • Duke of hazard

    I enjoyed this game competitively. It was a lot better than ghosts (fucking abysmal for esports). Many holy shit and close call moments. Competetive wise, I’ll miss AW.

    That being said, my body is so ready for BO3. It’s absolutely tragic that it will only last a year. Unless IW produces a good cod for once, I suggest BO3 goes through the 2016 and 2017 season.

    • ToonToons22

      Advanced Warfare was an awesome game, just a little overhated. Sure, there were a lot of things that got me angry about that game, but it wasn’t bad. As a matter of fact, it was very unique, and it was different from most other CoD games, which upset many people. I’ve criticized the game many times, but all in all it was fun to play. You are not the only one who will miss it.

      • CoDforever

        ” but all in all it was fun to play”

        not if it prioritizes skill over connection so i constantly get thrown in lobbies with master prestiges and 2 bar connection ..

        Man after reading your comment like that it made me sad. AW wasnt a bad cod like ghosts was. If only they removed SBMM and balanced ASm1/BAL i would have had so much fun with it.

        • ScOott

          U seem to have not finished your comment.. You mean if they had Nefferd the guns you say, removed SBMM annnnd

          Remove being able to change your weapon stats..

          removed ASD..

          Not tell everyone they won’t monopolize supply drops any way.

          Got rid of every out of map glitch in the first month

          not messed the gun camo’s up (I didn’t even have to earn my royalty camo, just got it for some reason after only doing two guns up)

          Not put all the best camos behind a pay wall, none of the base camo were on par with previous CoD games

          Not put zombies mode behind a pay wall..

          Putting in a way to earn the guns you want other than playing the game untill Max prestige ..

          Then it would of been an acceptable game, even then the Exo was a just a stupid idea.. Props for having the balls to try and change things but it didn’t work .. Treyarch got how to implement the “exo suit” bang on ..

      • Choppabro2psn

        Over hated for a reason. No one just hates it to be “cool”. I’ve tried with AW time after time, and that’s after I swore it off. It’s just a mess. The worst cod, and perhaps game that exists.

        • Duke of hazard

          “Over hated for a reason. No one just hates it to be “cool””

          Every time I read that I think of the amount of hate BO2 got during it’s prime (which was insane). Then when Ghosts and AW are out, everyone decided to pull a 180 and say BO2 was one of the best cods.

          • Jessica Because

            I respectfully disagree. I feel AW had more expressed hatred over BO2.

          • travis

            This was hands down caused by the quickscoping issue of BO2. Not being able to move an inch without it happening caused a lot of frustration at the time.

          • Choppabro2psn

            That’s just the quintessential cod cycle. It’s bound to happen with every cod. Being as though we had a beta though, this time I think the cycle will be broken, or atleast significantly cut down.

      • Argy

        I wouldn’t say I hated AW… at least not to the same level or passion that I felt for Ghosts… but I think the problem I had with the game is they were trying to be different, but stopping half-way to be the same. Like yeah, you have Exo suits… but they didn’t tailor the maps all too well for them. Yeah, you have exo abilities… but I didn’t feel like those mattered when it came to save the point for another item. Yeah, you have these kill streaks that could be powered up, but they didn’t really work out the kinks to that very well. Not to mention the story could have been called “Almost House of Cards but Not Really”

  • Stefan Lang

    It was definitely OpTic’s year. Now goodbye AW! Bring on BO3!

    • Logic Chief

      Cant wait for competitive in BO3

    • Denial had a big chunk of that year too.

      • Honestly was expecting Denial to win

        • Same here, but after that S&D match combined with Uplink, I kinda lost hope. They may have won Uplink if OpTic didn’t through the sat to the roof 3 times. Felt like a cheap strat for me.

          • Sean

            thats not a cheap strat every team does it they just held map control the whole game

          • Yeah I know. It just didn’t feel right. But I get it, control of the satelite. Got nothing against that.

  • KruptPanda

    Good stuff! Even tho AW wasn’t my favorite game, it was a good year for Competitive 😀 so excited for black ops 3 to bring back that fire it had in black ops 2. Good year to try and go pro ;D

  • CoDforever

    anyone remember how many viewers it had?

    • KruptPanda

      I remember seeing over 60k before grand finals

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      From what I remember, it was close to 100k during grand finals.

      • CoDforever

        Not bad AW, not bad at all..

  • Mr_ysi42t96

    Why do they always win, I just wanna create a clan and destroy them

    • charlieINTEL Vs. OpTic Gaming…

      • Mr_ysi42t96

        That’s actually…….genius man, we could make the clan and participate in the world championship

        • Perfect, that’s the way we get a cow exo skeleton.

          • Mr_ysi42t96

            But it will grill your tail

          • FazalGaming

            The cow camo

  • Logic Chief

    unrelated but lets see if anyone knows my question. Did anyone play demolition during the beta. if so you know that during the overtime/ tie breaker round it was chaos with no set side spawns is that ment to be or was it just a mistake.

    • Jenish Katuwal

      It was meant to be cause no matter where you are you just need to plant the bomb and defuse it; or if the team has planted; defuse then plant :p
      Basicallyyyy.. yeah… its meant to be a chaos.

  • Was with Denial on this one. Sad they lost but I won’t lie, OpTic had great moves. They earned it. 🙂 But then again Denial won the 2K15 Champs.

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  • eSports is not a sport

    This is the last time I’ll ever see Advanced Warfare in action. Rot in hell. Definitely the poorest Call of Duty and one of the worst games ever made. It’s even left Activision too embarrassed to talk about it. Funny how 90% of the players in the comp have been playing games like CSGO for months. Thankfully AW was a game for simpletons and didn’t need much practice.

    • Actually, it’s probably one of the most earning Call of Duty’s, simply because of advanced supply drops.

      • JuttyCheeks

        I’m done

      • just drank bleach

        The game was pure trash and was still broken months after launch, they knew it, that’s why they heavily relied on asd’s.

      • eSports is not a sport

        and how does that benefit the gamer? I’d rather have a successful videogame rather than a a massively financially grossing one. The only good thing about that would be if you were an Activision shareholder. True gamers don’t care about numbers – quality is the only thing that matters.

    • melchor2679

      Simpletons did not welcome Exo movements, they just demanded the same old COD. What ruined AW for the community was SBMM.

      • Sean

        yea the game wasn’t bad at all honestly. It had some questionable decisions in terms of supply drops and variant guns but people are just upset because it required more skill at times than other CoD titles. It’s at least in my top 5 favorite CoD games

        • Argy

          I actually disliked it because it felt too easy as far as the Exo movements go… and I felt like they really half-assed the Exo-suits to the point that I really didn’t need them except for the jumping moves. And of course all of that is overshadowed by the fact that I felt maps didn’t really work well with the Exo suits… like they should have really pushed for more of a trimmed experience to match what they were trying to bring…

          Don’t get me wrong, after playing the BO3 beta I already know that I’m going to feel pretty similar on the maps part… mostly because Treyarch thinks that art and design can be done with a mathematical formula…

  • That 2 piece from Karma was sick

  • Didn’t watch it and wasn’t surprised by the results.

    It’s cool if you like this stuff, but i can’t even watch a minute of it without being incredibly bored out of my mind.

    • Mini

      how? There were some good games and good plays.
      That means you just don’t enjoy competitive cod then.

      • FazalGaming

        What he means is he would rather play than watch someone play it.

  • melchor2679

    OptTicGaming did a great job this year, well deserved. I hope the shift to PS4 makes a positive impact on COD competitive gaming.

  • Noretrollor

    Advanced Warfare was good back then when it came out, but now it’s just a pay to win (for the first time). I liked the stuff about varients but I wasted alot of money on it and barely got shit. Hope this doesn’t happen on Black Ops 3. Charlie INTEL, keep coming on them news because you’re my #1 source

  • imBATMAN

    Playing Advanced warfare made me miss cod Ghosts…no cod should EVER make me miss cod ghosts