Activision and Treyarch have announced that for the third BO3Fridays live stream, they will be revealing a new trailer for The Giant Zombies bonus map, unboxing the Black Ops 3 Juggernog Edition, and having a Q&A.

Tune in this Friday at 12PM PT / 3PM ET to see it live.

Catch up on all of the previous BO3Fridays announcements by visiting our category page here.

  • DeadZombieGaming 12

    I love Treyarch… this friday is amazing!

  • ScOott

    Finally a Friday worth tuning in for ..

    • What was wrong with the others? They brought out actual new BO3 news..

      • ScOott

        First one we all ready knew about because it got leaked .. The second one they promised a new game mode, just turned out to be advanced combat training.. This is more of the kind of news I like to see .. This is massive compared to what we have had so far ..

        • Tony Town

          How is it like combat training you retard it’s nothing like combat training u Retard

          • ScOott

            “Advanced” combat training please Learn how to read.. If u can’t see that this is a way to practice wall running you are the retard.. It’s not a proper game mode ..

            If u think this is going to play like the rest of the game modes, your a moron..

          • Tony Town

            Your Moron??? Hahaha

          • ScOott

            Terrible come back .. Can’t even say anything back about the actual topic, have to pick out a typo.. Good day sir .

          • Tony Town

            Cool story Bro

          • Frag N Scav

            You’re COD skillz aint know gooder than mine homie! I have the bestest slow scope in the county!

          • ScOott

            Ples don’t slow scope me ?

          • DeezNuts

            just shut the fuck up scooty mothafucka

        • How is this massive? We already know about the Juggernog machine and they’ve already released a video a long while back of them showing everything the thing has to offer, and we’ve already seen the giantd trailer.

          And that was leaked literally a week before it was released to the public.

          Combat training was just online bots while free run is something actually new.

          How does online bots compare to speed running on different maps that aren’t for multiplayer, and designed for the gamemode itself, instead?

          I will never understand how new ingame content being revealed doesn’t compare to old things weve seen a long while ago.

          • this is gameplay of the map. The trailer is just a teaser, the gameplay will be how the map actually functions. Multiplayer will be fun, but im mainly looking forward to zombies, so thats why ill pay attention to this one more.

          • Chosen

            its a trailer debunk

          • ScOott

            We have never seen the real juggernog machine.. Will be interesting to see what it’s like, and like bobbyN0ble said this is going to be the a proper zombie trailer with gameplay showing bits of the map (I assume)

            And I say this is combat training, because it fits well.. Instead of bots you have targets .. It’s just like a competitive training area, nothing like the rest of the “real” game modes..

          • LegitBedsheets
          • we have seen the real juggernog machine

          • ScOott

            Well part from that, my comment still stands, I must of missed it being shown in all its glory..

  • Drasadex


    • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

      Reaper ?

      • Drasadex


      • Mick

        I understood what you did their ;). Reaper’s awesome IMO

  • Ryan Collewijn

    after a long time i can say it okey hear it goes (breathes in) FURST!

    • Iamyoureviltwin

      God damn it!!!

    • ScOott

      But yew arnt Furst .. Nut evun clows .. Now yur an fagit .. Sorri

      • Ryan Collewijn

        But i finerly gut to be une of the cuul guys

        • ScOott

          Clayming furst wen yew rnt furst es nut kewl dood… :-/

          • Ryan Collewijn

            NUUUUUUU MER LIF IS NUTHING i will just serch fur un youretub cument section and leave my lif thure thx fur saying this to me ScOott Yu were always furst

          • FazalGaming

            u r e fegit tryying to cupy eur sweg

          • Ryan Collewijn

            nope just getting on furst to see how all the haters react btw don’t feed the trolls (=

          • FazalGaming

            y r u telking liek fegit

  • Ryan Collewijn

    can’t wait to see some giant gameplay!

  • Will WilFredo Mendoza

    Now this Stream will be worth watching. How long does it last though?

    • Buruck Obuma

      around 40mins

      • Ryan Collewijn

        gonna be a good 40 min though

        • Buruck Obuma

          do you think we will se actual gameplay

          • Ryan Collewijn

            i hope so maybe it wil show us a comparison between old and new?

          • Buruck Obuma

            that would be cool

  • Iamyoureviltwin

    Well at least they aren’t showing us all the maps during these fridays, which is pretty cool, until alia and the like get early access and ruin the surprise for all!!

  • LovekillerX

    Yes! Finally something worth waiting for! Although I’m more hyped about Shadows of Evil (can’t wait to see actual gameplay leaked.)

  • Viral Echo


  • Aymanizic

    Good Lord I may cry :’)

  • Guywithbrains

    I can’t wait for that trailer!

    By the way I read an article about everything we need to know about Zombies and it said there will be only two maps at launch (Shadows of Evil + The Giant). However, that information might get confirmed in fan Q&A so we’ll see.

    • Ryan Collewijn

      thats not true remember dead ops arcade 2?

      • Yeah but Dead Opd Arcade is just that…it’s an arcade and not an actual zombie map like Shadows of Evil and The Giant. So pretty much two maps just like BO1 and BO2. I hope there is hidden zombie map in BO3 kinda how like they did FIVE and Night.

      • Guywithbrains

        I don’t consider it as a map. It is more like a bonus mini game to me.

  • Stewart Thomas


  • Slothigans

    I bet the final Friday will be about the new nuketown map. Btw do you get the giant zombies map if you pre order the stand digital edition? I know you get nuketown though.

    • Drasadex

      No. You need the Digital Deluxe Edition (runs for $100)

      • Slothigans

        I can wait then. I know it’ll eventually be free or DLC.

        • Drasadex

          Yeah most likely a $5 download some time after launch.

          • Felix Lamirande

            Probably yeah ^^

  • Dangelo95

    So maybe the final week we will get a preview of nuketown and the launch trailer?

    • grimm joww


    • iRyanovski

      launch trailer is out now!

      • Dangelo95

        I know just saw looks awesome so maybe next week it’s just a nuketown and then thanking the community

      • Chosen

        well no kidding

  • Dr. Salim

    Next Friday will probably be the Live action trailer or perhaps even a Nuketown trailer.

    • Fuck-Off

      Oh man i hope will be Nuk3town <3<3

    • Youri Bontekoe

      or Shadows of evil

  • KruptPanda

    That unboxing tho <3<3


    Can we actually get zombies gameplay pls

  • Stefan Lang

    I wanted to see Nuk3town ?

    • grimm joww

      its probably the last friday oct 30

    • Chosen

      you can theres gameplay

  • Mikey9835

    My prediction for next week is nuk3town reveal and the final scorestreak.

    • Felix Lamirande

      Mine are Nuk3town reveal and a new map of zombies <3

  • James Martin

    I want to see the Prestige Icons

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]


  • Elis Ward

    i bet next week it’ll be the launch trailer, that’s all that i can think of that would fit in the black lines for next week. Can anyone else think of what it’ll be?

    • matt murdock

      Nuketown and/or live action trailer


  • One Russian’s Revenge

    “Lets hope there’s nothing people will complain and whine about after the stream.”

    • RdJokr

      You know some people are gonna jump in and be like “where all the WW2 weapons at, this is not the same Der Riese blahblahblah”.

      • I cant wait to see all the new BO3 guns in zombies. I think its honestly time to move on from guns like the MP40, STG44, Thompson being in zombies. Let the new weapons in zombies in shine. Its one of the reasons why BO2 zombies was a disappointment compare to BO1. B02 Zombies was nothing but a nostalgia fest when it came to the weapons part

        • shadowguy14

          At least they made the FAL sound like a real gun, and not like a air soft gun =/ from BO1.

      • One Russian’s Revenge


  • Kyle Emery

    So what time is the BOPS 3 Friday’s on in the Uk anyone know?

    • J4MES


      • Kyle Emery


  • Ak74u

    Bring origins to Xbox one and ps4 imo it should be in bo3 zombies

  • Tayler Hammond

    The friday after that will probably be a NUK3TOWN reveal of some sort.

  • ChildishP

    October 30 NUK3TOWN trailer??? 😀

  • shadowguy14

    About fucking time.

  • Ryumoau

    I’m not personally that interested in zombies but i’ll watch it anyway. Really curious about what they will reveal on the final friday next week.

  • Chosen

    how do we watch? twitch or will they have a link?

    • Chosen

      plz awnsr
      im stupid

  • Chosen

    Is This Streamed On Twitch or what
    if it is what channel?