UPDATE: The PlayStation Store has been updated to state that the Call of Duty: Black Ops III on PlayStation 4 is a 43.6GB download file. Many users are stating that the auto-download date is currently listed as October 30 – stay tuned! (second image via @alexgon69746615)

Original Story:

We just got sent over an image of the back of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Hardened Edition (French version). The box shows that PlayStation 4 customers need a min of 55GB of hard drive space for this game.

Thanks @Kalijvc for the tip!

  • Aidan


    • O: Peeping Tom!


  • Its_Prixr


  • Doesn’t really shock me. Good to know I suppose. I’ll be sure to play uninstall roulette with all my games. We’ll see which one gets deleted so BO3 can be installed.

    • spartanelite

      No hard drive 😮

      • 500GB was not enough for Next Gen lol. Wish it would’ve released with 1TB. I’ll just buy an external

        • HomePolecat96

          Buy a 1TB external hard drive. The one I use costs less than the average game.

        • spartanelite

          I think some models have 1 TB but bought a 3 TB from gamstop

    • BigMacMan

      I can’t replace my current HDD because it has Silent Hills PT and I don’t wanna lose it :'(

    • Jenish Katuwal

      Well, seems like AW’s player count is gonna be drastically low at this rate more than it already was >_<

  • DJ3K

    Thank god I installed a 2 TB drive as soon as I brought my PS4.

    • JoZer805g

      Same here, but a year later after getting the PS4 at launch.

  • LopezxMonkey

    They said it was 1-4 players and this says 1-2 players so I personally think it’s fake.

    • HomePolecat96

      It might be 2 player local

    • It’s 2 player split screen online, 4 player split offline.

    • How do people still think this is fake with all the leaked gameplay on the internet…

  • Ryumoau

    Really glad i upgraded my ps4 harddrive to 2TBs two weeks ago. 😀

  • Drasadex

    fucking-A, I might have to get a new hard drive with the way games’ storage requirements are becoming lately

  • RdJokr

    The file size difference between PS4 and X1 is really huge… I mean, that’s a whopping 10GB we’re talking about. Makes me wonder just how big the PC version will be.

  • Jeremy Fernandez

    Annnnnd deleting Advanced Warfare. At least I have Rocket League

    • Jenish Katuwal

      Thats what I was thinking =P. Putting current HDD space to use with games that are actually good.

  • ccrows

    *Pffffffffffft* Wow.

    Love how when XB1 size was 45GB people went crazy in the comment section, but when Sony makes it even 10GB larger?… *Crickets Chirping around here*


    • Jenish Katuwal

      Dude, games are getting larger and larger just upgrade your HDD. Hell my AW took around 50 including the dlcs it was 60~

      • ccrows

        You’re totally missing my point.

        Click on the link that I used, people were crying around here that 45GB was too much for the XB1, yet nobody says S*** about the PS4 being 55GB.

        Also if you click on that link, I already said that the XB2 @45GB was not an issue when you can easily add a portable HDD.

        My Point – Why are people complaining that XB1 at 45GB is too big, yet nobody is saying Jack S*** about the PS4 being 55GB… <_<

        • Jenish Katuwal

          Because people realised games are getting bigger in general now?

        • Logic Chief

          The xb1 news of the matter was the first post on size. so all future posts about the size of it is less important so well people talking about it

  • ItzSikh

    is that 2-19 players in a lobby i see

    • Jenish Katuwal

      Ground war? =3

      • ItzSikh

        Well I think it is, so the HYPE IS REAL BOYS!!

  • Ryan Collewijn

    so xbox is 44,9 gb and ps4 55 gb 10 gb more space for ps4 so that means i think exclusive dlc at the start?

    • Munir Albulushi

      All of the players r playing call of duty bo3 on ps4 except for those who download the game from ps4 im not gonna download it again ill by the hard copy

  • Frag Wall

    That means 56-MOTHAFUCKING-GB ON THE PC!!!! *throw notebook in the toilet*

  • melchor2679

    she’s a heavy girl, but well worth it.

  • getsuga embrace

    8GB day one patch.

  • GalacticSynergy

    How many gb bo3 is for disc?

  • Carlos Medina

    Why is mine 12 GB ?