Get your first look at Nuk3town bonus map in this new GameStop video. Nuk3town is available as a preorder bonus for PS4, Xbox One, and PC customers. Not available on PS3 or Xbox 360.

  • Felipe Rios

    FURST! IM THE GR8T3ST. It looks sick! Lol

  • Aidan

    looks sexy

  • Joshwoocool

    sweet thurd

  • Dangelo95

    Can’t wait to play on nuketown so easy to drop 40 kills or more

  • CoDforever

    everyone hating on nuketown yet it is undeniably the best map for 1v1’s and private matches, lol

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      Who cares?

      • CoDforever

        I do cause I play a lot of private matches with my buds, detroit on AW absolutely sucked

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          I meant about the 1v1 part. Only assholes quickscope.

          • ICallUpShotgun

            What if I told you that if you do a 1vs1 you don’t need te use a sniper at all 😉

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            It’s the case a majority of the time. If not every case. What’s more fun is having a party of friends against bots.

          • CoDforever

            not all 1v1’s are quickscoping lmao

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            It’s most if not all. That’s what CoD players think a ‘1v1’ is . I don’t know of anyone else who uses normal weapons to 1v1. They’re usually for ‘competitions’ (ugh).

          • CoDforever

            Lol a lot of people 1v1 using normal guns .. me and my buds did it all the time

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            I also did it sometimes, but it was mostly quickscoping. I’m passed those ignorant stages.

      • ItzSikh

        a lot of people care my friend

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]


          • jordanxbrookes

            Bragging rights.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            I used to do 1v1’s all the time during MW2 all the way up until MW3 lol. I even kept score.

          • ItzSikh

            because it’s fun mostly on SnD

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            I ain’t playin’ no Search and Destroy on these new games. Hell no. I can’t take the bullshit lol.

    • Edwin Cortez

      Were the guy that learns how to spawn trap dominates the other… Yeah right.

    • ccrows

      Fine, make it a Private Match only map.

      At least change the street sign to “Filthy Casual BLVD”…

    • D3ADWANTED 25

      Totally agree with u at party games and 1v1 but the reason people hate is its just way too chaotic and small without a chance to breathe or react particularly during Demolition

    • Deadly Ed

      Im not tryhard enough to do lame 1v1’s, and i never private match either. Nuketown is a horrendous map for anything over 4v4..

    • ICallUpShotgun

      I absolutely loved Killhouse from call of duty 4 for 1vs1.

    • jooker-jr

      But that doesn’t mean they should bring every time.

  • The mini-map looks fairly similar. Maybe more open in the middle now.

    • GinsuVictim

      I noticed the mini-map as well. I’d really hoped they were going to open up more of the street (the area on the other side of the fence).

  • Mark


  • Seems much more vibrant and looks like it will utilize the thrust jump minimally, enough to stay true to the originals. Looking forward to it!

  • Gamestahp

  • It wouldn’t be Black Ops without Nuketown! I can’t wait

  • shantzonpoint

    I can’t help but wonder if there is an extension of the map where those glass panels are open. The mini-map just happens to be cut off at the exact spot. The cutaway spot where there is normally a car on the far right side is missing. It looks like there is a wall running spot right below where it normally sits.

    Those glass panels might just be in the up position to protect you as you wallrun above them.

    • Mark

      yeah looks like u can wall run there. other than that it looks about the same. the cars and boxes still seem to be there just the nuketown sign was removed.

      • shantzonpoint

        good catch! That answers that……….lol.

      • KwattyMode

        Looks like this is 2 v 2…. is it coming back? ….

    • ccrows

      I doubt it.

      More than likely they are gonna just reskin it to appease the squeakers…

  • Kurt Angle

    Only reason why scrubs like nuke town is because they had one good game on it. Such an overrated map.

    • O: Peeping Tom!


  • Ryumoau

    Seems like it will still be a small chaotic map which is great. I was worried they might have decided to open it up and make it larger to make up for the faster movement.

  • VES

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    • GinsuVictim

      Go spam elsewhere ya cunt.

    • LMAO anybody can do what your doing its free.

  • Ak74u

    I got very scared when the guy said tranzit. I bet trollarch paid them to say that

  • let the 1v1s begin

  • Bluemoon1227

    I already pre ordered before they said anything about Nuketown. So will the map just come with the game?

    • isidro perez

      Yea it will

  • Jay Evan

    I feel like Firing range will be remade into an area of a Coelesence Corporation base.

  • ccrows

    Of course same size as BO2’s Puketown. GG Vahn.

    *Sigh* Time to make SMGs w/ Rapid Fire, and LMG w/ Smoke grenades & Thermal classes, just to piss off the squeakers after I politely ask them not vote for it when it goes in the rotation… <_<

    • LovekillerX

      It will be so chaotic with this new movement system. Oh boy I can’t wait… but I have to admit it looked good.

  • CookieChairman

    The general look of the screenshot, especially the sky box in the upper right corner, leads me to believe that it takes place in some kind of virtual reality simulation.

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      Yep! Cause if you look at the other maps, this is the most futuristic

  • Ryan Collewijn

    that was the guy from copy that haha


    idiots hating on them trying to make both sides happy

  • Elixir Reload

    CoDforever, that is so true. you cannot hate on nuketown its the most popular map in all the blackops games

  • Mikey9835

    “So transit runs on time” Tranzit remake confirdeded!

  • tuby

    Lest hype the best spawn trap map ever. Font need Any skills on this map and go insane

    • tuby


  • Mr blobby

    Looks like an Advanced Warfare Bugs Bunny hop to me. And yes, I did play the beta……boing boing boing.

  • melchor2679

    Looks good to me!