UPDATE – Oct 28th: GAME UK has also announced the Nuk3town Personalization Pack bonus for preorders.

UPDATE: EBGames Canada and EBGames Australia have both announced that preorders will also get the Nuk3town Personalization Pack.

We’ll update if any other international retailers do announce this bonus.

Original Story:

GameStop has announced a brand new preorder bonus for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 that is exclusive to their store in the US: preorder Black Ops 3 and in addition to getting access to the Nuk3town map, you will also get access to a Nuk3town Personalization Pack.

Get Call of Duty: Black Ops III to receive the NUK3TOWN Personalization Pack Only at GameStop!

Nuk3town Personalization Pack contains:

  • Nuk3town themed Weapon Camo
  • 3 Nuk3town themed weapon reticles
  • Nuk3town themed calling card

For this bonus, the code for the personalization pack will be printed on your receipt for in-store customers, or will be emailed to you for online orders.

*Just like the map, this bonus is only available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.Β 

SOURCE:Β GameStopΒ via @AlteredGaming_

  • shantzonpoint


    • tuby

      Furst aka dolan style

      • shantzonpoint

        Sorry but I got my own style!

    • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

      If you re going to say it, atleast say it properly.

  • Shop specific exclusives have to be the stupidest thing ever

    • shantzonpoint

      I can’t disagree. Is gotten rediculous. I wonder how many will cancel from wherever they preordered from and change it to gamestop to get this pack. …..lol.

    • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

      You just read my mind.

    • Frag N Scav

      Sunset Overdrive drove me crazy when it had retailer exclusive weapons.

    • HomePolecat96

      At least it’s only a camo. I’ve seen giant chunks of games be retailer early. I wanna see them do a zombies map only at GameStop or something, just to see the riot XD

      • XLKILLA

        It’s a camo, reticle’s, calling card

        • HomePolecat96

          It’s a camo. Leave it at that.


      Who cares everyone can get them eventually

    • Youri Bontekoe

      You can make your own camos now…

      • That camo customization is only a small part of the gun as design and camos are one that decide the most color throughout the gun.

    • ScOott

      Two nice looking camo’s I have no way of getting my self, that fast food one and now this one :-/ god dam et :-/

      • Gamestop dude? How can you not?

        • ScOott

          I live in the uk .. It says u.s only and we don’t have GameStop here in uk ..

          • Oh, that sucks. Game stop is the only place i preorder from.

          • ScOott

            Lucky you lol .. :-/

          • Jenish Katuwal

            Dont worry.. we had gamestation.. until it was taken over by shitty game ;'(

          • Drei

            game will be giving these out with preorders in the UK. it’s gamestop exclusive in the US. that’s what they mean by exclusive to the stores in the US

          • ScOott

            Ok thanks man..

      • Jenish Katuwal

        I think we should have a bid-off again ;3

      • ObamaCare

        Damn. Bad luck bro. I’m in Australia and we never get any bonuses so its nice to have some for once

      • Raw_Dog76

        All you have to do is Preorder man! Go to Gamestop and put $5Bucks down on it!
        Easy Peazy!

        • ScOott

          We don’t have GameStop, our equivalent “Game” has not mentioned this camo .

  • Matthew

    Treyarch going big with camos before the game has come out, but hey, I’ll take it.

    • YouAreAMoron

      Ali-A wannabe

      • Duce


      • Matthew


      • Viral Echo


  • OutlawGaming

    i got my receipt back in April when i pre-ordered it. How do i get it?


      I’m guessing it will be included as a piece of paper next to the disk in your case.

    • Drasadex

      You don’t need to do anything extra, they’ll give you a code for it when you pick up your game.

  • Well I was furst LOL but forgot to comment. Guess I am an fagit


    Doing business with gamestop…not even in a bad dream.

  • The robots on the Nuketown Playercard look like the robots in this article Treyarch shared on Facebook before the game was even announced. Funnily enough this is what made me make the prediction there’d be robot soldiers in Black Ops 3. At least I got that right :p

    • Siftblade

      Pretty sure those are just the new mannequins in Nuketown or whatever.

  • Ryumoau

    Nice. More free preorder content is always a great thing. πŸ™‚

  • Jackn3297

    Yet another US exclusive thing, treyarch may as well be a super hero movie by the way they put so much focus on the US…

    • Naqash Liaqat

      What about the rest of North America?….Canada?

      • Jon

        You have Justin Bieber

        • what?

        • Nah we have deadmau5, Drake, Zeds Dead, Overwerk, Rush, The Weeknd, Neil Young, Avril Lavigne, Carly Rae Jepsen, Nickelback, must I go on?

          • GinsuVictim

            You’ve got a little good and a lot of bad listed there. At least mention Trailer Park Boys. πŸ™‚

    • Frag N Scav

      I’ll have a couple of these codes on release day. Remind me on the 6th and I’ll send you one.

      • ScaryFace626

        Can you send me one?

        • Frag N Scav

          I only have one to give out since im redeeming the other one. Whoever replies first to this thread on the 6th will get it just to make it fair.

          • O: Peeping Tom!

            Don`t forget.

          • Thomas5

            I will be replying on the 6th of November πŸ™‚ I am from the Netherlands and that’s also the reason why I can’t get this camo unfortunately.. I hope I will be the lucky one! πŸ˜€

    • Keith Is Realβ„’

      Well…it is a US based company so…yeah

    • StoneCold

      Im from New Zealand. I got it with my pre-order from ebgames (which is what Australia and NZ use instead of gamestop). So its not US only.

  • Duce

    Not the type to care about missing out on a camo but this is stoopid as fwak

  • Sweet, a 3rd free camo to go with my juggernog edition preorder? Can’t go wrong with 4 free camos.

    • Wh1t3gh0st .

      4th one? U mean the takeout camo?

      • Nope, loyalty camo ? Prestiged in BO2, Ghost and AW, so that’s 1, Nuk3town makes 2, and the two bonus ones from Jug make 4.

        • Wh1t3gh0st .

          Oh, I got all that and the “Takeout” camo, 5 for me then.

  • Siftblade

    Anyone got a bigger image?

    • GinsuVictim

      It’s the only one I see on Gamestop’s site. Can’t find a bigger picture….

  • Choppabro2psn

    I think this will be the best cod since…well whenever you think was the last good one.

  • Scrawny

    What’s next? The ‘Murica personaliziation pack*?

    *Available to U.S. residents only

  • Dangelo95

    So maybe the robots will take over the mannequins on the original nuketown and nuketown 2025

  • Juses

    Nuk3town. Heer yew goe fagitz

    • GinsuVictim


      • Juses

        Eye upduted meh communt

        • GinsuVictim

          Still looks horrible.


    Why is there still no Nuk3town gameplay?

    • Juses

      Der ez


    speaking of nuketown we got a leaked screenshot from it https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CR826Q5XIAE6oZb.jpg:large

    • Juses

      Datz not leaked

    • shantzonpoint

      Man I hope it’s bigger than past Nuketowns otherwise it’s going to be a cluster. Judging by the pic it looks just like the previous two Nuketowns but there are window panels that are open on the right side. So it looks like it may be a larger map. Looking at the minimap it doesn’t look like it opens up tho. :-/

    • J4MES

      Looking at the map, it looks like it curves and there is also wallrunning placements on the sides. Looks like you can run on the glass panels.

    • Peewee78368

      Not a leak its from the gamestop promo

  • Fuck-Off
    • GinsuVictim

      OH shit, that’s way better than the video below!

      • Juses

        Ets teh saem 1

        • GinsuVictim

          Yours was terrible quality.

          • Juses

            Wao men wao. Dat wuz vry meen

  • Peewee78368



  • Aidan

    Yo…Wait what? Look at the weapon reticle in the middle…Is that a fucking head?
    That is literally the worst fucking design for a weapon reticle i think i have ever seen.

    • Stefan Lang


  • David Y
  • RdJokr

    Treyarch is getting really creepy with these reticle designs. I mean, who the fuck wanna look down their scope and see a mannequin’s head?

  • CreepyClaw

    This Personalisation Pack is also available in EB Games (Australia) when you preorder Black Ops III

  • Why is there no information on if you get Nuk3town for digital pre-orders?

  • Papamastec

    I live in Belgium πŸ™ … that’s not fair

  • John Rittenberry

    What if you already pre ordered?

  • Goldzscooby

    i pre ordered this game today at gamestop today and the was not on the bottom of the recite should i check my email?

  • Awais

    I ordered from eb games in august! So happy I did

  • brucee

    I preordered it from gamestop. Is the code for the included dlc on the receipt?

  • mMichael Kavanagh

    Hey guys, am i able to use the nuketown code twice? im living in college and using my roommates xbox and i want to download nuketown but also want to download it on my home xbox, is this possible?

    • Jake Causey

      Buy a copy, use the code, take it back, but another disk from some other store or the same store just later on.

  • lyrical

    where do i enter the personalisation pack stuff cas i cant do t on my xbox

  • Michael Ridgway

    Game only give my a 13 digit code to receive my packs, where do I put this in?