Activision has officially confirmed that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC Season will include 4 DLC packs, which will include new maps and re-imagined maps from Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Black Ops Series.

Alongside today’s trailer, we’re also excited to share some more details about the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Season Pass, which includes four DLC packs with all-new multiplayer content, including re-imagined fan-favorite maps from Call of Duty: World at War and the Call of Duty: Black Ops series, as well as additional zombies content.

Season Pass is available only on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

SOURCE: Activision Blog

  • Furst!

  • Cool beans. ^_^

  • I hope this means zombies, too.

  • Koolz


  • I want to see a Castle remake from World at War. Treyarch showed a version of it off in 2011 at COD XP. It was called Museum and it was really cool. I wouldn’t mind seeing a 2065 version of Castle in Black Ops 3.

    • Adam

      Did they really? Link?

    • Mick

      Really? So I’m assuming that the map would’ve been put into MW3 since MW3 had COD XP at the time correct? I may be wrong but that’s my assumption.

      • No. Infinity Ward made MW3. Treyarch was there and doing live Q&As and COD History type stuff and they showed a map remake meant for BO1 that never happened and that was Castle from World At War.

    • MichiganerE

      Castle was already remade in BO1. It’s called Hazard.

      • SpetsnazAIRBORNE

        No that was clifside from World at war not castle

      • No, that was Cliffside


        Hazard was cliffside

    • GameGandhi


    • SpetsnazAIRBORNE

      I want them to brings back upheaval or asylum. As they were with HD textures not remade to look futuristic if possible

      • ICallUpShotgun

        Asylum is amazing, so mutch fun. Would be hard to use the thrust jump tho.

        • SpetsnazAIRBORNE

          I could see the walls on the outside of the building and that one bridge like arc other spot to be good wall jumping 🙂

    • Any pictures or videos of this map?

    • Agent Kruger

      I completely agree, that level was so great in so many ways. I think they could make it look gorgeous with a current gen touch

    • Ty W.

      This, 10,000 times this. I am in love with that map. I’ve been wanting a remake for years.

  • Pedro Rocks

    ~one great price~
    HAH! Cool story bro, the real season pass will be at 50$

  • JeronimoPW

    Express, Raid, Standoff, Slums 🙂

  • I know this is a developing story, but the Season Pass and The Giant won’t be on Last Gen apparently.

    • RdJokr

      Obviously. Last gen consoles are the new Wii U now. Hell, they’ll be lucky if they continue to receive patches and fixes that current gen and PC guys get.

      • Well it hadn’t been confirmed if DLC would be on Last Gen. It’s looking like there won’t be.

        • RdJokr

          When they said nothing about Season Pass for last gen the moment it was announced, I knew it was gonna be that way. Then there’s the “Nuk3town not on last gen” bit.

        • PsyQo Fezzi – DZN

 ‏@charlieINTEL 6m6 minutes ago
          BREAKING: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Season Pass won’t be available for last-gen

          • PsyQo Fezzi – DZN

            therefore no DLC

      • PsyQo Fezzi – DZN

        PC is has better graphics then console there gona recieve everything console gets

    • PsyQo Fezzi – DZN

      they dont get dlc either, this is a new gen game. If its been 2 years most people could have gotten a next gen by now lol

  • Redrum

    WMD,Launch,Radiation and summit just to name a few from B01 that i would like.

    • TheHorror

      They already redid Summit for BO2 so i doubt that’s happening, but i would love to see it brought back once again, its easily in my top 10 maps.

    • Chase

      Launch and summit were already remade

  • Corey

    Keshav, it says the Black Ops series, not just Black Ops 1.

  • PsyQo Fezzi – DZN

    I want to see jungle and Makin Day

  • TheHorror

    Boner achieved

  • Mick

    Remakes I want to see are:

    Castle ([email protected])

    Jungle (BO1)

    Cliffside ([email protected])

    Havana (BO1)

    Dome ([email protected])

    Cracked (BO1)

    IMO, I think these maps would be very cool to see re-imagined in BO3.

    • Drasadex

      Good list. Those would be great to see again.

      • Mick

        Thanks. I really thought this out because I didn’t want to mention big maps like Firing Range, Summit, etc. because these maps were re-made in bo2. So it didn’t make sense to me to put them in this list because of that. But if either of those maps get re-made once again, then I wouldn’t mind it either way.

        • Drasadex

          right. no need to re-remake maps lol

    • Nuclear Nuke

      That’s a great list, however I’d add Raid and Standoff.

  • RdJokr

    You just know that Raid from BO2 is so going to be remade. Either that or Hijacked.

    • Mick

      Or Standoff. Most people enjoyed Standoff, but I didn’t. Sometimes I did, but majority of the time I disliked playing it. I like playing TDM on that map. Domination and Demolition is a cluster fuck of chaos xD

  • Some real good BO1 maps out there

  • Choppabro2psn

    Wouldn’t mind a WMD remake. Or a nuketow….oh wait.

    • Scott

      WMD was one of my favorites

      • Choppabro2psn

        It was just something about that map. It just felt so classic.

  • Stefan Lang

    Remake Standoff and Raid plz ??

  • Brad of Duty

    Hoping for WMD, Jungle, Grid, and Raid

  • Derek Snyder

    Hanoi, Grid, Radiation, jungle, WMD please…also standoff and raid from bo2. #invaughnwetrust

    • HomePolecat96


  • Dangelo95

    If DLC is like BO2 then I’m assuming we will get a remake in each DLC I think Raid will definitely be one, I think Launch or Jungle should be remad form BO1 and WAW castle would be cool

  • ccrows

    Give me Standoff and Raid, and I’ll be very happy.

    Although I would make a giant mess on myself if they redid Berlin Wall and left it alone… (AKA Favela in Ghosts)

  • Xerolh

    Kowloon pls.

  • Dr. Salim

    *cough cough Castle

  • Dr. Salim

    Do it Treyarch

  • Ak74u


  • Dallas Phillips

    when i saw remakes i was happy AF, Helll Yes this may be the best cod Man im telling you this may be hard to top man

  • TheHorror

    Man I would LOVE a Grid remake. I remember going on total rampages on that map

    • Grid, Rocket launchers only. Fun times

  • ItzSikh



    Is nobody thinking about how this is a bad thing? Sure, I love fan favorites from old games coming back as much as the next guy, but because they have implemented a new movement system, the maps you cherished from old games might not play the same way as they used to. Yes, they could change the layout like they are doing with Nuketown, but nobody knows if it will play the same as in BO1 and BO2. Look at Advanced Warfare. They remade quite a few maps, but none of them played the same as they used to (at least from my experience) because of the movement system. I hope when the game releases and we have a chance to play the Nuk3town map, it will play a lot like in BO1 and BO2. If they can faithfully recreate that amazing gameplay nuketown has, only then will I see that Treyarch can pull remakes off. I hope they do.

    • It’s just breathing new life into old favourites. Skyrise on AW was great fun with the new mechanics

    • Jenish Katuwal

      Movement wont make that much of a diffrence because its not drastic like AW.

  • Ace! Great to see there’s still some love for WaW after all these years

  • destsicate

    Why has no one said hijacked that map was beast

  • Momchan

    I want to see a aw map remake.


      aw had no good maps

      • that’s not true. Retreat, Bio Lab and Recovey were pretty good. My favorite Retreat.

        • ICallUpShotgun

          Lot of people like Detroit and what about search and destroy on Riot

          • I personally love Riot, but I know a lot of people don’t so I thought it would be the best to not put it on the list.

          • ICallUpShotgun

            Well its the game that sucks (still an opinion)not the maps

    • Nuclear Nuke

      The companies mostly only make remakes of their own maps from their own games. (With the exception of Sledgehammer but they co-operate with Infinity Ward)

  • Nuclear Nuke

    I’d love a Makin or Castle remake from WaW, Jungle and DEFINITELY Havana for Black Ops, and Raid and Standoff for BO2.

    • As basic as it was, I loved the layout for Jungle. It had the perfect routes.

  • Callum Lambert-Smith

    Jungle,Makin (day or night),Castle,Array,Villa,Kowloon, and Slums

  • ipaud

    No mention of weapons yet

  • All i care about is if Ascension from BO1 gets remade to its original huge scale.

    Apparently it was serverly cut down to comply with last gen limitations.

    You can tell too, if you noclip out of the map the unused, flat land outside of the map is huge.

  • LovekillerX

    Good now I get a chance to try out WaW and BO maps!

  • They need to remake Dome from WaW. I spent a lot of hours playing on that map with just 4 player split-screen

  • waveRaiin

    I want them to remake Jungle from Black Ops (2010). That map was so fun to play on.

  • KK5

    I think that due to the popularity of BOII, the first remake will be Raid in the first map pack

  • Dude!

    Seelow, or you aren’t even trying…

  • Tuby

    I prefer new maps and wanna see re-imagined maps for free because we play this game each year

  • Imventing

    oh shit how am i now seeing this. waw was one of my favorites.. this might be the first time in a long time that I’m buying a season pass for cod

  • Bring back all multiplayer maps from World at War and I’ll buy the season pass twice!

  • melchor2679

    Sounds good!

  • Tanks need to Return along with the original bouncing bettys

  • Bruce Wayne

    Could it be that they mean the old zombie maps?

    Map Pack 1: World at War Zombie maps(all)

    Map Pack 2: World at War Fan Favorite MP Maps

    Map Pack 3: Black Ops Zombie Maps(all)

    Map Pack 4: Black Ops Fan Favorite MP Maps

    Bonus Map Pack 5: Black Ops 2 Zombie Maps (all)

    • LegitCryptic

      No because they said New Multiplayer content as well as old fan favs, all you listed was remakes, I wouldn’t count on it.

  • ThisGuy

    Personally I wasn’t a huge fan of raid. Standoff on the other hand was the shit.

  • Yankeephil

    I was excited a little than realized they’re referring to mp. Which means this news story is dumb, every single COD game includes remakes of old maps

  • HamaDDisco

    I wanna see Raid from Black Ops 2.
    I wanna see Grid from Black Ops 1. (New movement would work well.)
    I wanna see Dome from World at War. ?

  • Bmeowmix

    I am fine with this as long as they recreate are compatible with the newest features. I’m looking at you, Dig

  • ghghgfh

    No reason to when people can just play WaW fine right now; and it’s not hacked to death either.

  • Luckster 12

    I would like to see solar from advanced
    warfare they could make the map a bit larger and add some space for the new movement system

  • Tim Vikouski

    it dont matter why would you want to pay for a map that you paid for already you fall right into their dumbass trap

  • One Russian’s Revenge

    “Hanoi, Hangar 18, The one with the golf course, I forget the name, and quite a couple of others, Array, etc.”

  • { M . Ä . X }

    call of the dead – ascension

    wish you could hear my voice 🙁

    • that guy over there

      I agree with ascension but I never liked call of the dead because Romero was a pain in the ass

  • thunderstone_aka

    Bring back any of the World at War maps but leave the hackers and modders behind!

  • Ben Grist

    I want new maps not remakes!!!!!!!!!

  • Josh

    They need to bring the zombie maps from waw/bo1/2 to bo3, current gen graphics would be awesome for it 🙂

  • nataliephelps

    Could someone please help me with a question. I have just bought the PS4 Black Ops 3 package for my nephew for Christmas and he is trying to get it off me early. He is telling me that the PS4 package comes with a DLC map from the first game and it’s due to expire so he has to get it now to be able to play it. Could someone please tell me if this is true or is the little punk lying?

    • Aless Tercero

      they do expire, but im not sure when, he is not lying

  • NilsP360

    I discovered know when the dlc packs is released:
    • DLC Map Pack #1 Release Date on PS4: Tuesday, January 26th 2016.
    • DLC Map Pack #1 Release Date on Xbox One & PC: Thursday, February 25th 2016.
    • DLC Map Pack #2 Release Date on PS4: Tuesday, March 29th 2016.
    • DLC Map Pack #2 Release Date on Xbox One & PC: Thursday, April 28th 2016.
    • DLC Map Pack #3 Release Date on PS4: Tuesday, May 31st 2016.
    • DLC Map Pack #3 Release Date on Xbox One & PC: Thursday, June 30th 2016.
    • DLC Map Pack #4 Release Date on PS4: Tuesday, August 2nd 2016.
    • DLC Map Pack #4 Release Date on Xbox One & PC: Thursday, September 1st 2016.

    I’m sorry if this wasn’t relevant enough…

  • Regime

    Not one person mentioned hijacked? And that’s the one they are doing first lol. Skyjacked.

  • Gerald Bethman

    Call of Duty Black Ops is awesome .

  • nicholas

    i want to see a jungle from black ops 1 remake or that snow dlc map from bo1, (forgot what its called)

  • nicholas

    who agrees

  • Mike Young

    For expansion pack 1 for black ops 3 zombies they should have at least one new zombie map and all waw zombie maps, then expansion pack 2 should do the same thing but all black ops zombie maps and same with expansion 3 with bo2 zombie maps. Like how they brought back all waw maps on black ops one. I just miss mob od the dead and origins.