As announced previously, check out the new Commercial for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 that highlights the new promotion for Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s fast food chains.

Thanks @Xeccess for the tip!

  • money b

    i would do things to her

    • Bet you won’t

    • That could be taken in so many ways…

    • Day Tripper

      Yeah I would so hit her with a car

  • HomePolecat96

    😀 I just won the camo and my dad got one also, his won the calling card.

    It was a faaantastic burger btw. Looks nothing like this ad though XD

    • Oh I thought you either won the entire personalization pack or nothing. You literally either win one of the other? That sucks.

      • HomePolecat96

        You can win all 3, but I think that one is more rare.

    • Frag N Scav

      Were you able to send the camo to your game account? My prize kept saying “Unavailable at this time. Try again later.”

      • HomePolecat96

        Yes I was able to with both.after I entered the code it sent me a email that took me to a page that said connect, I logged in my cod account and it sent me a email saying you have successfully redeemed your camo (or something along those lines)

  • fuck scott

    dem fake tities

    • John

      I don’t think they are fake

    • Jenish Katuwal

      Whats your beef with ScOot?

  • [EV] BLISS

    All I can say is that I’m hyped, 2 weeks left though >:/

  • Sexual objectification is such bs. It needs to stop. *sigh* But then again, this ad is targeted towards young men who like burgers and titties…

    • Aidan

      And call of duty…so…12 year olds.

    • D3ADWANTED 25

      Its America …… you should have known that by now just by snooping around the internet

      • That is true…

        • D3ADWANTED 25

          They also made stereotypes so …….. yeah

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        I’d laugh if you’re Canadian or something. No I wouldn’t.

        • D3ADWANTED 25

          Im not white

    • It’s one of Hardee’s signatures, not just for CoD, every commercial has a girl like this (most of them being even more explicit).

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      Anita is that you?

    • Noah it’s fuckin call of duty 90% of the fanbase is kids and the games contain big strong men doing amazing, impossible things

      • Does the truth make it acceptable? No, not really.

    • O: Peeping Tom!

      so ur basecily en faget…?

      • No, I’m pointing out how gender equality is not present in this ad.

        • O: Peeping Tom!

          nu ur en faget.

          • No… If anything you are. I have the sweg m8!

          • O: Peeping Tom!

            nu m9. i hav sweg und u downt.

          • I have gotten many furst titles and am part of a crew here that supports me. What do you have exactly?

          • O: Peeping Tom!

            Whet du eye hev? Eye hev sweg.

          • ..really…

          • O: Peeping Tom!

            nu fer fake ._.

          • O: Peeping Tom!

            But I should probably start trying to get some first place titles.

          • *furst, also I highly doubt you have any sweg. How long have you been here at CI anyways?

          • ScOott

            I have no problem with peeping Tom, seems ok to me .. but if u think he’s swegless, il go with you on this one ..

          • Haha, he just has no evidence and says I have no sweg. That’s all. 😉

          • ScOott

            lol, eye wull mayk shur hee knows yew gut plentee uf sweg next tyme..

          • O: Peeping Tom!

            Since Ghosts was announced, I just never used to comment a lot. And how dare you doubt my possession of sweg..

          • You need to comment more to prove your sweg. And how dare you doubt mine!

    • Stif Meister

      You’re implying older men don’t like burgers and titties? Someone needs a reality check.

      • No, I’m standing up for gender equality.

        • Stif Meister

          You dude was ripped. The chick had big tits. Seems pretty equal to me, pal.

          • Just in general though. What gender do you think this is marketed towards anyway?

          • Stif Meister

            The gender in which at least 80% of CoD consumers fall under? You think marketers are going to ignore that statistic to have gender equality? Dude…I can’t tell if you’re naive or just trying to be that guy.

          • Whatever, I’m just a feminist.

          • Stif Meister

            Point taken.

    • Name

      I can’t wait for you to grow up and realize that women only care about meathead chads, and not whiteknight pussies like you.

      • Lmao! I really don’t care about what you just said. I know I’m not a “whitenight pussy” as I’m a very intelligent person, I get all the girls (no joke, I’ve been in many relationships). I’m a nerd, a fucking awesome one. I know how to live my life, and I know I’m a feminist. Bet you didn’t even know what that word meant until you looked it up on lol.

        • Name

          “I don’t care what you said to me, but here’s a shakily written paragraph desperately trying to counter your statement.”
          Nice try, but I know a cuck when I see one. Also, gay furry roleplay over Skype isn’t a real relationship.

          • I know that doesn’t count lol. Seeing what you can come up with to try and gain superiority over me is really amusing. I really don’t see the point in talking to you anymore. With the language you’ve been using, the oldest you could be is around 15. If anything that’s an overstatement. 😉

          • Name

            Un-ironically using emoticons automatically makes you a child. So does parroting some liberal Jew feminazi on the internet just to be a contrarian.

          • ???

    • Guest

      He’ll yeah it is!!!! Boys will be boys!!

    • anm

      why? because you don’t like it? there are many holes in your statement and i will point them out.

      1. you call this is sexual objectification and i disagree. at least towards the girl which i am pretty sure is what you meant. it features an attractive woman in it and she is fully dressed. if his is sexual objectification, so is almost every other commercial that features an attractive human being.

      2. let’s be very generous and this has hint of sexual objectification like your claim. why does it have to stop? obviously featuring cast agreed to the script and they were paid to do it. it is their career and i dont think you have any right to judge what they do for living. what do you do for living? i see. mr. gamer, hacker, and MTG player. this is a very example of unproductive member of society and perhaps a criminal.

      you are in no position to judge anyone or anything. just keep your head down and live in the shadow. or maybe these online anonymous forum is the shadow you hide in.

      btw, i have not seen a capable hacker call themself a ‘hacker’ on a public forum. are you sure you are a ‘hacker’? if so, hack something.

      • Look, I was just expressing my opinion. You want me to hack something? Fine, here’s something simple. My phone. This is an iPhone 6 swiping through apps.

        • anm

          Expressing an opinion and judging are two very different things. You call yourself an intelligent individual… Lol and wow so now you are trying to claim you are jailbreaker of iphones. Which is probably done by someone else before you have for every patch released. Anybody who can download jb file and install whatever jb apps can achieve that. You call that a hacking? I hope you have a job at least. Stop raising my tax.

          • Lmfao! I’m dying! You’re the greatest troll I’ve seen on CI in awhile. Have a good day sir, have a good day! ?️

          • anm

            ok kid. just walk away with your awesome hacking skills. you are just a clown. not even real, cyber one too.

          • I really don’t care what you think lmao. Thanks for the good laughs though! ?️?️?️

          • anm

            obviously you do care since you keep replying. go get a job first. something that pays enough to support yourself. and stop asking your parents for money. kid.

          • I just like expressing my opinion. Maybe you should stop being such a troll on the Internet and actually spend time on things that matter. Not reply to some guys comments because you find flaws in their statements.

  • burrgee


  • Aidan

    Yo, does anyone know what’s in the burger? It looks really good.

    • RdJokr

      It always looks good on commercials.

      • just drank bleach

        Haha! They always do until you order it…o_O the fuck is this shit?

    • KruptPanda

      Green pepper, red pepper, onions, and some new sauce. No lie it tasted pretty good xD like a smoked black bean flavor you know?

  • Jenish Katuwal

    Sigh… Here you go:

    Thank me later.

  • Jay Evan

    I’d get one, but the closest Hardee’s is half an hour away.

  • I enjoy the live action ads like this but they should be longer.

  • osaid_98

    Fake burger, Fake titties…….

  • Bo3 fan

    Furst #Sweg

  • ccrows

    Was I the only one who had to Google who she was?…

    • FazalGaming

      WHo is she

      • ccrows

        She was in the movie “Joe Dirt 2”.

        Don’t feel bad if you missed it, that blockbuster hit went straight to DVD…


    How the hell can you slide backwards?! I’m sorry but this is the worst Call of Duty commercial EVER!

  • W1LL1AM04

    Boobs and Beef

  • pizentu

    It was nearly a 2 hour trip but I got that camo!

  • Biggmak

    What would Charlotte McKinney do for a job if it wasn’t looking sexy? You’re threatening her livelihood, and she would be jobless if not for exporting sexy people (all sexy people) for their sexiness. Sexy people need work too.