UPDATE: The PlayStation 4’s Events section has added a notification about this stream – stating that North American Pros will go up against European Pros in Black Ops III to show off new maps. (source: Reddit)

Original Story:

Call of Duty has announced that they are hosting a live stream from the Paris Games Week show next week, October 28th. The stream will be about Call of Duty eSports for Black Ops 3. They will be revealing new multiplayer maps for Black Ops 3 and revealing new details on the Call of Duty World League.


The stream will start October 28th at 3PM ET. Stay tuned for full coverage.

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    Furst lel

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  • What a comments section…

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      I know it didn’t used to be this bad but it has gotten cancerous.

  • shantzonpoint

    Wonder how many maps they’ll show?

  • DeadZombieGaming 12

    I’m calling it! They are gonna show us the Aquarium!

    • shantzonpoint

      In the CI statement it says “reveal a new map” but in the tweet it says “maps” so I’m guessing they’ll reveal more than one.

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    Let the hype begin. Cant wait till release and own Every lobby

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    Redwood was beautiful. I hope they show off the entire map.

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    Nice. I guess this is the best way to end it since we’ve already got info on multiplayer and zombies.

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    Come on November 6 !!!!

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