Treyarch’s Jason Blundell has confirmed on BO3Fridays that the original core Black Ops Zombies story will continue and expand with the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC Season.

  • LovekillerX

    So does this mean they continue from MOTD or Origins?

    • darren

      Origins. The original crew from WaW, Black Ops 1and Origins.

    • Jenish Katuwal

      I think they are going to have MP maps then Have a SOE continuation map for zombies and then do another zombies map continuing on with The Giant..? And maybe some remade maps thrown in for good measure? :3 ONE CAN HOPE ‘KAY :’D

      • Danzyy

        Damn that sounds like Cod heaven 😀 Praise the lord Jenish 😉

  • FazalGaming


  • Ak74u

    I hope they follow up from moon or maybe a moon cutscene

    • RdJokr

      TranZit IS the follow-up from Moon.

      • Ak74u

        Yes it is BUT I’m talking about our beloved characters they were stuck on the moon

        • RdJokr

          Seeing as Richtofen makes no further mentions of them, it’s safe to say they’re dead. But honestly, it doesn’t matter now, because Origins Richtofen just rebooted the whole timeline.

          • Ak74u

            Richthofen says he misses them while doing the tower Easter egg on tranzit. He also mentions ” a drunk russion.”

          • RdJokr

            And that’s it. You’d think that if they were alive, he’d be checking up on them every now and then, but nope, apparently he misses them.

          • Sona Maven

            Theyre dead. Richtofen mentions it. Or at the very least incapacitated/somewhere richtofen cannot reach them. Maybe frozen, or somewhere in the aether he can’t see. Who knows.

        • Ak74u

          Nikolai is mentioned in tranzit along with the other characters while doing th

  • David Carcedo

    Will be like this: DLC1 Continuation of SoE. DLC2 Continuation of The Giant. DL3 End of the history of SoW. DLC3 End of all things, the history as we know will lead to the end.

    • i think that Shadows of evil is this game’s Call of the dead or Mob of the dead, a different story that isn’t connected to the original 4 crew storyline

      • Will WilFredo Mendoza

        I hope so! The fact that the Original Crew Cast is Back means the story must go on!

      • Or it could mean we get a continuation of both stories. Meaning two zombie maps every DLC? I have a hard time believing Shadows of Evil will be a one time thing. And Call of the Dead was very much apart of the original storyline considering the fact the easter egg revolved around the original crew

  • MichiganerE

    What about the story involving the ending cutscene for Origins?

    • Dr. Salim

      At the end of Origins they go to Agartha. Samantha then sends them here.

      • MichiganerE

        I’m referring to Samantha and Eddy playing the “game”. I want to know what she meant by, “My father has a plan.”.

        • Danzyy

          Me too Origins was my fav map of all time 😛

        • TFGreyFox

          Oh i know what they mean , it’s a loop you see. The ”plan” is the creation of group 935 , and so the cycle begins again , test subjects.. waw maps.. bo1 maps.. bo2 maps.. At the end of buried the world is fucked either way , so samantha creates a whole other universe where the 4 main characters realy existed. BC in the original timeline dempsey , nikolai and takeo were just names richtofen made up bc they were brainwashed. So samanrha created this world , and in the end they go to agartha. Where samantha is done with all the shit and creates a realm where she is just a normal girl. Maxis comes with her , and he remembers everything, and so he creates group 935 bc of his friend richtofen and shit. The cycle continues. The Giant will be the ”breaking” of the cycle. I hope i explained it a bit , my explaination may suck but i truly believe this is it.

          • OMW2FYB

            Damn that’s the most interesting and intelligent way of telling it I’ve ever heard. Thanks dude.

    • Jesus that ending was shit and a cop out. I hope they just forget it even happened.

      • RdJokr

        There’s a deep layer to that ending. Seems like you haven’t figured it out yet.

        • No you’re wrong. I do, and I still think it sucks. So no, try again

          • RdJokr

            If I’m thinking what you’re thinking the ending means, then no, you’re not getting it. There’s no reason to say the ending is a cop out, because that was when people thought they were ending the story with Origins. It’s clearly not the case.

          • Explain then please. Instead of telling me I don’t get it, how about actually explaining it then because I’m most certain that I understood it and got it

          • RdJokr

            This is only how I understood the cutscene, and shouldn’t be taken completely as 100% fact.

            The cutscene, in general, is a hint towards the next step of the storyline. As Samantha tells Eddie that he “gets to make the rules tomorrow”, it is a hint that Richtofen will have an impact on the story. And that’s what happened in The Giant: Origins Richtofen kills the main universe’s Richtofen, therefore changing the timeline for good. He’s changing what has already been established before.

            It certainly is not a “child’s game” all imagined by two kids playing with toys, which I assume is what you are thinking. The story has been way, way too deep and complex to be a mere child’s game.

          • “It shouldn’t be taken as 100% fact”

            So not only you tell me I don’t get it, you present to me pretty much an opinion and not facts? Hmm okay.

            Either way like I said, Black Ops 2 Zombies ended on a shitty note, which is no surprise considering the story was lacking compared to BO1 and World at War. Black Ops 3 is already looking promising and it looks like zombies is coming back in full force.

          • And also understand I’m going off my reaction when I first saw the ending back in 2013 so my opinion on the ending is inclined to change most likely as we gather new information on the story when Black Ops 3 comes out.

          • RdJokr

            … I don’t even know what to say. You’re too stubborn to change your opinion. You keep saying “cop out this, shit ending that”, but you yourself fail to see that this is a prime example of Treyarch fucking with our head.

            It’s never simple with them. There’s always some deep layer hidden beneath the story they write. Think about it: you build up such a deep, complex story, then you have this ending. No one in the right mind would jump to conclusions immediately and say “everything was just a child’s game”. No, I don’t buy that. There’s a deeper meaning to that.

            And clearly, the story is continuing, so this is in no way a cop-out.

          • You obviously didn’t read my last reply or the comment I added to it did you? You should probably go back and read the comment I added before you make an stupid assumption that I am too stubborn to change. And even if I was, you offered nothing but opinions not facts. So unless you offer facts I have no reason to listen to you to begin with.

            And saying I fail to realize that Treyarch is fucking with our heads? Uh no, I clearly understand that and I have understood that since day 1 of following this story. But that doesn’t mean I can’t say the ending to BO2 Zombies was shit. I’m aware the story is going to continue after where Origins left off. I swear you must love insulting people’s intelligence huh? You obviously fail to understand any my points and that’s cool.

            But before you make another stupid assumption, I’ll go ahead and repeat what I said
            “And also understand I’m going off my reaction when I first saw the ending back in 2013 so my opinion on the ending is inclined to change most likely as we gather new information on the story when Black Ops 3 comes out.”

      • MichiganerE

        Yeah, I think it’d be best to consider the scene non-canon.

        • If Origins had a better ending, I would consider it better than Mob of the Dead.

          • Daniel

            The mind blowing ending was amazing and gave us so much different interpretations.
            You guys took that child’s play wayyyy too literally

          • RdJokr

            IKR? You’d think people would understand that Treyarch’s just fucking with our heads like they always do. Not everything is going to be the way you think they are.

          • Everyone already gets that Treyarch fucks around with our heads all the time but it still doesn’t change my opinion that BO2 ended on a shitty note.

          • Schruk

            evrythang u no es rong.

          • Lol @ “mind blowing” it wasnt mind blowing by any means. It was a cheap cop out.

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      That and the original characters were perfect questions to ask Blundell on Friday. Fuck.

  • Danzyy

    There was a really short trailer for nuketown yesterday and I heard this guy mention The bus from Tranzit arriving on time! What did he mean? A troll or will there be a map where you can get from Tranzit to Nuketown?! The second bus route? That would be cool

  • Dallas Phillips

    Yep, Hosting AW Funeral in 13 more days located on the island St. John please wear casual clothing and bring possibly a flamethrower. Thank You for Your Patronage

    • Aidan

      I would destroy AW, but I have it installed. I’m not uninstalling (yet) because i wan’t to check out that sweet looking laser sub machine gun lookin thing.

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        What laser SMG thing? I’d play it again just to mess with the new guns… IF I HAD THEM.

    • I’m not joking, the real Ali-A

      Press square to pay respect

    • Joshua “JiffyNoodles” Fearn

      Be sure to make it nice & crispy

  • Daniel

    As long as it has the original 4, Im good

  • DPgamecraft

    They will never do that

  • Eddie Tupy

    whatever they do im sure itll be fine, i hope they do more with the shadows of evil ppl too though

  • Slash

    I AM SO HYPED!!!! Can HARDLY wait!!!!

    • One Russian’s Revenge

      “I feel like you’re being sarcastic.”

  • One Russian’s Revenge

    “Hmm, so maybe a continuation of Five?”

    • Will WilFredo Mendoza

      No. They died. If you listen to the audios on the telephones on Ascension, they are calling about running very low on ammo. Basically seeing their end.

      • One Russian’s Revenge

        “One can dream right?”

  • imBATMAN

    I’d pay my respects to AW but they’d actually want me to pay

    • Brian


    • Koolz


  • Brian

    Could someone possibly point me to the best video/blog/whatever that gives a concise summary of the story until this point? I became obsessed in the WaW days, and especially Der Riese (best map ever), but I have no idea what happened during BO2.

  • CheEsEToUcH666

    do they mean black ops 1 or both 1 and 2? i couldn’t give 2 shits for the other characters

    • Yankeephil

      They’re referring to the overall zombies storyline which includes everything.