Users have been posting leaks all over the web, and one of the things stood out to us: a multiplayer map called Infection.

The description for this map says that the map takes place in a “warped simulation of a World War 2 historical battle set in a quaint french village.”

We’re not sure exactly how the map will function as a ‘simulation,’ but with the campaign having possible throwbacks to the past era, it’s interesting to see how this map will work…

*Actual image of map description not shown because of Activision take down requests. 

SOURCE: Reddit

  • YoungMurf


  • jordanxbrookes

    That is awesome to hear. And furst bitches 😛

    • YoungMurf

      Check again buddy 🙂

      • jordanxbrookes

        Your comment didn’t load up for me until I refreshed the page. Fuck :/

  • Stefan Lang

    There’s one map called Metro it looks like a better version of Express with snow added.

    • PsYch Desmon

      Heard its a remake of the BO2 DLC Map ‘Downhill’

      • MisterJacker

        Why would they put a remaked map in the base game? And Downhill was not even that popular.

        • PsYch Desmon

          haha idk? just rumours i’ve heard man, no need to get all up in mah grill, but hey, we’ll see who’s right in about 8/9 days.

          • HakaiGod

            You’re stupid as fuck if you think thats downhill. Looks nothing like downhill, open your fucken eyes.

          • PsYch Desmon

            Dude, did you even watch the link that i posted?

          • HakaiGod

            I followed that acc on its 2nd post. It does not have the same layout. If you had a normal brain that could process things correctly, you’d clearly see.

          • Stan

            The map metro is nothing like downhill. You really need to open your eyes of you think it’s a remake.

        • PsYch Desmon

          Well… would you look at this? I wonder what this map reminds you of 😉

          • MisterJacker

            If seen it, It’s just the same idea the did with downhill. But only with that place doesn’t makes it a complete remake. And those rumours are just some comments on that page.

          • The Flash

            this map reminds me of all the recent leaks – unavailable

          • PsYch Desmon

            Yeah man, the insty page just got shut down, Activision reported it.

          • The Flash

            lol they cant win here, its only a week and half now anyway

        • MichiganerE

          This isn’t anything new for CoD. CoD 2, 4 and MW2 all had remakes in the base game. Something that remakes should only be in.

      • Stefan Lang

        Yeah it did remind me of downhill where the skylift cars would come.

  • Its all on instagram.

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  • BOB
    • Washing Machine

      We knew that since the beta…

      • BOB

        for SMGs?

        • Washing Machine

          Thats not an smg, its the kap40 reskin

        • jordanxbrookes

          It’s the L-CAR 9, basically the KAP-40.

  • Aidan

    Yo, did that guy on Instagram just get banned? I was just on his page and everything froze and then it just popped up saying the page isn’t available.

    • PsYch Desmon

      Yeah, Activison reported him and his page got shut down, same thing happened to me.

    • You mean that guy with a balaclava?


    So….you think Treyarch’s next game will be another world war game? I hope so.

  • Booboo

    Shadow evil gameplay leaked !!! Not a lot of gameplay but it’s worth looking at

    • Aidan

      Thank you!!

    • The7Reaper

      HD too nice, most of the stuff I’ve seen has been really blurry and crappy


      so they kept the idea of having to interact with random scenery just to play the game? dissapointed

  • Scott-182

    How many Snow maps are in BO3 MP?

    • Dr. Salim

      2 or 3.

  • CoDforever

    I know this is mindblowing but the ENTIRE MULTIPLAYER IS A SIMULATION .. That is why all specialists know each others name and why prophet is able to glitch (Rewinding the simulation) ..

    • Some sort of a story within Multiplayer? Oh, please, give me a break.

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      There’s simply no fucking story in mp

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        The characters have descriptions, and the maps are inspired by the Campaign, most of the time. I don’t see any issue with having some sort of story in MP. NBD.

    • spartanelite

      I knew that already since the beta

    • ELAD

      He is right. in the glitch ability it says that you glitch the simulation. and there is battery (I think) that one of are text if you lose it “I ain’t signed up for this shit”

      sorry for my English,i don’t speak this language)

  • Dallas Phillips

    It comes out next Friday Boys, make space for Dat 60 GB ^..’^

  • Joshwoocool

    if this means tanks or any ww2 guns(even if it’s pick-up guns off the ground) id be hyped

  • ItzSikh

    Fucking Tanks, YEAA BOYEE

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  • imBATMAN

    They need a throwback DLC like this