Sledgehammer Games has activated Double XP in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The Double XP is now live on all platforms and will end on November 2nd at 9AM PT.

Level up and be sure to reach either level 10, 30, or prestige in Advanced Warfare, Ghosts, or Black Ops 2 by November 5th to get rewards in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Learn more about this promotion here.

  • Will WilFredo Mendoza

    No one will claim first? This game is that bad huh?

    • Aidan

      Everyone is complaining about how bad AW is. There is no time for ‘Firsts’

      • Bliq

        There is also no time for “fists”.

  • Is it bad that I’m max rank on this game?

    • In a way. You are the real mvp though ??

      • thx fam
        “Welcome to the Salty Platoon, how tough are ya?”
        I reached max rank in Advanced Warfare
        “Uh, right this way sir”

        • Jay Evan

          “I reached max rank in advanced warfare”
          “Yeah, so?”
          “On classic mode…”
          “Uh, right this way, sir”

    • jordanxbrookes

      If you made it to max rank in Advanced Warfare you deserve a knighthood.

  • Michael Romo

    Imma get the rewards. I’m max prestige in all games since BO2

    • melchor2679

      Like a true COD player should.

  • Ron Reus

    They can give me 10XP, I will never play that shitty game ever again.

    • Preach sir

    • Bliq

      Lol who would only want 10XP?

      • Lawrence Gilder

        I believe he means instead of Double XP (2XP), Even if Sledgehammer gives him decuple XP (10XP) [Or 10 times original XP], he still wouldn’t play the game.

  • They don’t want to admit this game is goat cheese. I really wish I could see how many people are online playing maybe less than 1k hahah

    • Ak74u

      I will still play it from time to time and no it’s not a bad cod it’s very unique and I enjoyed it

  • Aidan

    This game is DEAD. If they release anymore bullshit DLC, I will uninstall this game.
    Actually, no. I’ll uninstall it right now. Yeah, I’m going to uninstall it. It’s taking up space.

    • DJ_Vahn

      That took you long…

    • Bliq

      So you realised it now huh? Just like every fucking CoD game?

      “Oh hey look, just got released. IT SUCKS BALLS”


      This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • Slothigans

    Is it me or for the past month I could NEVER find a game to save my life. Unless it was ranked play? I found games faster play the first black ops.

    • RdJokr

      DLC segregation in matchmaking and the lack of players. Two of these things together killed the game even faster than Ghosts.

      • Slothigans

        For real. I’m embarrassed for them. I’ve never seen a cod fail so hard. Especially for their first game.

        • RdJokr

          To be fair, Activision had a hand in ruining the game as well, plaguing it with mad amounts of microtransaction.


    Hopefully this will be the last article on AW and I can say this for the last time….FUCK ADVANCED WARFARE!!

    • Choppabro2psn

      Nah they still have that new weapon to release and some other secret stuff. But it’s irrelevant now.

    • Bliq

      Slow down cowboy… You want to fuck AW? You make me sick.

  • Jay Evan

    What’s with all the advanced warfare hate? Can someone give me a logical reasoning behind it?

    • jordanxbrookes

      Because it’s AIDs.

      • Jay Evan

        Why is it AIDs?

    • Choppabro2psn

      It was a bad cod and deserves no props. People aren’t just hating it because of Black Ops 3. At Least I’m not. Advanced Warfare had its chance, and it remains the worst cod to date. Details, and specifications are unnecessary, simply because everyone here has tried time after time to play, but in futility.

      • Call of Duty: Ghosts remains the worst Call of Duty ever with Advanced Warfare being two. As much as I hate Advanced Warfare, it’s a lot more fun to play in comparison to Ghosts. And honestly Supply Drops were the only reason I came back to play Advanced Warfare even though the supply drops system completely sucks ass and if SHGames thinks about bringing them back they really need to improve the system. I’m going to remain open minded to SHGames for their next game as AW is their first game on their own. Unless it’s AW2 then fuck that.

        Same thing for IW, if its Ghosts 2 next year I’m most likely not going to buy it.

        • The only games I’m looking forward to next year atm are Dead Island 2 and Crackdown 3

        • infidel

          COD waw for DS is the worst cod ever. You idiots don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. Get back to carrier and try getting that 360 MLG trickshot you dumb fuck, that’s about the only thing you know how to do right. People like you make this community a joke. And noone cares what games you are looking forward too, you will most likely just call them POS because you can’t spin around in the air with a sniper rifle and get hits like you can in BO2. Ghosts doesn’t let you do it, neither does AW, therefore they suck.

          • >people like you make this community a joke
            >makes a reply that lacks any sort of an intelligence


        • Choppabro2psn

          Same, except I think black ops 3 is my last cod

          • Black Ops 3 will probably be my last COD at least until Treyarch comes back around in 2018

      • Jay Evan

        Worst CoD? That sounds pretty biased. In my opinion, it’s my 4th favorite of the whole franchise.

        • Choppabro2psn

          Opinions are opinions and nothing more.

      • Bliq

        “and it remains the worst cod to date”
        Lol, how many times has that one been used in the CoD franchise?

    • infidel

      There is no logical explanation. Same thing with ghosts, it’s just a bunch of fucktards hating on something that is too deep for them(If a first person shooter is too deep for them, you know you hit a new level of shallow).

      They are the special ed of COD community, and of all gaming community in a nutshell, just like the sonic community. BO2 brought a lot of retards, if you can’t tell by all the trickshotters. Just ignore them, best not trying to get inside their heads, and move on.

      • Really, how ignorant can you get? And you actually think you’re saying anything smart here?


        • infidel

          You should have read further, where I call people like you the special ed retards of the COD community. But I guess you don’t have the attention spam for that. Because you are a retard.

          You already established that a FPS that doesn’t let you trickshot is too deep for you. I think that says everything about you that needs to be said.

          • You had me for a second until I saw your last sentence.

            You’re nothing more than an absolute ignorant troll. But it’s cool, I was once a child like you. No reason to judge. 🙂

          • Bliq

            Lol wut. So if he judges you, he is a troll?

            Keep digging we must find a logic.

          • I’m sorry? Are you just as stupid as that other ignorant fuck?

            I shouldn’t have to spell out for anyone, but if you’re just as stupid, I’ll explain it

            If you generalize a group of people saying their only reason of disliking the game is because of sniper rifles is highly ignorant and stupid. Furthermore, I never said I disliked Ghosts or AW because of quickscoping. And you check my comment history and the comments on this article to prove that.

            Don’t sit here and act like you and him make any logical sense, when in reality you don’t.

    • lunator100hd .

      logical reasoning? The game was a disaster, zero flow maps, sbmm , unbalaned weapons, garbage hit detection, supply drops and the list go on, its like saying ”why ppl hates justin bieber so much, give me a logical reasoning” lol.

      • infidel

        Justin Bieber is a better man than you because he can spell right. You’re just the bottom of the barrel.

        • lunator100hd .

          ^ facepalm.

    • Gamerazor247

      Because the entire Call of Duty-base is ironic…

      • Bliq

        Define ironic.

    • Bliq

      A good example would be someone else hating on BattleField, just cause they can.

      People just tend to hate on things because they just want to do it, and with no reason at all. It’s just human nature ^^

      But when someone hates on CoD and tells that to me, I am not all about being a bitch and protect it like it was my precious (LoTR refrence anyone?)

    • kenji jojima

      Dude, shut up. If you don’t know why then you’re a clueless cod fanboy idiot. @disqus_b8lzh9GyGO:disqus Nobody hates on AW because they can. They hate on it because they wasted their hard earned money on a game that was below expectations. Everyone knows that AW was garbage. And, Michael Condrey and SHG are garbage as well. The game was an absolute clusterfuq right out of the box, and never have I been more certain about an opinion of something than with AW. It’s pure unadulterated filth, and they sunk themselves even lower by introducing Pay to Win. To be honest, I did pre-order BO3 but there is a very small window that I’m going to play it for more than a month. I seriously doubt I do. But I’m giving it a shot. Activision is a worthless company. That’s just the truth. If you like it, great! If you hate on it, great as well. I’m certainly not hating just because it feels good. I’m salty as fu

  • spartanelite

    Ohhh yessss have to finish it now basically last chance 5 more prestiges to go 😮

  • melchor2679

    One more prestige before hitting BO3!