The fourth and final live stream of the BO3Fridays series has come to an end. In this post, we will recap all of the details announced in the four BO3Fridays stream.

BO3Fridays #4:

During the BO3Fridays #4 stream, Treyarch and Activision revealed:

BO3Fridays #3:

During the BO3Fridays #3 stream, Treyarch and Activision revealed:

BO3Fridays #2:

During the BO3Fridays #2 stream, Treyarch and Activision revealed:

BO3Fridays #1:

During the first BO3Fridays stream, Treyarch and Activision revealed:

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is available November 6.

  • QuickzZ-_-GhosT


    • Will WilFredo Mendoza

      We gave you 12 minutes ahead. Dont feel special.

      • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

        You jelly bro ?

  • Ryumoau

    Thanks for posting all the BO3friday videos. Sadly this week actually felt like the weakest to me, despite being able to see Nuk3town officially.

    But i’m glad its all over because that means the game releases next week! 😀

    • Christian

      I can’t watch the last video…do you know why? Or where to watch it?

      • Ryumoau

        it was working perfectly for me when i checked it yesterday. if the video isn’t working in the article, you might have to manually find it on the CoD official youtube channel.

        • Christian

          On the official call of duty youtube account, on the last one is shows private video.

          • Ryumoau

            oh. Sorry i don’t know how to help you then. I watched all of them live, so i’m not sure why they aren’t letting other people rewatch them.

          • ColonelBazz

            same here. I saw the first 3 live but missed the 4th one. But can’t find it anywhere.

          • ColonelBazz

            Nvm it’s back xD

  • loganserafine

    When it hits 12:01, I won’t be able to think about sleep. I’ll be playing for a good 10 hours straight.

    • Felix Lamirande

      That is, if the servers don’t lag because of too much person will be playing lol

      • loganserafine

        True. It’ll be mainly zombies though

      • Sovaw

        How bout everyone stop using 4g to play multiplayer.

    • O: Peeping Tom!


    • Sovaw

      I’m going all day bro. Most folks won’t have it until Friday evening. Lol. Preorder digital

      • loganserafine

        Damn right!

  • Ak74u

    7 more days!

    • Sovaw

      Lol posted that on my Xbox one yesterday too.

      Welcome to the Matrix

  • XmasTeaTowel

    Has there been any confirmation that NUK3TOWN will be in rotation for Hardcore playlists day 1?

    Treyarch are the only ones to put hardcore dlc in rotation as it’s released. But the preorder map never seems to hit rotation until after map pack 2, even with Treyarch.
    If it’s for any player base split reason that’s horseshit. Hardcore players and often the older players. Hardcore players are the ones that will have already bought season pass let alone just preorderd.

    If there is any confirmation either way, please point me I the right direction.

    • Sovaw

      Who cares. Game modes are more important. They need to bring back HC CTF.

      • XmasTeaTowel

        Who cares? Only every HC player that doesn’t get their preorder bonus… Yes we also get shafted on game modes. I haven’t been able to enjoy HC FFA since WaW.

        So who cares? I care! I also care that the HC playlist is half a game. What I don’t care for is your half arsed comment which is unrelated to my post.
        Vondy already said HC playlist will be shaped by player feedback so why don’t you help yourself in your quest for HC CTF instead of wasting my time by replying to your ignorance.

  • Clash

    What gives where’s the recap? It’s usually on cods youtube channel.

  • Michael Romo

    I’m still waiting on leveling up on offline multiplayer. Just cause

    • Imventing

      so people can exploit that and max out without actually playing like the fag they are

  • One Russian’s Revenge

    “I wonder if any trolling internet team, ex. Lizard Squad; will try to shut down both consoles servers.”
    “Cause you know, trolls.”

  • Kevinthy

    You guys think that Nuk3town is going to be aviable later in the game even without pre-ordering the game?

    • Matt Evans

      Yes. It always ends up coming out on its own for free later

    • XmasTeaTowel

      In the past yes. You could always buy it separately for around $5.
      As we you can with any of all map packs.

      But what happens if you don’t buy ALL map content is instead of finding a game and then getting booted when it gets to a map you don’t have…. It searches for ppl who also don’t have all maps. So by not having the maps, you limit your matchmaking

    • DeadZombieGaming 12

      Most likely yes… If there is gonna be NUK3TOWN only playlist at some point, then it’s probably gonna be free aswell at some point

    • ColonelBazz

      Nuketown 2025 was later on for free for everyone that didn’t have it. The Nuketown zombies map could be bought seprately for $5. But I guess this will be for free as in BO2.

  • KruptPanda

    Still waiting for that VOD……

    • Anyone know another source for a copy of the final #BO3Fridays VOD stream? A lot of people missed it and want to know about the new game before buying it.

  • Christian

    I can’t watch the last video…anyone know why? Or where to watch it?

  • ColonelBazz

    Where is the 4th video? I wasn’t able to watch it live, but where is the video 😛

  • Clash

    Well if you can here’s the private video that I can’t watch that was the last stream. gtFwhlr3A1E

  • ColonelBazz

    there might have been something in the stream that wasn’t supposed to be in there. Maybe that’s why it’s a private video now. As far as the give away goes, it didn’t really matter anyway as it is North-America only, as usual.