In collaboration with Call of Duty and Treyarch, Kontrol Freek has released new Jugger-nog Kontrol Freek’s. The KontrolFreek Black Ops 3 Jugger-Nog is based on the Jugger-Nog soda bottle cap as seen in Call of Duty Zombies.

You can buy the Kontrol Freek’s here. Use code ‘INTEL’ for 10% off.

This limited, officially licensed Collector’s Edition Call of Duty®: Black Ops 3 Zombies thumbstick was designed in close collaboration with Call of Duty and Treyarch, the developers of Call of Duty Black Ops III. KontrolFreek Call of Duty Black Ops III Jugger-Nog is based on the Jugger-Nog soda bottle cap that has been featured in Call of Duty since the Nazi Zombies days of World at War. And like its Perk-a-Cola namesake, our Jugger-Nog thumbstick accessory is an invaluable tool for long-lasting survival.

Jugger-Nog features a stark crimson color and a highly detailed, laser-etched rendering of the iconic beverage’s bottle cap stamped on our specially formulated rubber pad. Our proprietary rubber compound combined with the fluted shape of the bottle cap provides solid grip and comfort, while the mid-rise (5.7mm) height of the sticks lends themselves to the short to medium range combat typical of Call of Duty Zombies.

KontrolFreek Call of Duty Black Ops III Jugger-Nog is a must have for Call of Duty Zombies fans who love the game mode and want to own a piece of the Zombies universe.

  • Viral Echo


    • ??

    • Will WilFredo Mendoza


  • josh

    looks like my ass

    • YoungMurf

      Likely not just bullets up there either.

      • josh

        ^ lol

  • Stealthninja808


  • These are sweet lookin, ordered me a pair for my xbox one last night.

  • Michael Romo

    Umm, is it weird that I was able to get these at GameStop on Saturday (Halloween)? I saw them and immediately got them. I’ve been using them for PS4 ever since. Yesterday, I saw a YouTuber get a letter from Kontrol Freaks that these new Jug editions were supposed to be available to the public starting Tuesday, Nov 3.

    • Kyle

      Do you have any idea if they have Black Ops 3 Hardened Edition in store? Or is it online only? Also do you think they will let me preorder still? I just want to for the preorder bonus camos.

      • Patrick Wright

        No, you are way too late. Your only hope is that there are left over copies…

      • GrizzlyEatsKids

        You could still preorder the game in store, but I’d imagine for any special edition you’d have the get the digital deluxe, which is nice but a bit more expensive.

        • Kyle

          Yeah, if I end up being unable to get physical hardened I’ll just go with digital deluxe because it comes with the season pass too. Kind of sad that I won’t get Nuketown bonus camo tho… T_T

      • Michael Romo

        You can pre-order up to the last few hours, depending on the store and site

  • GinsuVictim

    I wonder if they will put out something like this for Fallout 4, cash in on the hype.

  • Stefan Lang

    I have the CQCs they’re pretty damn good. These are nice but I like the Blacked Out Black Ops edition.

  • I’ve really been loving my vortexes. These look sick but I think I’m going to pass as they seem to short for me.

    • GrizzlyEatsKids

      I couldn’t agree more. Just got my vortexes last week and I absolutely love them.

    • Diego Diniz

      I Have Phatom. But only on Right thumbstick. I dont like To use on left thumbstick because I Have problems To sprint playing Call of Duty…

    • adadadk

      What else do you use? I have Kontrol Freek Alpha on the left stick and Kontrol Freek Vortex on the right.

      I use Alpha on left thumbstick because all of my 4 controllers are wearing out..

      • I also use ultra and infinity. I like the vortex the most though.

  • Slothigans

    Are these supposed to make your movement like more on point? I’ve never used them and they look cool but idk if they actually do anything.

    • GinsuVictim

      Increased height of any kind will add more degrees of control.

      • Slothigans

        Not always true lol. But that’s the thing I don’t want to buy them and they end up not doing anything. But who knows I might try them.

        • GinsuVictim

          Yes always true.

          • Slothigans

            Ok maybe to you. But I don’t think it is. And I’m sticking with that like it or not lol.

          • GinsuVictim

            It’s not up to me, it’s mathematically a fact. You have more physical degrees of control the longer the lever is.

          • PC Bro

            Ginsu is right. There is no room for doubt in Maths

    • Stefan Lang

      I’ve noticed the difference in my aim since I bought some. You’ll really have to use them yourself to actually know if they work for you pr not.

      • Slothigans

        I’m mainly a sniper so they sound very intriguing. But if they’re like ten bucks I’ll try them.

        • Stefan Lang

          I paid 12.99 for mine on Amazon. The special edition ones are a little more though.

          • Slothigans

            Yeah they’re like 17.99. Kinda pricey have they lasted you a good while at least?

  • Cyborg-jones

    I never use a kontrolfreek but i think a will buy it one day i dont know.

    • Slothigans

      I’m in the same boat as you.

  • Will WilFredo Mendoza

    Hell! Im keeping them for collection if it is limited! Right next to my Black Ops 2 Coins 🙂

  • ArtisanKnight

    Does anyone here know when US is supposed to be able to auto-download The Giant and Nuk3town?

    • Slothigans

      You can already pre load on Xbox. I’m sure ps4 too.

      • ArtisanKnight

        Everything is preloaded except the maps. I don’t understand.

  • Oh god yes.

    Id put this on the left stick and the black ops 3 orange stick on my right one.

  • Ryan Collewijn

    so whats the deal with these controlfreekz couse my mate got them but i don’t see the point buying it what advantages gives it? thats my question

    • Most of the time they wind up extending the height of your thumbsticks, which makes both of them easier to use.
      These particular ones are CQC stye, which doesn’t increase the height but does fortify the grip of your thumbstick, making it easier to use in tight situations, like Zombies or Nuk3towm for example.

      • GinsuVictim

        CQC still increase the height, just not as much. It’s still going to give you more range of motion.

        • Yeah true, now that i see it you’re right.

  • grimm joww

    can anyone verify if there are more then 2 spawn teams in BO3?

  • ItsCharlie

    do they have ones for xbox one?