Announced earlier this year, the official prequel comic book to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, by Dark Horse, is now available for purchase. You can get it as a print copy or digitally on iOS and Android.

The hit game franchise comes to comics! A prequel to the highly anticipated game, the Call of Duty: Black Ops III comic book series follows an elite group of soldiers as they wage a secret war across a futuristic, war-torn world transformed by technology. In the bullet-ridden first issue, the team infiltrates Tashkent, Uzbekistan, to take down a double agent . . . but as they close in, they uncover something much more sinister at hand.

Written by decorated comics veteran Larry Hama!

The comic costs $3.99.

Get the Digital Version HERE; print version HERE.

  • Mr_ysi42t96

    Furst/ first

    • KK5

      You have to chose one, this is war you are messing with!

      • Mr_ysi42t96


    • Oh screw you.

      • Mr_ysi42t96


        • CheEsEToUcH666

          you beat em to it

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  • Ryumoau

    I’m currently trying to see if i can get a copy from a comic book store in the next town. But if i can’t, i’m glad i can still get it digitally. I haven’t read many comic books so i hope this might get me interested in reading other series. 🙂

  • Tenth :v

  • Ryumoau

    I just finished reading it and thought it was decent. It just didn’t seem to have as much to do with the Black Ops 3 story as i imagined it would. Its a prequel so that might explain why all the soldiers in the first issue are normal and not cybernetic like i expected.

    But the worst thing is i didn’t really feel like i learned anything new about the Black Ops universe. Other than the two faction names, Winslow Accord and Common Defense Pact.

    • williez

      So would you recommend it? I’m really only getting this game for the campaign

      • Ryumoau

        honestly not really. Theres nothing in the first issue that gets you hyped or gives you a better understanding of the world. Maybe the upcoming issues will tie into the game but the second one doesn’t come out till december.

        I’m pretty sure the actual campaign of the game will be self contained anyway and not reference this comic book. lol

  • One Russian’s Revenge

    “Instead of Larry Hama I read Harry Lama.”
    ; w ;