The Arena modern Black Ops 3 features two different playlists, the Pro Series and Moshpit. Pro Series features the full competitive experience, with specialist draft, ban and protect, and more. 

Images from the mode reveal that the Pro Series features Search and Destory, Uplink, and Hardpoint as of now. The description also reveals that playing in Arena will still count towards progressing your character, with earning XP, Cryptokey, and more. All content is unlocked for all players in Arena, so that there’s no barrier of available equipments/weapons amongst players. 

In addition, Arena is based on skill based matchmaking. 

As announced earlier, the season of Arena running this month is a beta season. Treyarch will finalize all of the details during this season. 

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  • Best comment section ever. ?️?️

  • Imventing

    interesting, whats public matches called? war zone? lmao

    • Eddie Tupy

      ummm no its actually team slayer get with the times lol

      • Imventing

        im referring to halo 5 lol. they’re two categories in that game as well warzone and arena

        • Eddie Tupy

          ya ik now i got h5 and its gud

  • Scott

    No CTF

  • Nella

    What game modes are in moshpit?

  • Akram Khalid

    I don’t like the ban/protect. I pretty much wait 2mins in lobby, 4mins for ban/protect and the game lasts 5-10mins. I wish they would make arena like BO2 league play.

  • Raines

    Arena is a joke. Penalties for backing out of a match aren’t severe enough to deter people from doing it. Worst part about Arena is they put you in the middle, if not most cases the END, of a match already in progress. 15 seconds later the game is over and guess what? You are on the losing team. You get demoted by default. Garbage.
    That and Specialists are base banned. Specialist abilities have no business in competitive play.
    But again, the biggest problem that will prevent me from playing Arena is getting put in a match already in progress, on a losing team, with only seconds left in the game. FIX THIS TREYARCH. Do NOT put players in the middle of an Arena match and make the penalties for backing out of a match more severe. 2 hour or better time out I say.

    • Ohhhfatlity

      And before you get into a lobby taking ages