According to images shown from multiplayer matches in Black Ops 3, if you join a game in progress and the team you’re placed on loses that match, the loss stat won’t count against you. 

The message in game says “Loss Stat Preveneted. Joined game in progress.” 

Vahn also confirmed this feature.

SOURCE: Reddit user S2_Tact via @ImDehV

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  • banerising

    I just hope we don’t leave and enter the same match over and over. Or get in a match with a team losing a million to 5.

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  • Black Ops 3

    Guys there IS another zombie map when you complete nightmares! It’s set in the catacombs of paris! Here’s the leak i saw on:

    • Nice try but we can see the image of the video 😉

      • ScOott

        Was a pretty impressive idea tho, Treyarch should of done that..

        • Treyarch are the master trolls so I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they did this XD

      • Eddie Tupy

        it was so badly done i almost clicked on the video to make sure it wasnt a double troll

    • YoungMurf

      Lol and it says Rick Astley on the link.

      • w

        cpt obvious over here

    • Stewart Thomas

      If you are going to try that maybe you would want to hide the name of the video and the massive image

  • What happens if you join a losing team 1 minute left into the game? If your team has 80 points in DOM and the enemies have 175.. I hope that would count as a loss either!

    • Stif Meister

      That’s the definition of a game in progress…

  • The Flash

    thank fuck, i cant stand it when im put in a game and the team is complete shit and we lost, i just quit as either way its a loss

  • Dude32

    But what about the thing that you join a match that is literally about to end like in a minute or less? Is it fixed? I wanna join a match that is about to start or has been on for few seconds. This is the kind a thing that I hated in MW days. Join a game, choose a class, run few meters and then..GAME OVER!!

  • DanDustEmOff

    I’ve been getting round this for years. When you join do not select a class and spawn press B or O and check the score board, time and your teams kills and deaths. If they are not doing well or the other team are stomping them just let it idle until you get kicked.

    If you get bored you can watch your team mates getting stomped and send them messages telling them how terrible they are. I learned this when playing Cage Match in CoD 4. I was looking for my opponent on shipment and I couldn’t find him anywhere. 5 minutes he sent me a party invite, when I joined he was in fits of laughter.

    I gritted my teeth and when he stopped pissing himself he told me to check the score board. There was a skull next to his name indicating that he didn’t even spawn. It was useful for playing 1v1 on MW and MW3 as you could check to see if the guy you were playing was just gonna camp the whole match.

    Watch them go to their hidey hole, spawn kill them and then camp it out for the rest of the match. I got so much hate for doing it but it was funny as hell.

    • Eddie Tupy

      and now we know why ranked 1v1 will never come back

      • DanDustEmOff

        Hey, if the guy had no intention of camping I would just spawn and play the match properly. If he planned on camping in a corner for the entire match then he got what he deserved.

        Why should I have to endure crap players moving from corner to corner and getting kills on me when they are so terrible they have to resort to cheap tactics?

        I just gave him a taste of his own medicine.

        • Eddie Tupy

          ,ik but i like cage match sometimes and id like it to be balanced and playable agin

          • DanDustEmOff

            Me too 🙁

  • Ryumoau

    Awesome news. 🙂

  • W1LL1AM04

    That’s a good compromise

  • WesupDude

    Thats awesome. Titanfall did that and it made things a lot better.


    that just means that people can search for games in progress and never get losses lol

    • Stif Meister

      How could you search for in-progress games?

      • DEMOLITION12

        by backing out if you get into a lobby lol it’s not hard

        • Stif Meister

          I suppose. In that case, they shouldn’t count wins, either. Then again, that would promote more quitting because you can’t improve stats.

  • Cat hunter

    this is a great addition

  • Stif Meister

    But do you still get a loss for leaving said game?

  • Honestly, probably the nest news so far.

  • Raines

    Sure, the loss doesn’t count against you….in REGULAR play. So what? Who cares? The problem is in Arena Moshpit, if you get put in a game that is just about to end, and usually always on a losing team, you get demoted even if you don’t have a chance to fire a shot! FIX THIS!!!