Our good friend Chaosxsilencer just uploaded a pretty good vid that gives an updated look on how Gunsmith looks in the retail version of Black Ops 3. As revealed before, Black Ops 3 will allow players to publish their paintjobs to allow other players to download those designs. Check out the vid below…

  • Kobrah

    You can also press triangle to change the aesthetics of the attachments

    • ICallUpShotgun

      I was just aboout to say. I thought they said you could change the looks of a weapons attachment. Tnx!

  • Noretrollor


  • Heejay Cendrix ❤

    Upvote if you hate your life

    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

      Let me guess… First World problems? 😛

      • Aidan

        His mom probably got him the game on 360.

        • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

          lol meanwhile in third world countries. Mom has ran out of breast milk…

          • Aidan

            Oh Jesus XD

        • Heejay Cendrix ❤

          wrong I told my mom last year that I don’t play games anymore when she asked to buy me a ps4 now I want one.. ihml

          • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

            Not gunna lie that’s pretty big mistake lol… PS4 does more than just games (it’s a entertainment system) but I guess you wasn’t looking at the full picture at the time.

          • Micah Johnson


          • Stif Meister

            Ask for money, bro.

    • Why don’t you kys yourself?

      • Heejay Cendrix ❤

        hope you know if that you can get jailed for encouraging suicide.

  • ItzSikh

    anyone ready for dick emblems

  • Cyborg-jones

    This game is gonna be the Best cod ever

  • Ryumoau

    I love how detailed the weapons look. 🙂

  • Siftblade

    Do these attachments in Gunsmith count in your CAC points? So it’d be less like an AW gun variant and more like saving a preset on your gun, correct?

    • Kobrah

      They do count plus the wildcard also takes up a point too

  • Adavanter Mki

    What is the point of a variant? Do you ever actually get to use it? It’s way over the limit of typical attachments even with the perks.

    • Kobrah

      You can put up to six attachments on primary weapons in BOIII


    oml this game is making me hard

  • Virexity

    gotta clean my keyboard. oops 😉

  • Bovril

    can u save peoples camos