Activision has announced that the official Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Soundtrack is now available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

“With Black Ops III, we intended to take full advantage of the three-year development cycle and really push ourselves creatively in terms of what we could achieve with a game and that’s just what we did,” said Brian Tuey, Director of Treyarch’s Audio Department. “When it came to the composition for the game, we knew that we had to bring Jack Wall back into the fold, because he has such a great sensibility for the emotion we wanted to evoke, and his technical abilities allowed him to masterfully create great music for our new in game music system.”

Jack Wall, one of the industry’s most esteemed musical talents, reunites with Treyarch’s masterful audio team for the Call of Duty: Black Ops III soundtrack, a follow up to his Call of Duty®: Black Ops II efforts.

The soundtrack features 41 songs; each song can bought separately for $0.99, or the entire album can be purchased for $9.99. Visit iTunes or Amazon now to get the soundtrack.

In addition, the entire sound track was included with the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Hardened and Juggernog Edition of game.

  • Aidan

    Nice. Also, first.

  • Diego Diniz

    F*CK YOU TREYARCH! Every Call of Duty launch is this FRUSTRATING EXPERIENCE!
    PS4 servers are LAGGY AS HELL!!! And PC we have a lot of Framerate issues!!!
    Cmon…WTF IS THIS????????????

    • Dante

      Servers are fine for me on PS4. Only issue I had was connecting to online, but that was the second it released so it was more then likely just being bombarded with people trying to connect.

      • Diego Diniz

        So, i think the problem is because servers are located on USA. Here in brazil EVERY PLAYER is having a lot of Lag! wE’RE FUCKED!

        • ItzSikh

          don’t expect any great gameplay during 1 month of launch due to connection or less than a month but treyarch will fix it.

      • CoDforever

        Surprisingly, Ghosts had the most solid launch I have ever seen in a multiplayer game.

  • Duce

    Xbox is also a lagfest!!!!

    • ccrows

      It’s been smooth for me TBH, if it gets any better that be gravy… 🙂

    • TravisInWhite

      For you maybe XD

    • Ak74u

      Not for me, idk what kind of internet you have

    • Slothigans

      Lag is not just from others connection but your own as well. Do you have bad internet?

      • Duce

        Nope sorry this is a late reply but it was on xbox’s end. No longer have the problem.

  • Ak74u

    Is there another way to get the giant zombies map? I wasn’t able to get hardend edition because it was sold out and I didn’t want the digital deluxe edition because I wanted the physical game. I have the regular edition but I really want the giant map. I’m a hardcore zombies fan

    • Swagga

      Season pass

      • Ak74u

        I hope so is it confirmed?

        • Slothigans

          Just wait dude. It’s gonna be a seperate dlc eventually.

          • BigMacMan

            Exactly. That’s what happened to Nuketown Zombies. I think it was like $5 or something

  • ccrows

    OT, and not my video guys, but somebody confirmed that the prestige system is the same as BO2.

    ^ AKA 1 perm unlock, and/or reset stats at any time… (which is good news to me) 🙂

    • CoDforever

      What was the extra special thing vahn said would happen when you prestiged?

  • Milton Espinoza
    • Ca I have for free pls

    • Slothigans

      Not worth the price bro.

  • Trigger S

    If anyone wanna play on xbox one hit me up
    my gamertag is Trigger ShoTzz

  • Guywithbrains

    Final review for Black Ops 3:

    Campaign 7.5: first few missions were great but then it went slowly downhill. Because of too complicated theme overall story wasn’t as good as you would expect from Treyarch. Mind f*cking is good if you make limits to it but this time Treyarch went over the limits. As a player I am not sure what is going on and why and who is the real enemy after all (don’t tell it because many players haven’t played through the story yet).

    Multiplayer 9: overall experience is so much fun because of specialists and great maps. Also lag plagues multiplayer but it can be fixed by patches.

    Zombies 8.5: Shadows of Evil and The Giant are both good maps but I see myself playing The Giant more for some odd reason. Gameplay is fun and new Ray Gun is amazing. Although triple windmilling zombies make it harder than previous Zombies modes.

    Conclusion: Black Ops 3 as an overall package brings you fun game worth purchasing. I can see myself and many other players playing this game a lot. Campaign isn’t that great but multiplayer and Zombies are so awesome you still get bang for your buck.

    As a final score I would give this game 8.5/10 with a recommendation mark!

    • LovekillerX

      Yeah first of all the campaign was little bit confusing and complicated… I got lost after Rise and Fall. I didn’t understand the ending and it was a little bit weird… I have to admit I’m a little bit disappointed.

      Multiplayer is a lag fest on PS4. I have 100mbs wireless connection and I have no problem to play any other game online. I hope this gets fixed soon so I can enjoy again playing multiplayer.

      Zombies is really good, I enjoy The Giant more than Shadows of Evil but SoE is also damn good.

      • Slothigans

        What’s your ping? Cause the higher it is the more problems you’ll have.

        • LovekillerX

          According to test I just made on Speedtest I got 4 ms ping.

          • Slothigans

            I have the exact same ping. And speed lol. Hmm idk what it could be then. Then again I’m playing on Xbox.

          • LovekillerX

            I just get constantly “connection interrupted” and my bullets go through enemies and they melt me down instantly although I start to shoot first…? This is happening a lot but not in every single match. Maybe their servers are busy?

          • Slothigans

            I actually got that a few times also. I’m sure it’s a problem from their end not ours. But hopefully it’s fixed soon. It might just be me but I get melted so fast with the Xr-2. Oh and I’m on the Xbox preview program so nuketown isn’t working. :-/

          • The servers for all platforms have been a bit inconsistent to say the least. I hope they get fixed soon as they’re really pissing me off.

    • Slothigans


    • YoungMurf

      Great review! Mine would be much the same only I haven’t played any campaign yet.

    • BigMacMan

      What are your thoughts on the ‘Nightmare’ campaign? Does it have a legit story etc ?

    • CoDforever

      The campaign is 12-15 hours if you count the zombies campaign and it would be even longer if you played on a higher difficulty

    • KMaster

      The campaign not that bad it’s great. You just can’t play it once. That what you’re forgetting they want you to play it over and over. Try realistic. These “short missions” won’t seem short then. I honestly think there are super long. Like I don’t like playing any of the campaign because of the amount of time I put in on the missions. Before cod 4 and MW2 had like “books with chapters” that how it felt to try and not die on them was like ok all we have to do is go here and then “boss fight” that was a mission then you had 8 other missions. After that you had a whole other book. Then black ops was like 12 or twelve missions. And black ops 3 it’s so long. Think about it. You got to go there boss fight then there boss fight finally here boss fight and that one mission out of 11. But hey I guess y’all like that. It just you can save in a mission you got to keep playing until you’re done because trying to go back in the same spot is like nope

  • Ryumoau

    My hardened edition came with a free download code for this soundtrack. The campaign has some great music so i might as well download it. 🙂