Many players in the UK are not able to play the Nuk3town bonus map after getting Black Ops 3 from a retailer that wasn’t GAME UK. When Activision first announced the map, it was stated that “all preorders” could get the map, but as of this morning, Activision Support updated their document to state that its at participating retailers only. And it looks like GAME was one of the only ones in the UK (aside from digital orders).

EuroGamer was able to capture a screenshot of the support site:


Players that got the game from other retailers in UK are left now without access to the Nuk3town map. Some customers state that their orders from Tesco had a code, while we cannot confirm wider availability of that.

SOURCE: EuroGamer

  • Interesting…

  • F*ck GAME. Seriously they’re the scum of retail shops here in the UK and get away with so much BS.

    They rip people off by charging £55 ($83) for a game as opposed to the usual £40 on other website and yet that’s the only way consumers can get Nuk3town.

    Well I know one thing for sure; they ain’t fooling me.

    • Joe

      They have to cover their costs and the margins in that high street domain are crap as outgoings scale. If people are stupid enough to buy from them instead of shopping around; that’s their problem. Blame Activision for this one; they’ve stitched people up a treat as they do year after year. Surprised people still for for this tbh

      • Well i got my Black Ops 3 for £38.00 from without Nuk3town x_X

    • ItzSikh

      whats the point it will be free

      • TesticlewithTeeth

        How can you be so sure? In terms of money, it’s Activision’s ruling and Atlas Gorge still to this day costs an extra 4,99€ to me

        • ItzSikh

          uhmm nuketown was free for BO2 and that was pre order bonus.

          • TesticlewithTeeth

            but BO2 came before it. Maybe they saw a potential in it

          • ItzSikh

            maybe we must wait and see

    • exeterman2

      They charge £50 which is the same as I’ve seen everywhere else. And obviously they’re always cheaper than the PlayStation store and they give good pre order bonuses… Stop complaining.

      • £50? lol.

        Right now on Amazon it’s going for £38, as well as ShopTo. Stop talking BS, GAME is a rip off compared to most other UK retailers…and no thank you very much, I won’t stop complaining for this very reason.

        • exeterman2

          Amazon is 40, but are you seriously gunna trust amazon to deliver it day one? Because my mate orders it from there every time and every time they fuck up the order.

          • Funny you mention that because that is a very fair point that I actually agree with. That’s my only gripe with amazon; unless you have Amazon prime, the game doesn’t come on launch day, even if you preorder it. Last year with Advanced Warfare, I pre-ordered it from months ago (I regretted it instantly) and I had to request another copy since my other copy was 4 days late and counting (it later came in over one week later).

            Same with Black Ops II – I pre-ordered it months before and then my friends pre-ordered it a week before, and mine came 4 days later whilst they were all enjoying playing together on launch day. You basically have to pay extra or get prime in order to actually receive it on launch day which is daft IMO because the whole point of pre-ordering it is to get it on launch day.

            (I’ve only ever pre-ordered two games in my life, and those were the games. BOII wasn’t bad, I liked it, but even if it was like AW, there isn’t any point of pre-ordering to begin with).

          • exeterman2

            They claim theyll get it delivered to you on launch day but always fail. Very disappointing, hence why I always pre order at Game and collect on release day.

  • J4MES

    Another masterclass in deception from Activision!

  • They should give everyone in the UK NUK3TOWN for free. This was false advertising.. Did they only update it after the game released?

    • ItzSikh

      if they did that then the map will lose its exclusivity plus remember b02 giving nuketown for free well it will probably happen again

  • FazalGaming

    Just me sitting here waiting for BO3 update to download.

  • Craig Doyle

    what a load of rubbish, i brought 2 copies of the hardened edition for xb1 from an independant, my gfs worked fine but mine didnt as im on the New Xbox One Preview Programme. But microsoft and activision wont ever admit that

    • ccrows

      Hopefully that gets patched for you soon. 🙂

      Also keep in mind that the new dashboard program rolls out for everyone later this month, so it’s gonna need to be addressed, otherwise there will be a HUGE S***STORM on Activision’s hands if Nuketown disappears for others when that rolls out… lol

      • Kurt Angle

        It’s not activisions fault the dlc doesn’t work. On the preview program for nxe it says “some dlc will not work”

        • ccrows

          and I get that, but obviously there needs to be communication between Activision and MS on how to fix this, since MS won’t be the one patching it in…


    how can i play dead ops multiplayer? and where are the leaderboards?

  • ccrows

    Well now more than ever I hope that Nuketown stays in a separate playlist (like Atlas Gorge was from AW), otherwise we are gonna have a divided community even before DLC 1… 🙁

    • LovekillerX

      Yep. Have you noticed the lag and ping bars acting crazy? My first matches played so well but now it is a lag fest sometimes…

      • ccrows

        Honestly my ping numbers (shown when I press start) are much better now that what they were in the beta TBH.

        I’m around 40-70 AVG now, but I was getting “triple digits” in the beta most of the time.

        Sure I’d still like to see that 40-70 avg get better with matchmaking improvements in future updates, but it’s definitely better than what I saw in the beta…

        • LovekillerX

          Now the lag is insane. I fire to enemies but not a single hitmarker… “connection interrupted” comes to the screen… I hope this gets fixed ASAP. I just got Treyarch’d lol!

          • ccrows

            TBH I went with the highest playlist percentage (which meant having to play Nuketown for now).

            While I’m not a fan of Nuketown, I figured that it would give me the best Matchmaking experience until more people get their (BO3) game installed over the weekend…

      • There’s always one complaining about the apparent “lag”, get over it.. it’s not the game.

        • Diego Diniz

          “Get over it” ?????? REALLY?????
          this f*cking BULL SHIT man! its frustrating play the game this way…

        • LovekillerX

          Uhm… yes it is. This happens in every Treyarch title at launch. BO1, BO2 and now BO3. They will fix it but right now it is a lag fest.

          • TesticlewithTeeth

            I think it might be your general location then. I have been playing fine, besides two or three matches, when every device in my house was using the WiFi

      • exeterman2

        Played 15 games online so far, been perfect with no lag and ping always around 33ms. I’m playing on PS4 so maybe the problem is console specific if you’re not?

      • Jrn00498

        I am not bashing 3arc for this, but I had at least 3 separate occasions of that dreaded animation showing a socket and cat6 cable becoming unplugged. Then the warping everywhere started. I just backed out into a new game, and it was fine.

  • The Flash

    Why are they only making deals with Game? their prices are too extortionate, make deals with Amazon.

  • Lisa Turner-Overton

    Got mine from eBay £35 with the code for nuketown. 🙂 came this morning.

  • jordanxbrookes

    And that’s why I pre-ordered from GAME and not Tesco. Glad I did now.

    • ccrows

      You have to wonder if this is some UK Region lock BS, since this doesn’t seem to be an issue in the US… (unless you’re in the Preview Program, which should be a glitch)

  • ccrows

    Here’s the interesting part, (at least for people in the US) nobody seems to be complaining about Nuketown being missing except XB1 Preview Program Members over on Gamefaqs.

    You have to think that this is a known issue, and will get patched in with the next update… (well hopefully they do for those that don’t have it)

  • Virtuous

    so i have been scammed then!!!

    • ccrows

      Do you live in the UK?…

      • Virtuous


  • Tsaki

    Off topic, but where the fuck are the player counters they said would be in the game?! And also why are there no lobby leaderboards?

    • ccrows

      They switched to Playlist Percentages, and TBH I’m extremely happy that they did.

      When population numbers get a little low in COD games, it’s nothing but extra ammo for trolls to use…

      • DEMOLITION12


      • guest

        you mean critics and there is a difference

    • It’s the fuckin release day give them some time

      • FazalGaming

        Exactly! Everyone saying this game sucks because of the bugs. Give Treyarch some time.

      • ccrows

        Yeah there were a lot of pitchforks and torches (although some warranted – AKA SBMM) for BO2 in the beginning, but BO2 ended up being a popular and IMO fun game once they started putting the updates into it.

        All “big games” have day 1 headaches. It sucks, but it also happens. It will (hopefully) get better soon…

        • It’s common that games, especially Triple-A games have a bad launch, so people just have to give the devs some time to fix things

          • MichiganerE

            It wouldn’t be common if people didn’t accept it.

    • LovekillerX

      Treyarch is afraid to show numbers!

      But seriously I’m thinking that too. Percentages aren’t helping that much because we know most of the players are playing TDM.

      • HomePolecat96

        I don’t think they are. My theory is that since ghost’s numbers were hilariously low by the time AW came out, Activision said that they can’t put numbers in anymore.

        • Hawkmoon

          Actually, there are more than 1 million players on PS4 alone. My friend is working in the company and he let me take a peek on their tool which tracks the number of players in each platforms per game.

    • Will WilFredo Mendoza

      Stupidest complaint ever. No wonder alot of people bash the CoD community over something so small and stupid.

    • LostInPasta

      I can tell you it’s higher then ghosts and advanced warfare combined, which is good to hear.

  • ItzSikh

    Don’t worry guys we will get it for free

  • Slothigans

    Is nuketown not working for anyone else? I don’t see it in the playlist or private matches :/

    • ccrows

      If it’s not in the bonus playlist, then my next guess is are you a XB1 Preview Program Member?

      ^ That latter seems to have many people affected by this for whatever reason…

      • Slothigans

        Fuck. I am. Is that why though? If so that sucks.

        • ccrows

          From what I’ve been reading over at Gamefaqs, that seems to be the issue for everyone that doesn’t have it.

          Hopefully that gets patched for you guys soon… 🙂

          • Slothigans

            Yeah hopefully. Fun game though. Sniping is fucking hard!!

  • Cosmyc

    I preordered the game digitally through the playstation store and have received no code. Can anyone explain this?

  • Hunter

    Has anyone tried using their code for the Nuketown personalization pack but yet it doesn’t seem to work? I’m having trouble trying to download it.

    • exeterman2

      Are you redeeming it on the call of duty website or not?

  • Tkminator

    I got the game from Zavvi and got the Nuk3town map so…………………..

    • exeterman2

      Zavvi still exists?!

  • Diego Diniz

    I bought on PSN and I cant find on “Bônus” Menu. How to play nuketown ???

  • imBATMAN

    Wait…I don’t get it
    I pre ordered the game through the xbox and Nuk3town is installed but it doesn’t show up.

    • guest


  • James Pattinson

    So what can we do about it?

  • Xboxisdead

    Hahahaha just give it time the crying will start what a bunch of babys

  • Deadly Ed

    Haha, its a shit map anyway.. some fool on ebay paid me £20 for my nuk3town code.