Black Ops 3 is now officially in the hands of everyone, and Treyarch has returned to the scene to deliver their Call of Duty experience, including for those on PC.

The Call of Duty PC community has had a bumpy ride in recent years for various reasons, but Treyarch have had a history of delivering a solid release – Black Ops 2 on PC for example, which was pretty good. We decided to give Black Ops 3 a try on PC, and in this first part of our series of articles, we play through a section of the campaign. Part 2 and 3 will focus on Multiplayer and benchmarking.

We used GeForce Experience to optimize the graphical settings of Black Ops 3 to get the best balance of performance and quality. We also used ShadowPlay to record the gameplay, another feature of GeForce Experience.
Since we were uploading a video to YouTube in 1080p, we set the in-game resolution to 1920x1080p and applied a frame rate limit of 85fps. We did try 1440p, but we saw more stable results at 1080p for the purpose of a ‘smooth campaign experience’ at a higher frame rate.
Ultimately, aside from applying the best settings with GeForce Experience, we kept everything else in their default position to simulate an end user playing Black Ops 3 for the first time on PC, without making extensive changes to the settings.

If you’re wondering how your PC may perform, you should check out our ‘Everything you need to know‘ article.

As with any PC release, most issues at launch are addressed shortly after in patches and updates.

PC specifications used:
OS: Windows 10 x64
CPU: Core i7-4790
GPU: ROG Matrix GTX 980 Ti Platinum Graphics Card (with 358.87 driver)

HDD: Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD (game only)

We have always been a big fan of the ASUS line up of GTX graphics cards, and will cover the ASUS GTX 960 & 970 in part 2.

In part 2 we’ll go into more detail surrounding the performance and frame rate results using different configurations on multiplayer

From our first run through of the Black Ops 3 campaign, we experienced a solid 85fps using the ROG Matrix GTX 980 Ti Platinum Graphics Card, with no frame drops, stutters or input lag to be seen. Stay tuned for part 2!

  • Guywithbrains


    • mason 117

      That’s just Treyarch <3

    • MichiganerE

      They decided to make up for BO2’s lack of mind fucking.

    • Campaign is a borefest.

    • Let your thoughts drift…

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    Furst for the furst time. 😛

    • FazalGaming

      xD ur not furst

      • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

        Furst to say furst is furst. 🙂

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        • Juses

          Noe, dat maeks yew a lyun fagit

          • Shad ap Juses, ur a ded fagit

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  • J4MES

    Modern Warfare 2: shooting up civilians in an airport

    6 years later…

    Black Ops 3: Fighting robots on a train

    Next year

    Ghosts 2: Battling explosive cabbages in a Spanish supermarket in the year 2195

    • FazalGaming

      Advanced Warfare 2: Fighting a rock in Stonehaven

    • jooker-jr

      I think it’s a more “safe” change.

    • MichiganerE

      It’s be better if for BO3, you mentioned the wacky ass WW2 mission.

  • FazalGaming

    Am I the only one having connection problems with Black Ops III?

    • Huge Big Al

      Today there was massive problems with PC, Xbox One and PS4. They have resolved Xbox One but still experiencing a lot of issues with PS4 and PC.

    • Juses

      I cunt evn connuct tew teh Online Service

    • skeetshootin

      When your game loads and you see the guy sitting there, just wait before you press x. You should see numbers in the upper right hand corner, i.e. 33.000.000, wait for that number to change. Takes anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes. Hope this helps.

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    Prestiged my weapon but my attachments didn’t get relocked, must be a beautiful bug. 😀

    • ItzSikh

      Well lucky you.

    • FazalGaming

      Remember the bug last year when people where getting Royalty camo for nothing?

      • GinsuVictim

        One of the guys in my clan had that happen real early on.

    • Imventing

      i found a exploit by mistake, make another class with the same gun add all the attachments to it then prestige the gun in different class and you’ll still have the attachments on the gun on the other class. I maxed out my kuda

  • CoDforever

    I noticed that all of the pc problems are just for the campaign

  • TheAdversary

    Notice how the multiplayer specialists have personalities, backstory, and NAMES, while the Singleplayer protagonist gets squat. It’s funny really, ’cause I used to commend Treyarch for these details that they used to have in their SP stories.

    • RdJokr

      Play till the end, and you’ll know why our player character has no background or name.

      • Jay Evan

        Yeah, the ending seemed to confuse me a bit(lot).

        • Aidan

          Dude it confused everyone. Such a great story though.

  • YoungMurf

    A little off-topic but anyone else think ‘The Giant’ is real, real good? 🙂

    • ILuv3arcZombies

      It good, i just hate playing with people because of the online issues

  • Mr_ysi42t96

    I like the game so far

  • guest

    I am absolutely clueless as too why they would remove all the fucking leaderboards in this game. seriously there are no leaderboards not even for zombies!!! It is absolutely ridiculous that they want to give these fucking noobs such a god damn safe space that they will remove all the damn leaderboards. And fuck you guys who think theyll put it in later because they had enough time to make leaderboards for fucking free run but not mp or zombies smh.

    • Kieran.Lillis

      In any menu, press the options button and then go to ‘Barracks’. You will be able to access leaderboards for all game modes there.

  • ScOott

    Ali -A has diamond camo, gamplay if any wants to know what it looks like..


    Should be titled •”this is a paid presentation” :-/

  • Cenobyte666

    I got almost the same specs except a 970 and the game is running like garbage in campaign and multiplayer. I’ve tried most of the fixes I found online and I still have problems. I hope they fix this soon.

  • Waitforit

    Trey arch needs to fix core multiplayer. That’s the only complaint I have about this game