Treyarch has announced that they have removed the Nuk3town only playlist and have replaced it with a Chaos Moshpit playlist. Nuk3town playlist is for special weekends only.

Chaos Moshpit is available under the Bonus category. This playlist features a collection of small multiplayer maps, including Nuk3town. In order to view and play this playlist, Nuk3town map must be downloaded.

  • The Flash

    This sucks to be honest i only really play TDM and i wish i could play Nuketown in there but they refuse to add it to map rotation, making it hardly played.

    • Piotr Piter

      Yup this sux I have nuketown but cant play it on normal playlists. Guess we have to wait for time when they give it to all of players.

  • ccrows


  • ccrows

    Anywhoo, I’m on the fence about his decision TBH.

    On one hand I like that Nuketown is stuck in its own lobby, cuz I’m burnt out on that map.

    On the other hand, that “Bonus playlist % number” is insanely high, and I get that Treyarch is trying to get people to play other maps/modes besides Nuketown.

    ^ *sigh* It’s like OG BO all over again. If Treyarch didn’t “cap” the repeated map voting at 2, then people would be voting for Nuketown 24/7.

    Like it or not, BO3 is more than well.. Nuketown…. <_<

    • Drink Bleach

      Nuketown is pretty much sniper paradise.

      • RdJokr

        Try Haymaker paradise. It’s bad enough that there’s always at least one dude spamming it in every map. I can’t imagine how bad it would be on Nuk3town.

        • Manny Denniston

          Try Gorgon paradise

        • spartanelite

          *gorgon,have not seen a haymaker yet

    • ScOott

      Yoo do u know where they got bo1 is backwards compatable from, I’ve looked on the official lists and it’s not on there :-s

    • mtakahashi

      the bonus playlist number is based on that specific playlist. so if its 81% are in nuketown, that is 81% of people playing the bonus playlist. you can go back a screen, and see like 31% of people online are playing bonus map, then go in and see that nuketown has 81% of those 31% of players in the bonus option. hope that helps!

    • Cap it at 2? I played Nuketown TDM 5 times straight in the Chaos Moshpit. I wish they did cap it again.

    • ColonelBazz

      Idk why people keep playing on Nuketown. There is only 1 reason, prestiging as fast as possible. Which brings me back to the beginning, why? What’s the point in leveling up as fast as possible? Everyone is grinding and youtube is filled with those videos. Once they hit prestige master they start complaining about it being the same and not able to level up etc. I’m not trying to prestige as fast as possible, I’m enjoying trying to get my golden camos xD

    • Timothy Brown

      That’s why I’ve played the same map 4+ times in a row in a domination playlist

  • Brian


  • Drink Bleach

    They want people to play the other maps, if Nuketown kept on having it’s own playlist, no one would play the other maps they created.

    • John Paul Hansen

      Other maps would get played because you can only vote a map 2 times before it cannot be voted again.

  • J4MES

    The Nuketown only playlist is still available on PC as of right now. They really need to add the map into the general rotation on all systems though.

    • Shantzonpoint

      No they don’t……..

  • KK5

    Can someone find out which maps are in this playlist along with Nuk3town?

  • infidel

    I just realized something boys:

    BO3 is going to have PC tools
    BO3 also has zombies

    Look at all the awesome custom maps from WAW. Now imagine it with the advanced engine of BO3.

    This is going to be kickass. Might be the ultimate zombie game for years

    • Michael Staunton

      Pc, master, race. Jk it’s just an internet joke but pc is my preferred platform, also I started out on ps3 before the haters cum.

  • Cat

    So far every map feels kind small to medium sized so even 6vs6 feels chaotic.

    • Still enjoyable, imo.

      • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

        Not in mine. Combine small maps with fast movement and you ll have a shitty experience .

  • FPS Broski

    lol on pc its still here

  • Mick

    I really hope this playlist stays forever and doesn’t get removed. I remember when ghost first came out and they had that Ghost Moshpit playlist and they removed it. I was so heated because I love Freefall and Strikezone. Only playable maps for me.

    • infidel

      you got strikezone 24/7 now, one of the main playlists to play

      • Mick

        Yeah I know that, but at the time when the game was in it’s “prime”, the playlist wasn’t available.

        • infidel

          Just play squads, you will never get tired of it. Give your squad mates personalities and assign them different roles(Sniper, Support ect) and it’s almost like multi campaign

          • Mick

            I do that as well. I always make sure I have a guy running a sub, a sniper, AR, or even shotgun. It does make it more interesting.

  • Stefan Lang

    Metro is aids. Worst map in the game. Hopefully its not in this playlist.

    • infidel

      2/10-My camping strategy on metro sucks, worst map of the game. BO3 is a horrible POS and the worst game COD ever had. It’s okay

      • Stefan Lang

        I tremendously disagree with that. Yes Metro is the worst map in the game. But worst game CoD ever had??? Nah.

        • Stone haven was pretty bad…

          • infidel

            Stonehaven was a different kind of map. It was best suited for objective play, especially if you had a team going. With randoms, it was just chaos, a camp fest or a sniper fest, or both. It wasn’t bad, you just couldn’t run into it balls blazing like, for example, every BO2 map, without a plan. BTW Stone have would be perfect for AW2 or BO3 because the new gameplay mechanics just scream for a remake. Jump up the castle and dominate the battlespace with a sniper, jump between walls for faster access thru map, run on the side of the castle to access hidden areas ect.

          • joeyofbport

            your dumb

        • hungryandrew

          Free Fall, worst map, case closed.

          • infidel

            Free fall is fine, you’re just one of those assholes who hides around in a corner, expecting easy kills. They put guard dogs in the game for a reason.

          • hungryandrew

            I run and gun bitch, I don’t camp or hide, trick.

          • infidel

            Then that’s the problem: In ghosts, the maps are made specifically so that you have to think how you should go about the map. If you run and gun, you are gonna have a bad time. Maps like strikezone, which were fast paced action maps, were far inbetween.

            Free fall is best played on infected, otherwise you take it slow and try to surprise your opponent, or hold down one side of the map. Due to it’s size, camping or run’n’gun isn’t recommended. It’s a building falling apart, it’s supposed to feel cluttered, random and claustrophobic.

          • hungryandrew

            I run and gun STRATEGICALLY.

          • Jonny

            I camped free fall all the time. One of my favorite camping maps

      • ItzSikh

        U SUCK

      • ItzSikh

        plus camping shows no skill

        • RandomBit

          Not a camper myself but when you consider the player as yourself, you surely wouldn’t just go out in the battlefield and die after maybe getting a lucky kill will you? It’s a more realistic approach to war and gunfights.

    • hungryandrew

      Metro feels like another Cargo, and what the other train map in black ops 2…..

    • Slothigans

      I wish it had the same playability as express from black ops 2. But yeah it is a bad map.

    • iext23

      In my opinion, Breach is the only map worse than Metro. All the other maps are fantastic.

  • ItzSikh

    Treyarch where one in chamber at, and sharpshooter. also what about wager mathes with cryptokeys.

    • CrowReap .

      Pretty sure they won’t add the wager matches with cryptokeys because they want people to buy the keys rather than to stake them.

      • ItzSikh

        pretty sure it would be great if they did that

      • Cat hunter

        can they even be bought? thought they had to be earned? anyone who will pay real money for camos and emblems lives one sad ass life.

        • JB

          Thats the whole CS:GO community lol

  • It would be cool if they brought back something like the Nukejacked playlist on BO2 PC. That was so popular and I’m surprised it never hit console.

  • Xboxisdead

    Hardcore dom period the end

  • I hate how they do this just throw the map in normal rotation.

  • Mick Niamchan

    Yeah Metro IS SO F*CKING SHITE. Its like the inside lift room of the bo2 map Downhill, and then ONLY that.

  • I want a Ray Gun specialist thingy and I wanna do martial arts to muthafuckaers in close combat.

  • Zomboy

    WTF i enjoyed nuketown only playlist, It was amazing this is so stupid they were almost always full so I knew i could always find a match> They need to bring it back

  • Help

    Where do I find the nuketown map? I can’t see a bonus playlist or a chaos mosh pit anywhere?

  • Collin

    Where’s the bonus playlist in bo3????