UPDATE: On Reddit, Treyarch has posted another update regarding their progress on fixing the issue. Here’s the update:

We reduced the capacity at the data center down to a level that we knew it could handle, based on what we had seen over the last two days. We are going to start increasing it from there so we can determine where the bottleneck is. So for now there will be more games being hosted by consoles than we would like. We’ll be pushing out a fix for some matchmaking issues tomorrow that will ensure that the games players are connecting to are more localized.

Original Story:

Since launch, many players in South America have been experiencing severe lag spikes and issues when playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 online. We’ve seen reports that once players have gone into a game, their ping spikes to 400 regardless of their internet. Many players have been asking for a solution, and today Treyarch has stated that they are aware of this issue and are currently working on a fix for it.

There has been a huge Reddit thread on the Black Ops 3 sub reddit about many players in Brazil specifically experiencing issues. Treyarch’s Martin Donlon, Director of Tech, has posted in the thread about why the issue is happening:

We identified a problem last week with how the clients were matchmaking. This was causing players in regions that only have one or two datacenters (South America & Australia, mainly) to sometimes matchmaking into games in far away datacenters. This is the issue that we fixed on Thursday/Friday. Fixing this issue had the side effect of causing a load issue at our datacenter in São Paulo which we are currently working on.

Stay tuned for the latest.

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      South America is currently experiencing the worst of the issues.

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        Yeah but its not like the rest of the world is fine.

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          It is a worldwide issue that needs to be sorted out ASAP. After that I can enjoy from Black Ops 3 even more.

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    Now fix the zombies connection/matchmaking, which is just as bad as black ops 2.

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  • Hey guys, I know this is kinda off topic question, but I finished playing the Campaign 3 times already and I only noticed Marshawn Lynch in one mission “Provocation” and only for 2 minutes. Wasn’t he supposed to be a side villan in the campaign? Please tell me, also I haven’t yet played the Nightmares campaign so tell me if he is there or not. I will be playing it on Friday.

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      Nah, that’s pretty much his role. A cameo.

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        Yeah. It was marketed otherwise. There’s footage of him in a trailer standing and actually participating.

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          Probably told him something like “we’re still finishing the story, so let’s just film multiple scenes, then we’ll pick the best one for you”. Marshawn couldn’t care less, though. He got to be in the game, that’s all he could ever wish for.

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    I know this is a bit off topic, but if you want to understand the Black Ops 3 story, then watch this video. It may change your opinion.


    Make sure to share it if you watch it.

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      i got all of this info on my own,but what i dont understand is: The first mission is actually the last chronologically. How does hendrics have bio-augmentation in all the other missions and on the last one(chronologically) he doesnt have?

      • Jay Evan

        If you pay a bit of attention, Hendricks didn’t use his cyber abilities that much. This might just be more added illusion to the dream world.

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          well he interfaced with things all the time. there is a crucial part of a mission that he retrieved some info of a computer and you had to defend him

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        Looks like we’ll have to do more research.

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    Great, now try North America!

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    what about the connections in general gayarch?

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      You can’t call a great company that actually cares about their consumers “gay”.

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    Argentina is another country with this lag issue, multiplayer matches freeze all the time every 2 second

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      I think when they fix the Brazilian servers it will fix for all South America. I know that Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia,.. have the same problem.

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    Hi from Turkey. We have same connection issues. Help us Treyarch

  • LovekillerX

    Finally they stop being silent and now they are actually trying to do something. I hope they also try to solve our connectivity issues.

    • FazalGaming

      We can only hope

  • Ghost

    I live in Australia and when I’m in a party, I can’t let it search for lobbies. If it can’t find lobby straight away, I have to back out and search again. I’m not sure why this is happening with parties!

    • FazalGaming

      Was happening to me with AW.

  • Diego Diniz

    Im here! Dudes, its Very Very Very FRUSTRATING play Black Ops 3 with LAG. Sometimes you can move through a door because when you TRY it, you go back 3-4 steps. The game is AWESOME, but this issue HAVE TO be fixed! Thank God they start move their asses To Fix it!

    • LovekillerX

      I can’t even thrust jump because it puts me back to ground over and over again. Now they should also check up Europe’s situation and address that. I don’t want to lose my chance to level up when the double XP is live just because of lag.

    • Guywithbrains

      Also now even Treyarch says the problem is in their end and not in our end as some people claim.

      I and many other lagging people describe lag very similarly: you go 3-4 steps back, thrust jumping fails and brings you back to the ground and bullets won’t register even when you shoot all your 30 bullets to one enemy. Just recently I played with a sniper and I got 10 hitmarkers in a single team deathmatch.

      Hopefully they release full patch instead of hot fixes so we might get to enjoy this wonderful game even more.

      But gameplay design wise this game rocks.

      • DEMOLITION12

        wonderful game? how delusional are you? i can’t even play anything because it keeps kicking me to the main menu

  • Lucas Sousa Pinto

    At least! Here in Brazil we can only play by dawn or in lobbies outside our country.

  • im from paraguay and i dont have lag on xbox one, every match got 80 ping