Activision has officially revealed the Groups for the Call of Duty World League Qualifying Event for each region.

North America

Group A:

  • Apotheon Esports
  • Enigma6 Gold
  • OpTic Gaming
  • Team Orbit
  • Game 1: OpTic Gaming vs Team Orbit
  • Game 2: Apotheon Esports vs Enigma6 Gold

Group B:

  • 3sUP
  • Luminosity Gaming
  • Rise Nation
  • Team eLevate
  • Game 1: 3sUP vs Rise Nation
  • Game 2: Luminosity Gaming vs Team eLevate

Group C:

  • Dream Team
  • Team EnVy
  • Team Kaliber
  • (Methodz’s Team)
  • Game 1: Team EnVy vs (Methodz’s Team)
  • Game 2: Dream Team vs Team Kaliber

Group D:

  • compLexity Gaming
  • FaZe
  • (MerK’s Team)
  • (Tipsy’s Team)
  • Game 1: FaZe vs (Tipsy’s Team)
  • Game 2: compLexity Gaming vs (MerK’s Team)


Group A:

  • Epsilon eSports
  • Giants Gaming
  • Team Infused
  • Team Vitality
  • Game 1: Team Infused vs Team Vitality
  • Game 2: Epsilon eSports vs Giants Gaming

Group B:

  • FAB Games
  • Millenium
  • Team Orbit
  • (Joshh’s Team)
  • Game 1: Millenium vs (Joshh’s Team)
  • Game 2: FAB Games vs Team Orbit

Australia/New Zealand

Group A:

  • Avidity
  • Citadel Gaming
  • Original
  • Plantronics MindFreak
  • Game 1: Avidity vs Plantronics MindFreak
  • Game 2: Citadel Gaming vs Original

Group B:

  • Plantronics nV
  • Sway Gaming
  • Tainted Minds
  • Team Immunity
  • Game 1: Team Immunity vs Sway Gaming
  • Game 2: Plantronics nV vs Tainted Minds

Teams will compete in a Best of 5 series match ups. The top two teams from each group will qualify for the Pro Division Season 1.

In addition, David Vonderhaar has posted a tentative (work in progress) rule set for the event. The official format and rules will be posted once they have been finalized.

You can read the entire work in progress rule set on the CoD Competitive Subreddit. Here’s the highlight:


  • UAV
  • Care Package
  • H.A.T.R
  • XM-53



  • Breach
  • Combine Stronghold
  • Fringe
  • Evac


  • Evac
  • Breach
  • Infection
  • Fringe

Search and Destroy

  • Fringe
  • Redwood
  • Breach
  • Hunted
  • Stronghold
  • Evac
  • Infection

Capture the Flag

  • Stronghold
  • Fringe
  • Evac
  • Breach

The Call of Duty World League Pro Division Qualifying Event begins on December 4th in North America, and on December 5th in Europe and Australia; the event concludes in all regions on December 6th.

Stay tuned for the latest news.

SOURCE: Call of Duty eSports

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  • Random

    Here I thought they wouldn’t go restricting anything, seeing as they have the whole Ban and Protect thing going on. I don’t play arena so I have no idea exactly what it encompasses, but I’d have thought streaks were one of the things that could be banned.

    • CoDforever

      only 3 scorestreaks are banned and only the noncompetitive ones, the uav/carepackage and hatr

      • Random

        But why? Why ban them? For balance? If they’re so unbalanced, why are they in the game? We have to put up with them in pubs, competitive should be no different.

        • Aceshigh87

          Competitive has always been played without UAV. Kinda kills the need for good strategies if you can just see the enemy pinged on your map. Same goes for HATR. Care Package historically has been to avoid streaks but now I’m guessing it’s just a pain to deal with the ban – protect system and what could come out of packages.

          The fact that they only banned 3 things actually is pretty progressive for competitive.

          • Random

            True, I will accept it is more progressive – AW and Ghosts were just stupid with the amount of things banned.

        • CoDforever

          Thats exactly what Vahn wanted dude. But because of the constant complaining from pros they had to give in and change it. Sometimes I really hate this community.

          We could have atleast kept everything as is (as Vahn wanted) just too see how it is and if it were really bad then we couldve permabanned it ..

          • Unscene

            But you dont need to see how a UAV, HATR, or a care package works. They have been in virtually every game since black ops 2 man. This being said we already know that they degrade the competitive nature of Call of Duty in a pro setting.

          • Carl Boisvert

            The thing is people wouldn’t be happy neither if the ban and protect was always going the same way. That’s what’s happening in Arena right now. UAV’s are always ban, six sense, vision pulse. It’s just that if it’s always ban, it’s not fun to watch either.

            Protect and ban is suppose to give you the opportunity to ban or protect stuff that will make the game harder or easier for your team. It’s suppose to be game changer. But it isnt because everybody has to ban those thing for the reason stated earlier: “Kinda kills the need for good strategies if you can just see the enemy pinged on your map.” Or see them coming in your back with six sense.

            My opinion only.

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          This whole game was made for competitive. It makes no sense to cater to minorities like competitive and sniping clans. That’s what will kill this franchise.

        • jooker-jr

          But in public, you don’t play for 1 million prize poll, if let’s say in the finals someone called a care package and got the highest kill streak and won the league, will you say : this team won because of skill? No.

          And UAVs are banned since the beginning of cod eSport, and in bo3, players ban ALL THE TIME, so it should be banned from the beginning.

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    Truth #2: ScOott doesn’t like nutella.

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      Pfft. What an fagit.

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        don’t ever call me an fagit again, I helped bring sweg to c.i ples respekt ma authoratarrr..

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    • I love this guest.

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  • guys where can we watch esports now? Did MLG gett the rights again? cos i cant find casted scrims anywhere etc like they use to have on mlgcod on youtube

    • RaideR

      none of us know some prosare on twitch some pros are on though

  • Mario Rivera

    I liked combine hardpoint in competitive, think its one of the more exciting maps to watch from a viewer perspective

  • Optic Prick

    No Team Potato this year?

  • nammion

    Treyarch should have made a whole mercenary section and Playlist instead of this arena b.s. and mercenary moshpit. Nobody wants to be in the esport initiative or play a game with random modes. There’s only 1% of the population on mercenary moshpit when back in the cod 4/waw days mercenary tdm had more players than domination