During the PlayStation Experience Keynote, Activision and PlayStation announced that PlayStation will be sponsoring and supporting the Call of Duty World League for all of 2016, assisting Activision with events and funding the $3 million prize pool.

Today we’re also excited to announce that PlayStation will be the presenting partner of the Call of Duty World League, which began on Friday with pre-season qualifier events in Los Angeles, Cologne, and Sydney. Teams from all over the world are competing all weekend long to earn their spot in the inaugural season of the Call of Duty World League and a chance at the $3 million prize pool.

Sony is proud to announce, in addition to being the home of Call of Duty eSports, PlayStation is now the Presenting Partner of the Call of Duty World League. The Call of Duty World League is a new global eSports league for Pros and Amateurs with more than $3million in total prize money available, co-funded by Activision and Sony. The first Pre-Season Qualifiers have kicked off around the world, check out the latest at www.callofduty.com/cwl. We can’t wait for all the action to heat up.

SOURCE: Activision

  • ccrows

    First… 😉

    • Juses

      Cum oen maen, wen weel yew lern?
      Yew cunt be an fagit durun Chrustmas

      • ccrows

        Driver picks the radio station.

        Driver ALWAYS picks the radio station, and FIRST just happens to be in the radio ATM… 😉

      • So am I still a “fagit”? Or do I get an exception this month? I do have the santa hat! 😛

        • Juses

          Unley un Chrustmas dey yew weel nut b an fagit, noe wun es an fagit un Chrustmas.

          • Thank you Juses! I will not disappoint you.

  • Fucking hell PlayStation are going all in, kind of happy now that they have the partnership tbh.. even being the Xbox fanboy I am. Opens unlimited opportunities for Call of Duty.
    Can see a fantastic year ahead for competitive along with casual play.

    • ccrows

      OK, and it’s not like XB1 owners have it so bad since they get OG BO for BW Compatibility this month.

      It’s a good time to be either a XB1 or PS4 owner… 🙂

      • ItzSikh

        yh but not a lot play bo1 unless im wrong

        • ccrows

          Look at it like this. When it first comes out, it’s gonna have a great pop due to everyone wanting to have a OG BO nostalgia fix.

          ^ Sure that’s gonna eventually taper off over time, but you’ll (at the very least) be able to play TDM – especially since there’s some hardcore Xbox 360 people that have stayed with that game.

          On top of that, worst case scenario, waaay down the road you can still revisit any map you want with bots for your Cold War/Vietnam map fix…:)

          • Smayo

            I’m actually looking more forward to playing BO1 again on my xbox one then I’m doing for the new maps for BO3 :/

        • jordanxbrookes

          Lots of players still play Black Ops including me. Last night there were over 25k online for 360. I say that’s quite a lot for a 5-year old game.

          • ItzSikh

            well its now backwards compatible so guessing at least 100k online

          • jordanxbrookes

            It will be on the 11th I believe. Doubt Black Ops would ever reach 100k players again, but would be very pleased if it did happen so I can play the less played modes like Sabotage and Headquarters.

          • ItzSikh

            well 5 more days and i’m hooked back on CoD instead of Destiny

  • Ryumoau

    I thought they already stated this awhile but its still cool to hear.

  • ◀Akame▶

    Holy shit more stuff happen when Vahn is in charge. He does Call of Duty great and then everybody supports him.

  • Logic Chief

    They had to switch partnership/dlc over to sony at the worst time. I feel for all the people that used to be on ps3 for past many years then once next gen came out seen the chance to change over to xb1 just for dlc early then for them to change it over to sony. And yet again have to wait for dlc again for many years as buying another console is way too much.

    • ShadWolf115

      Sadly, I’m one of those people…

  • Show N Prove


  • ItzSikh

    Hey CI nice new web interface.

  • spartanelite

    And that’s why I’m not watching it GG to who ever win’s