Treyarch has released a new patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and (as of Dec 15) PC; the new patch is version number 1.04.

The patch brings support for the new Call of Duty Points feature. Learn more about Call of Duty Points here.

This update includes: a Quick Join feature in menus to let you join your friends that are also online, see items that you have recently acquired from the Black Market, burn duplicate items from the Black Market for more Cryptokeys, save custom game settings, updates to Arena, and added three brand new secondary special weapons, which can be unlocked via earning in the Black Market: the wrench, the butterfly knife, and the brass knuckles.

Patch Notes (notes for all platforms; platform specific changes marked specifically): 


Introducing COD Points

  • Introduction of COD Points currency. COD Points (CP) are now available for purchase through the in-game Store. COD Points are an in-game currency that can be used to obtain Rare Supply Drops in the Multiplayer Black Market and Liquid Divinium for use in Dr. Monty’s Factory in Zombies. As a bonus to get started, all players will be awarded 200 COD Points, which can be used right away!

Extra Slots Pack Now Available

  • Extra Slots Pack increases the number of customizable Create-A-Class slots to 10 sets of slots, and significantly expands media storage and showcase storage by more than 3 times the number of slots for Emblems, Paintjobs, Gunsmith Variants, Screenshots, Films, and Custom Games.
  • Players can now purchase the Extra Slots Pack using COD Points. In Create-A-Class, simply cycle through the new Class Sets menu to gain access to the option to purchase.

C.O.D.E. Warriors Personalization Pack

  • The C.O.D.E. Warriors Personalization Pack includes 3 reticles, Calling Card and custom weapon camo. All profits from the Personalization Pack sales will go towards the Call of Duty Endowment’s support for organizations that prepare veterans to reenter the job market. Offer only available in select regions.


Black Market

  • Recently Acquired
    • Players are now able to review the last 25 unique items received through the Black Market.
    • Items are tagged with a timestamp and duplicate items are noted.
  • Burn Duplicates
    • Players are able to burn all duplicate Black Market Contraband in exchange for Cryptokeys. More Cryptokeys are rewarded for exchanging duplicates of higher rarities.
  • Trade Again
    • Players are now able to exchange COD Points or Cryptokeys directly from the Supply Drop results screen without having to go back to the Black Market dealer. Simply highlight and select the option to the left of the item rewards under the Trade Again label.
  • Black Market in Game Lobbies
    • Players are now able to access the Black Market from Multiplayer game lobbies, allowing players to exchange COD Points or Cryptokeys for Supply Drops before and after matches.
    • If Players are in the process of opening a Supply Drop as a match begins, the menu screen will close but content is still awarded. Players can view items earned through Supply Drops from the Recently Acquired menu option in the Black Market.
  • Rare Supply Drop Tuning
    • As always, Rare Supply Drops guarantee at least one Rare or better item.
    • Opening a Rare Supply Drop now has slightly better odds of receiving Legendary and Epic items than the equivalent of opening three Common Supply Drops.
    • Guaranteed to receive a bonus reward with each Rare Supply Drop.
    • Rare Supply Drops now guarantee at least one item related to Specialists or Weapons including the following:
      • Specialists
        • Specialist Themes [Rare, Legendary, Epic]
        • Taunts [Legendary]
        • Gestures [Rare]
      • Weapons
        • Melee Weapons [Legendary]
        • Cosmetic Attachment Variants [Legendary]
        • Reticles [Rare]
        • Camos [Legendary, Epic]
  • New Melee Weapons
    • Players have a chance of acquiring the following Legendary melee weapons from Supply Drops:
      • Butterfly Knife
      • Wrench
      • Brass Knuckles


  • Theater editing suite added. This includes the following modes:
    • Basic
      • Create shot using the basic replay functionality.
      • Screenshot functionality has been added.
    • Director
      • Create epic shot using animated dolly camera.
    • Object Link
      • Attach the camera to Scorestreaks, Lethals, and Tacticals.
    • Timeline Editor
      • Add dynamic lights to the map to enhance your shot.
    • Highlight Reel
      • An auto-generated clip based off of the player’s recent games.


  • Quick Join option added to the Multiplayer Main Menu. This allows Players to party-up with any eligible Players on their Friends List who are currently playing Black Ops III.
  • Multiplayer Music option in the Audio menu now allows players to preview music samples and change the music heard when playing Multiplayer.
  • Custom Games functionality has been expanded. Support has been added for official Custom Game Variants as well as saving Custom Games.
  • Fixed an error that would occasionally occur when returning to the Multiplayer Lobby after completing a match or entering/exiting the Arena Lobby.
  • Fix for slow game load on some machines when vsync is enabled [PC only]
  • Performance optimizations [PC only]
  • Various bug fixes [PC only]

General Gameplay

  • XP earn rate increased for Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, Capture the Flag, Safeguard, Demolition, and Free-For-All.
  • Increased rate at which Cryptokeys are earned.
  • Players no longer get points for killing teammates with the Satellite Drone in Uplink, when Friendly-Fire is enabled in Custom Games.
  • Players will no longer spawn at the same point in Free-For-All if there are more than 8 players in a Custom Match.
  • Fixed an issue where the tinted full screen effect would remain after the player had exited the Hardened Sentry.
  • Improved the Dart Scorestreak’s ability to lock onto enemy targets.
  • Fixed a start spawn issue with Free-For-All where waiting to select a class could spawn the Player behind other Players.
  • Improved enemy spawns during Gun Game and Free-For-All.
  • Players who join a Free-For-All or Gun Game match in-progress will not have a loss recorded if they do not place in the Top 3.
  • Addressed an issue where Players would get disconnected from Gun Game if they joined a match in-progress.
  • Players will now be kicked for inactivity if idling in Gun Game.


  • General
    • Reduced Specialist earn rate over time in objective game modes.
  • Reaper
    • Scythe
      • Reduced earn rate.


  • General
    • When entering Weapon Prestige with a MAX level weapon that is equipped in Custom Classes, the Attachments now properly get reset.
  • Submachine Guns
    • Kuda
      • Increased recoil control.
    • Weevil
      • Increased recoil control.
    • Razorback
      • Increased recoil control.
      • Increased damage range.
    • Vesper
      • Reduced damage range.
    • VMP
      • Reduced aim down sight speed.
      • Reduced hip fire accuracy.
  • Assault Rifles
    • KN-44
      • Increased recoil control.
    • HVK-30
      • Increased recoil control.
    • ICR-1
      • Increased recoil control.
      • Reduced hip fire accuracy.
      • Fixed an issue with the reload animation when a certain magazine was equipped.
    • Man-O-War
      • Increased recoil control.
    • XR-2
      • Reduced movement speed.
    • M8A7
      • Reduced fire rate.
  • Shotguns
    • KRM-262
      • Increased damage, it will now be a maximum 2 shot kill.
    • 205 Brecci
      • Increased damage range.
    • Haymaker 12
      • Increased damage range.
  • Light Machine Guns
    • Dingo
      • Increased movement speed while firing.
      • Increased recoil control.
    • 48 Dredge
      • Reduced fire rate.
  • Pistols
    • MR6
      • Increased movement speed.
    • RK5
      • Increased movement speed.
      • Reduced damaged range.
    • L-CAR 9
      • Increased movement speed.
      • Reduced damage.
      • Reduced hip fire accuracy.
  • Special
    • In-game melee weapon flourish and inspect animations added.
      • Flourish animations can be triggered by pressing the Use/Reload button with any melee weapon equipped.
      • Inspect animations can be triggered by pressing and holding the ADS button with any melee weapon equipped.
  • Attachments
    • Supressor
      • Increased damage range.
    • Laser Sight
      • Increased hip fire accuracy on Assault Rifles and Light Machine Guns.
    • Fast Mags
      • Increased reload speed.
    • Rapid Fire
      • Changed to increase the fire rate and not the burst delay on burst weapons.
    • Dual Wield
      • Reduced movement speed.
      • Reduced switch weapon speed.
  • Equipment
    • Concussion
      • Reduced stun time.
  • Perks
    • Overclock
      • Increased earn rate.
    • Ante Up
      • Increased starting bonus toward Scorestreaks.
    • Hard Wired
      • Increased effectiveness against enemies who have Sixth Sense equipped.


  • General
    • Aerial Scorestreaks must be within a minimum distance from the map before locking onto them with a Launcher.
  • HC-XD
    • Increased explosive damage.
  • UAV
    • Increased base health.
  • Counter-UAV
    • Increased base health.
  • Dart
    • Increased explosive damage for collision explosion.
    • Reduced minimum speed.
    • Handling tuning.
    • Fixed an issue where the Dart was not locking onto enemy players.
  • Lightning Strike
    • Increased speed of payload delivery after target selection.
  • Hellstorm
    • Increased explosive damage of cluster bomblets.
  • Cerebus
    • Increased missiles required to destroy by 1.
    • Increased EMP Grenades required to destroy by 1.
  • Rolling Thunder
    • Increased explosive radius per drone.
    • Increased explosive damage per drone.
    • Increased health per drone.
    • Added 4 pairs of drones.
  • Talon
    • Increased damage when AI controlled.
  • Wraith
    • Increased base health.
    • Fixed an issue where the Flak Drone would not intercept incoming missiles.
  • R.A.P.S.
    • Increased missiles required to destroy Deploy Ship by 1.
    • Increased health per drone.
    • Increased explosive damage per drone.
  • G.I. Unit
    • Increased number of War Machine hits required to destroy.
    • Increased duration of G.I. Unit.
    • Increased recovery speed when stunned by an EMP grenade.
  • Mothership
    • Increased missiles required to destroy by 2.
    • Increased explosive bullet damage for owner turret.
    • Increased projectile speed of missiles for owner turret.


  • Hunted
    • Addressed an exploit where players were able to mantle to an unintended area on top of a waterfall.
  • Aquarium
    • Fixed an exploit where players were able to mantle and reach a non-playable area.
  • Combine
    • Changing Hardpoint rotation for gameplay balancing.
    • Fixed an exploit involving the Dart Scorestreak and one of the building walls.
  • Evac
    • Fixed an exploit where players were able to contest the center Hardpoint from outside the Hardpoint boundaries.


  • Adding Power Rating when reaching Arena Masters rank.
  • Added support for displaying restricted item warnings.
  • Addressed an issue where players were able to ban or protect multiple items.
  • Leaving any time after ban/protect or draft in Pro-Series will result with the player losing a star.
  • Leaving before the match ends in Moshpit will count as a loss and the player will lose a star.
  • If the player has 0 stars for their current rank, they will not lose any stars. This applies to Pro-Series and Moshpit.
  • If the Player completes a match with a win/loss/draw, the correct stars are now awarded.
  • Players now properly receive losses when playing Search & Destroy in Arena.


  • Kill Feed colors will no longer swap when a CODcaster switches between players on opposing teams.
  • Fixed an issue where teams would occasionally be swapped on the Round Win and Game Win screens.
  • Addressed an issue in Uplink where the Satellite Drone would show an incorrect ‘Away’ tag when switching to the other team’s perspective.
  • Fixed issues with incorrect team coloring on the minimap.
  • Outcome will now show the winning team’s name.
  • Death icons will now be colored by team.
  • CODcaster will no longer be affected by EMP grenades.
  • CODcaster will now show clantags.


  • Fixed an issue where Concussion Grenades, Flashbang Grenades, and Trip Mines weren’t properly getting tracked for Challenges.
  • Updated Challenges for new Black Market melee weapons.

My Showcase

  • File-share support added for Custom Games, Screenshots, and Edited Films.


Dr. Monty’s Factory

  • Be sure to check out Dr. Monty’s Factory in the Zombies game mode lobby. You can use your vials of Liquid Divinium earned in Zombies mode to create GobbleGums by placing vials in the vats. GobbleGums are one-time use perks for Zombies mode and come in multiple rarities which have varying effects on your Zombies match. Use one vial to create one GobbleGum or experiment with two or three vials at a time for more GobbleGums and better odds at getting a Rare Mega GobbleGum, an Ultra-Rare Mega GobbleGum or a Special Sphere!


  • Addressed an issue with Weapon Kits when reaching Prestige in Zombies.

Shadows of Evil

  • Addressed exploits in the Shadows of Evil map.
  • Addressed various areas where zombies would not path to players.
  • The Dark Ops challenges should now unlock properly when reaching Prestige and completing the final Easter Egg.
  • Fixed an issue involving an active Level 2 Ghost Sword and the KN-44 wall-buy in the Footlight District.

The Giant

  • Addressed exploits in The Giant map.
  • Addressed various areas where zombies would not path to players.



  • Addressed split screen issues and general bugs.



  • Nightmares will be unlocked for all players by default and will be selectable from the main menu, listed below Zombies.
  • Addressed split screen issues and general bugs.

SOURCE: PS4, Xbox One, PC

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  • Linkas

    Butterfly knife? wow csgo has huge inpact on this game

    • RebornAngel666

      No it doesnt

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      Didn’t know CSGO invented the butterfly knife.

      There’s a wrench and brass knuckles too! it looks like car mechanics and the mafia have had a huge impact on this game as well!

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        ????? I applaud you sir!

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  • CAMP_StealeZ

    This is a very nice update! Thanks to Charlie Intel and @STyL3RzZ

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    Guessing xbox will get them a month later?

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      I am on Playstation, so I don’t know. Sorry mate ^^

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        Me too, asking before i tell my friend that theres now knives in supply Drops.

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    Yes I’m on ps4. Downloading update. And I’ll check it out everything

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      I have already do it.

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    I hope I don’t have to wait too long for this update to hit Xbox One :/

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      1 month? i thought that was just for dlcs not updates

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        I think weapons for AW were like that, can’t remember though. It’ll suck to have to wait that long.

        • lunator100hd .

          Yep, weapons were like that.

        • Ken Engelborghs

          Now you know how it feels,
          I had to wait a month for playing the new zombies maps on ps3 bo1 and bo2.

          • banerising

            I started playing more and more games, it bugs me a bit, but I can wait.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Normally updates come out later on in the day for the other systems, which is why I don’t want to have to wait too long.

        • bird

          these types of updates were definitely a month behind for PS4 on AW, so i’m assuming it will be a while for xbox :'(

          • Duty Calls

            I don’t think so. These “Call of Duty Points” are available on december 15th on the Xbox One Store. So I’d say you get the update today or tomorrow. What kind of bullshit is this? Waiting for game updates? Exclusivity deals are bullshit, no matter where the exclusivity lies.

          • bird

            I agree, but i’m pretty sure title updates were delayed on PS4/PC in advanced warfare, so i’m a bit concerned.

          • Duty Calls

            This isn’t the first update, or is it? The last update came roughly at the same time for other platforms so I don’t see why this update should get delayed?

          • bird

            I have no idea, just remembering hearing all the PS4 players being mad about having to wait for weapons tuning patches, new guns, etc. Not sure if that was totally a Sledgehammer call or an activision call, just assuming the latter

        • We at PlayStationNation had to wait a month before things like this came in AW, so I suppose the same is happening here

    • RebornAngel666

      No one cares about xb1

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        I would assume everyone playing on XB1 cares about XB1

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          Fuck them too

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        False. I am on PS4, but I hope they get this update sooner than later

        • jordanxbrookes

          Thankyou 🙂

          • KK5

            It is stupid to have these deals, it only hurts the consumer

        • Stealthninja808

          Thanks, ? timed exclusivity is b.s.. I paid the same amount of money why should I wait for content?

          • shadowguy14

            Because you got it first for years. It’s PlayStations turn now.

          • Ken Engelborghs

            Hell yeah
            I hated to wait a month for playing the zombies maps on ps3 bo1 and bo2

          • KK5

            Agreed, it only hurts the consumer

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        You don’t care about Xbox One, I and many others do.

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      Ps4 all the way baby lol

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      No need to wait, it’s already here!

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    Wow, is this the earliest that they have added DLC? (Not including Day 1 DLC) GG, Treyarch

  • Ryumoau

    I love that we can now trade duplicate items for cryptokeys. 🙂

    • VAQnotVAG

      Yea no kidding! Nothing like waiting forever and getting the same three things you already had!

    • Tsaki

      Yeah. I got in and had 67 Cryptokeys to trade.

    •  naTe

      I got 204 🙂

    • Michael Luthanen

      You can trade back?

  • lunator100hd .

    Did they patch anything important, like combine being able to be played 10 times in a row or matchmaking issues when you play with party?

    • banerising

      Lol I hate playing maps over and over. I finish a match on one map and see it see again up for votes or no one picks anything while I’m afk and we play the same map.

    • Spook

      Glad I’m not the only one annoyed by this. Treyarch are dimmer than a 2 Watt bulb.

    • Ken Engelborghs

      Same here, i like the map but 100 times in a row … Com on Treyarch

    • jameshoffman8144

      You can also just back out and get a new lobby why dont you complain about quickscoping.

  • NeonPhyzics

    supply credits finally make it to COD! !

  • Anvil

    Well what do you know, Treyarch actually made Supply Credits a reality. Now I just need to wait 30 days for it, but hey who cares, I’m just the feature was added either way.

    • armedpoop

      Its going live tomorrow on all platforms

  • Thomas the Tank(no)swag

    Got wrench in first supply drop. There is now also recticles in supply drops and new camos.

    • Bmeowmix

      Also new specialist outfits and (maybe) taunts

    • Anvil

      What new camos are there? I’m an Xbox One User and I really like to know what kind of camos are there if they are in this update.

      • Jeff Packmann

        its hard to figure out unless you got every single black market camo drop

      • Thomas the Tank(no)swag

        Dust i think is a new one, i dont recognise it. Theres defo more slots in the black market camo place.

  • Underdog BO1 FTW!

    wow PC cod is really bad… we’re 3/4 updates behind and you guys got this. Fuck PC, I’m going to buy a PS4

    • Jeff Packmann

      maybe, but on pc, you get a better framerate, better graphics, servers that have more settings like games that last longer instead of just 75 kills..

      • Underdog BO1 FTW!

        i hate games that ends longer that it should be.

    • Ken Engelborghs

      Smart move man ;)))

    • armedpoop

      Thats a dumb idea, unless all you play is cod. and its not like this update will never come out for you, it should be dropping today or tomorrow for xb1 and pc.

      • Titsmcgee

        on x1 now

    • Vikerii

      You won’t regret it. That’s what I did last year. Never looked back. Earlier updates and plenty of lobbies.

    • Auz

      But but, modding…

      • Underdog BO1 FTW!

        i don’t really cares about mod. if it’s good then i will like it

  • If Xbox doesn’t have to wait a month for the update, I’ll be pissed. On ps4, We had to wait a month for EVERYTHING on AW.

    • Shantzonpoint

      Wow…..seriously dude? You had to wait a month for a patch on the PS4? Funny cause I sure don’t remember that. Get over yourself.

      • Austin Michael Titus

        yeah, some patches in aw took a month to come out on ps4, that didnt involve dlc at all

    • I really feel bad that PS had to wait, but that’s no reason to wish that on XB1 players, it’s not our fault. It would be nice if we all got the updates, dlc, etc. at the same time.

  • improvise5

    Did it save all the duplicates we already got so we can trade those in or is it just any dups from here on out?

    • Ken Engelborghs

      Yepp , they do.
      I trade mine in and got 285 keys.

      • Sasha

        LOL SHIT

  • Twiisp

    is it coming to PC?

    • Auz

      waiting along side with you…

  • JfB

    Lol call of counter strike? Since the update my knife flips like in csgo

    • Underdog BO1 FTW!

      nah. gaben and treyarch did a trade. 3arch gave them annihilator (r8 revolver)

  • Roadrunner

    They’ve altered the matchmaking!! They’ve defo added more SBMM

    • Lad

      there is no skill based matchmaking in BO3. Matchmaking is entirely connection based, Vondy has confirmed

      • Mag

        Agree.. Matchmaking is all about latency and being near the host.. That sucks.. Treyrach should provide the host location prior match start so we can leave and wait until more closer players join the game

  • Slothigans

    I want that butterfly knife

  • Slothigans

    Holy fuck did you guys know they added 1000 levels?! After prestige master you can unlock prestige icons from ALL of treyarchs games. Also cod points are back and so much more this is insane.


      yeah i’ve seen people who are level 60

  • Toby Lesley

    Hey Treyarch how about fixing this flinching trash? Tired of people shooting at my toes only for my bullets to their chest causing them to flinch into headshots

  • XtremeK1ll3r

    Maybe SBMM doesn’t exist in this game , but for some fucking reason , ALL MY TEAMMATES ARE RETARDED , they do a 5-25 , while the other team aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalways do a 30-5 every fucking person. Anyone has the same problem? The retard team goes with you and the “pro” team it’s the enemy?

    • Myst Ls

      I totally have this problem too. I’ll lead my team like 95% of the time when my teammates for example go 3-14…

      • neural_physics

        Same lmao isn’t it annoying xD

    • Raaayos

      me too

    • Dan B

      Yes! The teams are horribly unbalanced in this game much more often than not. This game needs SBMM badly!

      • Austin Michael Titus

        doesnt need sbmm, just better team balancing.

    • justincredible1

      That’s why you need to play in a party of 6 like the other team is most likely doing

      • XtremeK1ll3r

        Nope , this needs the balance who IW give to their games , all the cod games i played from IW , repeat , ALL , haved incredible connection and very good teammates and enemies , dont know why treyarch did this

  • Anvil

    Hey Keshav patch is available on Xbox One as well!

  • Angel Garcia

    Did they finally update the dark matter camo for xb1? If they add a pay for cool gear system before updating the dark matter camo I will lose my shit. Lol.

  • Myst Ls

    Go download on Xbox One now people!

    • neural_physics

      I’m satisfied that I didn’t have to wait a month for this tiny update lmao

  • asrdfuse

    was the kuda buffed? does anyone agree? Fire rate maybe…

    • dan

      I read that they cut down recoil for the kuda and weevil – I haven’t tried them out yet.

  • Mario Rivera

    Still no patch notes? Damn 3arch

    • Kobrah

      They’re up now

      • Mario Rivera

        I see lol

  • Black

    Can we save custom game settings for offline multiplayer ?

  • Ryan

    New gobble gums call special spheres?

    • Bmeowmix

      I think the “special spheres” are the x2 and the extra vial that you sometimes get

  • just_banter

    Hopefully they change the algorithms that pick teams. The current one seems to really enjoy chucking in with the handicapped squad.

  • Deadly Ed

    Hoping silencers are actually usable on SMG’s and AR’s now.

    The horrendous TTK in this game has forced me to go back to HC. They really need to fix the connection issues and the terrible spawns.

  • C0ug4rb41t

    Still no fix to the H.A.T.R. in HC modes – no UAV no HUD

  • Bounc Scott Voice

    I bought a bunch of credits earlier today but they still dont show up in-game… any fixes?

  • sion

    Too bad they can’t patch stupid teammates

  • Thomas Batham

    wow they did not fix the thing when you start on codcaster and then change team it crashes the game!!!

  • tuby

    the VMP get a big nerf LOL.
    no team balancing update. Get tired of lead my team each time…

  • Cat hunter

    anyone know if the bonus melee weapons will have to be made diamond for dark matter? or is it just the original ones.

    • Kallai Dresen

      I hope they aren’t then it will just be based on luck to get them

      • Cat hunter

        If they are I’m done with the dark matter grind

  • Hunter

    Idk about you guys but lately Iv been feeling like I’ve been getting into easier lobbies. Either I got better at the game or they did some secrecy patch to the matchmaking. I really really want them to buff the hellstorm though. It’s still weak as fuck. It needs to be like it was in bo2.

  • Michael Luthanen

    Can you trade back something from black market back for crypto keys? How

  • Ninjameat

    How big is the update in gb’s!?

  • Brandon Seeley

    So we were supposed to get 200 free points from what the message said…how do we get

    • Kallai Dresen

      it should be automatically added to your account after you download the update





  • Eddie Tupy

    im on pc and i cant seem to figure out how to do the flourish…

    • iSindre

      I had to connect a X1 controller to get it working…

      • Eddie Tupy

        nah i figured it out you have to change the binding cfg file for +usereload to ‘r’ instead of the default +reload

        • iSindre

          Cheers mate. Worked 🙂