With the launch of Call of Duty Points in Black Ops 3, Treyarch has added the ability to buy extra slots pack; the Extra Slots pack gives players 10 sets of slots in Create-A-Class, expands media storage and showcase storage by more than 3 times the number of slots for Emblems, Paintjobs, Gunsmith Variants, Screenshots, Films, and Custom Games.

In order to acquire the Extra Slots, you can go to Create A Class in multiplayer, and then scroll to the right (R1 on PS4, RB on Xbox One) and the option to buy appears. It costs 300 Call of Duty Points to buy it.

  • ScOott

    Furst again! Mi sweg level es soo hi ryt now

    • ItzSikh

      erhm mai gud!

  • Koolz

    Seems like a fair price.

  • CoDforever

    why do they gotta these useless microtransactions ..

  • banerising

    I get the extra classes cost money but the other things like films/screenshots/customgames should just be unlimited. That seems really weird.

    • Heaven

      Not really, or are you forgetting how much it costs to keep all the servers running when people upload like 1m+ videos. Those videos will take a huge dump on the servers. Same goes for screenshots and custom games, although at a much lower rate due to them being smaller in size.

      • BHCMax

        screenshots and videos can be saved on locally on your own pc,

  • Scott

    Been waiting for them to drop this.

  • ccrows

    This is what I’ve been waiting for!

    Ever since Trey introduced this in BO2, this makes life easier to play with friends that like different game modes (AKA I’m not constantly remakes classes).

    Thank you Treyarch… 🙂

    • ben wills

      Or they could allow you to unlock in game you twat. Way to just throw free money away. Donate it to charity and don’t be such a piece of shit.

      • CoDforever

        why the fuck are you so pissed, are you butthurt? Did his comment actually make you that mad that you had to go and attack him?

        • Capten ermirica

          You lot are all total bumders? put your claws away girls it’s only a game?

          • Greasy Neckbeard

            le mastr trole right here folks

        • ben wills

          i like keeping people alive and not supporting shitty business practices. hes stupid as are you.

          • Matt64

            Oh my gawd. My iq dropped two points after reading this thread. Ugh.
            Btw. If u want more CAC slots and don’t want to spend money, u can always prestige and earn one. Stop bitching. It makes you look like a prick.

          • ben wills

            u dont even understand words u fucking moron

          • Thug Turf

            Did you complete high school?

          • ben wills

            lol xd you cant even understand english

          • Thug Turf

            I don’t say that with the intent of saying your spelling is bad, because as you said, it is still understandable. Your argument on the other hand has holes in it.

          • ben wills

            xD none of it

      • ccrows

        “You Twat”? “POS”? Really?

        Ummmm Yeah I do donate money to charity. Actually I made 3 (count them 3) separate types of donations today! True story too.

        Do me a favor bro, get off my D*** and mind your own business.

        ^ Especially when you don’t have a clue what type of person I am IRL…

        • CoDforever

          ” Especially when you don’t have a clue what type of person I am IRL”

          Couldnt have said it better bro, that guy had no right to hurl insults around and assume things, hell i wouldnt be surprised if you’ve donated more money than he ever would

          • ben wills

            ur in for a world on surprise you goof

            i didnt assume anything you idiot. he buys things and supports taking things from us and making us rebuy them. he said that it is established. i said we could take that money and give it to charity and have stuff that we already bought.

            get it? we already bought it and your okay with stealing from homeless people. jackass.

        • ben wills

          Some poor kid still doesn’t have a sweater because you decided to buy extra create a class slots that SHOULD BE IN THE GAME

          • CoDforever

            Some poor kid doesnt have food for a month since you spent $70 ON A VIDEO GAME

            seriously, you got some terrible logic ..

          • ben wills

            Sorry I’m considerate, think about others, and don’t support shitty practices. Thanks for being a detriment to humanity

          • CoDforever

            what made you think that ccrows doesnt think about others??

            and dont act like you’ve NEVER made a worthless purchase in your life that could have been better off given to charities ..

          • ben wills

            cuz i am supporting good business practices but he isnt so he is wasting money and giving it to the charity of eric “billionaire” hirshberg

          • Bmeowmix

            Funny. You bought a 60$ (or more) game that has been utilizing the same “shitty practices” for the past three years, yet HE is the one “wasting money” because he wants to do something for himself. That means, by your words, that you are just as big a scum, as well as a hypocrite.

            By your words, you bought the game, you bought the console/PC, you may pay online membership fees, controllers/input devices, mics/headsets, TVs/monitors, etc. If we value that at $800 dollars, then that’s $800 dollars that could’ve been used to fund an underprivileged familiy’s Christmas 🙁

          • ben wills

            no. i can get myself a product. that product shudent be stripped
            from me so i have to rebuy it which gets taken out of extra charity
            money. im saving u money. logic goes a long way porkchop.

            u do realize IM SAVING U MONEY. IM TRYING TO SAVE U MONEY. GOOD 4 U.


          • Bmeowmix

            It wasn’t stripped; micros are added in later. You aren’t losing out on anything, so don’t accuse them of stripping anything. If people want to “waste” money then its none of your business.

            You also aren’t saving anyone any money because now more people want to buy it just to spite you (I can name at least one)

          • ben wills

            i love throwing money down the toilet

          • CoDforever

            everytime you buy something your actually giving money to billionaire CEO’s, idiot ..

          • ben wills

            no idiot. i can get myself a product. that product shudent be stripped from me so i have to rebuy it which gets taken out of extra charity money. im saving u money. logic goes a long way porkchop.

          • Kyle G

            There’s so much wrong with your comments that I can’t cover everything without typing out a novel. You say shit like ” im still a better person for helping another person” and “Sorry I’m considerate, think about others, and don’t support shitty practices. Thanks for being a detriment to humanity” yet you belittle and insult everyone that does not think your way. You aren’t “helping homeless people” by acting like a self righteous faggot on the internet, less a CALL OF DUTY FORUM. You also aren’t doing shit just by donating pocket change to some random fucking charity or giving a free handout to some bum on the sidewalk.

          • ben wills

            im saving u money. logic goes a long way porkchop.

          • Deadly Ed

            Considerate? You’re being a prick. Stop trying to act all high and mighty. That money your mummy spent on your tv, console and games could go to a better cause, but it didn’t. So STFU 😉

          • ben wills

            better than spending money on something that shudda been in the game and wasting more money and supporting other people not giving money to charity

            u r dumb and not a smart person

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          • Deadly Ed

            I’m dumb? You type ‘U R’ instead of ‘You’re’. And “not a smart person” is the same as being dumb, moron.

            You are assuming i’m buying this extra content? I’m not. But you’re a self righteous prick. Go and give some pocket change to a hobbo, it doesn’t make you a better person if you try and brag about it 😉

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          • Deadly Ed

            As i have already stated, i am not buying this content. Learn how to read and write.

            How can i not understand it, if i corrected you on it? Think about that, mouth breather 😉

            And you have no idea what i chose to spend my money on,

          • ben wills

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          • Deadly Ed

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            There is nothing to “win”. You have completely missed my point. The only “argument” is how dumb and self obsessed you are, but the ironic thing is you’re too dumb to realise that.

            I suggest you actually go back and read my comments properly 😉

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            p.s. dont call someone moron when U R stupid

          • Deadly Ed

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            I think you don’t actually understand what the word stupid means.

            And i have said MANY times, i am not buying this content. Learn to read mouth breather!

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          • Deadpool

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          • Mkondrak

            I highly doubt you use the same logic. Im willing to bet that in the past 24 hours you bought something that could have been used to help some poor kid. You arent Mother Teresa and stop acting like one.

          • CoDforever

            I dont use the same fucking logic idiot, I was critiscizing his

          • Mkondrak

            I highly doubt you use the same logic. Im willing to bet that in the past 24 hours you bought something that could have been used to help some poor kid. You arent Mother Teresa and stop acting like one..

  • Starshooter428

    Is there any other way to get cod points?

    • Kobrah

      Not yet

    • Keshav Bhat

      Nope, only through purchasing it.

  • Why do they have to charge for something as basic as this? Most CoDs had this through prestige unlocks, which made the game all the more fun.

    • CoDforever

      I agree but technically you still get more classes for prestiging

    • Keshav Bhat

      Actually no. Extra Slots DLC has been a thing in Call of Duty since Black Ops 2 I believe. I know for sure Ghosts & AW had it.

  • RdJokr

    Great, now I don’t know what I should use my free 200 points on…

    • CoDforever

      You still need to buy another 200 point pack to get this

      • RdJokr

        Yeah, and I don’t intend to buy any more points. I made it clear since AW that I was only gonna spend money on the game and the season pass for map packs, and that’s it. So at this point, I’m not gonna spend even more cash on it.

        Guess I’ll use the 200 points on either one Rare supply drop, or 3 Liquid Divinium Vials in Zombies. Decisions, decisions…

        • i wouldn’t even waste cod points on Liquid Divinium. it’s just not beneficial. 200 cod points for 3 vials, just doesn’t make sense

          • RdJokr

            It’s not like it matters that much to me. But anyway, spent my 200 CP on a Supply Drop, and got a Poplock gesture for Prophet, so I guess it was a worthy purchase 🙂

  • CoDforever

    Anyone else think that 200 CP = 200 cryptokeys? Turns out its only 30 cryptokeys ..

  • Hanzou Urushihara

    they give us 200 CP and the extra slot’s price is 300CP :))

    • Odin

      A grim reminder of Destiny with its silver system.

  • Digital_Veil_

    Extra slot is the only micro-DLC I ever buy for COD, and I do it very begrudgingly. There’s no goddamn reason they can’t just give us all 50-100 slots right from the get-go, but Activision’s money-grubbing knows no bounds

    Extra CAC slots have always been $2. Now it has gone up to $3 for no good reason. Conveniently they increase it to $3 right after they give you 200CP so that you STILL have to pay $2 on top of your free points to get it. Not even gonna bite this year. Ridiculous.

    • Kobrah

      But I want to make more Paintjobs! I might have to give in

    • Fuckroundgetsmoked

      Its basically $4 cause you can only buy 200 points at a time

  • Mick

    Lol I didn’t even get the 200 free cod points. Thanks Treyarch ? :/

  • Deadly Ed

    I don’t need 10 classes, let alone 100. Who the hell needs more than 10 classes?!

    • Baldmanz_RAGE

      I agree. Advance warfare had this but all when all your create a classes reset after prestiging it is even more worthless!!!

      • Before match stars and u choose custom class like the whole screen cannot handle 100 in 1 size

  • FiddleShock

    Gives us 200 CP

    Extra Slots is 300

    Nice bait Activision.

  • WhiskeyDick

    Why haven’t they made the common supply drops purchasable by cod points?! I have 100cp I can’t use on anything now lol

  • Ghost

    I hope there’s a way to earn 100 CP to get those extra classes. I never did and never will pay for micro-transactions!

  • Deadpool

    With the way its word its not very clear if this means you can save more paintjobs, does anyone know if it increases to paintjob cap above 30?

    • hi

      “3 times the regular amount”

      10×3 equals 30.
      So it’s probably 30 or more.

  • Boelotje

    But what if you’re prestige 5 and already have 10 slots, do you get another 10 slots or do you just waste your points?

    • it is 10 sets so like u said u unlock 10 slots for each set and there are 10 sets so like 100 custom class

  • https://kissanime.to/Anime/Eu

    I got it, it’s a fucking piece of shit… Pay for extra slots but you can’t even use them when you play, as in I can’t go in between which class set I want

  • AriiSe

    I can’t access these extra create a class slots within a custom game even after editing all classes within the custom game lobby. Help!