New personalization items have arrived at the Black Market. Exchange your Cryptokeys and Call of Duty Points for a chance at new character customizations, weapon camos, melee weapons, and more!
The new Black Market items are available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

  • Guywithbrains

    Awesome! Those new camouflages and skins look great!

  • ScOott

    I’ve got that gold/red camo on nearly all my guns, when ever I get a rare camo I know it’s going to be that one!

  • All the new ones look sick! I also finally was able to get my hands on the Disqus beta app and it’s pretty cool.

    • Kyle Soule

      Nice. Do you know if this is on Android or if it’s coming to Android at a later date?

      • I am unsure about that. I just got invited for the IOS beta and that’s why I have it.

        • Kyle Soule

          OK can you let me know if you here any news about it coming to Android? Also, how did you get invited if you don’t mind me asking?

          • I got an email from Disqus asking if I’d like to participate in the beta. It was a TestFlight invitation. TestFlight is the platform Apple uses to download beta apps without needing the App Store. So basically I just got a special link for my Apple ID to download the beta via TestFlight.

          • Kyle Soule

            That’s cool. Hopefully it launches for everyone soon . Did they just launch the beta?

          • Within the last month as far as I’m aware. They verify the invites manually and that’s why it took awhile for me to get the app.

  • lotterry

    too bad the mp sucks

  • That No-Name Dude

    Think from the beginning that BO3 was going team fortress 2-ish with specialists and fashionable items as micro transactions, but these weapons just are a hint more! D:

  • Bacon

    I wished the audio was this good in the actual game.

  • Thomas the Tank(no)swag

    Pay to win incoming…

    • Gooby

      If there is gonna be pay to win or weapon variants I’m gonna cry!

      • Thomas the Tank(no)swag

        Good. I want pay to win now.

  • ◀Akame▶

    I wish I had Black Ops 3 and a PS4 🙁

    • Frag Wall

      CoD was never good on consoles because of the FoV.

      • ◀Akame▶

        I don’t know about that, but I wonder why you’re here.

        • Frag Wall

          Reading articles and commenting.

          • ◀Akame▶

            I thought COD wasn’t good? Yet you’re here.

  • Daniel Ireland

    Yaaaaaaay more cartoony-ness!

  • Kopperh34d


  • Any one wanna explain where my free 2000 Cod points are?

    • Ed

      200. And if you go to the black market after the update, you havd them, or spent them already.

      • Ed, I already got the update and saw the whole CP thing in game but I never got the points.

        Also, I meant 200. I must of typed a extra zero and didn’t realize it, sorry.

  • zack

    i got the “gem” camo for the combat knife. Closest ill ever get to black matter.

  • RDDAMAN819

    These look pretty good. Im glad these supply drops are a little more balanced than AW. I liked AW’s system but this doesnt really have a pay to win feel to it

  • jooker-jr

    The first 3 kills are funny 🙂