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We’re happy to announce that our Call of Duty Black Ops 3 JUGGERNOG EDITION #CIGIVEAWAY is underway! We’ve been lucky enough to obtain a LOT of Black Ops 3 Juggernog Editions as you can see from the picture above and wanted to share them with our fans for all their amazing support. To start out, we have an equal number of Playstation 4 and Xbox One editions so this set of winners will be able to choose. This is just the start, we’ll be running more giveaways throughout the comming weeks… Good luck!

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-Charlie INTEL Team

  • Acadius Alexander

    Modern Warfare 2 was my favorite Call Of Duty. It was addicting with the fun map designs and the simple kill streaks.

  • David Carcedo

    Black Ops 1. Ballistic knife, Crossbow… Anything more to say?

  • Jason

    Black Ops 2 because it had the best competitive features and playlists

  • Kwinten Verzele

    MW3 with 16 maps it never was boring to play

  • dbo5666

    Blacks ops 1 by far. Has some of my favorite maps in firing range and summit, and really like the wager/money system the game had.

  • Rockies (Brice)

    Black Ops 1, because of the perfectly balanced multiplayer, and the best zombies experience of all of call of dutys!

  • Tom Brunell

    Modern Warfare 2 by far. That was the one that really got me into the series. That campaign was just everything it needed to be and more

  • MercenaryToast

    My favorite COD is MW3 because of its basic call of duty style, no futuristic shit, not too hard, not too easy, just a chill game 🙂

  • MurkN101

    My favorite Call of Duty is Modern Warfare 2 because nothing will ever compare to the first game I ever played in the series and how much fun it was, even though I wasn’t very good at it back then. Haven’t missed a COD since and even went back and got the old ones.

  • Prophecii

    Mw2 was when I really fell in love with call of duty. The streaks were great and the guns were fun.

  • Andy

    World at War, by far. I’m a huge WWII history buff, so I’m a bit biased. From a gameplay point of view though I loved how dark and gritty World at War was. It was a perfect mix of serious setting and classic FPS action.

  • Jacob

    Black ops 1, because of nuketown.

  • Dawson Gremmels

    Call of duty world at war. The last ww2 cod and my 1st multiplayer cod.

  • Patrick Salinas

    Black ops 1 was my fav. I like all the maps that came with the game and it was my first zombie experience.

  • wesselhop

    AW, because of the swift movements and ability to have a sniping only gamemode.

  • Jai Rajkitkul

    Black Ops 1. Perfect maps, favorite guns, and the OG streaks.

  • RBuschyX

    Favorite Call of Duty is WAW! Canada is not over Seas, it’s not even over Lakes! Just land as far as the eyes can see! You could literally throw the package into Canada! Yup, I am Canadian. Good luck all who enter!

  • banerising

    MW2 was so great and the first game I actually practiced on to get better and better. There was nothing better than running around with nothing but a throwing knife. Still great even though there was boosting, glitches and was unbalanced lol

  • Heedr0

    My favorite is World at War because the atmosphere and sounds were amazing. World at War is also where zombies all started.

  • Ulysses Mendez

    My favorite call of duty would be Modern Warfare 3, because it was the first COD I owned and played.

  • Naruto348

    Black Ops 2 is my favorite, because it’s one of the first COD’s that I’ve played and it was fun with your friends. ?

  • Harrison Suffka

    Black Ops 1 because it was my first COD with zombies in it and I absolutely love the zombies mode in COD. Only reason I buy these now.

  • Austin

    Modern warfare 2 was my favorite because of the way the weapons felt (power and handling) and the bad ass map designs!

  • Travis Adair

    MW3, because it had the most maps and they were all diverse and played well. The guns were amazing and you had a lot to choose from and because of Face Off, that mode was amazing

  • Jacob Acklin

    Black ops 3, the new movement system was really good ads good gameplay, better than advanced warfare. Reminded me of black ops 2 gameplay wise loved it.

  • Mario Jakopovic

    Modern Warfare 2
    It had some of the best guns and maps ever in COD history and it was simple and is still fun to play

  • alexbegt

    Modern Warfare 2 was my favorite because I loved all the maps that were part of it, doing the special ops (<3) and rust… oh man all the sniping in the world on rust!

  • TheFrankopoulos

    Black ops 3 because I like how everyone has a different favorite weapon

  • Roy George

    Black ops 2 because it was a great game with arrest campaign along with a great multiplayer

  • Stripes

    Black Ops 1 is favorite Call of Duty by far.
    it had great maps and for me by far the best and most unique campaign yet.

  • Aaron

    my favorite COD was probably BO3. i had sooo many moments of rage from that game but i had many good moments in that game too. i used to play BO3 a lot with my friends whether it was competitive or just messing around in private lobbies i just had a lot that i liked about the game which would make it my favorite (although i broke my disc from rage and i regret it a lot lol)

  • visually optimistic

    It’s hard but between Bo2 and mw3 because both i played a lot and injoyed but mw3 I think I had the best times and was my first cod I played over at a friend’s so ima go with mw3

  • Bink

    bo2, overall feel of the game

  • XDarkeness666

    Black Ops 1… Because its the only cod that I can play whenever I waqnt I till having fun

  • Agersia

    My favorite Call of Duty is Modern Warfare 2 because nothing will ever compare to the first game I ever played in the series

  • Fotis Farganopoulos

    Call of duty Black ops 3 because i love the movement system,the balanced weapons and the nice maps 😀

  • jordanxbrookes

    Black Ops is GOAT! That is all.

  • Seventh Anger

    World at War. A lot of hours with friends… Good ol’ times, son.

  • Levi Ventura

    Black ops 2 is my favorite cod , the campaign was a great replayable experience, the multiplayer was fun and well balanced for me, and the zombie maps werr better than I expected.

  • Mikey Palmer

    Bo3 because it helped competitive cod grow a substantial amount

  • Alexandra Marte

    Black Ops 2 because that was really the breakthrough for competitive

  • Kyle Bennett

    Black ops 2 that’s my orgin baby. It will always be my favorite

  • MW3. Was my first CoD and spent over 760 hours playing Campaign, Multiplayer and Spec Ops combined. It was a great game because it was simple had tons of stuff to unlock from weapons to perks to equipment, and don’t get me started on the calling cards and patches/emblems for your profile and it was great becasue you had 16 maps which did not repeat all the time. Favorite CoD for live and I hope IW follows in that direction rather then Ghosts.

  • Kevin Harless

    Cod 4 had one of the best life spans of any of the code to date.

  • Elias Duarte-Lopez

    Call of Duty:Black Ops is my favorite Call of Duty because it seemed to be great in all aspects of the game and I loved the Scorestreaks plus the time to kill.

  • Jared Kuse

    My favorite Call of Duty definitely has to be Black Ops II. I say this video because it revolutionized the current CoD’s and games at the time. Multiplayer was beautifully crafted and the zombies were nothing more than astonishing.

  • Viral Echo

    Black ops 3. The amount of content it has to offer is great. Very few complaints.

  • Joshua

    Call of duty 4 was my favorite its what got me hooked on Cod

  • iNnFeR

    The best CoD is Black Ops 1. Best Campaign, Best Multiplayer and Best Zombies Dude! 😛

  • Gustavo Villagomez

    MW2 sniping was fun

  • BO1 for the zombies!

  • BofaDeez

    Black ops one was by far my favorite, great map design and balance, plus chopper gunner blackbird and dogs. Brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it lol.

  • Ruvinay

    Black Ops 3, because the gameplay is so smooth, guns are more balance out, and the new movement is all around great.

  • Rustin

    Black Ops 1 for sure. It was when my clan was most active and it was always a blast playing with friends.

  • Spencer

    Black ops 1… best game ever. zombies was my favorite thing to play I really wish they would bring Kino back

  • HenryDF

    My favourite Call of Duty is Modern Warfare 3. The weapons were fun, the maps were great, the campaign was impressive, and Face Off was just great. Being able to do 3v3 on tiny maps led to some great games.

  • Ryan Vales

    MW3 because the general feel, pacing, and quality gameplay/mechanics 😀

  • Fading Lee

    I’d have to say black ops was my favorite COD, both for the mind bending campaign and the mix of modern and classic guns in MP(plus rc-xd)

  • Brandon Ford

    Black ops 1 because of the time period of the game.

  • Joshua Cohetero

    It has to be black ops 1 because the story was so unique in a way, that it was not like a re skin of another story from cod, also the features they added in to make multiplayer fun.

  • bmac74207

    My favorite CoD is Advanced Warfare, only because the exos made the gameplay so fast. Plus gun game was amazing for AW. I was ranked 7th in gun game at one point. Hope I win that ps4 juggernog!

  • Brandon

    My favorite Call of Duty would have to be Black Ops 2. The game brings back nostalgic feelings whenever I think about it or play it. I met a majority of my friends through it, and we formed a group. To this day a majority of us still play together. I remember getting the game over the summer of 2013. I’d have the windows cracked and have fresh air flowing in while I played. It was probably the most fun I’ve had in a Call of Duty game.

  • Liam Sadowski

    Black ops one. It was the call of duty i had the most fun with other than cod4, i don’t know exactly what it is. Maybe it was just balanced? Either way it was loads of fun to play, and to top that off, it’s the first game i got on my 360 back in 2010. Over 20 days played total.

  • Lord Scuf

    Call of Duty 4. Just the way you played and the guns and maps that were involved. That game was always fun to play no matter what you did. It was great for pubs and competitive matches.

  • Ryan Fair

    Black Ops 2 because it was the game that really pulled me into the franchise and competetive multiplayer.

  • Frank

    MW3. It got me it to competitive CoD which is why I love CoD today. Public matches were a ton of fun too. It had its flaws with support and death streaks, but all the stress went away when the MOAB poped up on your screen. Also had the face off playlist. So many good memories.

  • Tamás Hajas

    Modern warfare 1 is my alltime favourite. This game was such a big mlestone for me in my gaming life, i can feel it yet. Those maps, i excercised them so much, I knew every corner 😀

  • Daniel Kraft

    Definitely MW2 because, it was an all out smooth game and the sniping was absolutely amazing! I love the kill streaks too. #TacticalNuke

  • Doctor_Who_402

    Black ops 2 first call of duty I got good at and I love how the game worked

  • Jay M (JayxAKAxOwnage)

    Black Ops 3, love everything about this game

  • xxramrobxx

    My favorite COD will always be World at War. It was the 1st fps that got me hooked to online play. I will never forget the countless hours & days I put into that game with all of my friends. Clan N*V was the start of something special!

  • Ger

    Black Ops 1 is my favorite CoD cause i Met my lovr of my life, Zombies.

  • Paul

    I like cod 4 advance warfare because all maps are memorable and bo2 because it feels fluent

  • Albino Hidalgo

    Black Ops 2 because it was my first cod that I got to play the full life span. I like everything about that game guns, gameplay, graphics, movement etc. Like any games it had its flaws. But overall it was a good cod.

  • Robert Caudle

    World At War, love WW2.

    • Bored1234


  • Juan Angelone

    Black Ops 2, it was the most balanced CoD, with its wonderful Zombies storyline, and obviously the main menu themes and songs.

  • Joey Morrone

    Modern warfare was definitely the best call of duty to date. I played that game all day everyday and I wish they didn’t go so far from it on future call of duties. Runner up is definitely MW2.

  • Mw2 because it was the first cod game I got day one and played it religiously with almost everyone I know. We even gambled between ourselves to see who gets a nuke first lol

  • Jordan

    CoD 4, sounds cliche, but it was the first CoD I played and I never got mad at it. Played it all for fun, wish i could go back.

  • ernie

    My favorite call of duty is black ops 3 just for the fact of all the key customization u can do to zombies,multiplayer,campaign. The amount of things u can do is amazing !

  • Mario Campos

    My favorite cod has to be the first black ops it was my first COD and since I really liked cod bought every COD since (except ghosts) and enjoy playing the game.

  • InProphet

    Black Ops 1 was my favorite call of duty of all time. It is also my first cod I bought and had lots of fun. It introduced me to the zombies storyline and wanted to play WaW as well. Also on multi-player it had some of the best guns (in my opinion) of all cods. Especially the ARs and SmGs. I am maxed prestige on it and can’t wait when they release black ops 1 on the Xbox one but sadly I don’t have an xbox one only PS4 and really want to win the giveaway to be able to play it again. Just like the good days, staying up all night playing with friends and of course, zombies. Well thank you Charlie Intel Team for this kind giveaway and good luck to everyone. Cheers.

  • Dustin

    My favorite Call of Duty was MW3 because of the Nuke and Chopper Gunner. So much fun to play, great maps.

  • dhopper598 ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

    Black Ops 2 because it was the first Call of Duty I really got myself into. Got all diamond and a lot of challenges. Just had a lot of fun playing it.

  • Craig Sippin

    Black ops 1 definitely. It was my first real cod game that I actually started playing. I even max prestiged 🙂

  • عيسى المهيري

    Black ops 2. Even so sometimes it had a huge amount of lag but it’s still one of the fan favorites CoD there is the maps were amazing and everything in it including zombies.

  • jessr117

    I love call of duty 4 modern warfare it was my first xbox game and my favorite call of duty has great warfare of multilayer fantastic storyline, and the first game were I bought a season pass 😀 I loved this game 🙂

  • Rathskeller

    MW2. Amazing campaign, spec ops mode was fun as heck, and THE NUKE!

  • Shift

    BO2 best CoD today really expanded comp and that when i started comp myself

  • Matt Wolfe

    MW2 because it was the first cod I played and I would loose myself in the game.

  • Joe

    Black Ops 1. The maps are so memorable, loved the game’s whole motif and art direction. Just a blast to play.

  • Surprize Attack

    World at War was my favorite

  • My fav cod was mw the best campaign ever the storyline was great and the multiplayer was “ok” I hope to see mw4 near the future no futuristic weapons and stuff we just want the old classic cod back ^_^

  • Tomahombre

    Call of duty modern warfare 3 Only a word ACR.

  • wyatt

    Black ops2– I’ve been playing bo2 for like forever and it never get old!

  • SwoodDude

    I don’t think Modern Warfare 2 could ever be topped for me since it was the first I played and was an overall solid game.

  • Adrian m/

    Black ops 2. This game was by far my favorite because it was just overal enjoyable, beautiful and fun in all aspects. The campaign was so interesting and intense that it always left me wanting to finish it. Multiplayer was insanely fun with all of the weapons and maps (an-94/hijacked<3)and loved the dlc maps and that they brought back fan favorites from previous cod. And last but definitely not least, zombies my absolute fav, had so much life and excitement from tranzit all the way up to origins. In no way do I regret spending all the money that I did on this game because it'll always be unforgettable for myself.

  • Tyler Dils

    Black Ops 2. So much fun in multiplayer and I still get chills remembering beating the major Easter Eggs in most of the zombies maps.

  • Hasan

    I loved black ops 2. League play was just great and pub stomping was so much fun with friends, VSAT, Lodestar, and VTOL all day 😀

  • James

    My favorite CoD would have to be Black Ops 3 because I like how they made a few changes but kept the meat of what CoD is about. The movement system is flawless yet game changing along with the specialists. I just really enjoy everything from playing BO3 such as campaign, zombies, multiplayer, and arena as well as watching eSports grow.

  • Darknxss

    Black ops 2, it was my favorite cod by far because is so good, with zombies and multiplayer, so complete, we all love it.

  • The Violent Panda

    My favorite call of duty because it revolutionized the franchise. They found a way to mix futuristic tech and still include the old feeling that I love. Its just an overall great game and worth every second playing it. The maps are awesome and its so unique that it almost feels like a completely new and different cod than anyother

  • Rathskeller

    MW2. Amazing campaign, spec ops was a blast, and THE NUKE!

  • Miguel

    I loved to play Black Ops I because it was old and fun play. I really loved playing Zombies because of it being my favorite thing to play (Across all Call Of Duty Black Ops games). Even though Black Ops I wasn’t my first Call Of Duty, it still to this day is my favorite.

  • Kings of Valhalla

    My favorite COD is WAW. It was my first COD and I just like the World War games.

  • Ryan Bolt

    BO2 because it was all around a good game due to the fact that it had some of the most versitile guns and dynamic maps in the whole franchise

  • Siftblade

    BO2, had a lot of BS but it was the one I had the most fun playing.

  • MajuriLaama

    MW2, thats where it aall started

  • Fermin Bermudez

    Black ops 2 my first cod I ever played when I first got my ps3 really enjoyed playing zombies in black ops 2.

  • Omar Ruiz

    Black ops 2, because the gameplay is totally balanced, and zombie’s history awesome

  • Drasadex

    World at War because that’s what got me into FPS games.

  • Christian

    Bo2 it was the most balanced and it had the best competitive and pubs.

  • corey

    cod 4 because it was an all around great game

  • marco almeida

    world at war , the maps were all great awesome classic weapons and the voices oh man good times

  • Joseph Paul

    Black Ops 3!!! It is a fantastic game. The movement system was done right and the game is well balanced and competitive.

  • Trevor Douglas

    What about Canada… That isn’t over seas

  • Drunk Taco69

    Black ops 1 because the maps and weapons were great

  • Austin Micek

    My Favorite Call of Duty would have to be Modern Warfare because it was the first CoD i played and i started playing it when i was about 8 or 9 and still play it today because of that classic CoD feeling and the old weapons.

  • Eivind E Heggset

    World at war. That was where friendships were bonded through the survival of the horde, the historical aspect from WW2 as well as having the old school feeling compared to other newer games. It was the one CoD where the people you played online with was mostly just super helpful and friendly(referring to zombies in this case). Way to happy that the WaW map was brough back into BO3 zombies! ^^

  • HyBrid_HeRe

    Black Ops 2. I have so many good memories of playing zombies and multiplayer all night with friends. It was one of my first COD games and i still feel nostalgic thinking of all the good times I had on the game from being a noob to getting a positive k/d and getting into comp and pub stomping . Some of my best memories of gaming are from Black Ops 2. I still consider the gold standard for COD games

  • Thomas the Tankswag

    Call Of Duty 4. It made the series what it is today, without it CoD would be completely different or dead now.

  • Maker Scream

    World at War. I’m old school. I prefer weapons and maps from the history books

  • David

    Mw2 because story wise and multiplayer wise it was awesome.

  • Bo2 cause it was balanced

  • RogueDoc

    Call of Duty 4: The kick off of the COD Juggernaut.

  • Fermin Bermudez

    Black ops 2 was the very first cod I ever got and got in to enjoyed the game play most of all.

  • Naruto 2.0

    I find Black Ops 3 is the Best Call of Duty because the movement is very cool:).And the game is very nice:D

  • Bagel

    MW2 was probably my favorite, because it was the first real cod I got into playing frequently, and put the most hours of playtime in.

  • Tmalone13

    Modern Warfare 2 is easily my favorite. First CoD game I picked up and ever played

  • Chris M.

    Black Ops 1 was my personal favorite by far. The guns, the maps, the gameplay was so smooth and fast. The modes worked really well with all the maps, and I think it had the best weapon variety of any Call Of Duty game. The zombies, the wager system, It truly was a groundbreaking achievement in the Call Of Duty community at the time, & i’m excited to see what Black Ops has in store for us in the future.

  • Daniel Soto

    My favorite cod game would be Mw2 because all of the different varieties when it came to weapons, perks, and attachments. All the maps were great as well

  • ghee

    WaW is by far the COD I like the most. I loved the weapons, gore and all assault combat.

  • My favorite CoD would have to go to Black Ops. That is the game to me that really made Treyarch stand out and even after that they continue to make other great games with Black Ops 2 and Black Ops 3 which those easily go in my top 5. But Black Ops 1 goes at number one for me.

  • Donato Marsco

    Call of duty World at War, had the best campaign I’ve ever played.

  • Jeremy Biehl

    Call of Duty 4. It was when I started really getting into FPS’s. 🙂

  • Sean Winn

    For me I just love call of duty and all of the Call of Duty series but if I had to pick one I guess it would be black ops 1 the countless hours with my friends learning every map inside and out it was one of the best years and Call of Duty is just getting bigger and bigger with eSports and World League Thank You Call of Duty and I can’t wait to see what’s next

  • DeathsMerc

    Black Ops 3. Its nice to have that BO2 feel and gameplay again. New movement and overall mechanics are top notch!

  • Thomas Good

    Bo2. The fun fast paced gameplay, the mostly balanced guns and the great three modes.

  • Santos

    My favorite Call of Duty is Black Ops 2. All of the awesome zombie maps and the storyline just left me mesmerized. Especially Origins with those colossal robots, it challenged you so much. Also the weapons were pretty balanced, except for those insta-melt pistols lol. But overall I had a great experience with this COD title.

  • Kevin Morales

    Black ops 1 because original is always the best. Real skill was tested and the maps were structured amazing! I’m not saying that black ops 3 is bad but black ops 1 is my favorite plus the campaign is awesome! “Mason the numbers, WHAT DO THEY MEAN”!!!!????

    • Bdotson1984

      I have my highest KD on Black ops 1, followed by mw2, black ops 3, mw3, black ops2, cod4

  • Gabe

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. My dad bought it for the PS3 when I was 8 and he got me to play it. Its where I had my start in multiplayer gaming, and it shot me into every future Call of Duty installment ever since. It will always be a classic and will always have a special place in my heart.

  • Clayton

    Modern Warfare 2 will forever be my favorite Call of Duty. It was my first game that I played online, the intervention is still the champion of all snipers, and I have made plenty of life long friends playing it. Here’s to MW4 this coming November(;

  • Cory Graffius

    My favorite Call of Duty is Black Ops 3 for many reasons. First, zombies was really awesome in the game. The maps were fun and challenging and the Easter Eggs were fun to find. Second, multiplayer was really fun to play. I liked the maps, the personalization packs and the weapons. Third, I had fun with my friends online playing multiplayer and zombies(mostly zombies). Last, the campaign was also fun and interesting too. Those reasons and more is why I like Black Ops 2.

  • World at War was my favorite as it was the first Call of Duty I played after I had become disabled and it helped me cope with day to day life and improved my quality of living just that little bit more that I needed to get through the roughest times I’ve ever had. Gaming can truly help someone with a disability or chronic illness. That is why its my favorite.

  • Alex Guzman

    World at war because it was the start of the best game mode ever , zombies ! It was an great game allaround , campaign , multiplayer , zombies it was all amazing .

  • Daniel Jaramillo

    Black ops 2 just because it was an overall great game and played by many people more than ghost and aw combined . This is where it all started for me ever since I started playing games I’ve been out of trouble if it wasn’t for it id be dead or in jail. True shit.

  • Jack Griffin

    Waw can’t beat the good old classic warfare. I love the way it’s in the world war era it really brings the call of duty feeling to it. Instead of exo jumping around the map. Black ops 3 is my 2nd favourite I like the movement and all but waw really brings the call of duty feeling

  • FATHEAD661

    The OG Modern Warfare. It set the standard for what an FPS should be and raised the bar so high that NO OTHER game has been able to match, let alone rise above. It’s held as the standard and seen as the Holy Grail of FPS’s!

  • Intricate

    Black ops 2
    I absolutley loved the challenge system in the game. I went for all diamond camo on every weapon and even tried to master every game mode. The challenges were simple to track and easy to see how far you are from completing them but also they took a bit of a grind to complete.


    modern warfare 2. no discussion needed.

  • Words | Curtis

    Bo2, That’s where I started sniping and just brings back so many good memories playing that game.

  • Brandon Smith

    My favorite Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 because it is where i started playing competitive the most i still played it at the ending of aw and i didn’t like aw that much so i stopped playing and i love bo3 so much and i have got to 9 prestige and i have dark matter and it is fun to play zombies with my friends my highest round on shadows of evil is 42 and still working on improving lately my PlayStation has been having problems it keeps making beeping noises and ejecting my games so i cant play my disc games i have tried everything on google and nothing works and getting a new ps4 would be appreciate as carp and i cant explain getting the juggernog mini fridge!!!!! PLEASE

  • Damian FTW

    Black Ops 2 because have the most hours played on it (maybe because i dont own a ps4 and bo 3 ): lol ) love the variety of scorestreaks and gun. That game is simply my love and also love the zombies in bo2, and the campaign… itts just the best cod.

  • jose talamante

    MW3 were I met my first clan and been friends ever since

  • ThatArbiterGuy

    World at War. Start of zombies and is still the best zombies experience (not to mention custom zombies on the PC). Contains the most enjoyable campaign and is the first Cod to have a coop campaign. Still the best multiplayer to date. (All this is my opinion)

  • Jose

    My favorite COD will always be Black ops, because that’s where I started playing the franchise and really loved playing it and had great memories on multiplayer and even zombies

  • A Kelly

    MW2, the best maps in any call of duty. And DLC was very creative.

  • Vlathix

    Either Black Ops 1 or MW3. Black Ops 1 was great with weapon balance and maps. I was just a beast at MW3 (although the game was ‘eh’) so I felt like I had to include it.

  • Ed

    Unpopular opinion, but my fav was Ghosts. I thought the create a class was perfect. All other versions of create a class had too many limitations. Ghosts version is the only true version that gave you true freedom.

    hit detection was damn near perfect, and they gave us some bigger maps that we as a community cried for.
    i really feel lt was the best.

    • NiggaWithoutAttitude

      Gotta say it, the game was bland but the mechanics were on point. I actually lost all interest in the comp scene after AW, Ghosts was so good. I’m hoping IW make a game as mechanically sound as Ghosts but with much better social features. I hated the prestige system, thought it absolutely sucked.

    • Bored1234

      Same I liked all the perks and Riley and some of the maps like octane

    • Tuby

      We only needed faster movement cause the large maps

  • Mike

    Modern Warfare 2. Every map was good and boots on the ground 😀

  • Juan Cardenas

    MW2 is probably my favorite Cod. I feel like it had everything right or at least close enough. I like BO3 but I would love to have classic Call of Duty back.

  • FazalGaming

    My fav game was Black Ops 1, I loved the colours of the game aswell as the weapons, everything was OP in it’s own way.

  • Trevor Collins

    Black ops 1. My intro to zombies and one of my favorite mp experiences

  • Swak

    World of War, Love the Basic Classic Feel of WAW. Gun skill was needed to be good, so the more you played the better you would be. Maps where amazing due to 3 lanes. Last of all Semi Auto Guns like the carbine where awesome!

  • CoDforever

    US as in north america only?

  • Ricardo Castorena

    Black ops 2 because swarm is bae!

  • Daniel Pfuelb

    My favorite CoD is World at War. It had the best zombies maps, and the campaign was amazing. Even the fact that the zombies was a “easter egg” was so amazing

  • CoDforever

    My favorite cod would have to be bo2 because

    amazing killstreaks, amazing maps, amazing guns, league play, need I say more? also the branching path storyline was amazing

  • CoDforever

    its pretty funny how NO ONE in the comments says AW or ghosts hahahahaha

  • Charlemayne

    My favorite cod will always be bo2. first game i really got into playing ( had over 500 hours on it) and it is what introduced me to competitive gaming which i love. The map layouts and overall feel of the game are incomparable to any cod. With bo3, i’m definitely feeling the nostalgia :

  • Sal Coetez

    World at war because the whole zombie storyline started on this game.

  • Clifford

    Modern warfare 2 because it was my first cod and I have a lot of great memories waking up every day in the summer and playing with my friends all day

  • Arekushisu

    Black Ops 1!!! Only because the dlc maps were the first ones you can actually interact with!! For example hotel I believe that’s what it’s called, but I loved how you were able to use the elevators!! Just the game itself was outstanding!!

  • NocturnalSqueegee

    It was the first game I got with my ps3, and I played the shit out of that game with my friends.

  • whothere003

    MW3, it’s where it all began for me.

  • Jeancarlo Perez

    Black ops 1 was my favorite Call of Duty. It was my favorite call of duty because of how amazing the maps were as well as the guns, that AUG and Commando were my favorites, and the way campaign had that awesome detailed story line. Who can forget when they brought in the new zombie maps and then bringing back the original 4 maps with the last DLC was just incredible. Made my zombies experience the best.

  • DankOrange

    Ghosts, because of the music, weapons, and extinction. 🙂

  • Brett M. Haeck

    Favorite Call of Duty is World at War, one for the WW2 multiplayer and also OG Nazi Zombies!!

  • Matt

    Bo2, because i loved the gun balancing

  • chris

    My favorite is bo2, multiplayer was amazing and motd and origins were such good maps

  • World at War, I’m a history buff and love reading about WWII. With WaW, I get to be there. The gore in that CoD is unparalleled by any other CoD before or after.

  • Tony Garro

    black ops 2 because of league mode everything was perfect.

  • brandon miller

    COD 4 for sure. so many memories made on that game

  • Shaw

    My favorite Call of Duty is Black Ops II because the MP maps were amazing and zombies were great.

  • AcePhoenix007

    MW3; amazing gameplay with a generally good selection of maps and weapons, topped off by an exciting and thrilling end to the Modern Warfare trilogy’s campaign.

  • Wiz

    that sucks, it should be open to canada as well 🙁 oh well my favourite CoD was mw2 since that was the game that made me love cod.

  • Marius Jullum Faanes

    black ops 2 because so much fun with friends

  • Drew

    World at war, was the 1st CoD i got into

  • Mark

    Mw2, game never got old. Funnest and to this day best cod ever made. All the maps in that game were amazing. Take 20 of cods all time best maps and 15+ will be from mw2. Game had minimal bs amazing hit detection. Overall my favorite multiplayer game of all time.

  • Bdotson1984

    Modern warfare 2 for sure, that’s when it was fun to grind for hours. I had over 30 days logged on that game, black ops 1 was a close second. But black ops 3 is the first i have enjoyed since mw3

  • Alan Herrera

    Black ops 2 because it was my first call of duty game and from that point on i became a fan of call of duty

  • Benjamin Galindo

    Black ops 1 cuz mac 11

  • Matthew Register

    Modern Warfare 2 will forever be my favorite. This was the first COD I ever played, and the way that I think COD should have stayed. I’m not a huge fan on the new “futuristic” way cod is going.

  • Jose Lagunez

    WAW because it began the zombie franchise and really got me into Call of Duty.

  • Marvin Martinez

    AW: Even though people would complain about matchmaking and stuff, this is where I grew and became a better player at CoD. I just felt like in AW you had more liberty to play and use the exo movements to your advantage. All the CoD’s I have played have been fun but AW was the one that made me improve much more because of the matchmaking and the exo movements.

  • Travis Wagoner

    My fav call of duty is black ops 3 the game pretty balance and everything works right most of the time compare to our last few years of cod

  • Matt9922

    World at War, it had the most historical background in my opinion. It was really cool to be able to play a game that took place in a time I never experienced. It basically takes me to a whole different world every time I play it. History FTW!!

  • Twistedknight

    World at War because I enjoy the story and love older war stor

  • Angel

    My favorite will always be world at war & modern warfare 2 I grew up playing both of these, although they weren’t my first cods, they were ones I enjoyed playing the most and at the time had access to multiplayer for them so they are pure nostalgic for me

  • Zach-Attack

    The best call of duty is modern warfare 3 because it had infected the cool way and the campaign on it was amazing plus the survival.~~ on that note i hope i win 😀

  • alexbesh

    black ops 1 it was my first cod. PS4


    MW3 because of the special ops missions, they are so fun

  • guy

    I would have to say MW2 is my favorite, it was my first COD and that’s what got me so hooked on the series.

  • Omar

    Black ops 3, because well, do i have to explain myself, it’s one of the best COD franchises. They really did listen to the players wishes. The game is Amazing, fun and eazy to pick up.

  • RuBio_HD

    Me gusta Black Ops 3 , no hay ni punto de comparación con otros Cod ya que es el mejor que han hecho hasta hoy.

  • Adrian

    Call of duty 4 modern warfare, because it wasn’t only the start of modern warfare but also was a really fun game with skill and strategy ?

  • Billy Fusco Jr.

    BO2, it was pretty much my first COD and I loved the zombies

  • Thomas Rundkvist Volsmann

    I would gladly pay to ship it to my home if I could win it, but I live in Denmark

  • Ricky Lovato

    I have no favorite call of duty I have learned to adapt to each one and love them all.

  • Daniel Liao

    My favorite COD is definitely Black Ops 1, because of the amazing zombies storyline progression and the original four!

  • frightener-boy

    Black Ops 1. First COD i really put time into but missed the op times of the weapons. Good maps;summit, firing range, grid, wmd, etc… plus those prestige emblems especially 14&15, what more t say?

  • My favorite CoD was MW3. This was the game that I really started to understand everything and do good in. It is also the game I spent the most time playing with multiple friends. Additionally, it is also where I learned about multiple aspects of the community.

  • Brandon Carrasco

    Mw2 because it was my first cod

  • Jaybeast

    Advance warfare is my favorite I might be one of the few that really loved the exo suits and the new movement and strategies that came with it, playing Ranked Play in it was so much fun and black ops 3 brought a new type of movement as well with the thrust jump and wall running so now I’m stuck playing Arena

  • Wigglemeep

    MW2. First game that brought all my buddies together, great memories and fun that we still laugh about today.

  • Cubez

    Bo2 first cod I ever purchased brother convinced me now I get no sleep time but my 360 is broken so I can only hope to get this on my Xbox one

  • Aiden Wusterbarth

    Modern Warfare 2. I loved the special ops missions! Multiplayer was also fun because of all the insane overpowered explosives. Also we can never forget how amazing it felt to get that nuke!

  • Josh Hintz

    MW2 because one man army nube tube nuke for days.

  • patheinecke

    World At War! blood everywhere legs flying off when shoot by a shoot gun, Zombies for the first time! Flamethrowers! old school game play! “The Good Old Days” need i say more? (xbox1)

  • Jaser Davila

    My favorite call of duty is Black ops. I was able to meet a lot of great people in that game, people that I still play with today. And it’s the best call of duty that I have played so far in my opinion.

  • Niko

    Black ops 3 because the game is just fun to play

  • Silvy Hernandez

    Waw, cod4 and mw2 was the most fun I’ve had in a cod game but ever since zombies started in waw it made me atatched and now I always love playing it whenever I go on my ps3 or ps4.

  • Shane’s House

    Definitely Black Ops 2. It perfected ground combat while advancing aerial scorestreaks at the same time. The pick ten system allowed for a more in depth customization experience as well. Also, the zombies was great, especially Mob of the Dead and Origins.

  • Carmizah

    My favorite Call of Duty was Call of Duty Finest Hour for the ps2 because I have awesome memories watching my brother play or him helping me play as I was young at the time.

  • JoZer805g

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and reason why I love it is because it’s so simple with no BS and it’s the game that made Call of Duty what it is back in the old day. (Playstation 4)

  • hungryandrew

    My favorite Call of Duty is Black Ops 2. Black ops 2 is my favorite because I loved the futuristic setting of the game. I loved the maps, and zombie mode.

  • Max Dickstein

    Black Ops 2 is my favorite COD. I have so many good memories of playing multiplayer all night. It was one of my first COD games and I love reminiscing the fun my friends and I had.

  • Blazer

    Black ops 1 because that is the first call of duty I bought/played!!

  • Steven

    Black ops 2, because the guns were balanced as best as they could, yes even the chicom, if u knew how to use it.

  • KidIcarus462

    Modern Warfare 3 because it was the first Call of Duty I actually played Multiplayer on. Ever since Modern Warfare 3, I always played Multiplayer the most out of all the other modes. And also MW3 was the first COD I pre-ordered and couldn’t wait for it to be released.

  • COD: MW2. It was a well rounded game when compared with other COD titles, especially compared to MW3.

  • Giovanni Gonzalez

    My favorite call of duty would be the Call of Duty Black Ops series. It has a consistency of be very distracting to an unbelievable audience. Me, myself has played every black ops series, and has never been disappointed with any of the content. Treyarch keeps creating such a mind blowing display within all of its categories (campaign,multiplayer,and zombies) and keeps such a ginormous audience, that they have created, entertained for an outstanding number of years, and years to come. I greatly look forward to the new content that will be delivered to the treyarch community very soon, and I also look for to the content to come out throughout year or years… from Treyarch. Much love
    Giovanni Gonzalez.

  • I’m not Dare Devil

    Black ops lll, i really enjoy innovation + the zombie storyline is getting interesting!

  • Jennifer Equigua

    I have played most of the Call of Duty games thanks to my sister for introducing me to the franchise. :3 The Black Ops series has been my favorite and I really do admit that BO3 is pretty fun and my favorite BO game of all time (even though they still kept the jump boost but really doesn’t bother me as much since they added really interesting specialists)! That’s pretty much the reason why my favorite is BO3. It’s the specialists and their challenges that kept me playing since their armor is pretty cool! Oh! Let’s not forget that the original zombies cast came back which was the most epic moment in CoD history! Love those guys!

  • Dylan Burkhart

    Black Ops 1 because it was the first call of duty I ever owned and it introduced me to zombies

  • ◀Akame▶

    I loved Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare because of how many stuff was in that game. It was advanced for it’s years and had so many memorable persons, places, and events.

  • Who Am I To Judge?

    MW3 because it was my first game, went 0-18 in my first match on SeaTown

  • Skillreks

    My favorite Call of duty has to be Black Ops 1. It was the first COD I every had in my own hands, and I bought it myself. along with the insane zombies experience, the multiplayer was fun, and there were many interesting games to be had on it! The Campaign was also my favorite to date. Woods will always be my favorite partner in the campaign.

  • colin baker

    Black ops 1 because it was my first call of duty.

  • thecleverbacon

    black ops 1 is my favorite call of duty because its has the most zombie maps and it was my first call of duty game that i ever owned

  • darren

    Favorite Call Of Duty Game? call Of Duty Black Ops 1. Just a kinda dirty grimy game, with lots of twists and turns, and was MY introduction to Zombies!

  • Bryan Salas

    Modern Warfare 3. It was the funnest Call of Duty title I have played in years. One of my favorite game modes which was sadly removed was, Team Defender. That game mode was amazing and hasnt appeared in any of the new titles. Id love to win a Juggernog edition because they ran out EVERYWHERE. Also Id like to thank the CharlieIntel team for the great work over the years, I love spoilers and awesome news that my friends always get days later. Thanks you guys.

  • Sebastian

    My Favorite Call of Duty is Call of Duty Black Ops 2 because it was my first Call of Duty I played.

  • TRIGGAS209

    My favorite call of duty is black ops 3 the gameplay feels really smooth and it is an improvement over advanced warfare and ghosts. I love this game.

  • Kyle Soule

    I hope I win!

    • Stealthninja808


  • Yoey

    CoD WaW cause of the Zombie mode. Loved it

  • Nick

    Black Ops 1 simply because it is the best CoD ever!! Really required skills on that game and Quick Scoping wasn’t easy, therefore it wasn’t for everyone. <3 QSing was and still is fun. Glad it's coming to Xbox One, can't wait.

  • Rocias X Sanguine

    My favorite Call of Duty game was Black Ops. The reason being is because that was the first time I truly played CoD and how I came to like CoD in general, starting with Black Ops. The campaign was solid and twisted with zombies being a blast and very deep of its story over time. The multiplayer, I generally thought it was fun, especially Wager Mode.

  • Randall Dbz

    My fav is CoD MW2. Why? It is the game I started for Call of Duty. I played the first 2 but that was on GameCube. So there has been a big leap since then.

  • Flash1098

    Black ops 2: great multiplayer and the best zombies ever

  • Johtoboy

    I am forever grateful for Ghosts because it taught me how to play smart and not run blindly around corners or in the middle of the map. Plus it had all my favorite gamemodes (Domination, Blitz, Drop Zone, and Infected).

  • Jakob Key

    Blackops 2 one of the best for competitive

  • Nicolas Crobac

    One of my favorite Call of Duties would be World at War the thing I loved most about it was the zombies and coop campaign. I loved playing with my brother and zombies is still a favorite of mine.

  • kainesgames

    My fav call of duty was Black Ops from 2010, i fell in love with it playing with friends, we would play against bots and each other and tons of zombies. It made me fall in love with cod. I didn’t like mw2 back then but I do now. Bo3 has to be a close 2nd thou.

  • Kyle Soule

    Black Ops 2 is by far my favorite Call of Duty not because of how popular it was but because of the joy it gives you. This game defines the word fun and what it really means. What made this game so popular was it’s longevity and hopefully the same happens with bo3. Also, keep up the good work Charlie Intel ?

  • Matt

    World at war because I loved the world war era and I just loved the guns. Plus zombies was introduced

  • Alex Searl

    Cod 4 b/c it was my first and wasnt all high tech like now days

  • FrothiestCube4

    BO2 because their was no double jumping, jet packs.

  • joe

    I would most definitely say COD Black Ops. This was the first COD i ever played, and Ive been hooked and in love ever since. Call of Duty, your my only friend 😉

  • Stealthninja808

    My favorite Cod is Bo1, I loved the campaign, it was iconic, fun, and full of mind games. The zombies content and multiplayer were great as well. I loved the old zombie crew. Black ops 2 is my close second.
    Thanks CI!

  • Psychomaggot105

    Modern warfare. It started the cod craze. I really want this edition. huge cod fan.

  • GinsuVictim

    Oh, Modern Warfare is still my fave. I still find players. It is just the basics and I love it for that.

  • UnguardedUncle2

    Call of Duty Ghosts, I love it because I play infected mode a lot.

  • Karim_Shayan

    Mine is black op 2, me and my friends would always play zombies together. They both have PS4 and I’m still on Old generation, hoping to play some black ops 3 with them 😀

  • Francisco Gerardo

    Mw3 and black ops 2

  • infidel

    I have no favorite game, almost all of them stand the test of time, the ones with good/active multi anyways. I guess if I was forced to choose one, it would be cod4, because the game was so good, and so revolutionary, every single cod game since, including now with BO3, is simply the shockwaves that are still felt to this day after cod4’s success. You kids are too young to remember, but COD4 beat out Halo 3 in multiplayer fanbase back in the day, Halo 3 was the biggest thing ever, to see a simple Modern FPS beat out the biggest juggernaut out of the game was a huge thing. Halo never quite got that big again, it’s more of a fringe thing now, but COD is still going strong.

  • C.Rountree

    The first Black Ops. Why … because second chance is my favorite perk of all time.

  • james carr

    Simply black ops 2 best gameplay: with little lag, great hit detection, and massive player count.

  • baseballer59

    My favorite was Black Ops 2 because it was the first Call of Duty where I ranked up to max prestige. I have so many fond memories from the game, the AN-94 and the M8A1 are my favorite guns of all time, and the zombies maps were great after tranzit.

  • Felix Martinez

    My favorite COD is hands down COD4 Modern Warfare, it has my favorite mission, “All Ghillied Up” Good times… Gooood times

  • FlamingWrite

    MW3 was the best, like how it went down and the multiplayer. It was just the best!

  • Pika765

    Black ops 2, The dlc zombies was so much fun rlly my reason for the jugg edition rlly want that season pass and fridge can’t wait!

  • James Bies

    Cod 4 was easily my favorite. Its a classic and frankly the BEST multiplayer the franchise has put out.

  • Show N Prove

    Mw3 because me and my friends all played together everyday and playing cod with friends is the best

  • maztraana

    MW2. It was my first CoD I’ve ever played. And it was, frekin awesome.

  • Oculus

    My favorite CoD game would have to be Black Ops. I loved the campaign, I lived the zombies maps, and the MP was solid and all around fun. I have countless hours devoted to that game.

  • Logic Chief

    Black ops 1. My first cod i played online been addicted ever since. i just loved the money like system unlocking stuff. grinding cod points to get all the gold guns i never got them all gold but as soon as we get bo1 backward compatible on the one i plan on going and finishing the rest of the guns gold.

  • Logic Chief

    Hey Charlie Intel team you guys should do a poll on here for favorite cod i would like to see that.

    • Fiber ftw

      You need to do this Charlie !!!

      • TheDemonOfHate

        I’ll try to.

  • Anagn

    Call of Duty 4, hands down.

    I’ve played every call of duty and enjoyed most of them, met some cool people who I play with regularly. Every call of duty has its strengths and weaknesses like how awesome it was to get an AC-130 in MW2, or how fun ninja defusing in Blops2 was in S&D. However, putting maps, guns, connection, graphics, ect aside the reason I choose call of duty 4 was when my brother was still around, we would come home from high school everyday and just play and play. Taking turns we would always try to out-do each others K/D or captures in domination. We would stay up all weekend and just have a blast. Those are my best memories…

  • andrew huynh

    MW2 because it was my first installment in the franchise, been hooked since.

  • Brian Sebastian

    The original Black Ops! It was such a fantastic and complete experience. It was an interesting campaign with memorable characters, a great and balanced MP and it took zombies to the next level. Can’t wait for it to be backwards compatible!

  • Alivia Hittner

    Black ops 3 love the new movement system and specialists

  • Obi

    COD 4. Good weapons, good maps and simple killstreaks.

  • Nathan Vaynriber

    My favorite COD is [email protected] because it was basic, clean, balanced and WW2 is definitely fascinating to me.

  • OMG KON!

    My favorite COD was Black Ops 2… Because of the swarm. And the C4… And the MP7… And well, just about everything tbh.

  • Mikal Millar

    Modern Warfare 2… It was a classic. It was either go big or go home!! I play black opsI,II,III to relive that glory…no matter how short of fall it is. I still want a COD game to be like MW2!!! <3 <3

  • Allex C

    WaW. First zombies game mode and love World War Two story lines

  • drBlu

    Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 is the first COD I’ve taken seriously with my k/d and level/prestige. I love all CODS but Black Ops 1 is ky favorite for more reasons I would explain.

  • ccj

    World at war, this game had a terrific campaign, a marvelous zombie mode, and a pretty good multiplayer. If you can get past the fact its ww2, Its easily the best one.

  • Drank Bleach

    I don’t comment much on here but when I do, its for CI giveaways.

    Call of duty 4 modern warfare is my favorite all time call of duty, it was the game that pretty much gave the spark to its name. What I loved about it was how it gave that real military feel and the world conflict it presented. Using real life weapons used and the sounds of the guns and explosions just sounded realistic. Game play wise it was very simple, loved it only had 3 scorestreaks and every gun was viable and loved every map in the game (especially shipment). If you had a sniper class you were dressed up in a ghillie suit for some maps again realistic. Overall, hands down best call of duty for me just because of how the game presented that real life military feeling.

  • Black ops 1 is my favorite Call of Duty, I loved the simplicity of it and the maps were all amazing to me 🙂

  • Cote

    Modern warfare 2 because its my firts cod and i liked very much

  • Fred Holmes

    My favorite is Call of Duty: Black Ops because of its superior co-op play on Xbox360.

  • Love-Hate relationship

    Call of duty:Blacks ops because it has the funnest killstreaks and introduced the best features in cod

  • ML xSuicidal Angel

    Black ops 2! League play, sticks n stones, one in the chamber, zombies and their easter eggs, the pub maps, and tomahawks were all freakin amazing! I had the most fun with friends on this CoD. Custom games playing Michael Meyers, Cops n Robbers, and some other games we came up with… My best memories came from that game

  • TURTL3 oo

    My favorite CoD would be the original black ops, because it was my first CoD & the kill streak setup of SR-71, dogs & chopper gun w/ the MP5K was just the most fun I’ve had in a CoD & the nostalgia I get from it b/c it was my first CoD.

  • kevin casiano

    Black ops, it was the good times when me and my two friends would stay up till 3am on zombies and have a multiplayer session for like an hour. Black Ops 3 on PS4 please my birthday is the 16th

  • BriefingSpoon

    Black ops 1,Campaign,great story line and plot,Multiplayer balances,and zombies story line and maps great!

  • Drexell

    Black ops 2, it just felt like cod. There was skill required to do well.

  • Bryan Mazariegos

    My favorite call of duty has to be black ops 2 just because I have really good memory with my friend and hoping to do that with bo3

  • disqus_AlexanderGraves

    Call of duty 3 on xbox 360 plenty of fond memories running around as a medic reviving teammates and blowing the enemy team away with my boomstick.

  • Freddie Torres

    My favorite cod is Black ops 1 it had amazing story mutli player and zombies the only reason I ply black ops for the zombies and mutli player

  • Euphouricx

    MW2!! The game play was by far the best IMO and had the best assortment of maps. Plus the game could’ve been perfect if they patched a few things here and there (mainly commando and oma).

  • My favorite cod would have to be the original Black Ops. Something about that game made me fall in love with COD. The maps were perfect. Launch, Firing Range, Villa.. I can go on. The guns were also amazing, like the suppressed Galil and Commando, the AK-47 and the AK74u. Then there zombies with Kino, Ascension, just thinking of these things brings back such great memories. I wish cod games would go back to the days that made it so enjoyable. However I do have to say that Black ops 3 is the most fun I’ve had since BO1 so even though they went into the future, they did a great job with it!

  • Josh Garza

    Mine would be BO1 for numerous reasons. Believe it or not, it was my first CoD ever, first online multiplayer game, but here’s the crazy part, I PLAYED IT ON A WII. To this day I cannot believe myself for playing BO1 on the Wii and looking back, it was beyond terrible. Only one zombie map, limited campaign, mp maps weren’t the whole map, missing kill streaks, etc. I do not regret it though because if it weren’t for that game, I probably would not be as hooked as I am on CoD. So it’s my favorite due to all the fun and bad memories I made.

  • Craig Steven Brooks Jr

    MW2. My first cod. The sweaty palms and nervousness from getting so close to a nuke and lose it to a camper.

  • Dorrell

    Seeing as Call of duty 4: modern Warfare started it all for me and the fact that it was amazingly fun to play I have to go with it. The multiplayer was by far the best part but the story was great too.

  • Chris Theart

    Fav Cod has to be black Ops 1 Mainly cuz it was the first Cod that allowed me and my friend(WHo id go to his house to play Cod with) to play at the same time online.

  • ALittleSomething4Many

    Modern warfare my first great story experience I got with call of duty. Still remember the first mission on the boat.

  • Robert Norman

    Bo2 zombies was awesome that’s where I popped
    My zombie cherry. The maps are great and the trains were long. Hope Bo3 has good zombie dlc’s.

  • Bryce Chasteen

    MW2 because i felt like the weapons were balanced pretty good and i think the kill streaks were nice besides the nuke it should have been like the moab from MW3

  • My favourite Call of Duty would have to be Black Ops 1.

    Might just be the nostalgia kicking in, but it was a perfectly balanced trinity – a mindfuck of a campaign that I did not mind at all playing multiple times, an awesome multiplayer experince that really showed off custom games, new gamemodes, and new concepts. It was revolutionary for its time, and had many features I wish would return, such as “equipment”, or the CoD Points system (NOT like the one from Black Ops 3!),
    And finally, Zombies. This REALLY got me into zombies,. each map was just amazing in its own way. The Easter Eggs grew more and more complex, the story dived deeper and deeper, I loved it. And let’s not forget the computer you hacked away in the main menu. Gotta love those hidden easter eggs that Treyarch sneaks into its games.

  • Belle Mae

    Mw2 hands down most balanced game to date!!! Even though I love my Zombies

  • MichiganerE

    CoD 4. It blew me away all those years back, and has given me many memories to this day and is one of my all-time favorite games. Although, CoD 2, WaW, MW2 and BO1 are all close seconds.

  • Walter_Das_Wolf

    My absolute favorite COD is Ghosts. It was new and very ambitious. It had an perfect campain, hyper speed multiplayer, and fantastic new mode which was Extinction.
    I loved the villain Rorke, the Ghosts team, and the orbital weapon system Odin/Loki.
    Multiplayer was so unique, it was extremely fast paced, great selection of weapons and maps, and the new game modesXB1 Please

  • Azot1c

    I really love. Black Ops 2. Always loved the zombies and sniping waas great.

  • I love call of duty world at war and it is my favorite because it was the first call of duty game i had ever played. I only played it because my brother borrowed the game from a friend so i thank them. Campaign Multiplayer & Zombies all in one disk is all my 12 year old self could want. I have been playing since 2008 and continue to play cod. Hopefully you choose me as the winner for the giveaway because i would be extremely happy beyond belief And most importantly honored. Thank you for your time and to all good luck! 🙂 #cod <3

  • TommyBlue04

    My favorite Call of Duty is Modern Warfare 2 because it was my first COD I played and made me go back and experience the old cod’s and buy the new code that came out. I enjoyed everything in the game from the ACR to the Pave Low. Great game brings me memories.

  • ThatOneBlazian

    MW3 because that’s the COD that I first got me truly hooked on playing every year. I played a lot of SnD and it is still my favorite game mode because of that game.

  • Ak74u

    Modern warfare series

  • R.I.P. SGT. Reznov

    My favorite Call of Duty is definitely World at War!!! Nothing beats SGT. Reznov spraying Nazi’s down with a PPSH-41!!!! I had a Wii at the time (believe it or not, it had online multiplayer!) then got an Xbox 360 solely on the fact that it had Zombies (Wii version did not….) Remember blowing off limbs with the PTRS? I DO. I love the gore in that game and my favorite campaign moment of all time was when you are waking up and forced to act dead, as a Nazi soldier walks through the massive pile of bodies executing any survivors. It gave a great perspective into the reality and brutality of WWII. I love this site and the community it has bred. I know whoever wins this will cherish it as deeply as I would. Thank you Charlieintel!

  • crimznchaos

    Most definitely cod4 , the game was the beginning of cod as we know it today, small maps, kill streaks at 3,5 and 7 balanced weapons and loads of memories!

  • chanders lopez

    World at war for sure! The maps were amazing and the game mode war was sick! And the guns felt unique

  • Qais Montasser

    Black ops 3 , seeing how graphics improved immensly really took a toll on me

    Ps: i have an adress in the us

  • Farooq Awad

    BO2 , it was my first cod and all my friends had it

  • Angel Gonzalez

    Black Ops 2, for me it was the best and brightful game. The Party games were great and the DLC gun Peacekeeper always made my matches. I loved the maps, gun classes, Zombies especially, and just all of it.

  • Steven Thornton

    Call of duty 4 modern warfare was the game that got me hooked and never let go. Still Imogen some of the best cod maps ever and it was like nothing I had played b4

  • Ataraxia Void

    I like how I see some people saying ghosts is their favorite, it really is a great game (post a year after launch…)! But my favorite call of duty would have to be Black Ops 1. The game that started it all. Christmas day 2010 I opened up an Xbox 360, face gleaming because up to that point I had nintendo consoles, and my uncle handed me a present, it was black ops , sure I was god awful at the beginning but over time I got better, the suppressed galil was my go to, and firing range and havana will always have a special place in my heart, and even though many people despise Five I still love that zombie map, but now 5 years (and one month) later after getting black ops 1, I aim to put my skill to the test and become a professional, sure it might be silly to some but its still my dream, and I agree with Logic Chief could you guys please set up a poll that seems very interesting


    My favorite call of duty so far has been Black Ops 2. It was just an amazing game. Almost everything was balanced, it was so bright and colorful, the maps were amazing, it introduced hardpoint, ect… Although I have to say Black Ops 3 is in a close second with Black Ops 1 coming in at third. So I guess I am just a Treyarch fanboy ^_^

  • TINY

    MW2 because it was the 1st time I played COD competitively 🙂

  • Br4d

    My Favorite Cod is probably black ops 1, mostly because it was around when me and my buddies were in high school so we got together after school a bunch and played zombies all afternoon, order pizza etc good times.

  • Mohamed Hamoudeh

    Black Ops 1 because it’s the first cod that I played a lot with my friends, and I really enjoyed zombies and the dlcs


    Black ops 2. It was the first CoD game to be set in the future and it was amazing how 3arch came up with the looks of the weapons and the creativity and implementation of scorestreaks. It changed the way create a class worked ever since its introduction in CoD4. The majority of the standard and dlc maps were spectacular including the zombies maps, although I enjoyed BO1 zombies a lot better, still though that doesn’t mean BO2 zombies was bad (except for tranzit…eww).

  • shae zubia

    My email:[email protected]
    Secondary EMAIL:[email protected]
    FAVORITE COD:call of duty 4 modern warfare
    WHY:Simply because it was for me where it all started. I thought to my self what a very simple but fun and efficient fps ive ever seen .

  • TiagoThe Prodigy

    My best call of duty was ghosts i liked so much that game cause all the weapons and maps

  • Black Ops 1 is my favorite. Met the love of my life playing black ops.

  • Gc

    It’s might sounds weird but I think that Ghosts was my favorite COD. Because the game felt really good in terms of gameplay and the game was very face paced IMO. Ps Cod Bo3 is my 2nd favorite I think.

  • Connor Andrews

    Modern Warfare 2! It was the first ever FPS I ever played and I instantly fell in love with the game. Rushing home from school everyday just to play it. I’ve never had so much fun in my life and I’ve played every cod since and I love the CoD series and I hope it never dies. My Twitter @TwiggyRecks

  • Call of Duty 3 ..because of the time the game was set in …and a great story ( perosnal opinion ) and it was fun to play 😀 ..still one of my favorite Call of duty games

  • Ratboy

    Black Ops 1 because it was a time wher emy brother and I would pull all nighters for zombies. Ascension <3

  • Juses

    Bo1 cuz et es nut ful uf fagits

    • Dolan

      seis za biggzt fagit

  • Odin

    Currently, Black Ops 3 is my favorite Call of Duty game. This is because of the intense, fast-paced action that is brought to the table with the few but excellent additions to the movement system. Swimming, wallrunning, and a short thrust jump offer new routes to take. These three new additions all allow you to fire your weapon, hence the fast-paced action.

  • Todd Jones

    Black ops 2 just seemed to have the most replay value for me…

  • Colin Brown

    black ops, best zombies maps, I played for hours with my friends. some of the best memories

  • The Gaming Revolution

    Cod 4 campaign, MW2/3 multiplayer, Black Ops Zombies. There wasn’t a perfect game for me, but if those 3 could be combined it would be the greatest game in history.

    • Naquille Tubby Williams

      MW campaign was too good

  • Josh Los

    Black ops 2 – First cod game and with zombies and the multiplayer it is by far my favorite cod.


    It wouod have to ve black ops 1 it was my first call of duty game and I instantly fell in love with it nuketown first map i ever played, zombies was incredible, Treyarch has never let me down with a call of duty not saying I dont love Infinity Ward’s and Sledgehammer’s games but Treyarch would have to be my all time favorite

  • Alex Delgado

    Call of duty 4 : The only One COD where the players enjoy playing this.

  • BrokenAces

    Mw2 for sure just minus the tubes and its a good old game all guns were pretty much fair map design was great and killstreaks were pretty lethal

  • Zach T. Elmer

    World at war, because that’s where zombies all began!

  • Jay Evan

    Black ops 3. It gave a balanced movement system, and several fresh ideas to MP.

  • Joseph Jensen

    COD 2 was the best in my opinion. I feel the franchise reached its peak here plus you can’t beat four person split screen with some friends. It’s the best way to play a shooter.

  • Kyle Mathis

    Cod mw is the best. It’s the game that started it all.

  • Savage Mojo

    Modern Warfare 2, I don’t think I’ve had as much fun on any other CoD.

  • Cheezburgerhaid

    Black Ops II was my favorite. It was the first Call of Duty that I really spent hours playing.

    But, MW2 will always have a special place in my heart because that was my first CoD.

  • TheSir Mattheus

    I loved Black Ops 2 so much but i would have to go with MW3, because it was my first COD that i really liked, i played it for way too many hours and loved it!

  • DarkMagic

    Black ops 2! All cause of the zombies, especially doing easter eggs with my buds, staying up all night just to complete one

  • DJ Cholewinski

    Black ops 1 is my favorite of all time,I loved the campaign and how it was linked to some real events that happened in the past including the JFK killing. I also loved the online and how it was slowed down a bit compared to the newer coda and MW2. The zombies was also amazing I loved every single map on the game and loved the inclusion of the [email protected] maps as well. Overall I think it’s the best in the series and it’s my most played.

  • Barney

    It’s tough question which was my fav CoD because IMO you can found a lot of things to love and hate in evry Call of Duty. Maybe it was MW3 because first of all thw MW series had a really good felling i loved the epic finale in the story, and i really loved multiplayer because i’ve just played a tons of vareity of it, you could always found a new weapon to play the game with, the smgs were great for fast paced gaming, the snipers were awesome for quickscoping, the ARs just felt really awesome to handle, and i loved shotguns in infected :P. The other reason why i love this game is because of it’s community, i mean we always had private games containing 18 players and we played endless varieties of evry game mode and all of them played well with the maps even if it was Hide and seek (Michael Myers), Trouble in terrorist town or Border patrol, Simon Says or Mortal Mode on seatown, 3rd person mode was funny (i loved it especially in 1 in the chamber), and we even made some of our own games like ‘Jugger Sumo’, and one of my personal favourite game mode was Money in the denk, which was created by the community itself and IW put it in the game. So yeah private games had a lot of variants, but when we had enough we just played KC, GW or HCSD, and you could always found fun scorestreaks or setup to mess with. Overall i think that MW3 was not very innovative with game engines andt stuff, but this game got evrything right what was great in the series and fixed most of it’s issues or exploit (E.G.:MW2 Noobtube :D), but most importantly this is the game where i had the most fun whilst playing the game, and i think that’s what matters the most in evry players opinion wheter to choose from black ops or newer COD series or even from classic COD.
    I also think that CI started their first website during mw3 but maybe it was BO i’m not really sure, im too old for that (anyway thx 4 delivering news of this series NMW) ;).

  • Maddy

    MW2 because of competitive sniping

  • Neekafat

    Black ops three all the way. I absolutely love Corvus as a villain. Totally what ultron from avengers should have been.

  • ReverendBug

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was simply the best COD of our time. Modern Warfare has changed the way we play and look at games today; setting new standards for game companies around the world. For me, Modern Warfare is more than a game, it’s a part of history if you ask me.

  • Zach McKnight

    Black ops 2, i had a lot of fun times on it, I found that the guns were very balanced, and there was usually no lag. Ever since black ops 2 no call of duty has even compared to how good it is.

  • Poodie Jones

    My favorite call of duty is black ops 2 because there were hardly any problems in multiplayer at all

  • Adam

    Black ops 2 is probably my fav. It had great multiplayer, zombs, and campaign. Cod4 comes close

  • jooker-jr

    My favorite cod is cod4, while its not perfect, it’s the best IMO because it’s the most balanced cod to date, everything feel good but not OP, everything has an advantage,a disadvantage and a counter to it, the gameplay is easy to understand, hard to master.

    UnFortunately, I didn’t play the campaign ( I was stupid), and I haven’t play it in its “golden age”, but I enjoyed my time with it, this game should be the blueprint for every cod in the future.

  • Mihawk

    Black ops 3 is my favorite call of duty so far because you can do so much in it, there are cool abilities, eastereggs, and it’s fun in general

  • _Josemi

    Im sure that my favorite call of duty game its black ops 2…. i love it

  • Roberto Alcaraz

    Black ops (the first one) because of its advances in the Zombie Story. And I love the wager matches that were in black ops (which should have been in black ops 3). Also is my first game to understand the concept of gaming.

  • Leighton Burrow

    Black Ops 2. I have so many good memories of playing zombies and multiplayer all night with friends. It was one of my first COD games and i still feel nostalgic thinking of all the good times I had on the game from being a noob to getting a positive k/d. Some of my best memories of gaming are from Black Ops 2. I still consider the gold standard for COD games

  • Grizz

    Mw2 for sure. F*#cked up a lot of n00bs in that game!

  • glitch031

    Black ops 2, so many fun things to do ad 3 years of memories. 🙂

  • theargaminggroup

    My favorite is Black Ops 2, probably spent 30 days in that game!

  • Kyler Horne

    Modern Warfare 2. First CoD I played, and had weekends spent solely playing hardcore headquarters competing with friends to see who could get their nuke first. Good times!

  • My personal favorite call of duty is black ops 2. I loved the campaign, that was actually different from the others. With choices, and the fact that they mattered along with different endings and little details like being able to put black ops 1 camouflages on black ops 2 guns made it my most favorite campaign ever.

    The multiplayer was one of the most fluid fast paced games I’ve played ever, and with maps like Raid, Nuketown and hijacked along with engaging, along with enjoyable, actually different feeling weapons such as the M8A1 and Scar-H made for such a crazy, fun game, and no way you’d forget the gamemode like mutli-team and the party games.

    Zombies wasn’t the most favorite for me, with maps like Mob of the dead and that one map with the elevators,but it defintley did do some rigbt? With maps like town being probably one of the best maps in zombies history.

  • Benny Gloria

    For ME it would be COD4 all the memories of playing day and night have that first ever chopper in the air and grinding out prestiges for the very first time and the one v ones on various small maps and then playing Michael Myers on shipyard was the most intense gaming I have ever experienced and not to mention the campaign was the most intense and realistic gameplay at the time so beautiful all the memories of this game with friends and family

  • girlsnight

    cod4. where it all started for me

  • Jesse Hawthorne

    World At War where zombies began its reign

  • Charles

    COD WAW, finishing the campaign and seeing zombies for the fist time blew my mind.

  • Nick Owen

    COD BO2 Was my favorite because that’s when zombies first started getting more complicated and the Easter eggs started, and multiplayer wise, it had my favorite gameplay and guns to date.

  • Thug Turf

    BO1 because it had the largest amount of zombies maps. Replay value my dudes.

  • Timothy Wolfe

    I would have to Blacks Ops 1 because of the all the time me and my neighbor were playing zombies till the crack of dawn

  • iPinkPlatypus

    Modern Warfare 3. It was the first CoD I picked up at the beginning of its life cycle and it was the first game that was really social for me and my friends as we played a lot of multiplayer together then. Between Michael Myers in private matches and public multiplayer, it was a great time!

  • AlphaPoppy

    Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2 – The first COD I started playing online and man was it fun as hell. All the way from One Man Armying noobtubes on Wasteland to quickscoping on Rust. Let’s not forget how fun it was to Commando knife people from several feet away. And the campaign though – NO RUSSIAN.

  • detriment

    Definitely black ops 2. Lots of memories on that and met some great friends that I still always play with.

  • Angel Carmona

    Mw2: cool storyline and great MP maps

  • WaW. That game was gritty and just overall hellbent exciting

  • Isaac Dienes

    Cod Bo3: I love the way they way the interpreted the future gaming into it but not to much. The zombies is amazing and i cant wait for all the dlcs to bring much more fun!

  • Steven Bui

    My favorite call of duty would be black ops 1. It was the first cod I owned and got me hooked into the series. Plus, it got me through my tough time when I broke up with my ex. 😉

  • Marethyu

    CoD Bo2, cuz the MSMC is the best SMG ever and the M8A1 is the best AR ever

  • Yurei

    My favorite Call of Duty is from far away Black ops 3, it has everything that is good from advanced warfare that was awesome, and it did pick it up with all other best things from black ops, and it gave the perfect game, it is no more just jumping everywhere, it is real free run with fair fights, and playing stealth and carefully is still really good and powerful, you can play as you want, and that is just awesome, and all of this combined in really beautiful graphics.
    And, more of that, those hero gears are just.. wonderful *.*

  • DirectingChaos

    Advanced warfare due to the frantic page of some of the games, loved AW multiplayer.

  • TylerVegaa

    I would love one of those juggernog sets, so here we go

    MW1 was an amazing game, it was really my first multiplayer experience so simple yet so different than anything that was out at the time, days of my life will always be credited to that game, the guns were great the maps were well thought out and the fact you had the chance to be the biggest troll in the world (before it got patched) and pull out an rpg in the beginning of a match of SnD and blow your team to pieces while having no repercussions but – XP and top it off by tea bagging them for the next 2 minutes while they could only helplessly watch, will always remain in my mind, but I see a lot of votes for this game so I’ll move on

    Call of Duty: Ghosts
    For me is the greatest cod of all time, I know this game gets a lot of shit for being the “worst cod ever” or “ruining call of duty” but to me it was perfect, besides a few of the maps and some sketchy hit detection. I loved this game, it’s the only cod I played everyday for its full run, the only one I hit 10th prestige, all golden guns. The first game that really tought me how to grind. I learned so much from this game from sniping, map paths, methods for gun fights, what guns to use in game modes and maps for different situations, and as a person who really only enjoys shooters (thanks to cod4 & socom confrontation) that was big for me this game totally changed the way I look at and play shooters now, and I’m better for it, and being good at the game makes me enjoy it even more & that’s why call of duty ghosts has been my favorite call of duty to date
    Oh and also. Boots. On. The. Ground.

  • fires

    CoD3! First CoD, and the sweetest theme song. Also, Throw the Grenade, not the pin.

  • Swaysive

    MW2 was hands down my favorite game. Yes there were overpowered things (dangerclose & onemanyarmy) but it was one of the best games for its time. The graphics and mechanics were amazing.

  • Kyle Johnson

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
    Best game for last game and never had a dull moment on it.

  • My favorite is World at War. I love any WWII games, and I really enjoyed the missions and gameplay of WaW.

  • GodsOfWar

    My favorite was cod 4. It was my first cod and the 30+ days of playtime turned me into the fanboy I am today

  • Paul Malcherek

    COD 2(Xbox 360) the reason I started playing multiplayer

  • The Rev

    Cod 4 is the fav. OG COD all the way.

  • False Serenity

    My favorite call of duty is world at War for PC. That game has so many mods for the pc. You almost have endless fun.

  • JakeNPV

    Favorite CoD? Mine has to be Black Ops 1. The reason? Almost everything! Diverse multiplayer maps, great campaign, and zombies mode was 10/10. The game that created my love for Call of Duty <3

  • Oil Up

    MW2 all day!!!!!

  • RubberPenguin

    My favorite call of duty has to be either MW or MW2. COD 4 was the first one I ever played and it started by addiction to the series we have all come to know and love. I got the snipers gold and that was the biggest accomplishment in my life which is sad. MW2 was one of my favorites because it’s so fun. I had 50+ days of playtime and my friends all played with me. These two call of dutys are probably my favorite because of the memories I have with them.

  • Armando

    hey guys thanks for the giveaway <3 My favorite call of duty is Black ops 1 because that game was the one i had all my friends on and i would just pub and mess around it was a fun game.

  • Andrew Hybner

    Mw3, I loved to drop M.O.A.B’s in all the different game modes, it brought a fun challenge to the game

  • Jonathan Jackett

    Call of Duty : Black Ops. It was the turning point for Treyarch, I think. It had the absolute most compelling campaign out of the series, also a fantastic multiplayer experience. And of course, zombies. I remember Black Ops Zombies was the first one you could go outdoors in, explore, create, and really do whatever. So, yeah. The original Black Ops is by far my most favorite Call if Duty yet.

  • T.j. Eckleburg

    My favorite Call of Duty is Black Ops 1. It had a great campaign and fun zombies.

  • NiggaWithoutAttitude

    Black Ops 2 for me. Competitive was thriving. Gameplay was near-perfect. Community had a good buzz. Zombies was off-key. Campaign was the best in CoD history imo. League Play? Brilliant addition! CoDCast helped soo much. I don’t know what more they could’ve done with it!

  • MW3 because it felt balanced and was my first CoD that I really got into.


    World at War because of the amazing Modtools

  • Herman Nyhaug

    Black ops 2 is my favorite, this is because its the first cod i hit max lvl in 🙂

  • Tyzhev

    Bo3 because I loved call of the dead when it came out

  • Luis

    Call of Duty Black Ops 1. Not mainly because of the amazing gameplay but because it was the first call of duty that I ever played during my Xbox 360 days. From its campaign and multiplayer to its very own zombie game mode, it offered a lot of value and made gaming with my friends truly amazing. At many times, I would find myself staying up past midnight and into three in the morning just because we were doing so good in zombies or getting so close to prestiging again. I’m just glad Black Ops 3 is continuing some of the things that Black Ops 1 got right.

  • Ilovecharlieintel270

    MW2! It mastered the multiplayer and spec ops was the best for couch co op!

  • HIGHS “ramo” GOD

    advance warfare Because all my firends played it for fun and we had fun. xbox one

  • Fiber ftw


  • JonNayNay45

    Ghosts,mechanics were very unique

  • XboxISdead

    They should just burn the xbox one version only the smacked asses use xbox1s hahahaha they walked into a store looked at the ps4 n the xbox 1 knowing the xbox 1 ran 900p and the ps4 ran TRUE 1080P and they still bought the xbox 1 bcuz of cod dlc hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • I <3 Black Ops 1 it's easily my favorite Call of Duty. I still have my Black Ops laser cel proudly displayed. 5.6 million copies sold in 24 hours of going on sale breaking the record set by MW2 by 2.3 million copies, exceeding $1 billion in sales after 6 weeks. The singleplayer story was A+ especially the way it unfolds telling stories from different eras, parts of the world playing the role of various characters, trying to answer their questions via Alex Mason a brainwashed Soviet sleeper cell with dissociative disorder. The multiplayer was the best to date imho. It had so many awesome/fun weapons to pick from like the Ballistic Knife & Crossbow, and best list of the franchise imho of primary/secondary guns including my favorite the AK47 plus great kill streaks like the Napalm Strike, MortarTeam, Attack Helicopter, Valkyrie Rocket, Blackbird, Rolling Thunder, Chopper Gunner and Gunship. The maps were some of the greatest in the COD franchise imho with Nuketown(which still lives on in new COD games including Black Ops 3), Jungle, WMD, Summit and Villa. Then Zombies which takes place over different eras of time too, namely my favorite World War II. There's just so many things that made this game memorable and such a complete package in every aspect. The campaign, multiplayer and zombies mode. I wish it, WaW & Black Ops 2 get a remastered versions all on 1 disc!

    • Thomas Rundkvist Volsmann

      That’s so beautiful man. Can’t stop crying 🙂

      • I can’t stop crying missing doing stuff like this with the Ballistic Knife: https://youtu.be/me80td1PUfk – I also had a 3 kill with the Crossbow on Jungle on their channel but can’t find it(!) Enemies were all gathered up on the hill and I shot/stuck one player and he ran straight into two other campers near him. I miss that game!

    • Overachiever

      Take a bow XD

  • Kurt Angle

    Modern Warfare 2. Had great memories with my friend. Remember how I started from camping in the corners with using bling, red dot and silence on the M4 when barely anyone used it, to being fearless and running and gunning. Favorite moment when I got my first nuke on Team Deathmatch on quarry. I was camping so hard because I was 24 and 0. Once I hit 25 I Immediatly called it in, started screaming on the mic of how excited I was. I called my friend once the game is over and told him I got a nuke. I called him while we was having special time with his girlfriend if you know what I mean. Lol. Got my first nuke and cockblocked at the same time. I’ll never forget that.

  • Rahul

    Modern Warfare 2 by far! Sure it was a broken game, but it was fun! Almost every gun felt like it was viable (barring a few exceptions like the F2000). Noobtubes weren’t fun, but when you got a lobby where people weren’t tubing, you could feel the amazing game. Plus, it had the best map design by far. The maps were varied and each supported multiple playstyles. Ultimately, it was all about the fun and no game made me feel better than MW2 did when I got my first nuke. That is what video games are about to me and it’s what MW2 executed perfectly.

  • U WOT M8

    My favorite cod is WAW because it is just a classic call of duty and it introduced the amazing zombies mode.

  • Patrick

    Black ops 2 is my favorite COD because I had so many good times playing that game and interacting with others online. BO2 was a great game and I had no problems whatsoever. It had great weapon balancing and it was a refreshing shooter to play when I was bored.

  • Scott

    I’m really loving Black Ops 3! The movement system feels refined and smooth. Just overall fun gameplay… having a blast!

  • ScarySharp

    My fav CoD is definitely World At War. I had so much fun with the iron sight Kar98k. Upheaval was my favorite map, and I’d love to see a remake.

  • Chromium

    Black Ops 2, the game never really got boring, there was always something to keep you playing, and didn’t get too repetitive. Zombies was the best in Black Ops 2 too. It by far had the best and most complex maps for zombies before BO3. Origins, Buried, and Mob of the Dead really set the standard for what zombies is now, a game mode that can be played both casually or objectively with the complex easter eggs hidden throughout the maps. The multiplayer was also extremely good in my opinion. I never got bored playing the multiplayer like I did in Ghosts and Advanced Warfare. The mechanics were great, and the guns were amazing. Most importantly, I can still play it today, enjoy it, and have some fun.

  • Joshua Alvarez

    Modern Warfare 2 for its over the top, action packed gameplay. Although it was probably the most uneven in terms of balancing for guns and perks, it was ultimately the game that made my friends and I fall in love with multi-player.

  • Sean Burgundy

    Black ops 1 had the best maps of any cod ever. Plus blackbird chopper gunner dogs….

  • Brandon McClain

    My favorite CoD title is Call of duty 4: Modern Warfare. I don’t choose this because it is just the typical answer for a lot of people, but more so because now I can understand and appreciate the noob I was back then and come to better understand the noobs of today. 🙂

  • Colin MacKenzie

    Black Ops 2. It was the height of competitive Call of Duty while keeping to the roots of the public CoD community. Never have I seen a game with such balance towards both those groups. In addition, that game was the culmination of Treyarch’s ability to revolutionize Call of Duty, one game at a time. Zombies, Theater, CodCasting, League Play, Scorestreaks are all revolutionary concepts that have fans (including myself) craving Black Ops 2 above all else.

  • Naquille Tubby Williams

    Call of duty MW2, because i loved the kill streaks in it especially the pavelow

  • Name

    World at War was my fave COD. I remember it all started in the summer of 2009, just a bit before Modern Warfare 2. I hadn’t played a single COD game, or even a shooter game at that time. I always played games like Need for Speed and Guitar Hero. I’ve heard of the name Call of Duty, but I was never interested in playing it. That was, until I was surfing the Playstation Store and I found the World at War demo. I saw it was a Call of Duty game, and im like “eh, screw it, right?” And so, I tried the demo out, which was a 4 player co-op mission. I was immediately hooked. Sure, I sucked horribly. But it was fun. I kept playing the same mission over, and over, and over again, just to keep playing this game. It was that fun. After several days of endlessly playing World at War, I went on Youtube to see videos of more World at War, when I came across the trailer for MW2. It only took that 1 trailer to get me to rev the hype train engines for that game. I bought MW2 and WAW together when MW2 released, and I got home and played MW2. I was a little disappointed that MW2 didnt have a co-op campaign (keep in mind I was a COD noob at this time) but I finished this game, and it was incredible. But as soon as I finished its campaign, I jumped into WAW. WAW was the game that got me into COD and introduced me to a bunch of pretty cool online peeps, but COD also let me play with some friends that I normally wouldn’t talk to too much at school, who would later become my best friends to this day. Sure, COD has had its ups and downs. I’ve played and owned every single COD except Ghosts and Advanced Warfare, which was when I no longer had any interest in COD. Black Ops 3 reeled me back in, though, and is really fun. However, no COD will ever be as powerful to me as World at War.

  • jra716

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is my favorite. I logged the most play time on this CoD game then any other.

  • Krazy Bread619

    BLOPS1 hands down, just hearing Ice Cube call out “friendly dawgs inbound” made my day.

  • KoD Phazz

    Black Ops 3 has to be my favorite CoD and I’ve been playing since MW2. Never in any CoD have I felt the need to grind for camos, gear, etc. With this game, the grind is real, and I’m having fun getting challenges done. Tons of content and replay value. Plus I think the movement system is great and definitely serves a happy medium between “boots on the ground” and “jetpacking”. BO3 for the win, for sure.

  • Cameron David

    I loved World At War, it was the best call of duty, the maps were perfect and the zombies was extremely fun. The co-op missions were also really fun.

  • Bored1234

    I like mw3 because it has terminal

  • WhiskeyDick

    My favorite Call of Duty title to date would easily be Black Ops 3, it plays so smoothly, reminds ya how far this title has progressed as you think back to older titles, I haven’t even played some of the new game modes like free run yet, but I’m thoroughly enjoying progressing through multiplayer and completing specialist challenges.

    • Bored1234


  • Vincenzo Guadanino

    My Favorite Call of Duty is World At War. I started playing in on the Wii when it was released in 2008 lol.

  • Shelley Anthony

    Black Ops III becaue I can walk on walls.

  • Adam Garcia

    My favorite cod is mw2 because it was the first cod that I ever played and it was modern, not to old or too futuristic and it had a good campaign with a great a story

  • Teddy

    mw2 because it was the funniest

  • Savage

    My favorite COD is MW2 because of dat nostalgia

  • Jailbird

    My favorite COD was MW3 not because of the gameplay but because that was a time when most of my friends played.

  • Game Nation

    The best part of CoD was the 2nd world war serie’s not that new crap they put in it now i mean point blank shooting nazie’s 🙂

  • Joey Jiron

    MW3. Honestly I love the gun selection and the perks. The maps are unbeatable. Also the story mode wasn’t half bad

  • junior tello

    Advanced Warfare. I am just good at it lol

  • How Great

    Black Ops 2. I played all CoDs since Modern Warfare, and this was the CoD that really got me hooked. I started playing competitively in that game and had so many amazing memories when playing. It was some of the best gaming times I had in my life so far!

  • Embracing Time

    WaW was my favorite call of duty because it felt a lot more realistic than the new CoDs with the normal, straight forward movement. The new thrust movements are cool and all, but in my opinion, nothing can compare to a classic game set back in World War II. I also loved the classic Nazi zombies! Last but not least, it was actually my very first call of duty game. I still remember when I was a little kid, begging to play cod, but my parents would budge. They finally gave in after months of begging and that is what got me hooked on Call of Duty. It was overall just a great game. (Until the modders came and ruined it haha)

  • Justin Creighton

    Favorite call of duty is black ops 2, it brought the perfect amount of “futuristic warfare” without going overboard. The flank routes opened most maps for every gun variation as well as made competitive perfect. Also this game had the best zombies experience all around. (For me)

  • Lane bridgmon

    My favorite cod is Black Ops 2 simply because of zombies. All of the maps were good and the gameplay was very smooth. The multiplayer was also very smooth. It was the first game I played game battles on and I reall loved it

  • Tyler

    My fav cod is black ops 2 because it was the first cod I ever play and got master prestige on.

  • Shane Matthews

    MW2 because that when I started playing COD and the sniping and trickshotting is the best 🙂

  • SquidwardIsBeautiful

    Bo3, everything was just so smooth and nice and your streaks destroyed, I didn’t lag, the guns we’re balanced. Raid, Standoff, Hijacked, the game was great

  • Aajaer 111

    CoD BO3 because of the movement system.i like how you rank up really slow

  • Trevor Bialuk

    COD4 it was simple but also different and revolutionary. It changed multiplayer forever

  • Jake Lopez

    Black ops 3. It really continued to amaze me with each black ops and black ops 3 is just a masterpiece with elements from black ops 1 and 2.

  • William Evans

    My favorite COD is Big Red One for sure loved when they were set in the past .PS4

  • Sergio A.

    Black Ops 2.. Was great for competitive and league play was also great. The map color brightness was my favorite from the rest of the CoDs

  • Luis Martinez

    My favorite CoD is MW2, it made me into the gamer I am today and I enjoyed playing it with friends.

  • Edward Richtofen

    Black Ops 2 – I’m a primarily zombies player and BO2’s zombies experience was the best to date.

  • Kerben Perez

    my favorite cod was ghost , the Multiplayer could’ve been better in so many ways , also extinction , but the campaign was that caught my attention it was really good how the dog is a man best friend , how you survive , and the last part that took my breath away , really liked the campaign , not multiplayer or extinction just think ghost had a good story !

  • SYM -Justin

    Black Ops 1, had best multiplayer, amazing maps, I love the COd points system, definitely best zombie maps, and in general I just love the cold war Era 🙂

  • Robert

    Modern warfare because its a classic and what started COD to be come what it is now!

  • Dominick Novello

    My favorite call of duty is black ops 2. The zombies was great and I thought greif (8 player zombies) was a great idea

  • TOM’S

    i like bo3 because is beautiful

  • Jorhan Guerrero

    My favorite call of duty was Call of Duty Black Ops 2..the zombie story line/gameplay we’re really exciting…the campaign was good I like it somewhat..and the multiplayer it was always entertaining and also since my favorite map of all time is in it HIJACK!

  • Gary87

    My favorite CoD is CoD 4, I’ve play every cod and have amazing memories from cod4. Its a classic 🙂

  • Soven Kumar

    My favorite CoD was Black Ops 2 mostly because of league play and the competitive atmosphere. As well as the weapons being balanced more than ever.

  • DP

    Black Ops 1 the amazing zombies maps full of nostalgia loved the campaign and multiplayer was also really balanced overall a well rounded CoD compared to recent titles

  • moiz

    best COD for me was black ops 1 because every aspect of the game was amazing. The campaign was phenomenal especially as it was set during the Cold War/Vietnam War. The multiplayer was great. The guns were balanced and the killstreaks were amazing. The maps were also terrific apart from a few. Zombies was terrific. In my opinion, BO1 had the best zombies maps and easter eggs. The DLC’s were great especially the zombie maps.

  • ChattiestSpade3

    MW3 was tye best because it brins back nostalgic memories of being a noob ans still trying to figure out what the heck to do. Also, Survival game mode was really fun to play with friends.

  • Killcamjoey

    Mw2 because I remember all the fun times my friends and I would have, heck, even met some of my personal friends there

  • VLL

    My favourite Call of Duy is MW3 because is where I started and wich I played more 😀

  • Alex

    Black ops 3. Got my Xbox last year and started on AW. I thought that was a good game, I had no idea how amazing a “real” COD was 🙂


    he original Black Ops was probably my favorite. I loved the zombies mode in Black Ops.

  • RT_GuErRiLlA ⎝ᄽ⏝⏠⎠

    Cod 4 I loved playing that game

  • Karim_Shayan

    Easily my favorite call of duty is black ops 2 because me and my friend used to always play it p. Now they play black ops 3 and I’m stuck on old gen


    Black ops 2 all day because their was no boost jumping 🙂

  • PandaMan

    My favorite CoD will always be CoD 2. The game wasn’t inanely difficult or challenging, but wasn’t too easy. It was the first CoD I played, and the variety within the campaign had me sold. I’ve been a lover of the franchise ever since

  • TacticalFPS

    Black Ops 1 ( the original ) , Loved everything about it, played so sweet and Loved me some wager matches and Sticks n Stones.

  • Nathan Falco

    My favorite CoD was probably Call of Duty 4. It was actually the first CoD I played and it was just so fun. The mechanics, the weapons, the killstreaks and especially the maps were on point. I loved shipment, especially when you played domination (even though I usually went 27-54 or something on it), it was always just so fast paced and fun.

  • Allen Baybayan

    Call Of Duty Modern Warfare(COD4): The campaign was absolutely beautiful, amazing storyline as it connects to MW2 and MW3. The weapons were actually balanced, the maps were amazing. Overall, COD4 was an absolute beast!

  • Semy lucien

    My favorite cod is ghost because it was my first cod game and i wasn’t really into stuff like that then i got aw but you guys would help me out by letting me expend my YouTube and get Bo3 so please

  • Love Ghosts the most because of Extinction

  • William

    Mw2 by far since that was where I feel cod was really original and was so much fun

  • Stuart Hemmings

    Love Zombies and Blacks Ops 2 did it all. I was still playing Origins a few nights a week when BO3 came out. The variety of Die Rise and Mob of the Dead were amazing. I’m really looking forward to where we are going with BO3. Nightmares and Shadows of Evil are a great start and I am hooked on Giant every night.

  • My3Sons33

    COD Black Ops (I) because it has the best zombies maps. [email protected]

  • Adrian Martinez

    Black ops 4 because the movement system and the arena play, I’m very competitive and I really love the ban/protect system

  • ThePetermissile

    Black ops 1. Because it’s the OG zombie experience

  • Matthew Burnett

    My favorite CoD is Black Ops one because I enjoyed the cold war era campaign, as well as zombies with the original crew

  • KuSh_ExOoTiKzz

    What if i live in Canada,it ain’t “Overseas” … i’ll try anyway ! My favourite cod is by far bo2,the zombie on this game was simply amazing with all the easter eggs and the multiplayer was also great !

  • PsychOutGaming

    My favorite COD was BO2 because of its fluency and the way it played. It was perfect! (plz let me win:))

  • Daniel

    Black ops 3 becouse of the specialists, best idea for feeling amazing while playing cod.

  • Alex

    For me MW2 and BO1 were my faves for sure loved them…..

    Not a fan of the 3d movement system and the futuristic stuff. I feel like I’m playing Call of Duty Halo/Destiny warfare….

    Dev’s just take it back to it’s CORE for the love of god….

    * Gritty maps
    * Actual guns
    * Some kind of realism
    * Current or past time frame

  • Gabriel

    Definitely MW2, it was my first Call of Duty game and it’s the one I have the best memories of.

  • Ethan

    Black ops 2, was just an over all good game and I played it for 3 years because ghost and aw were well you know…

  • Jose Luis Romo-Rosales

    Call Of Duty World at War, I think it’s the best, because of the maps and weapons!!

  • Ryan

    MW2 is by far my favorite Call of Duty, I had the most fun on this game playing with friends from school and pulling all-nighters just to reach 10th prestige and get my fall camo. MW2 was also the first Call of Duty that I poured a ton of time into and it sparked my love for the game.


    I think bo3 is my fav because its trey arch game on ps4 the new gen and not only that many good maps coming back like my fav skyjacked and many more I also would think this would be great for mlg umg and many More I really hope that bo3 really be as I expect 😉 lets go ps4

  • Internal Product

    My favorite Call of Duty is Black Ops 3, Since its so easy to move around with the thrust jumping and also the sliding, the weapon balancing is amazing, the maps are vibrant and colorful. Zombies, Shadows of Evil is huge and the setting is great. The game is absolutely great and will last for a long time and there are still many more reasons why.

  • Tyler Guidroz

    My favorite call of duty has to be black ops 3. The campaign was different and entertaining, the multiplayer has a lot of replay value, and zombies is the most in depth treyarch has ever gone.


    My favorite Call Of Duty is Black Ops 2, because it had amazing killstreaks and weapons.

  • ZergNdestroy

    Black ops 2.. played it religiously

  • Moodytable

    Favorite call of duty would have to be MW2 because its a classic game with really good maps and weapons. And its the first cod i ever played

  • ghosts sucks

    BO3, you can tell they really put there heart and soul into this game and it shows

  • Brian

    Modern Warefare 2 was my favorite. I had the most fun playing this game because of the powerful kill streaks and going for nukes. Although it had many flaws that annoyed me at times it also had extremely fun maps.

  • Noelle Carroll

    The first Black ops. I had such a blast playing that and drinking and eating cheesy popcorn, brings back so many memories! I love the maps

  • I would love to win a PS4 Juggernog Edition because I need my cold beer next to my couch while pwning! ;D

  • Tyler Mcmillan

    My favorite Call of Duty was World at War. It was the first and only WW2 call of duty to use the multiplayer formula from IW and it also brought us beloved zombies.

  • ToonToons22

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was easily my favorite. It was this game that got me interested in the Call of Duty franchise, an interest that persists to this very day. It was here that CoD decided to make the groundbreaking decision to step away from making World War II video games and advance into the modern age of combat, a decision that ended up creating one of the most beautiful games in Call of Duty history and one of the all-time classic video games in my opinion.

  • Special Ed

    Blops3. The mp gameplay, graphics, balanced specialists.

  • Raymond R

    My favorite Call of Duty is Black Ops3 because in my opinion i love the wall riding ability and the specialists. Btw thanks Charlie INTEL is and has been my number 1 news source for Call of Duty

  • Carlos

    My favorite call of duty is black ops 2 and 3 because of the graphics, and details on the game.

  • lindsay bade

    I liked black ops 1 the best. I enjoyed playing it with my brother

  • Emiliano Garcia

    Mu favorite call of duty is black ops 3 because of the amazing specialists and weapons. I also love what they did with zombies with shadows of evil and the giant!!

  • Zach Salvati

    Black Ops 1 is my favorite Call of Duty because of the simplicity of it. The killstreaks ( blackbird, chopper and dogs) are awesome, the guns are great (galil and famas) and the maps are amazing (summit and firing range)! I still play this game a ton on the 360.

  • lorenp4

    🙂 Thank you My favorite , I played Black Ops 3, My first

  • Petros Manoukian

    Call of duty 4. I played pro mod for a long time, it was the most fun i ever had with a game.

  • Sam Bond

    My favorite cod is black ops 3 because of the movement system and the specialists.

  • CallOfDuty/Destiny

    Can you ship to canada?

  • Justin Massey

    By far black ops one!! I bought the very first cod the day 360 came out and was amazed at the graphics. But when black ops one came out I couldn’t wait to jump on mp and go to work, at the time I was rocking less than 1 meg and still went to town. But the reawson I loved it was my love for zombies began, many sleepless nights playing kino and moon. I ended up with the game on PS3 and 360 with all maps on both due to ps network crash right At the release of call of the dead. To this day I still go back and play bo1 and seem to get more of a thrill than playing most games today. I would love to have the jugg edition, almost bought it but I would have had to buy it plus the digital version due to I had already purchased it but I’m up for a xb1 or ps4 version if I win!

  • GlabTheImpaler

    BO2 was the best but I must say that BO3 is giving it a run so far!

  • Ercasto Damian

    Black ops 1 Reason Good old nuketown no exo jumps or nothing on foot nuketown

  • Tony Nguyen

    My all time favorite COD would be MW2! That was the 1st time I got into shooters, after that I was hooked! I had such good memorable moments when playing that game. Everything felt so right and it was so fun. I also played with my friends, (roommates and friends) for the first time. The experience that I felt from that game made me a life long COD gamer, so that’s the reason why MW2 is my favorite COD game.

  • Tommy Huynh


  • More Snow Pls

    Black Ops 2 is probably my favorite, played it the longest, mix between future and past

  • Trent

    My favorite Call of Duty is Advacned Warfare because the Exo suits add a whole new ability to the game.

  • maxitos8820

    My favorite Call of Duty will always be modern warfare 2. The hours I’ve spent hearing kids scream and the times I’ve laughed are unmeasurable.
    But Black Ops I…. Long live Reznov! He will always be my soviet hero <3

  • Luca Sciascia

    Favourite cod was black ops 1. To me there was a perfect balance between all three modes. I’m a zombies guy and I do believe that bo1 delivered the best overall zombies experience, that had an overarching story that concluded with the amazing moon.
    Also, it was the first multiplayer I got into since mw2 and it is the most balanced one imo. It’s the multiplayer that I went the furthest in.
    Lastly, the whole black ops series definitely has deeper stories and bo1 was the beginning of it, and I loved the Cold War setting!

  • Quinton

    My personal favorite COD is Ghost even though many people hate it and with good reason too but it was my very first Cod that I played the whole year though since the midnight release at GameStop and I also loved playing with my friends for hours at a time.

  • stonewall3221

    Black Ops 2 is definately my favorite. Every time a new Call of Duty is released, that is the game I compare it to, and so far black ops 3 is the only one that I have really enjoyed since 2.

  • Mike Kaiser

    Black Ops 1 is def my fav. Best killstreaks in any COD game (Attack Copter, Gunship. Chopper gunner, etc). GREAT maps such as my all time fav, Firing Range. the classic Nuketown and others such as Jungle, Hanoi, and Crisis. Man, I feel like firing up the ol 360 and playing some BLOPs again!

  • John

    Call of Duty Black Ops 3 because Treyarch always puts on a great show for Zombies each and every year they release a Call of Duty game. I love there series more then the other cod games.

  • My favorite Call of Duty will always be COD 4. It’s the one that turned me on to the series and the one that I put the most hours into. If I win I’d pick Xbox One for the prize.

  • Anthony Benavidez

    Black ops 2 was my favorite call of duty. There weren’t too many prestiges, it was a very balanced game with original movements. Lots of great memories from that fantastic game that I played for 3 years in a row. Even when ghosts and advanced warfare didn’t live up to the standards, black ops 2 was always good enough. League play was incredible!


    I love all the Call of Duty games, but I have to choose one so I would say Modern Warfare 2. MW2 was just a wonderful game and I loved the graphics. Let’s not forget the Nuke because it was amazing and you could get it with kill streaks. Boosting. Wait! What? Who said that? Yeah you could get the nuke boosting because of the tactical insertion or you could hack which is one of the things I hated. It was still a great game with all of it’s bugs and glitches. COD is love! COD is life!

  • Jose Pena

    Over the Years, I’ve always played action games, fighting games mostly and at the time all I had was the PS2 which was by far the best console I ever owned. Once I owned the PS3 however, everything changed my life for the better. For one, Online Gaming was a big thing for me. I could finally play with friends, the people I love and enjoying playing what I love. My First Call of Duty game was Black Ops 2 and I never really owned any of the previous CoD games because I was a kid, so Mature Games were off my list. The whole experience with Multi-player was great, you could have multiple custom games with friends, and the best of all….was Zombies. Zombies blew my mind to the core! It had everything I could hope for. Killing the Undead, Carrying the Best Weapons, Discovering Hidden Easter Eggs, and the best of all, playing with those in the party who are close friends. Call of Duty has given me the opportunity to meet new friends, greet other players from around the world and most of all, bringing the community together as a whole and I’m glad to be a part of it. Thank You Treyarch for wonderful games and hope to see what’s to come in the later future. #Juggernogedition

  • Connor Ng

    I loved Black Ops 2 the most because I had the best memories with my friends in that game. I also got into competitive Call of Duty during the lifetime of the game. I think that Black Ops 2 had the perfect balance of casual and competitive gameplay for all.

  • BondFancy

    Favorite cod was MW2, so many good memories of the emergency air drop glitch. Getting them nukes, the might harrier, and the crown jewel Mode 1887’s.

  • J Fluharty

    Black Ops II is my favorite because of the 3 lane maps and the balanced, comfortable guns.

  • Lambo Marcy

    Favorite Call of Duty has to be World At War because it gives you that old gritty theme of how World War 2 really was, nothing was to crazy OP besides the Mp40 but all the guns had a unique feel and everyone could have fun running around in the tanks, sure they weren’t perfectly balanced but it was something you could do that was unique, just like call of duty 3’s multiplayer the vehicles added a new element to a game I already enjoyed. Then this was also the game that started one of my favorite COD modes of all time, Zombies! Characters were so Authentic and real when they got to the final map, a German, Russian, Japanese, and American all fighting hordes of zombies with funny dialogue, oh man one of my favorite things i remember playing with my friends!

  • Human.

    Favourite CoD has to be Black Ops 2. Started playing CoD on Black Ops2, met some really cool guys, some I consider one of my closest friend right now. Had a lot of fun just playing pubs, custom games and league play until the whole squad was drunk out of sheer tiredness coz its 3am, Nostalgia aside, it was just a really solid game with a lot of good maps and a good variety of guns (Though Im still mad that they nerfed the PDW to shit)

  • CorruptedNuk3r

    Black ops 3, they keep adding new content to it too keep it interesting and prevent it from being the same thing over and over, plus all the new zombies stuff

  • TripleXM

    So far i’m really liking Black Ops 3 however its too early to call it my favorite so I’ll black ops 1. Although the gameplay wasn’t balanced at the time, the multiplayer maps were amazing and the zombies experience was by far the best and the campaign actually had a good storyline

  • David Gerhold

    My favorite Cod would have to be Black ops because that game really set a cornerstone for many other Call of Duty after that.

  • oAstig

    My favorite COD is MW2 because it is basic… no boost or exo movements

  • Funky Monkey

    Black ops 3: Bankrupting in Sticks and Stones

  • Ekaj Racecar Nospmoht

    So psyched! I have checked this site literally multiple times a day, for the passed year or so, but this is the first time that I’ve ever been obliged to write anything. Mostly because I’ve been too afraid of crazy people destroying my theories and ideas. Here’s to Juggernog! Good luck, everyone!

  • Jared

    My favorite Call of Duty is with no doubt, Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It’s my favorite because my friend got me addicted to zombies when Cod Ghosts was out (which i didn’t even bother getting) and i fell in love with the game. Then, i started to play multiplayer more and finally got up to level 55. But zombies will always be my favorite part of Call of Duty and Call of Duty: Black Ops II will always be my favorite Call of Duty.

  • Ethan Walker

    Black ops 2 because because it had the best sniping

  • Deathjr tK

    Black ops 2 cause it had the best sniping

  • raptroes

    My favorite Call of Duty was and always will be the original Black Ops. While I played other CODs before that (like CoD2 over LAN and CoD4 on PS3 for my first real multiplayer experience), it was BO1 that really got me into Call of Duty (the original Modern Warfare giving me a taste of it with an amazing campaign and MP). Black Ops (I) had one of the best campaigns to date, the very best Zombies experience (so far), and an amazing/nostalgic multiplayer.

    My sister got me a PS3 for Christmas, so I was a very excited Xmas Noob. I sucked at first and relied on the Famas and Ghost to get a hang of the game, and had a horrible K/D. By the end of it all, I had a 1.6 K/D and over 800 Blackbirds called in. I had gotten good at the game (the best out of everyone I played with). When MW3 came out, I still played Black Ops. When Black Ops II was announced, I was SO HYPED, and liked it, but not nearly as much as the original.

    Campaign was great. I don’t know why, but despite the Michael Bay clichès, I loved it. The darker tone it had, along with the weird story (the numbers Mason!), I found it to be the only campaign to rival previous CoDs (CoD2, CoD4, & WaW have amazing campaigns). This was a campaign to be included with two other complimenting elements.

    Zombies. Oh how I loved Zombies. At the time, I was a casual Zombies player, so as you could imagine, I played a lot of Kino der Toten. However, simpler Zombies is what World at War offered, so that is (naturally) what I aimed for. I liked to play FIVE occasionally when I needed a good challenge. When the first DLC pack dropped, it wasn’t just the multiplayer I was looking forward, nor was I disappointed. Ascension, my God, that is a beautiful map. It is my second most favorite map to date (after Der Riese/The Giant). The highest we got in Zombies before giving up or getting overwhelmed I believe 38 or near the 40’s (51 on The Giant). I was the guy running the train near the lander while my teammates supported me from that small hallway. A simple survival strategy, a simple Pack-a-Punch activation, Ph.D. Flopper, and Stamin-Up really made this a great map. Call me Old School or call me a filthy casual, but this is the experience I’ve been waiting for since World at War. While I didn’t own the previous CoDs, I did play them, and World at War offered a solid Zombies experience, which Black Ops continued (especially with Ascension).

    Capture the Flag. I know what you’re thinking: no one plays that mode; why is it in Black Ops III if only 1% of the population plays it? It’s there because we play it. My crew who I’ve been playing since the original Black Ops plays it with me ’til this day. We didn’t know anything about callouts or tactics, but we did have great teamwork. People probably hated us because we made it harder for them to get Marathon Pro. If I was on defense, I had Ghost Pro, Warlord Pro, Ninja Pro, Motion Sensor, a suppressed Galil with Dual Mag, smoke grenade, and two tomahawks. You could not find me or kill me, because I would soundwhore protect the place (did I mention how many times I clutched in S&D?). If I had to, I had other teammates that could play defense, while I run out there full tryhard mode. Yes, of course I had Marathon Pro. I played CTF too much to not have it. Combine that with Lightweight Pro, Steady Aim Pro, and AK74u w/Dual Mags, a tomahawk (I loved those things), and Ballistic Knives, and I was a mean capture force to be reckoned with. We pretty much dominated CTF, despite the fact most of us were noobs (we started off in TDM until we discovered the greatness that is CTF). With controlled spawns and a clear objective, we knew exactly what we had to do and we got it done. CTF was the majority of my Multiplayer experienced, with some TDM mixed in, and a lot more Search and Destroy later in its life cycle. This was probably the best MP to date.

    (Stopping myself here.)

    But I loved Black Ops because I could play at my own pace: casual or hardcore Zombies, stealth or rush gunplay, and there was a campaign worth playing to compliment the rest of the package.

    I would keep going, but at this rate nostalgia will overwhelm me and I’ll never stop typing. Black Ops had the best of everything and still does ’til this day. Hopefully Treyarch will introduce more non-traditional maps in the BO3 DLC (like Array and Kowloon), instead of cookie cutting everything (maybe one free DLC?) lazily into three-lane headglitch maps. And I’d loved to see a World at War II.

    raptroes on PSN & Steam (I only play Zombies on PC).
    Currently sitting at 2 K/D, 2.5 W/L, and ~300+ SPM on Black Ops III.

    • Sam Jarzabek

      Your “crew” are a bunch of scrub muffins and noob nugets

      • raptroes

        But you’re part of that crew! Does this mean…*gasp* that you’re a scrub muffin too?! xD

        • Tobydozer

          I’m a srcub?

  • Elliott Turka

    My favorite has got to be something classic such as finest hour

  • John Johnson

    My favorite call of duty is black ops2. The streaks were AMAZING, the colors were vibrant, it catered to every type of player (snipers, campers, rushers, shotgunners etc) and was full of noobs.

  • Jeff Haha

    My fav cod is bo3 cause it’s fun and I love all the guns and Xbox one please may you and your family had a great New Years I hope I win thank you

  • Jxrret

    Call of Duty World At War! Cod 4 is the #2

  • Matt King

    MW2, the killstreaks and overall online experience has the best by any game in the series so far

  • Dustin Hargis

    Favorite Call of duty is the classic Call of duty 3, loved the tanks and motorcycles, and playing War on that game was a real classic.

  • Nathan Long

    Black Ops 1. Tomahawks

  • Jesse Ensley

    my favorite call of duty modern warfare 2 because all it was all around good game compared to other ones some roads are better than others like zombies this may be better than the campaign or have the multiplayer might be better than the zombies but With mw2 it was all good and it didn’t need any futuristic stuff for to get be good all the weapons are really bounced they were original ideas And in my head really made what cod is today. Ps they should remaster this and make everyone start back to level one and add gun game

  • Jovanny Valencia

    Favorite call of duty was Mw2 because of all the TrickShotting and the amazing hype it had back in the day until it got ruined by scumbag Modders

  • michael gorski

    call of duty black ops 2 because of the kill streaks as well as the guns were more stable and accuarte. i also loved the snipers in which i got gold and diamond on first before any other classes.

  • Luis Padilla


  • Bryan Mazariegos

    My favorite call of duty to me is black ops 2 . The reason for that is I had a lot of really good memory’s on it with my friends. I would really appreciate it if you choose me Charlie Intel for the giveaway (ps4)

  • Sam Jarzabek

    Hi my name is Sam and I have to say that BO 2 is the best I never had a ps3 or an xbox360 so I would sometimes just go to my friends just to play BO2 but it’s what ever if I don’t get one but you guys at Charlie Intel are the true MVP

  • April monty

    I learned black ops from watching my son in law play,I adore zombie play the best,but I’ve not yet seen an edition for ps3or4 that I don’t like !

  • OutlawGaming

    My favorite call of duty to me is black ops 2 . The reason for that is I have a lot of really good memory’s on it with my friends. Its also the game i started playing competitively.

  • James M

    Black Ops because it was my first COD.#Nostalgia

  • Joshwoocool

    Call of duty World at war.Tanks in multiplayer are fun.Campaign is
    fun.Finding all of the death cards and doing co-op was fun.showing my
    pals how to get the Ray gun on little resistance.Playing Nacht der
    utoten for the first time after beating the campaign.At the time it
    spooked the crap out of me.Still does to a extent today.

  • marcus andazola

    Mw2. Was the best

  • Semy lucien

    Sorry i know i already posted something but i just read all the comments and like i said ghost still my favorite but i think reading all the comments deserve a ps4 juggernog for Bo3 please 🙂

  • TheRealMaxis

    My favorite cod game has always been and will always be black ops 1. In my opinion it had the best multiplayer maps and the best kill streaks (aka dogs). The guns were amazing Not to mention the best zombie Easter eggs and storyline. I can still remember gathering my crew on countless nights trying to do the Shangri la Easter egg and doing it just once (noob alert). “The numbers mason, what do they mean” has been in my head ever since that game

  • Travis Luu

    Hi Charlie intel, my favorite call of duty is black ops 2 because i liked sniping alot, it is easy to quick scope it had lots of features, id like to play zombies 2-3 times a day my favorite map on zombies was nuketown and town it was pretty good. But to be honest ive always like the black ops series and that includes world at war i really hope treyarch will continue there journey to make more black ops series i have a feeling black ops 3 will be then end they are really running out of ideas but although they make good games.

  • ShihTzuOnYou

    The original Modern Warfare was my favorite CoD because it redefined online multiplayer at the time. It was extremely addictive and it sparked the CoD online multiplayer craze. I don’t know how many hours I logged at the time, but it might just be the multiplayer shooter that I’ve put the most hours into.

  • kris

    Black ops 2 was and still is the game by which I hold all others in comparison to.The endless hours of fun, in zombies and multiplayer, the sniping, running around with the wonder weapon in buried. It will be a game i will never forget.

  • David Bernardino

    Black ops 3
    Honestly I wasn’t a fan of cod until I played bo3 beta. Love the movement, specialist and weapons. Also love the community’s overall competitiveness.

  • Jesse Ensley

    Mw2 is my favorite because it is the game that really got me into fps games and it had a awesome campaign multiplayer and side mode which I can’t say for any other cod it had awesome perks guns and maps, maps off which most people would like to see return such as Afghan rust and terminal for a third time. This game really set the bar for all fps games to come with its create a class system to its memorial moments in the campaign and it didn’t need any fancy movement system all it needed write some awesome maps and great kill streaks all it was missing was bots for the off line gamers

  • Mr. Sweg

    My favorite cod was black ops 1 because of the nostalgic feeling I get from playing it. It was also my first cod

  • Yankeephil

    My favorite COD is BO1, in WaW they started the zombie craze but BO took it to another level and created some of the best zombies maps with the best EEs. I even rebought an XBox 360 just to play all the old maps again.

  • Jesse Ensley

    Mw2 has to be my favorite it has 3 amazing modes which I can’t say for any other cod it really set the bar for every fps game with create a class and interactive story mode it had great guns that I wish they would bring back like the intervention and acr it was the only cod that I know of that had shotguns as a secondary and it had great kill streaks that are still around to day in one form or another it’s also the only cod in my opinion that had a. villain that the player truly hates and had a museum mode after completing the campaign which was awesome. I guess the one reason I really like it is because it is the first game that really got me into games and made you fell like a part of task force 141 so I’ll leave this commit with this “what kinda name is soup”

    • Jesse Ensley

      I’m only replying to my own because on my phone it keeps saying that I didn’t post so if this is still hear tomorrow I’ll know.it posted

  • Manny Jackson

    Tough to chose between MW2 and Black Ops 1, but I’ll say MW2 edges out, just because of the impact it made in FPS gaming. The FPS everyone else wanted to be like, and still looks amazing right now.

  • Alonso Chavez

    Damn my favorite COD was definitely MW2. It just felt so fresh and creative at the time and going back too it now nothing’s changed its still a beautiful beast full of hacked lobbies ?

  • DJ-Ciego

    Just want to start by saying I love this site.. Never found as much info on any site other than this.. Now!! My all time favorite COD is MW2! Yeah it was BS but it brought quick scope into the series and damn that was amazing! Giving out those “Intervention” s!!

  • GrizzlyEatsKids

    This is a hard one, but my favorite has to be Black Ops 3. Many people like to state that Call of Duty had two poor games in a row, and whie I thoroughly enjoyed Advanced Warfare, it didn’t provide the punch that the series needed. I feel that Black Ops 3 delivered in this sense, and was the first Call of Duty sense its predecessor that really seeems to have knoecked it out of the park.

    The campaign, while not Treyarch’s best, opened it up for gamers to be able to play with their friends. The new realistic difficulty really amped up the challenge to an absurd new level, and those who wish to put themselves through the gauntlet of absurd difficulty have met their next match.

    The zombies in this game, at least as far as I’m concerned, provides an entirely new wave of difficulty as well. Filled to the brim with easter eggs ad secrets, this is the most complete ombies experience to date. The gumballs and customizable weapons add another layer of complexity on top of an already deep experience. We’ve got fairly interesting characters with distinct personalities and well-voiced dialogue, coupled with an incredible atmosphere that makes this experience feel truly unique.

    Where the game really excels is in its multiplayer. The new movement system really soars here (pun intended), and is an improvement over what AW began. It allows most of the game to still take place on the ground, which is where Call of Duty belongs. That said, the addition of wall running and underwater segments on maps allows for added strategy without taking away from what makes Call of Duty what it is. The maps, for the most part, are designed perfectly, and rather than just accommodating the new movement system, they work with it. The new free run provides the perfect break from the chaos of public games, and is quite a fun distraction. The specialists are the greatest addition to the multiplayer though, as it really adds a nice level of variety and strategy to the multiplayer. Plus, there are even more camps to hunt down, with the addition of dark matter as well as specialist outfits.msupply drops are also handled perfectly, no longer affecting gameplay, but now being purely cosmetic.

  • TiiK tAc ToE

    My favourite Call of Duty was definitely Modern Warfare 3. It was so simplistic and the time to kill was perfect for me. I have thirty days played and could very easily go for another thirty. The score streaks were the perfect strength and this was the last Call of Duty with the nuke. I thought the gun balancing was very good and I thought the graphics got a big buff. The last mission was absolutely epic in the campaign. I loved Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 so much and I believe it is the best Call of Duty ever.

  • Necro Skull

    MW3 is my favorite game far! It does lack zombies, but the dynamics are pin point and every shot is legit. Truly deserves the Modern Warfare title.

  • Mohit Bhojwani

    Cod waw because it was my first cod and my friend introduced me to it and ever since i loved the series

  • R11R

    Favorite was COD4! It’s the game that got me hooked!

  • Ollie Elgey

    MW2: First CoD I religiously played, graphics were great, killstreak customization was a huge addition, best maps on any CoD IMO.

  • HowIsThisAName™

    My favorite Call Of Duty was Black Ops 2 due to the simplistic nature of it compared to the more recent CODs along with the vibrant colors and the fact that the competitive scene blew up during its run.

  • Matt Garcia

    My favorite call of duty is World at War. This is simply because of the real gritty-horrors of war-like gameplay and environment. In terms of the design of the overall game, it is amazing. It’s dark color pallets, along with the dialogue and gore just compliment the game and it’s grittiness even more. Also.. It introduced zombies. (Still has the best zombies mode to date.)

  • platinum_analogy

    My favorite Call of Duty is Advanced Warfare. The game gets hate, but I personally love it. I’ve started out the game just hating it completely, but I didn’t let that stop me. I kept playing it, over and over, getting used to the new movements. I remember playing the Classic No Exo Playlist and saying how much I despised Exos, but after realizing that it was something new and unique, I couldn’t run from it. I played a ton, and got used to the Exos. I went from hating the game to completely loving it. Even though a vast majority of the community hates this game, I love it, and always will. I come back from time to time, and I never get bored of it. SledgeHammer did good.

  • Joshua Hall

    MW3, Loved the face off mode!

  • jp

    Mw2. Was my first cod and it had amazing hit detection and great maps. Ya it had alot of bs in it but the fun factor was there with the killstreaks unlike recent cods.

  • Friisco 415

    Favorite Call of Duty is Modern Warfare 2. Have tons of great memories playing with a friend before he joined the army. Loved using the akimbo Model 1887 shotgun. Still a great game.

  • TINY

    Easily MW2 because it was the first time I played competitively 🙂

  • Destructnatr

    My favorite Call of Duty is easily MW3. That’s when I first started getting into CoD, started uploading videos on YouTube, and met some people online that I still talk to daily today. MOABs were the best thing–it’s too bad there’s no real equivalent in BO3. I think BO3 might take the cake for my favorite by the end of the year though!

  • Jason Brand

    So I started playing the COD series at MW3 but when Blops2 came out I was in love! The gameplay felt real and pure (neglecting patches,glitches,etc.). I was able to create custom emblems which I thought added more personalization to the gun camos. Treyark really stepped up their game to bring back the excite to the COD franchise (and probably boosted its customer revenue). So if you nominate me, I will be able to enjoy Blops3 just as much as I enjoyed Blops2. Thanks for doing the giveaway too!

  • Playfulpie

    Hey Charlie Intel team. My favorite back ops is definitely black ops 1 because of its zombie mode. I am a zombie YouTuber so I play zombies every day and the story in black ops one and the variety of maps (twice as much as in bo2) just make it the best zombie experience for me. Of course the the giant remake in bo3 is nice, but still not as good as the original Der Riese map where the zombie story first really shaped. You know, whenever I play it I get reminded of how mind blowing it was to first listen to all this radios, hearing Dr. Maxis talk about some experiments and hearing richtofen trying to kill him. I had no idea what the hell was going on and this is why I got interested in the zombie universe and storyline and I’m still so f*cking hyped for new zombie content nowadays as I was back in the day of bo1. I just love to play it. Thanks 4 this giveaway.

  • v6

    MW2. Nothing is more satisfying than getting a nuke while your team is losing. Yes noob tubes were a problem, but in my opinion the pros outweighed the cons

  • Dan B.

    “Your favorite Call of Duty and why”

  • Gutierrez

    My favorite has to be Call of Duty: World at War, due to it was the first CoD to introduce Zombies, and i love that game mode <3

  • Jay95

    My fav call of duty is BO1, because it was my first ever cod online.

  • WhiteDelight-TM

    My favorite online CoD was CoD 4 since it was my first online game and it branched me out into other online CoD’s… But my favorite CoD of all time was and is Call of Duty Big Red 1… My absolute favorite CoD…

  • Kainie

    Modern Warfare 2.
    Most fun shooter besides CS back then.

  • Johnny

    Easily call of duty world at war because it has classic zombies,well rounded campaign, and a epic multiplayer

  • Sal Coetez

    I hope that I win

  • Annalise

    CoD 4. Mainly because the Shock & Awe flashback was so intense… sent shivers down my spine. There’s not been many gaming moments that I’ve experienced that have had such an eerie & ominous effect.

  • Rich

    MW2 , I felt is was the best squad i ever had. Played alot of SnD with a great team.

  • AES Tropic

    Mw3 was my favorite because the specialist abilities made you feel like an absolute tank and going for moabs were so enjoyable


    Bo2 obviously because I’m the biggest zombies fan alive and the zombies in that game was insanely fun + hopefully bo3 beat it with the map pa

  • Jack Griffin

    My favorite Call of Duty has to be Black Ops 2 I’ve had too much fun with this game for it not to be my favorite. Xbox one

  • Operation

    MW2, because being able to end a game with a nuke and quickscoping with the intervention were two of the most fun things I’ve done in COD!

  • Jordan Houchcen

    My favorite call of duty is world at war, it had a really good campaign a cool multiplayer and of course, the origin of zombies the best game mode ever

  • Kevin Borror

    Cod 4 only because the map sizes varied. I miss the long range style maps such as overgrown or bloc

  • Josh

    My favorite cod was definitely mw2, by

  • Thanks! I’m following here and on Twitter(@Dean_M78). Feel to send me a message! 🙂

  • Dylan Leon

    give it to me i will be the please give it to me i really want it. I WILL RAGE IN BLACKOPS 3