The first week of the Call of Duty World League Pro Division Stage 1 has officially ended. Teams played online two matches this week.

Here’s our recap of the results from each region.

North America:

Tuesday, January 12:

Day 1 Alpha Stream Replay:

*Some matches were also played on a second (bravo) stream. Replay of that is available here.

  • Rise Nation vs. FaZe Clan | RESULT: FaZe won 3-2.
  • H2K vs. Dream Team eSports | RESULT: H2K won 3-1.
  • Team eLevate vs. Question Mark | RESULT: Question Mark won 3-1.
  • OpTic Gaming vs. Counter Logic Gaming | RESULT: OpTic Gaming won 3-1.
  • compLexity Gaming vs. Luminosity | RESULT: Luminosity won 3-0.
  • Team Kaliber vs. Team EnVyUs | RESULT: Team EnVyUs won 3-0.

Wednesday, January 13:

Alpha Stream Replay: 

*Some of the matches were played on a second Bravo stream. You can watch that replay here

  • Counter Logic Gaming vs. H2K | RESULT: H2K won 3-2.
  • OpTic Gaming vs. Team eLevate | RESULT: OpTic Gaming won 3-2.
  • Team EnVyUs vs. compLexity Gaming | RESULT: Team EnVyUs won 3-2.
  • FaZe Clan vs. Luminosity | RESULT: FaZe Clan won 3-1.
  • Dream Team eSports vs. Team Kaliber | RESULT: Team Kaliber won 3-1.
  • Question Mark vs. Rise Nation | RESULT: Rise Nation won 3-0.




Tuesday, January 12:

  • Team Infused vs. Giants Gaming | RESULT: Team Infused won 3-0.
  • TCM Gaming vs. Splyce | RESULT: Splyce won 3-2.
  • PuLse Gaming vs. exceL eSports | RESULT: exceL won 3-0.
  • Epsilon eSports vs. Spartan | RESULT: Epsilon won 3-1.
  • Millenium vs. Vitality | RESULT: Team Vitality 3-0.

Wednesday, January 13:

  • exceL eSports vs. Splyce | RESULT: exceL won 3-1.
  • Giants Gaming vs. Epsilon eSports | RESULT: Epsilon won 3-0.
  • TCM Gaming vs. Millenium | RESULT: Millenium won 3-0.
  • Team LDLC vs. Team Infused | RESULT: Team Infused won 3-0.
  • Vitality vs. PuLse Gaming | RESULT: Vitality won 3-0.


Australia / New Zealand: 

Tuesday, January 12:

  • Mindfreak vs. Orbit GG | RESULT: Orbit GG won due to Mindfreak forfeiting the match.
  • Tainted Minds vs. Exile5 | RESULT: Tainted Minds won series 3-0.
  • Team Immunity vs. Apotheon eSports | RESULT: Team Immunity won 3-0.
  • Chiefs eSports Club vs. nV | RESULT: nV won series 3-0.

Wednesday, January 13:

  • Orbit GG vs. Team Immunity | RESULT: Orbit won 3-0.
  • Chief eSports Club vs. Mindfreak | RESULT: Mindfreak won 3-0.
  • Apotheon eSports vs. Exile5 | RESULT: Apotheon won 3-0.
  • nV vs. Tainted Minds | RESULT: Tainted Minds won 3-0.

The Call of Duty World League Pro Division Stage 1 matches will continue weekly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, live on Twitch and YouTube.

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