The Guardian is reporting that the family of Angolan rebel leader – Jonas Savimbi – is suing Activision Publishing for how they potrayed Jonas Savimbi in Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Jonas Savimbi was a chef rebel leader of the Angolan army in Black Ops 2 and the law suit claims Treyarch portrayed him as a ‘barbarian.’ Savimbi’s three children – who are now living in France – have filed the lawsuit against Activision, seeking €1 million in damages.

The family’s lawyer stated that Activision represented him as “big halfwit who wants to kill everybody.” Activision Blizzard’s lawyer claims that he is represented as a “good guy…for who he was … a character of Angolan history, a guerrilla chief who fought the MPLA”.

More details have emerged now from French media site BFM TV, which states that the case will be heard on February 3. According to BFM TV, the family is also asking that the game with this portrayal be removed from sale.

This is not the first time Activision Blizzard is facing a lawsuit for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. In 2014, Manuel Noriega filed a lawsuit against Activision for how the title portrayed him in Black Ops 2. However, Activision Blizzard won that lawsuit in 2014.

SOURCEThe Guardian
  • “However, Activision Blizzard won that lawsuit in 2104.” So, time travel confirmed!

  • JoZer805g

    Wow, I’ve been asleep for one hundred-twelve years.

  • Guest

    2104? Damn. It took them 90 years to win it…

    • Keshav Bhat


      • Kyle Soule

        Should of replied but are we going to be receiving an update later on about this because I really want to know what happens.

        • Keshav Bhat

          I’ll update with the outcome / what Activision says

          • Kyle Soule

            OK thanks

          • Grymlocked

            Hey Keshav just wanted to let you know about another typo. Not trying to be a “grammar Nazi” or anything. In the first sentence of the second paragraph I believe the author meant to say “chief” but forgot the “i”.

  • British Blaze

    They won’t win.

  • Kyle Soule

    They are going a little overboard with wanting it removed from sale. Are we going to be getting an update later on about this Keshav?

  • He was a badass in the game, at least that’s how I saw it. But a barbarian fuck no, just a guy who knew how to get shit done!

    • [EV] BLISS

      People will do anything for money.

  • They just want money for guns

    • Exactly, “Money”

  • Thomas the Tankswag

    Fuck. Never knew Savimbi was a real person. He was cool in the game, i dont see why theyd complain about it.

    • [EV] BLISS

      Ever heard of anything called money? 🙂

  • Gamerazor247

    “Who dares wins” :I

  • CoDforever

    but he was a good guy, more importantly a badass, this is just stupid

  • lotterry


  • ToonToons22

    Why? He was an awesome character in the game, and one of my favorites too. He was exactly as Activision portrayed him to be, a good guy and an Angolan war hero. Not only that, but he died in real life fighting for what he believed in. The family should be happy that he was remembered at all.

  • ItzSikh

    umm too late now

  • Meh, sounds like moneywhoring.

    It is clear that he was shown as a good guy.

  • RdJokr

    Pfft, no surprises there. The children of Savimbi suing Activision so they can get money… Must be really desperate these days.

    If Noriega can’t even win the lawsuit, then Savimbi’s kids ain’t got no chance.


    what is he doing in france?

  • CrazyWolf

    Oh, come on! They just want money to fund the jihadist refugees coming through Europe. We ought to give them a break…

  • John redcorn

    How long did it take these people to realize he was in the game?

  • RobMelchor

    It’s him LOL

  • jordanxbrookes

    I liked Savimbi’s character in Black Ops 2. The thought of him being a “barbarian” never crossed my mind and still doesn’t now. Don’t know what kind of kush his family have been smoking.

  • Jay Evan

    *Observes list titled ‘Why I hate humans’*
    *Checks box that says “Moneywhores”*