GameStop has announced that if you buy the Black Ops 3 Season Pass (PS4, Xbox One, or PC) or a download code for Awakening DLC (PS4) online or at a retail store, you can get an exclusive poster for Black Ops 3’s Awakening DLC pack.

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  • ScOott


  • Jay Smith

    A little too late for that…

  • LovekillerX

    Rocket launching = Moon remake confirmed. /s

    • Drasadex

      Ascension remake confirmed too.

    • Ak74u

      I hope so maybe a different part of the moon? I’m so excited I can’t sleep

  • getsuga embrace

    This is hype!

  • ShadowMaster862

    And I alreayd have the Seaosn Pass. Form a Digital Deluxe Edition I had purchased from GameStop, I might as well already have this. But no, these promotions come in for those who buy it later. Think you’d be sort of treated for getting it sooner. I’m sorry but this is cool, but it pisses me off cause I had the copy pre ordered from the start

    • banerising

      True, but this is just a way to get those that haven’t bought it to buy it. The most hardcore already have it.

    • Stealthninja808

      If you have the receipt they may give you the poster.

  • Shane’s House

    Bought it from Gamestop on day one, wish I could get it…

  • Thomas Rundkvist Volsmann


  • That looks like an MP40. perhaps the MP40 is coming back? And possibly replacing the Bootlegger?

    • Ak74u

      Why not keep both? I’d love for them to add old school weapons in zombies

      • because I’d rather not this turn into Black Ops 2 zombies, where the mode gets filled with nostalgia weapons more than new weapons such as the KN-44, Kuda, VMP, Man-O-War, etc. Plus, I enjoy the new weapons and I think they’re probably the best ever.

  • TheDemonOfHate

    Ahhh……….eBay I guess.

  • RdJokr

    What I would do to get all these awesome Zombies posters… The hype is ON!

    … But then I remember: I’m a PC player. Hype just died a little bit again…

  • Ak74u

    That weapon tank Dempsey is holding really looks like it could be an MP40 ?

  • Xx_ZOMBIE_xX

    When does it release in the uk if it does?

  • Xx_ZOMBIE_xX

    When does this come out in the uk if it does?

  • Pablo

    This is not cool I already bought the season pass they should give it to the people who bought the season pass

  • Drewskee122

    They must be Awakened!