A new game settings update for Black Ops 3 is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The new update’s version number is

The new update includes:

  • Turns off Double Cryptokey
  • TDM score limit will stay at 100
  • Fixes for exploits in Stronghold
  • Updates to the CTF rules
  • Updates to Uplink OT rules and bugs fixed
  • Gunsmith bugs fixed
  • Fixes Zombies beast mode exploits

  • Emre


  • YoungMurf

    Dave, do me a favour and bring back Exodus.

    • Amro Amin

      exodus is online on the xbox one. I just finished playing on it… lol

      • YoungMurf

        I’m on PS4 and haven’t played it since a few weeks before Christmas :-/

        • lunator100hd .

          People dosent vote for that shit.

          • YoungMurf

            Well I sure as hell played on it quite regularly, so people clearly do vote for it.

          • madshooterguy

            its a pretty good map too so I wouldnt mind it being back on ps4

      • mjfame

        so, what

      • Adrian Rivera III

        It’s only been removed on PS4

    • infinity396

      it’s an Xbox Exclusive for now.. 😉

    • Tom

      Maybe they will resell it again within a dlc 🙂
      Quite rediculos that they just take it off. And its like that in weeks now. 🙁

  • Mick

    Um… Bring back Team Defender…

    • Jim

      that’s IW’s game mode… from MW3. Treyarch technically can’t unless they work out a deal

      • Omer Hodzic

        No… I’m pretty sure they can…

      • MichiganerE

        So was Kill Confirmed, but then it appeared in BO2, BO3 and AW.

        • RdJokr

          Not to mention Uplink, which was introduced by AW.

          • MichiganerE

            Yeah, I forgot about that mode.

          • Also, in AW, SHGames brought back Treyarch’s game mode “War” from World at War. Which, they renamed it to “momentum”. Not sure why they renamed it though.

          • ScOott

            I just edited my last comment to u, I’m sticking with it, see if I can get any one thick enough to belive me 😀

      • Psychomaggot105

        I think it’s activisions say more then any developer

      • Cat hunter

        they are all owned by the same company, if activision says do it im sure it will be done

    • Daniel Ireland

      People only play TDM and Domination. Most other game modes are ghost towns. There’s no point in adding any more even if it was popular in the past.

      • Mick

        Sure, the population in that game mode may be very little, but people still play it. Take Infinity Ward for example, the Mercenary playlist in MW3 has a very low population rate, so does Mercenary in BO3. So why would Treyarch bring back Mercenary in BO3 if no one plays it? I’m just saying, it’s definetly possible to bring it back in every cod going forward. I just don’t get why it never came back after MW3.

        • Argy

          Honestly the best way to bring back game modes and satisfy everyone is to bunch them into a variety pack of game modes… so like maybe its TDM, KC, or Dom… or maybe its TDF, Blitz, or others… It kinda spices up those variety packs too since you get modes not regularly playable.

          • Mick


        • RdJokr

          They’re still testing the population. And Vahn has been considering removing Mercenary for a while now, since it is not very popular at all.

          • Mick

            I for one play Mercenary in BO3 a lot because I’m a solo player and hate playing against parties. So I really hope they keep it but I don’t see that happening if that’s the case.

      • Kill Confirmed is usually pretty stacked, but then again it is basically just TDM with dog tags

    • Meltful

      Yesss tdf is the best

    • Bored1234

      I forgot what that is

      • Mick

        It was that game mode in MW3 where if you kill someone, they drop a flag and you have to keep possession of the flag to gain more score. It’s basically TDM with a flag.

        • Ohhh I remember that game mode..It was pretty fun playing it back in the MW3 days. Probably one of the only things I honestly enjoyed about MW3.


      blitz and team defender for cod 2017

      • Mick

        Oh yes, and Blitz. I actually liked that mode a lot, especially on Freefall.

      • ShadowMaster862

        Blitz was fun, especially if you ran the Maniac streak. Slash everyone, and get there fast.

  • lunator100hd .

    Again no combine fix……nice!

    • YoungMurf

      And again it requires a full game update to fix. Vahn said it will be fixed when there is a full game update, not a hotfix.

  • LovekillerX

    Where is Exodus? I haven’t seen that map for a long time and I play on PS4. Did they take it off the rotation or what? It doesn’t make an appearance when people are voting for next, previous or random map.

    • D’Andre Thomas

      It rarely comes up in the rotation for me too

    • YoungMurf

      Treyarch took it out because it was crashing/freezing during the loading screen, but I thought by now they would have fixed it.

      • Thomas the Tankswag

        They need a full update to fix it

        • [EV] BLISS

          Not just a “full update” they can fix it when ever they want, they just want to add that feature in a big update so people will be hyped for everything they added.

          • infinity396

            ohh, and you know this because you work at activision? don’t blow smoke up without any knowledge.. the full update makes sense as graphics files and such likely need to be fixed with it.. these game settings changes are just changing lines of code. although it seems they could push an update pre-awakening.

          • [EV] BLISS

            I don’t need to work at “Activision”to know this moron.
            I can easily make an update to my game right at this second.
            Plus the “Full update” doesn’t even make sense, it’s simply called update. An update is just new code that has been implemented to the game, or it can be new sprites, or images that have been added to the game. So don’t fucking tell me I don’t know what’s going on, because I clearly know, and you’re the one with “No knowledge”.
            Go back to your mom kiddo, btw as soon as you said “And you know this because you work at Activision” I knew you were an idiot 12 year old. Also one more thing, you don’t need to change graphic files to make an update…

          • infinity396

            LOl, you lose big time.. I haven’t been 12 for almost 30 years.. I think you don’t understand the difference between the game settings updates and an update to the whole game.. maybe full update is wrong word, but im pretty sure changing sprites would require a patch to be applied and not the game settings update check it does every time you load BO3.nice fail in your whole argument.. and you need help for your rage level.. its just a game..

          • [EV] BLISS

            An update is anything you change to the game…

          • [EV] BLISS

            “Game settings require changing of sprites” how stupid are you? If I change the speed of my player, that’s game settings…. Am I changing the images or sprites of my player, don’t think so. Also, treyarc did a game setting update with tdm, they increased the score limit, did they need to change any sprites, nope…

          • [EV] BLISS

            You lose big time….
            I like how kobrah doesn’t understand anything, yet he likes your comment. lmao

      • DEMOLITION12

        they still haven’t fixed no margwas glitch lol

  • imBATMAN

    Can they beef up the xp we get? just by a little

    • GOD_OF_COD

      Totally agree on ya

  • Stif Meister

    So when will the 7vs5 bullshit be fixed? Or is Treyarch too embarrassed to bring attention to it?

    • lunator100hd .


  • what was the beast mode exploits that was going on?

    • Skillreks

      people would turn into the beast, jump somewhere they couldn’t get to as a human then glitch the game to move their character to where the beast was

  • Skillreks

    in your opinions, should the ball carrier in uplink get 300 points a kill If he uses the ripper while holding the ball? it takes 4 kills to get raps this way and kind of seems broken. should it get fixed?


      that’s ridiculous considering how the ripper takes zero skill

  • From what I saw this weekend, Breach is turning into the new Combine. That map got voted more times than combine.

  • deathhawk78

    You guys find it awful laggy .Ever since the new year I find it laggy as hell and I don’t mean a bit . The more kill streak I’m on the worse it gets. By the time I’m on a five kill steak my guy doing circles/spinning around and huge delay when firing to the point I die or just quit. It’s so bad that I can officially the worst cod game for multiplayer . I’ve been playing since MW2. I play on PS4, it was fine last year. Doesn’t matter what I Olay it’s laggy as Shit . I’ve even upgraded my internet package and modem . It can’t be me . It’s only this game. It’s a shame because I once liked it.

    • Kobrah

      It’s only laggy when I play in a party

  • Pirates

    Can we have infected back?

  • Ak74u

    Multiplayer had double cryptokey but what about zombies? Can we have double liquid divinium or maybe the next time the dlc releases.

  • Combat Maneuvers

    Still no fix for KN-44 Dark Matter bug for Xbox One? You gotta be kidding me….

  • Shadows

    What changed in ctf?

  • Daniel Mertens

    een schande is het, dit spel is een rotte appel in de reek weer aan het worden, AW 2 is dit

    • tuby

      Pleasure learn to witte correct Dutch

      • Daniel Mertens

        eeum ga aan, u lelijke moeder heeft vieze vis gebakken


    i only wish that they fix the “weapons from the ground” glitch were your HUD shakes a lot and u are waking slowly when you pick a weapon from the ground. Although is rare it pissess me off a lot

    • Kobrah

      I have never noticed this

      • RdJokr

        It’s more common in Uplink, when you pick up the ball.

        • Kobrah

          Oh, I don’t play uplink

  • Dokaxi

    Where the fuck is the Exodus map?

    • BrandonTr

      I haven’t played that since November

    • They took it out of the PS4 map rotation because it caused a lot of people’s games to crash. You can still play it in private match and it should be back during the next game update.

  • Eaz Jmilly

    Idk if its just me but the connection is terrible whenever i play and i have really well internet at the house.

    • lunator100hd .

      You cant really do much man. 3arch’s cods have always been like this, one day the connection is amazing, you have fun and the sky is sunny and the next day you lag like crazy, your bullets dont register and Hurricane Katrina is coming again.

  • JustAthought

    servers need major work, kicked for inactivity really, better get rid of the sniper rifles

  • Diego Diniz

    Wich NVIDIA Driver version is THE BEST for Black Ops 3???



      • Diego Diniz

        Already have it a PS4. I need a good driver for PC version.

  • Noah

    Top 3 things I reallllly want to see changed are the flinch (by reducing it), hit detection, and the matchmaking (because lobby matchmaking is just not fair). Besides those, I like the game a lot, but those issues are just so frustrating y

  • Eddie Tupy

    they need to make it so tdm isnt a playlist but is still a game mode.
    That’ll set things right i think.