Activision has announced new details about the Challenge Division of the Call of Duty World League. Challenge Division will feature both online and LAN tournaments for players to participate in.

The Challenge Division will feature two tier type of events.

  • Tier 1 events are LAN and online tournaments that are open to both Pro Division and Challenge Division participants. There are dedicated prize pools for both Pro Division and Challenge Division teams. Pro Division teams are not eligible to earn Challenge Division points, so top placing amateurs can walk away with their chance to enter the Call of Duty Championship Qualifier.
  • Tier 2 events are online and LAN tournaments open only to Challenge Division teams. Both cash prizes and Challenge Points can be rewarded.

As announced before, players will need to be 18 years or older in order to compete in the Challenge Division.

The first Tier 1 Challenge Division event will be UMG South Carolina, which takes place February 12 – 14. This event has $100,000 in prizes available. More information about this event is available here.

Activision has posted an FAQ about the Division in their announcement article; here’s some of the big details:

  • Can Challenge Division teams advance into the Pro Division?
    • A – At the end of each Pro Division Stage, the top four teams in each region (North America, Europe, Australia/New Zealand) based on Challenge Points will be invited to the Relegation Tournament, where they can compete for a spot in the next Stage of the Pro Division.
  • Q – Can Challenge Division teams advance to the Call of Duty Championship?
    • A – Yes, as part of the Challenge Division, players can earn Challenge Points. Teams with the most Challenge Points will be invited to the Call of Duty Championship Qualification Tournament to earn their spot at the biggest event of the year.

Stay tuned for the latest news on Call of Duty World League.

SOURCECall of Duty World League
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