Activision Support has provided new details on how players will be able to access the new Awakening DLC pack for Black Ops 3 on February 2nd on PS4.

In previous Call of Duty titles, players had to access either their platform’s store or the in game store to download the new DLC packs. However, for Black Ops 3, Treyarch is bundling the DLC content packs within the patch update that will release on February 2nd on PS4.

With this, players that have purchased the Season Pass — or if you’ve bought the DLC separately on the PS4 Store — (once players have downloaded the new patch) players visit the in game store, select ‘Map Packs,’ and just have to activate the Awakening DLC. Once it has been activated, players can immediately start playing with the new content. There’s no separate download beside the patch update.

According to Activision Support’s article, since the DLC is being bundled into a patch, the new patch launching on Feb 2nd on PS4 will be a 9.1GB download for all players — regardless of if you’re buying the DLC or not. The patch will contain bug fixes and more updates for all players, in addition to including the Awakening DLC content.

The patch update for PS4 is expected to launch on February 2nd at midday Pacific Time. The Activision Support article does not state whether or not a patch will also be available on other platforms at this time. PS4 gamers get Call of Duty DLC packs 30 days early.

If you plan on buying Awakening DLC after downloading the February 2nd update on PS4, you may need to restart your console in order for the content to be activated via the in-game store.

We will provide updates on February 2nd with the patch notes for the new update and more information. Stay tuned.

SOURCEActivision Support
  • Juses


    • Legit ScOott (Not Guest)

      U r still nut sweg. Growe upp u imture child,

  • Rachetz

    midday pacific? isnt that a bit later than usual?

    • Keshav Bhat

      Yes, but I’m guessing since they’re changing how things work, they picked Pacific Time midday to launch.

      Midday Pacific time was when the last patch update launched too for Black Ops 3

      • Scott

        Treyarch is from Santa Monica, CA

        • Keshav Bhat

          Yeah I know

    • TheDemonOfHate

      Yes young one, but as long as we get it everything will be ok

    • Lets say it releases at 14.00 pm pacific time, what time is that in UK?

      • SarDoggy

        This is america. 2:00 PM Pacific would be 8:00 PM your time private. If you Don’t understand. learn american time.

        • joeyt045

          Learn “american time”? There is no such thing, you know that right?

          • SarDoggy

            1.It was a joke…You actually thought i was being serious? Yikes. 2.

          • joeyt045

            Read through some of the comments here. It is hard to tell who is being funny and who is actually that stupid. At least I know you were just trying to be funny now lmao

          • Jakeem

            Hey guys I live in Australia does that mean the doc comes out feb 3

          • C.O.D founder

            For us in australia its 9pm on the 2nd on feb W.A and in nsw area its 11pm same time its just ther 2 hours ahead.

        • Lamborghini < knowledge

          The whole concept of time zones starts with UTC aka coordinated universal time aka GMT aka UK time. Sooooo basically learning American time shouldn’t be necessary.

          • SarDoggy

            Take a joke lambo615

        • Sol Malus

          2pm Pacific would be 10pm GMT UK.

  • 9.1 GB?!?!?!?! Welp, with my internet I’ll be done with it in a day or two. RIP

    • Thomas the Tankswag

      Git gud internet.

    • TheDemonOfHate

      #Prayers4Alex #UpgradeIts2016

      #CenturyLink4Life #CityOrCountry?


    • Ur an idiot stop complaining about everything you ruin this site.

    • RdJokr

      Sometimes, I’m kinda glad PC has less players. So we don’t have to deal with the BS of PSN/XLive being inadequate with pushing out updates.

      Still, you’d have to wonder: just how much is the “patch”, and how much is the “DLC”? With AW, DLCs were about 5-6 GB on PC (though PS4 size was larger for some reason). I expect BO3’s DLC packs to be about 6-7 GB now.

      • Rob Munchy

        because of the fact that the ps4 has higher graphis and frame refresh rates

        • RdJokr

          … Please tell me you’re joking.

    • Logic Chief

      What you say that’s bad it would take me a week. 100kb/s speeds #chiefconnection

      • InfernoReaperZ

        nah i downloaded the bo3 49 gb game in a week with 100 kb/s dont worry it will take 2 days

    • Rob Munchy

      buy a gaming router i got a the netgear dragon, it take me an hour

      • Marquis von Steuben

        Do you have season pass and can you play now

      • Aeroboymcweezy

        Don’t need to blow an arm and a leg to get a gaming router…I have a standard netgeae cable router…took me 30 minutes to download.has to do with your bandwidth not your equipment

      • I have an N900 Router, but that doesn’t matter if youhave slow internet dude haha

      • Anthony Burdick

        What kinda bum internet do you guys have ? Took 20 mins smh

    • Bill

      Yeah bro same it took me a week!!!!

  • Odin

    Looks like I’ll have to wait until Wednesday to play! RIP INTERNET

    • TheDemonOfHate

      RIP Electricity Bill.

      • joeyt045

        He was a good man, that Electricity Bill.

  • Ghost

    That’s gonna take me 3-4 hours to download lol. Still better than playing Combine lol!

    • Xecutioner559

      At first I didn’t mind playing on combine consecutively but after a while it does get out of hand and you start getting tired of that map.

    • Juan Cena

      It’s not working please come back to me

  • I really hope this works better than their previous dlc system. and it probably sucks for people who dont buy the dlc, all they get is 9gigs less harddrive space..

    • hazmat

      For real, for me, not getting the season pass, once all the dlc drops that’s almost the size of a whole game

    • TheDemonOfHate

      Sure sucks for those hopeless children.

  • Michel

    Lol, is probably more then the DLC alone, looking forward to what they have added, would be awesome if they are giving guns to everyone or adding a specialist to everyone.

    • TheDemonOfHate

      I don’t think so ma’am, You both probably have to download the patch & be able to “share DLC”.

  • hungryandrew

    How about automatically putting these mas into regular rotation day 1?

    • TheDemonOfHate

      We are just gonna have to wait. Stupid don’t you ever ask a simple question like that.

  • Edward Richtofen

    Midday? What ever happend to waking up bright and early.

    • TheDemonOfHate

      Things change child, You’re gonna have to get used to it

      • Edward Richtofen

        I guess so. :/

  • Jacob Adams

    Can’t Wait for this dlc to drop to hype!

    • TheDemonOfHate


  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    Just another way Treyarch copied Destiny.

    • TheDemonOfHate

      Tell me more..

    • MichiganerE

      Maybe they didn’t copy Destiny, but instead took “influence”? You know, this thing that plenty of games have, and it’s okay for CoD to as well.

    • FazalGaming

      Can’t exactly ‘copy’ since Activision owns both and was probably Activision’s idea to do this.

  • Max

    Why!? Now people who don’t have it need to fucking last a massive update that they don’t need

    • TheDemonOfHate

      Ok be stuck playing Combine multiple times, You ungrateful child. Grow up & mature.

      • Um alright? I dont see how you can be grateful abut being forced to use 9GB of memory to download a map pack that you arent allowed to play. I have the season pass and it still pisses m off. Say a year from now BO3 is over. I dont want or really need a pack or two anymore. Lemme just dele-oh wait. Im boned.

        • TheDemonOfHate


        • Knightwing994

          The patch isn’t just for the DLC! Most of it is bug fixes!

  • Rorke File

    This is ridiculous, people who don’t want to buy DLC now lose storage. There were some people who are planning not to buy DLC till Activision fixes the game.

    • TheDemonOfHate

      Boycott or what?

    • Smayo

      agreed, i’m not planning to buy the DLC at all (good netcode or not) so this means i have to sacrifice 9.1 GB of my already almost full HD just to play the game once in a while, and this is only the first DLC pack, 3 more to come in the upcomming months, this is ass if you ask me

      • SPETSNAZ!

        Full HD do you mean HDD (Hard Drisk Drive)?

        • Smayo

          Yep my bad, HDD it’s supposed to be

        • No man. He means 1000 of his 1080Ps are taken up. Duh.

          • SPETSNAZ!

            Such wow, much hacks

    • RdJokr

      … And? If you don’t plan to buy it, then don’t. No one is forcing you to.

      And if storage space is what you’re complaining about, buy a new HDD. This stuff is dirt cheap nowadays. Get a 2TB drive and you’re good to go.

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        TBF gamers shouldn’t be forced to upgrade their hard drives if they don’t want to, which makes large updates concerning; but on the other hand, Treyarch has hugely emphasized post-launch support, which requires commendation.

        • RdJokr

          That is not a good argument. If you want to continue gaming in the future, then you gotta compromise. Either you delete stuff off your HDD to make room, or you get a new one.

          • SoulTaker

            It’s times like these which make me happy to be a PC gamer I have 2 4 TB drives and a 500 GB SSD for my Windows.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            It’s not a good argument to say that you have to compromise to be able to play video games, nor is it a good argument to say that if I want to be able to even game in the future, then I have to do x thing. That’s strange. It’s just needlessly increasing the cost of an already-expensive hobby. If games weren’t so large this generation then that wouldn’t be a problem(but it isn’t really much of a problem because “bigger games” being a “problem” wouldn’t really make sense).

          • RdJokr

            LOL, this applies to just about everything, not just gaming. You want space to store that new movie you just bought off iTunes? Whoops, not enough space. Delete some porn and you’ll get back some space. Or, you can stop being cheap and buy a new HDD.

            If you can’t accept the fact that your 500GB HDD is obsolete for gaming, then that’s your problem. Games are always getting bigger and bigger. It won’t be long until you start seeing games peak over 100GB.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Apples to oranges. Movies aren’t 50 GB (This is the result of half-assed Google searching over file sizes of
            movies. We’re talking about $350 consoles and expensive ass hard drives. Hard drives that could cost over half of the consoles themselves for a good one with decent space. Might as well take the compromise fully and get an SSD. It all depends, though, I guess.

            “That’s your problem” you sound like a corporation. Don’t like DRM? That’s your problem. Don’t like DLC? That’s your problem. That’s not an argument, that’s damage control.

          • RdJokr

            LOL, why do you have to make everything sound like it’s a corporation conspiracy?

            Like I said, it’s your choice whether you want to buy a new hard drive for your console or not. But complaining about game size taking up your HDD, then saying that you shouldn’t have to buy a new one, is a cheap argument. That’s like saying “I already have a graphics card for my PC, I shouldn’t have to buy a new one just to play this new game, when they could just lower the graphics way down so my crap PC can play it”.

            Just stop being cheap and buy a new hard drive. Saves us a lot of time, and you’ll never even look back.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Because it is. It is illogical to damage control a corporation, and it’s not a conspiracy, it’s common sense.

            We must both have “cheap arguments”, then. My issue is being forced to do something. You can’t say with a straight face that there’s nothing wrong with having 50 GB games on 500 GB hard drives. I can accept that I have to upgrade to store more games, but I don’t have to think that spending more money is okay, because gaming is already an expensive hobby as it is. There’s not a whole lot wrong with it and it’s not too big of a deal, it’s just a minor annoyance, and we all have minor annoyances. But saying that “spend more money if it bothers you” is a damage controlling corporate mentality. You know what a developer of a game studio says when you have a problem with something? They make no-effort responses like “get better at the game” or “just don’t play it, you know, the game that you paid $60 and can’t get a full refund for?” and they’re irrelevant. That is the definition of a “cheap argument”.

            “Just stop being cheap and buy a new hard drive” are you serious? I’m sure you don’t have any ill-intent with that, but I find that insulting. Then again, I might just be sensitive or I took it the wrong way, but just because I don’t want to pay over $100 for a hard drive, I don’t think that makes me “cheap”, but whatever, it’s all subjective.

          • RdJokr

            Games are getting bigger and bigger in terms of size now, and that’s something we all have to deal with. I’m sure if you tell a person from 10 years ago that games would grow to the size of >20GB within 5 years, they’d react the same as you do now, and would say something like “why can’t they make the size smaller”.

            And I’m not trying to do damage control in any way. Buying a new hard drive is just a simple, and frankly, logical solution to the problem of “running out of HDD space”, if you’re adamant on keeping all the content you have, rather than complaining about why the developers can’t compress the games any more. Because that’s not how it works. Not every game can be compressed the same way, and the quality of textures and graphical assets are bumped up massively compared to a few years back.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            Games won’t get much bigger than 50 GB, because I haven’t seen Blu-Ray discs go exceed that this generation. Were PC games that big when they had way better textures than their console counterparts? Yeah, I suppose it’s not that big of a deal, since we’ve gotten used to it.

            On the contrary of what I said, I think it proves the capabilities of the newer consoles in comparison to other generations, and they have been severely downplayed throughout this generation. My main issue is with patches. They’re massive, and the internet hasn’t become decent enough to download these massive patches. Unity and Master Chief Collection’s patches were downright pathetic. Other than that, I agree, something being bigger doesn’t make any logical sense to complain over.

        • Sol Malus

          That’s like saying drivers shouldn’t be forced to buy a pickup truck because they’re running out of room in their compact.

          There’s nothing Sony can do about the space limit for your ps4. If you need more space spend $90 on a 2TB HDD and enjoy never having to delete a game again.

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            $350 for a new console and $90 for a new hard drive? Doesn’t sit well with me. The drawbacks of 50 GB games. Might as well spend that money on an SSD/SSHD. And, actually, Sony already did do something about the space limit. They made a PS4 model with a 1 TB hard drive. I have the 500 GB one, sadly.

      • CraziBoi94

        lol, that’s not the point. “Oh but you could…” & that’s still not the point.

  • LovekillerX

    But why they changed the way you access DLC? This isn’t good for those who won’t buy any DLC because they lose space although they don’t buy DLC.

    • TheDemonOfHate

      You straight. I guess we can always gameshare ;0

    • PandaMan

      It’s called making things easier for the majority of the community

      • But it really isnt any different. We already had predownloading for it. We still have to download the DLC like we would if it wasnt a patch. Either way it goes the patch and the DLC would be 9GB. It only does harm because now people go from say 1GB with the patch to 9 and they dont even want the DLC.

  • Kyle Soule

    Keshav, if you are reading this can you put the viewer count back on?

  • jordanxbrookes

    I just hope I can play these maps in Free-For-All. Last time I could do that was First Strike with Black Ops.

    • SarDoggy

      There’s been an “Awakening”. Do you feel it?

      • It’s have you felt it.. YOU HAD ONE JOB

      • Oh shit. Duh duh dun nah duh. OOO WAH AH AHA AH

    • Don’t make me kick your ass kid

    • Thomas the Tankswag

      ??? Dlc was in free for all in AW and Ghosts, i thought it had been in ffa in bo2 too.

      • jordanxbrookes

        I’m talking about in the first month of it being released. They have DLC Playlists, but they only have TDM, KC, Dom & S&D typically, no love for us Free-For-All players.

        • MrSad

          And even less love for HC players! :-/

  • TheUnionJake

    Destiny does the same thing. Should be a good system.

  • Piotr Piter

    Just repair netcode… we dont need dlc when game lags as f***

    • TheDemonOfHate

      Listen bud, I think 3arc knows what’s going on & hopefully in the new patch fix that problem. So we don’t need rascals like you complain on a website where 3arc won’t notice your small comment. So if you want your attention Tweet at them young blood.

      • DEMOLITION12

        yeah that’s why bo2 still has the same problem right

      • CrazyWolf

        Black Ops 3 is one of the most bullshit-filled CoD games so far. I’m actually taking a brake from playing it. Besides, Treyarch lied to us a lot. “Connection is king”?! LIKE HELL IT IS! Weapon stats are fake and the netcode is crap. I still like the game for it’s story, world, graphics and things like that, but in terms of gameplay, Advanced Warfare is still better. Also, don’t forget that 3arch has pretty much ignored complaints from fans.They only come out of their digital cave when youtubers like Tmartn or Ali-A open their mouth and aren’t happy with something. I dare you to tell me that it isn’t so.

        • TheDemonOfHate

          ^^^Nothing to see hear ladies & gentlemen just another Opinion of child.

          • CrazyWolf

            Is that even english? “Opinion of child”…you must be watching too much Game of Thrones. Either that, or you skipped a couple english classes…and many other classes…

          • TheDemonOfHate

            lol, those are English words bud. if you’re so butt hurt I can edit it.

          • CrazyWolf

            I’m actually impressed, Demon Of Hate. You seem to be learning stuff from me. Although you still need to work on your common sense and social behaviour. Also, “dumb ass inbreed”…Really? I’ve been called worse things than that. Are you even trying to live up to your name, or do I have to school you on actual insulting methods? First lesson was free, but this one will cost you, and my knowledge doesn’t come cheap, little mouse.

          • TheDemonOfHate

            Great paragraph now make a Biography of me. I’m positive your “knowledge” will be useless to anybody. School me on insults?? Really man c’mon. I don’t need to be lectured by an internet child.

          • CrazyWolf

            Really? REALLY!? Now why did you have to do that? You still have punctuation errors! Oh, boy…this is gonna be tricky… Let’s try this: Demons and haters. A biography of a little mouse adopted by sadistic cats. Actually, you know what? I should thank you. You gave me inspiration for my next work of fiction. It will be a fuckin’ bestseller! The story of a lonely internet-surfing mouse with deep mental scars inflicted by a bunch of mad cats in need of desperate attention. Great! Of course, if my book really is succesfull, you ain’t getting any credit. But that aspect should’ve been pretty obvious by now. The least you can do now is to follow my advice and behave. Promise me that, little mouse…ok? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go back to discuss various game-related topics with more civilized people on this website.

          • TheDemonOfHate

            Worst Biography Ever! *Comic Book Guy Voice* At least make it good & enjoyably. Please indent for fuck sake. Poor effort. You won’t be finding this author’s books anywhere for sale. Inbreed these years man, gotta catch them all. Now let me ask you this are angry or annoyed?

          • CrazyWolf

            Neither. In fact, I’m actually entertained by your continuous grammatical and punctuation errors. Also, for a little sad mouse, I’m surprised you can even read. But you’re probably right. Why would anyone read a story about a sad little mouse like you? Ah, well…at least we all know you have a collection of inbreeds in your house. Tell me: Do you keep them in your closet or your basement? Also, can I call you Mickey Mouse to make things easier? TheDemonOfHate is a bit too emo for me. Wait a second…Maybe I should call you Emo Mouse instead…

          • TheDemonOfHate

            I don’t think mouses can type on computer. Let’s come back to reality & leave imaginary world younger. So I’m going to be the better mature adult in this conversation & say that I apologize for not giving a shit about your opinion. Have a terrific day child.

          • CrazyWolf

            You already got bored? That was quick. Ah well…Take care, little mouse.
            P.S.: Improve your english.

          • TheDemonOfHate


        • LovekillerX

          I have been wondering where Exodus went? They just took it off the rotation and never said any word related to it. Now there are 11 maps and only a few of them are worth of mentioning: Hunted, Stronghold and Combine. I remember the time when there were 15-16 maps on LAUNCH and many of them were memorable (old IW AHEM!)

          Also netcode and hit detection is pretty bad sometimes although it is almost February. Today I got Treyarch’d in Shadows of Evil when I did all the rituals. “Connection interrupted” all over the place.

          Well at least I get my new MP maps + zombie map on Tuesday…

        • Guywithbrains

          You want to hear a joke? Black Ops 3 netcode.

          They had 5 years to fix their netcode but every Black Ops game had the same problem: lag everywhere . But true fans will deny it as always.

          ^ Speedtest says that I have 67 mbs download speed and 12 mbs upload speed. But it still lagged until Christmas and then suddenly there is no lag to be seen.

          Infinity Ward blows Treyarch out of the water with their netcode.

          • LovekillerX

            IW sure knows how to do working netcode. That is one reason I’m waiting for IW’s title 2016.

          • Ghosts net code along iwith their .5 millisecond time to kill made ghosts the worst game ever

          • CrazyWolf

            True story, friend. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Black Ops 3, but it is just poorly optimized. My Internet connection is pretty much excelent and my ping doesn’t usually go above 30’ish. Also, a major problem that I have with the game are the gun controls. I’m playing on PC (without inserting any “PCMASTERRACE” bullshit) and the gun controls are terrible. I don’t know how it is on consoles, but basically I can’t move the fucking gun when I want to, and IT moves randomly sometimes. The controls pretty much work whenever they feel like it. I’ve tried fiddling with the settings but the results were the same every single fucking time! I’m literally taking a brake from the game (at least the multiplayer), because I’m worried I might wreck my laptop out of pure rage. And before any other asshole comes hatin’ on me saying “Hurr Durr, You don’t know anything about game development”, I do actually know a lot about that. I’m currently studying game development, therefore I can formulate an opinion.

          • Swyd

            You spelled break wrong in two comments. ???

      • ItzSikh

        Don’t listen to these kids they just have 7/11 connections

        • TheDemonOfHate

          I know, I’ve never had any issue with lag spikes or lag in general. Only when the Host has some booty connection. Either upgrade or play local.

          • I have 80+ download and 70+ upload and a ping never over 30 yet I lag all the time. Its not bad lag but its very small lag when I run into players.

          • TheDemonOfHate

            k man

      • Piotr Piter

        They recived plenty of tweets like that…

      • But they dont. Net code in any COD game has never gotten better. I loved BO1. Had no issues. BO2 had no issues for me to notice. But AW, Ghosts MW3 etc have had bad issues. They never got fixed. The net code is always purposely bad so people who are new to the series can have a better chance to do good meaning young kids get hooked much easier therefore setting a new generation of ACTIslaves into motion

        • TheDemonOfHate


  • Gustavo Ruiz

    Does that means we cant share DLC? i have 2 accounts (one mexican and the other USA and bought the season pass with this one)


      As of now gamesharing dlc is most likely impossible.

  • Willekeurig persoon

    They probably did this to do ‘Free DLC weekends’

    • joeyt045

      Good point, I bet you are right on with this.

    • Argy

      True, but its obnoxious to force space out of people who most likely are trying to budget what they have on their consoles. Also, not sure how profitable “Free DLC Weekends” really are since most people either want the DLC or don’t, and having a weekend of it for free really doesn’t do much. But I guess when you are trying to squeeze every dollar out of your cash cow…

      • Bmeowmix

        It can’t hurt. It’s not like people aren’t going to buy the DLC because its free for a random weekend. That is of course unless they do it really early on and it turns out to be trash…

        • Lukane Weaver

          some people might buy the DLC if they really like the maps and they get to try them for free

        • what you said about my momma!?

          wait so its free for only a time limit ?

    • Dead on. Or else it could become an ultra rare cryptarch unlock giving people more reason to grind the game.

    • .Monkey

      They’ll probably do double cryptokey weekends on DLC maps only to make people buy them.

    • superImpact

      Many older CODs have had free DLC weekends/ trial

      • Daniel Ireland

        And DLC also used to just be free. Remember the good old days? 😛

  • ItzSikh

    Did they release a patch for all consoles last year when Dlc dropped or not

  • semir krcic

    Hey guy wanna hear a joke………Advanced Warfare LOL?????????

  • Roberto Melchor

    Good to know CharlieIntel, I need to leavy the PS4 ready before leaving to work on the 2nd, 9.1GB it’s a big file xD

    • TheDemonOfHate

      Same bud. Except the work part.

    • FazalGaming

      Does it auto download or is there something I need to do to get it to download while I’m at school? And can it do it if I leave it in rest mode?

      • Drasadex

        As long as you have it enabled, the PS4 can download updates like this while it’s in Rest Mode.

  • akashi seijuro

    Does this affect gameshare?because i paid half the money and my friend has downloaded the season pass and im supposed to get it from his account

    • FazalGaming

      It won’t affect it because it is an update.


      It’s impossible to say but most likely yes gamesharing DLC is now impossible.

      • dust&cheese

        most likely yes you have no idea what you’re talking about

        • NOVA_POLARIS

          Yes I do. The update is forced so it downloads onto your account. Then you activate it on your account. So you can activate it on your friends primary account that you are gamesharing from and you will be able to play it on there account but not yours. So unless there is a way around that gamesharing DLC is impossible.

          • dust&cheese

            we have it on both our consoles so you’re waste

      • dre

        you’re stupid as shit. if you don’t know anything don’t say.

        I am living proof that gamesharing dlc does work. just re download the licenses from the account that bought it and reset the app and bam you’re good!

  • FazalGaming

    That’s 8pm for UK people like myself and fgt scooot & jordan. will have to leave my ps4 on all night, RIP electricity, RIP the PS4 fan, RIP my sleep cos the ps4 fan will piss me off all night…

    • TheDemonOfHate

      Does your PS4 not have Rest Mode? lol

      • FazalGaming

        it does but still

        • TheDemonOfHate

          Damn, probably need to look online why your fan makes a loud noise. You sure you don’t have it a closed space.

          • FazalGaming

            it rattles my desk and makes a lot of noise

          • TheDemonOfHate

            Try putting in a different area. Prayers for your sleep.

          • ArtisanKnight

            What surface is it lying on? Glass is the best, wood isn’t good.

          • FazalGaming

            It’s on wood.

          • milos

            wrap it in a few layers of towels so you cant hear it

          • FazalGaming

            That might stop air flow and stuff

          • GHOSTFACE

            He was bring sarcastic

          • ArtisanKnight

            Ah, there’s you’re problem.

      • Lukane Weaver

        they all do lol. i dont know how you cant realize it. but if its making noise in rest mode his ps4 is on the fritz.

    • Sol Malus

      Your ps4 should not be making noise in rest mode dude.

    • Lukane Weaver

      Yeah. MY ps4 is quiet as a mouse in rest mode. my xbox is starting to roar when its on though. hope you got some kind of warranty. I got that geeksquad protection on my ps4 at BestBuy so if i mess it up or it messes up on its own in the next 2 years i get a free ps4…so at the end of the two years im going to pour a coke into my ps4 so i have a brand new one. then I’m going to get geeksquad protection on that one too so I never again have to rebuy the same console for retail. ill just pay the 80 for their warranty. too many broken consoles with no warranties over the years.

  • FazalGaming

    What they should have done is release the patch on feb 1st, so when feb 2nd rolls around the people who have the DLC can just go to the store and select it, like a pre download pretty much.

    • Xecutioner559

      They did do that, im downloading it right now! I’m so hyped for tomorrow!

  • lunator100hd .

    Are they retarded?Why They force everyone to download the dlc and waste 9.1GB of our systems?

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      Pre-loading for the rest of the DLC? Good question.

      • Sol Malus

        This is just expansion 1 plus the first update.

        A year from now it’ll have 40gb of extra data.

  • Ryumoau

    I don’t like this for a number of reasons. One its unfair to make people who aren’t buying the dlc, download a 9 gigabit patch just to get the fixes added in it. Secondly, this feels similiar to when Capcom used to have dlc already on the disk and made people pay to unlock it. 🙁

    • lunator100hd .

      IKR? why the heck to download archives that you will never use.

      • Rob Munchy

        buy the season pass problem solved

  • Jay Evan

    How to get Dark matter:
    1. Play Skyjacked and/or Nuk3town
    2. Camp
    3. Fuck Bitches
    4. Get money

    • lunator100hd .

      Elaborate steps 3 and 4 pls.

      • Elaboration:
        3. Stick in penis
        4. Rob a bank naked

    • Shez F

      Instructions not clear enough, got dick stuck in fan,

  • Gamerazor247

    Oh I was expecting something like EAs Battlefront matchmaking, or a Awakening only playlist that’s there for like, I don’t know, FOREVER!

  • matt murdock

    Wait so can you preload still????

  • Eddie Tupy

    will they add option to not use dlc like in mw3?

  • ToXiiCz

    Does anybody if you can still gameshare the DLC? Me and my friend paid 50/50 and he bought it on his account.

    • matt murdock

      im not sure but if it says that you both own the season pass as of now, i presume so

  • dust&cheese

    you’ll probably need to go on his account on your ps4 and activate the maps

  • dust&cheese

    pulling the same shit as how the bad the port was for old gen. they’re fucking over everyone. i have the season pass, i’m not worried about it but i live in the middle of nowhere and i couldnt imagine having to download a 9gb patch that I KNEW contained the maps but weren’t getting.

  • Deprece

    Will 3arc let us turn off the map packs now like IW did in MW3? I would love that feature

    • lunator100hd .

      Why you would turn it off?

      • If you just wanted to play vanilla maps. Kind of obvious.

  • Tayler Hammond

    They did this so that people who gameshare on PS4 can’t access DLC. Way to go Activi$ion.

  • GriimReaper

    I purchased BO3 Digital deluxe which have the season pass from my ( US account ) but i play Multiplayer on my European account am i going to have problems playing the dlc ?

  • GriimReaper

    I purchased BO3 Digital deluxe which have the season pass from my ( US account ) but i play Multiplayer on my European account am i going to have problems playing the dlc ?

    • milos


    • Shez F

      You shouldn’t have any problems, but I will be interested to see IF you do run into any problems

  • Mohammed T Miah

    What do i do if i want to use my friends dlc on my account, with his account ptimary on my ps4, do i still follow the old procedure of downloading it throgh the store or do i have to do something else?

    • milos

      fuck knows

      • Shez F

        Reported For Spam.

  • WhoIsAlexx

    Is this still going to work when people game share?

  • WhoIsAlexx

    Is gamie sharing going to work?

  • So are we going to be able to turn the DLC on and off at will? I dont like the current maps too much, but if the DLC are worse, Id like a switch to cut them off. Something Ive asked for since MW2

    • milos

      u might just have to delete them 🙁

      • that sucks. especially for treyarch games, because if i dont like the multiplayer maps, but want to play the new zombies map, i have to install and uninstall.

  • Mohammed T Miah

    So everyone will have to download the dlc even if they havnt bought it??

    • milos

      yes, so later if you you decide u want the dlc you will have it straight away no need to wait 🙂

  • Cory

    So instead of being able to play Tuesday we have to wait until midday to download it? So people with bad internet may not be able to play until wed. Maybe Thursday. We have good internet but our old Internet speed would take 2 days to download 9 GB. Lol

  • jfda

    nice, so Europe can’t play until Wednesday bc dlc drops around 8 or 9 pm. Nice treyarch, thanks for giving EU the finger….

    • milos

      no eu get it around 12pm afternoon on tuesday. us in australia get it at 7-8pm tuesday night

  • Everybody is saying “RIP electricity bill”. If you have the money to pay for call of money and it downloadable ripoffs then shouldnt you be investing that money instead into non outdated internet?

  • jooker-jr

    Goodbye my 1TB hybrid drive, it was nice meeting you.

  • Sanchez

    This will probably fix player pools?

  • Sanchez

    they need to add a toggle switch for dlc…

  • Br4d

    Not surprising, with the past few games including stuff like the guns and personalization packs they had to make giant patches so everyone could see everyone else with all the stuff. Might as well throw in the maps for freebie weekends.

  • S

    This is shit idea we in the uk dnt get the patch til 8pm thts a fucking joke

    • S

      Might aswel say the 3rd treyarch only care about Americans thts all

    • milos

      no we in australia get it at 7-8pm. uk will get it around 12pm afternoon.usa get it 1 am

  • Chris Theart

    Does this mean, if you play on the same ps4 as br0ther and he has season pass and you dont you cant play??? If so thats dumb , cuz you guys do know how the ps+ wprks right allbprevious dlcs for anything have always been like that and if this means we dont have fuck that

  • OhNutss

    Will that mean no file sharing the dlc with friends?

  • Capten ermirica

    I’m going to laugh so hard if all the crapboxers have to wait an extra month for a patch hahaha??????

  • W1LL1AM04

    R.I.P. G-Slide

  • Lukane Weaver

    i was playing mlb the show and i just got a message saying the blops3 update has been installed. so i guess I’ve just got to “activate” it when the maps go live. they should just make them playable at midnight.

  • Icruux

    So does dlc sharing work anymore (gamesharing)

  • Charlie

    What time does the dlc come out gmt?hjjjjjjjjjjjj

  • a-patchy-chief

    So does stop people from gamesharing it? I dont understand the purpose of this

  • Exil5

    Can you still gameshare the map pack tho?

  • Alex Rodriguez

    ok so I just downloaded something that was 9.1 gigs . Today is the day before DLC drops . was that the map packs ?

  • Help

    It doesn’t show up

  • Dzy

    I downloaded it ages ago jusy waiting for it to activate :*

  • Well that’s new

  • Wayne Hammond

    I’ve got the season pass for black ops 3 n I’ve downloaded the latest update which too all night last night n I still can’t find the now map pack??? I I’ve tried turning off n on the playstation but can’t seem to find it anywhere…. What am I doing wrong???

  • TheShwantz27 (Brian)

    So in other words…they’re now charging us to pay content that we MUST download in order to play the game normally? Sounds like they’re learning a lot from Destiny…

  • Heather

    I bought the deluxe digital version and it is still telling me to purchase the dlc?

  • Nicholas Epps

    I need help ASAP…. I’m trying to gameshare Black Ops 3 with my cousin but it won’t let me get the new DLC. He purchased the season pass/Awakening DLC and I have access to neither. Please help

    • Mohammed T Miah

      Make his account secondary on his ps4 and log onto his account on ur ps4, then make it primary on ur ps4 and u should be fine

  • Jordan Wing

    Can any of you help me is the dlc account or PlayStation specific need to know if iv got to buy it for both accounts on the ps4 to access it I got it on one account but managed to access the awakening moshpit is that open to all at the minute?

  • Tooulasman

    My ingame store says no items available in store. Pls help me

  • Juan Cena


  • Juan Cena

    Anyone please tell me if it’s working it’s not for me

  • Anthony

    where are my dlc maps i have brought the season pass? peed off to say the least.

  • Skippy

    So I have gotten a season pass when I bought my ps4 and game together. Iv redeemed my season pass and when I go to down load the DLC Awakening it says I have to pay? Anyone having this issue or a solution to it? Kind of ticked cuz I wanna play the new maps but don’t wanna pay when I shouldn’t have to.

    • Mohammed T Miah

      Have u activated it through the ingame store?

  • Edwards

    If I buy Awakening and I want to play team death match, are the new maps incorporated with the old ones? Or can you only play the new maps separately?

  • Austin bartlett

    I have bought awakening dlc already but now i want to buy season pass… But in AW everytime i bought one map pack the season pass price dropped. How do i buy the season pass with out having to pay for the awakening dlc 2 times??

  • Ryan

    Bro I have season pass and it won’t let me play but all my friends can this is ducked up I wanna play right now that’s why I got he season pass so I can play with everyone else not hours after fuck you trey arch!

  • Kev101

    My mate bought season pass and got all black ops 3 DLC. I logged in as him and downloaded all map packs apart from awakening. Does anyone know why awakening won’t download? It says purchased and no other options. In game under store then map packs it shows awakening as purchased but I can’t download it. Please help

  • Nightwing202

    Wait, doesn’t that mean you need PS plus to activate the in-game store