Treyarch has released a new patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on PlayStation 4. The new patch’s version number is 1.06.

Patch Notes:



  • Removed UI error that could occur if Players were idle for a long period of time in the Main Menu.
  • Fixed issue where DLC 1 purchases from the Playlist menu were not immediately updated in the UI.
  • Leaderboards now require 25 games to be played in a game mode in order to be ranked by Score Per Minute (SPM).
  • The Friends filter is disabled when a player has over 100 friends on a Leaderboard to prevent a known issue. We are further investigating.

General Gameplay

  • Fixed issue where hit markers moved off-center when a player was taking damage.


  • Outrider
    • Sparrow
      • Increased ability to hit enemies.
  • Nomad
    • Rejack
      • Increased remaining Power when player terminates.
  • Prophet
    • Tempest
      • Increased ability to hit enemies.


  • Assault Rifles
    • ICR-1
      • Increased long distance damage range.
    • HVK-30
      • Increased long distance damage range.
    • Sheiva
      • Increased long distance damage range.
    • KN-44
      • Increased medium distance damage range.
  • Submachine Guns
    • Vesper
      • Reduced recoil stability.
      • Reduced Hip-fire accuracy.
    • Weevil
      • Increased medium distance damage range in Hardcore mode.
  • Sniper Rifles
    • Locus
      • Increased weapon switch speed.


  • Power Core
    • Cost decreased to 1250.
    • Duration increased to 60 seconds.
    • Fixed an issue where the Power Core would occasionally fail to destroy an enemy Counter-UAV.


  • Breach
    • Swapped #1 and #3 Hardpoint zones in rotation.
    • Adjusted #3 Hardpoint capture zone to prevent capturing while outside of intended zone.
  • Combine
    • Adjusted #3 Hardpoint capture zone to prevent capturing while outside of intended zone.
  • Havoc
    • Adjusting spawn points that would slightly drop the player to the ground when respawning
  • Infection
    • Added grenade collision on isolated area of Infection wall.
  • Redwood
    • Removed rogue pickup prompt while playing Search & Destroy.
    • Adjusting spawn points that would slightly drop the player to the ground when respawning.
  • Stronghold
    • Fixed exploit where Players were able to get atop trees in several areas.
    • Added kill brush to remove exploitable area near mansion.
  • Gauntlet
    • Addressed exploits where Players were able to get to unfair vantages point on the urban side of the map.
    • Fixed issue where Players were able to get outside the map on Jungle side.
    • Resolved exploit where Players were able to view through solid geo on urban side of map.
  • Splash
    • Fixed exploit where Players were able to land on invisible collision near one of the large torches on the East side of the map, giving them unintended and unfair sightlines.
    • Addressed an exploit where Players could get outside the playable area near the Atlantis Riptide control room.
    • Added collision to prevent Players from getting to an unfair vantage point at the center of the map.
    • Fixed exploit where Players were able to get into the ceiling of the Atlantis building.
    • Resolved exploit where Players were able to gain an unfair advantage near yellow water tube at the center of map.

Game Modes

  • Uplink
    • Removed aim assist while carrying the Satellite Drone.



  • Fixed several issues with Daily Challenges not showing the correct reward.
  • Resolved an issue where GobbleGums wouldn’t activate for different users after already being used once in the map.
  • Resolved an issue where, upon reviving a player, they could experience a functionality loss after using a GobbleGum that requires manual activation.

Shadows of Evil

  • Fixed Shadows of Evil Easter Egg bug.

Der Eisendrache

  • Resolved a bug where an increased number of zombies would respawn after being killed via the A-10 Rocket platform trap.
  • Fixed an exploit in which the DG-4 anti-gravity trap would never turn off.
  • Resolved a bug where zombies would be immune to the DG-4 anti-gravity trap.
  • Addressed an issue where the Raygun Pack-a-Punch skin would not update when the weapon is packed.
  • Fixed a bug where Players would get stuck in spectator mode if downed with Quick Revive perk on the A-10 Rocket platform.
  • Addressed an issue that occurred when using “Killing Time” GobbleGum during a key sequence in Der Eisendrache.
  • Addressed a rare progression break during the main Easter Egg.
  • Resolved an enemy spawn issue that occasionally occurred during a Der Eisendrache Easter Egg.
  • Various enemy pathing issues have been fixed.



  • Added support for the Tactical Mode “auto-on” feature.
SOURCEActivision Support
  • HenryDF

    Hardcore-only fix for Weevil? What lol?

    Why not just make it universal?

    • Bmeowmix

      It technically is universal, it just affects a damage profile only relevant to HC players (ie 29 damage to 30 damage)

      • Shadowclaw777

        Wouldn’t the extra point of damage cause more flinch per shot as well?, I mean it’s probably a one in million gunfight where the very insignificant extra flinch causes the enemy in that situation to miss you winning it

        • Bmeowmix

          Yeah, but as you said, hardly any

  • Nick Finger

    I’m second. 😀

    • TheDemonOfHate

      Great buddy. Now put that in your application for Wendy’s.

      • layla

        Great buddy. Now put that in your application for Wendy’s.

        • DankyKush420

          Great buddy. Now put that in your application for Wendy’s.

          • suhdude

            Great buddy. Now put that in your application for Wendy’s.

  • FazalGaming

    Jordan when he read that there is a new update.

    • Thomas the Tankswag

      I don’t get it? Sorry if im just being an fagit.

      • FazalGaming

        It’s a picture of Jordan from his YT channel.

        • Thomas the Tankswag

          Oh ?. Never knew he had one, im gonna sub him.

          • jordanxbrookes


          • TheDemonOfHate

            Should I sub or unsub? Toughest question in life.

          • jordanxbrookes

            Up to you my friend. I just make videos sometimes.

          • TheDemonOfHate

            Porn? Tbh it your photo you look like you got penetrated lol jk

    • jordanxbrookes

      You could’ve got my good side at least. Gosh! ;P

    • TheDemonOfHate

      LOL Ahhe

  • LovekillerX

    Splash exploits fixed? Damn they’re fast!

    Also rumors are telling that this patch is 7-9GB (part of that patch already downloaded).

    • 9.562 GB.

      • LovekillerX

        R.I.P. my PS4 (500GB almost full)… 🙁

        • lol. Is there a way to say the discs to your PS4, like you can with the xbox one?

          • LovekillerX

            I have only couple of digital games rest of my games are on disc. I have like 8-10 games and it is already full. I have to spend like 100 euros for a new one…

          • William

            just look online about buying a new hard drive for a ps4, cost me 100 australian dollars for a 2td harddrive that i installed myself

      • Emre

        Buy for 4tb for your ps4

      • Shantzonpoint

        It’s less than 1gb for ps4. Download starts at 8.something GB.

        • im on the ps4. i didnt seew here it started though

        • Raines

          No, it was just shy of 9GB for the PS4

  • tugwell

    So another patch on ps4 before the gslide one has come out on xbox one. Cool

    • w

      its out on Xbox One bruv

      • tugwell

        Great. Thanks

    • Brian

      Xbox just got that one. PC is two patches behind

      • Ak74u

        Wait so does that mean the death machine is now available for us in zombies on the Xbox one?

        • PDiddily


  • Evan

    Sub accounts still can’t use dlc gobblegum that the master account bought?

    • TheDemonOfHate

      Sorry buddy, but that’s marketing right there.

  • Foxdie

    AGAIN?! And at that size again too? FFS! Deleting the game as soon as I finished lvl’ing my zombie weapons..

    • Ray Pryimak

      What’s the point in levelling your zombie weapons if you plan to delete the game anyways? At least they’re fixing the game ffs smfh

    • TheDemonOfHate

      LOL…Logic, lvl’s up on video game & deletes it.
      2 months later decides to download it again with more than it cost in the first time.

    • Kobrah

      If you are on PS4 you have already downloaded most of it with the DLC patch

  • Peter Griffin

    Finally some fixes for the DLC map Splash. This map just one hell of glitch and exploit gallore. I really hope they fixed it all now, cause the map is pretty fun to play. :/

    I also hope the vesper did not got hit too hard with the nerf hammer. The hip-fire nerf is OK, since it was way too reliable, but the recoil? Mmmh I hope the foregrip will not become a mandatory attachement for the Vesper because of this.

    I’m a bit sad they nerfed the Locus weapon switch time cause i used it with Overkill plus Fast Hands perk 2, and a KRM-262 shotgun as a secondary. It was completely broken, but so fun I had the feeling to play Modern Warfare 2 with an Intervention/SPAS-12 class LOL! 😀

    • Shantzonpoint

      They nerfed the vesper over the weekend. It definitely has more recoil but still melts at close range. Medium range is definitely tougher though.

    • TheDemonOfHate

      To much color makes my eyes dry.

    • G
      spash still isn’t fixed…this is after the patch

  • cheating pieces of shit ruined every match of splash

  • tarfeef101

    So happy about the uplink patch. That screws with your melee so hard…

  • SaKenMadRaj

    Yet they are still not fixing the exploits on SKYJack… man all these nerfs and patches and they seem to only make things worse…

    • TheDemonOfHate

      2k16 Video Games man

    • Raines

      Its bad enough they ripped us off of one new map by bringing back this crappy reimaged Hijacked from BO2, they can’t even get it right. Other devs give 4 NEW MAPS per DLC, only OCCASIONALLY slipping one in there as one of the 4. Only Treyarch is lazy and regurgitates an old map every time as one of the 4 maps in a DLC. Other devs do this only occasionally, and they also give a map as a freebie that has nothing to do with the DLC.
      Treyarch, quit being lazy and ripping us off. We pay good money. You want to give us an old map, fine, but make it a freebie, not part of the DLC.

  • Gamerazor247

    The texture pop-ins in this game are ridiculous… Aw well, at least they apparently improved the Tempest… Yeaaahhh…

    • TheDemonOfHate

      You know it.

  • Daniel

    Where is the disable option for the DLC?

    • Shantzonpoint

      Highly doubt you’ll ever see that.

    • TheDemonOfHate

      In MW3

      • RobMelchor


  • pronto


    • Xero Maus

      dead silence makes YOU silent when moving, awareness makes OTHERS easier to hear…why would there be a conflict?

      • DEMOLITION12

        he didn’t say there was a conflict

        • Xero Maus

          If that’s not the implication, I’m not sure there’s a problem at all, and I’m very confused as to what his issue with either or both is….not like it’s the first CoD to allow it.

          • DEMOLITION12

            he doesn’t think you should be able to be silent while hearing every other player without dead silence very loud

    • TheDemonOfHate


  • SoulBrothaNumba2

    Well they patched der eisendrache so now we can run the Easter egg without getting down during the cutscene ?? I’m happy ?

    • TheDemonOfHate

      lol did that really happen?

      • SoulBrothaNumba2

        Yeah it happened to us and I’ve seen other videos of it happening as well lol I haven’t tried it since

  • Can anyone confirm if this update gets rid of the annoying ‘New’ icons glitch next to the specialists?

    • BrandonGamingHD

      To fix this just go over all of the skins and then go all over the black market skins then the New icon will disappear

    • TheDemonOfHate

      Just look at all items & think of how sexy each look.

    • Adam Khalifa

      It does get rid of it

  • Zef te Velde

    I really want treyarch to make a button or something, and then with turnen on you can’t join in-game. I always join at the near end of matches, and then I get very few kills.

    • TheDemonOfHate

      I don’t wish

      • Zef te Velde

        Why not


      whenever people leaves nobody ever joins back, it’s bad enough as it is

  • Stif Meister

    PS4 Gets 2 updates before XB1 gets the first one….I know they have a contract deal and shit but this is getting ridiculous.

    • TheDemonOfHate

      It was worse for last gen consoles back in AW. But i think the patch for XB1 comes with the patch for PS4 last week…….boy

      • Stif Meister

        Haven’t gotten an update yet, so I don’t think so.

        • TheDemonOfHate

          Will keep on “trying” to restart your Xbone

          • Stif Meister

            I know you’re bored without my company, but you need to let go, man.

          • TheDemonOfHate

            I’m actually entertained by the other humans in this comment section except for Moo. But I really need to let it go.

          • Stif Meister
          • coty

            you all need to stfu and stop complaning about this game you should of watch a few vids before you got the game be smart about this tuff ok

          • TheDemonOfHate

            But i enjoy this game lol t’f? I think you are speaking of yourself since you got this game on PS3 & are butthurt about it…..kid

          • Raines

            I think we all hurt the little fanboy’s feelings 🙁

    • WhiskeyDick

      Well, seeing as the update was tied in with dlc launch, wouldn’t u expect that to be late? And this patch just fixes shit from the dlc/last update…. And as dlc’s are released updates will likely be delayed for Xbox… As it was for the ps4 users last year

      • Stif Meister

        I just want a confirmed date, tbh. It’s annoying not knowing when you’re getting an update the other console has already.

        • PDiddily

          Pretty sure the big update PS4 got before the DLC is now available for xbox…Pc not yet

          • Stif Meister

            Yeah, it is. Had to restart.

    • RdJokr

      X1 got both updates today, they’re bundled together.

      • Stif Meister

        Yeah, I could tell. 8 gigs. Took me two hours.

  • Fredrick Warren

    I would really like filters:
    Find game>
    Ground War>
    -Team death match
    That way I can choose Domination and play just 18 player Domination, with out having to cycle. I never want to play safeguard or team death match.

    • TheDemonOfHate

      Tell me more

    • armedpoop

      They have never had that, and probably never will. GW is an underpopulated mode as it is, that would only make even worse

      • Fredrick Warren

        Or 18 player domination option. They could if they wanted to tho.

  • Fredrick Warren

    When you choose maps instead of having 1 go blank where you cant vote, just add another map option so we will always have 3 choices.

  • layla

    a 9gb update and no patch on splash out of map glitch thank you i can use it

  • Joshua Johnson

    Gsome of the goble gums are gone 20 bucks waisted cant even use my gum balls wtf treyarch

  • Yung Afrika

    Welp I’m happy even though this bitch is taking forever to dl I’m glad the tempest is better the kn44 the weevil and icr are even better more wreckage now

  • Iuri Guerreiro

    They have take all dlc gooble gum and mega in zombies ps4 what i do now ? Help ,verson 1 06 is suck

    • DankyKush420


  • StretchNYC

    I was getting false readings for all specialists. It was showing 2 new items were available, none were! I didn’t see a fix listed for that.

  • Bob

    Can someone PLEASE tell me how to get Single Player Campaign mode working??

  • Nathan Barton

    can some one tell me how big of at patch this is in gb please

    • Justin Timberpond


  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    Tempest should have been nerfed instead of buffed. Pretty satisfied with this patch besides the Sheiva, regardless. That Vesper needed a nerf ages ago, except these patches feel negligible, at best. Are those really the reasons why that weapon outclassed the others?

  • Tristan TheInfamous McCormick

    Fix the highlight reel wtf

  • blunite

    This patch is out on xbox one too..did they mess up?

  • YoungMurf

    The ICR getting a buff.. Score 1 for Treyarch!

  • WeevilGODWeapon

    Did i understand that right? they buffed the Weevil just in Hardcore mode ? ..-.- are they Fcking serious? IT’S NEED TO BE BUFFED IN NORMAL PUBLIC MATCHES EVEN IN COMPETETIVE ..-.-

    David Vonderhaar you’re doing a Bad job with your Nerf and Buffing just buff the fcking Weevil damn :/

  • Bryant Hord

    So are we ever getting the Infected game mode or is that just going to be an infinity/sledghammer thing?

    • YoungMurf

      BO3 has zombies.. and damn good zombies at that. Should be happy enough with that.

    • Alex

      Guess you’ll have to get a modded PS3/360 and jump onto BO2 for Infection.

  • Chandler Reffett

    Why were there gumballs removed from zombies with this patch? Even with the removal of the gumballs, why isnt there any compensation for the gumballs that were removed?

    • RdJokr

      Only a UI glitch. The gumballs are still there.

  • BankaiBullett

    So errr, if the out of map glitch on Splash has been fixed, how come I just ran across a couple of guys sitting in the rocks next the the yellow tunnel huh?!

    • Alex

      After after after patch.

  • PhoenixGod

    Could have buffed the razorback as well… thank god for that icr buff!!!

  • Bob Saget


  • KYRkrass

    Why they never fix the problem when the game would time you out the application displaying a error message for no reason . That bug is annoying especially when your doing Easter eggs and completing hero gear and diamond challenges

    • Alex

      Sony error, not a 3arc error.

  • natanmorton


    • Raines

      And that was a freaking old crappy map they just lazily reimaged.. Garbage

  • DankyKush420

    Y u no fix all the very specific and probably endless amounts of bugs we comment about WTF v.1.06 sux

  • j

    all this shit and still cant find online matches for zombies

  • Connor Potasse

    Anyone else notice the Blackcell was nerfed? The reload cancel is slower now. The animation needs to be nearly complete to successfully cancel the reload and be ready to shoot.

  • Jake Niu

    And still no ability to turn in game recording off for custom games,..

  • Ryuhza Murphy Timmuns

    Had a progression breaking bug (pretty sure) in Der Eisendrache after the patch. We upgraded all the bows, but the unupgraded bow would no longer appear (even after returning the upgraded ones to their pedestals), so we couldn’t do the next steps.

  • Ayo

    Why didn’t this auto downloaded??? My only chance to play this week is gone.

  • TimNeijzenOo

    Can anyone confirm if the glitch on Der Eisendrache is fixed with this patch? I mean the teleport bug, where your team is unable to use the teleport to the PaP. Because of test firing..

  • Ed

    So after this patch, on splash, on the water slide behind where A is in search, where there is a hard shadow line, you fall through the map just running over it. Its pretty pathetic.

  • Ed

    Its behind the A building where the waterslide is, at the bottom end right where the black bottom turns blue, in case you want to avoid it.

  • madaboutgus 1988

    this is so good just what people where asking for.

  • Aaron Bush

    9GB patch for a 9gb Update fuck this shit. They should test the maps first and put invisble walls on everything that shouldnt be able to get on top of. And now i need to wait 8hours to play god dam it

  • Thug Turf

    Rejack should not be lost if one terminates. It isn’t fair that or balanced that one is forced to use the ability or else you must wait another minute to recharge the ability.

  • RobMelchor

    No love for the Man-o-War this time around 🙁

  • random

    sick of how the new item notifications dont leave the screen my ocd is going nuts there is nothing new i already looked damn it. btw that is the little green marker when unlocked something new

  • Eduardø El Durø Diaz

    This is bullshit… what about kryptokeys? What about black market weapons… i spent atleast $300 and i haven’t gotten anything not even the old weapons.

    • Raines

      Yup, certain players getting the new weapons simply because they were lucky is bullsh*t. All weapons should be available to all players. This is why I’ll NEVER pay Activision for this crap. Its a rip off

  • Raines

    All these huge patches to fix stupid crap and they STILL haven’t fixed ARENA. Oh, they changed it from Arena Mosh Pit to Arena Popular, LMFAO!!! Forget the fact that hardly anyone is playing it anymore because they won’t stop inserting players into a match already in progress, on a losing team, and with just a few seconds/minutes left where you don’t have a chance to change the outcome. Instant demotion. Its garbage and they need to stop putting players in the middle of an Arena match.
    Nah, but they’ll change the name though, LOL….to “Popular” even though nobody is hardly playing it now because people are tired of losing Rank by being put in a no-win game.

  • Raines

    And what they REALLY need to fix is Domination on certain maps, like Combine. You can’t capture A or C without them spawning almost the entire team within 50 feet of you and they kill you before you can capture.

  • Idiots

    Sparrow was improved with increased ability to hit enemies??? It already is too powerful. It doesn’t have to come close to an enemy go kill them. Jesus, WTF is Treyarch thinking???

  • Dusty Fountain

    I can’t play offline campaign co-op?? I was under the impression you could.

  • narutox115

    does anypne else know about the #4 hardpoint glitch on skyjack. u just sit in a coner outside and u can contest it if your team is getting demolished. just sayin but its really fun to watch the other team shoot the coner of a wall

  • Nuno Desouza Peixoto

    im stuck in prestige 10 level 216.
    if i play normaly and go for example to lvel 218 when restart the game go back to level 216.