The first Call of Duty World League Challenge Division event takes place this weekend with UMG’s event in South Carolina. This weekend’s event features two separate prize pool breakdown — one for Open Bracket teams and one for the CWL Champion bracket tournament.

Open Bracket Play:

For teams that are not part of the Pro Division of the Call of Duty World League, these teams will start off by playing the Open Bracket run. This begins Friday, February 12th at 3PM ET and will be a double elimination bracket. The top 8 teams from the Open Bracket will earn prize money, and the top 4 teams out of the top 8 will get to advance to the CWL Champion Tournament.

Open Bracket Prize Pool:

  1. $12,000
  2. $6,000
  3. $4,500
  4. $3,000
  5. $1,800
  6. $1,200
  7. $900
  8. $600

CWL Champion Tournament:

The CWL Champion Tournament will begin in the evening of Saturday, February 13th after the Open Bracket play has completed. The CWL Champion tournament will feature 16 teams; Call of Duty World League Pro Division teams will be seeded in their bracket by their current Pro Division ranking. The 4 teams from the Open Bracket will be seeded by their placements in the open bracket tournament.

The CWL Champion Tournament is a single elimination tournament and will conclude on February 14th. Pro Division teams are not eligible to earn Challenge Division points. Only teams from the Open Bracket can earn those points, which helps for qualification for the Call of Duty Championship 2016.

CWL Champion Tournament Prize Pool:

  1. $28,000
  2. $14,000
  3. $7,000
  4. $7,000
  5. $3,500
  6. $3,500
  7. $3,500
  8. $3,500

The event will be casted by Bricey, Courage, Revan, Chance, and MrRosterMania.

The event begins on Friday, February 12th at 3PM ET with the Open Bracket Play. The event will be streamed on

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  • Thomas the Tankswag

    Furst esports is shit.

  • Mr Bad english

    Lets see how many comments this esports article gets

    • Stif Meister

      A lot, it seems. What’s your point?

  • ScOott

    esports is shit, so are supply drops..all this and we still have a specialist that will probably be hidden behind a supply drop.. It’s like the lamest magic trick on earth.. “Heres a good game ladies and gentlman.. Now watch me turn it into a turd” GG

  • Logic Chief

    I’m done with the cod community why are we complaining about them adding free content into the game like really what has it come too. We get 3 new camos for free past cod we would all had spend $6 for them.

    • ScOott

      Upvoted for the good joke. Let me know when u get your “free stuff” all three guns.. good luck with that

      • Logic Chief

        It’s called play scott I’ve been saving my keys for new content spent them all got the cross bow, tons of new camos, amazing gear and more costed me nothing. Get off ci your just cancer.

        • ScOott

          It’s called have a life outside Cod I can only play 2three hours a night.. Ur the cancer for thinking this is good.. U drink ur mountain dew and munch ur Doriots, only to move to take shit

          Its ur life.. Seems pretty sad tho..

          Keep grinding for them weapons tho lol..

          • Logic Chief

            What ever you say man your the one that surfs ci like it’s your job man.

          • ScOott

            Lol funny enough I’m stuck at work getting paid… Ive got 15 mins till I’m out of here.. I for sure ain’t going to get home n save krypto keys tho.. Enjoy ur night dude lol..

          • Logic Chief

            Yep and i’m headed to school now I only get to play cod on my only day off thur and Sunday but you play 3 hours a day.

          • ScOott

            Of corse u do.. U wad bound to play less hours a week then me.. Didnt see that coming..

          • rip ScOott?

          • Logic Chief

            Get back to work scoot get off ci pages. I saved 600keys from 2x weekend to yesterday

          • ScOott

            Lmao.. Let me get this right.. Out of 600 keys u saved.. U got one weapon! Hahaha u r living proof of my point…

            God knows how long it would take me to save 600 keys.. But when I do I should get one of the three weapons.. Nice! Lmao.. It’s a joke man.. Please say no more..

          • Logic Chief

            Would you Rather they release each gun for $5 and each camo for $2 I don’t care about them that much if I get them great if not whatever.

          • TheDemonOfHate

            I’d rather pay for it.

          • ScOott

            Yes I would, at least I would of have a chance of getting them if I wanted them it would still be shitty, Infact I’d rather them increase the cost of the season pass and have everything included.. Than having them in the game for people to win if they are lucky.. someone is going to be running round with a gun, I physically can’t get with out some serious luck.. How is that fair?

            I could accept this whole thing, if they had been honest at the start..

            The fact that we have been told a load of bulshit for the second year in a row doesn’t sit well with me

          • Siftblade

            I would actually prefer the guns included with the DLCs and the camos sold separately.

          • TheDemonOfHate

            Plus the RNG c’mon it’s gonna take a long time to “earn” those weapons. & some of us don’t have that time dud

        • Ak74u

          Are you stupid do you know how long it takes to save up about 30 cryptokeys for a rare supply drop? I go to college and I don’t have time to sit down everyday and play for countless hours for cryptokeys

          • Logic Chief

            i also go to college man but with 2x crypo weekend it’s not that hard to save up keys. 10 every 20 min match of safeguard. Then on top of that you get bonuses keys and duplicates so 600 turns into 800

          • Ak74u

            You must be on crack man I also played 2x cryptokey weekend and only got like 150 that weekend and I played chaos moshpit I rather pay to get them rather than spending a lot of money gambling for these supply drops its all based on luck and luck isn’t on my side when it comes to these drops so stop supporting this bullshit.

      • LovekillerX

        I remember some people crying over Speakeasy how it was pay to win although you could get it by playing AW but now that Treyarch offers us weapons in supply drops it is a different thing. I just hate selective criticism…

        • Thomas the Tankswag

          Just this once i agree with you AW fanboy, its just become mainstream to support treyarch in everything they do even if they are just as bad as Sledgehammer.

          I played against some guy who was using dualwield crossbows and he went 40-7 when his K/D was 0.63 they are so OP, thats a bigger advantage than the speakeasy would give, and to make matters worse, the crossbow is a secondary so they can still have a powerful weapon as their primary.

          • LovekillerX

            Yeah Treyarch is a god for some people and that is why it is acceptable for them to implement such a system. I call it hypocritical.

            If that new assault rifle for example isn’t pay to win I don’t know what is. It beats almost every other weapon in this game except Sheiva (not tested by me but other players) and M8A7.

            Btw I’m more IW fanboy than AW fanboy. 😉

          • Thomas the Tankswag

            The MX Garand is the only one im not too concerned about as its just a tweaked sheiva tbh, about the Same difference as a enlisted/professional variant. M16 and shadowclaw are both stupidly OP. M16 is like a pre-nerf mw2 ranger and the crossbow is like a ballistic knife that has been buffed for days (6 spikes in a mag, rapid fire and it can be dual wielded without any accuracy penalty.

            I was a fanboy of the original IW, but they’ve changed so much they might aswell be a different studio. Im gonna give IW another go if the reviews are good but this year will be my first year without preordering COD. I’ll give SHG another go if SBMM is gone and weapon variants are only cosmetic or gone, as other than them 2 things AW could have been a good game. I think im probably done with treyarch, 3 months into release and we still have shit servers, shit team balancing and disconnections from zombies that end games and void your high rounds from leaderboards, but yet they still have time to add in the 2nd most hated feature of AW at activi$ions request.

      • Tim Redmen

        Are you not happy with the fact you have so many camos that you can get just from playing thats money you would have to buy before. you just want more. never a end to it.

        • ScOott

          What? I don’t give a shit about a camo.. I’m talking about the guns u get inside a supply drop..

    • Tim Redmen

      So true man It’s like everyone takes for granted how much they do for us. I would never be able to use all them black market camos like transgression, storm, monochrome, swindler and so many more without spending outside cash. But They all gave it out to us for like free basically i have at least 1 epic camo on every gun. i love supply drops it’s you hoping to get the weapon and when it happens a freak out happens it keeps you playing grinding to open that next drop.

  • Scott

    Fuck you Activision

  • lunator100hd .

    I wish all these idiots who live in lalalaland and like supply drop policy to quit on cod and start playing minecraft and super mario.

  • Kevin Hathaway

    Ohhhhh $12k for first. Can you imagine how much hot mitt he’d be getting telling all the ladies at the club how much he won playing cod and how good his spm is. Not to mention his YouTube channel

    • Stif Meister

      Mad cause they game for a living?

      • Kevin Hathaway

        Not at all. I’d be mad making $12k split 4 ways trying to live. $3k does not pay the bills and if you think that sweet sweet $3k will always be there besides a full time job with a real future you are sadly mistaken.

        • Stif Meister

          Most of them have Youtube channels and stream, which is their main source of income. They make money from doing something they enjoy. That’s more than I can say for most Americans in their 20s.

          • Kevin Hathaway

            Idk about that. MOST people on YouTube don’t make any money. Especially those who have cod games. Only a select few make money from ads, never mind enough money to make a substantial living off of it. Most 20 year olds dick around thinking the world owes them something instead of going to school or starting a career. Playing COD is NOT a career and should not be considered one on a stage or YouTube. If you think you can retire on a COD paycheck and don’t work for treyarch or whatever the hell the other shit company is good luck. Cause you’re gonna need it

          • Kevin Hathaway

            Furthermore YouTube is not exactly the future. If you think for one second that people will stick with one thing there will never be some predecessor to it eventually you are already in the past. Look at how much things have changed. In 10 years these dildos that think their cod stats and YouTube hits are gonna matter are gonna be awfully upset when nobody cares or knows what they are. Do you remember AOL or MySpace? Very few do and that was less than 10 years

          • Stif Meister

            A lot of the players are in school while competing. Idk where you’re getting the notion that they’re all taking a leap of faith on gaming. Optic, however, has players that are so successful that they do it full time. Youtube, streaming, and competing. Nadeshot and Scump are worth around a million dollars from all of that, plus Redbull sponsorships and such. While Optic and other top teams are exceptions, and I do admit that most of them don’t make a steady income, you shouldn’t be knocking their hobby just because they aren’t doing what someone’s supposed to be doing at that age: going to college and getting a degree you most likely don’t care about.

  • FazalGaming

    ScoOott is the type of guy to use scissors to open a packet of crisps.

    • lunator100hd .

      Scoott is your ex boyfriend?

    • TheDemonOfHate

      ScoOott is the type of guy to use a condom during a blowjob,

  • Ak74u

    My chances of getting the m1 garand are less than 1% I just opened up 200 cryptokeys that I’ve been saving from in game and I got nothing ._. I’m going to go cry now..

  • Stif Meister

    People are still bitching about the guns? It’s not like they’re stupidly overpowered or something. Chill.

  • Ak74u

    I’m still upset I haven’t gotten any new weapon and I don’t feel like grinding for cryotokeys, I refuse to pay for them

  • Ak74u

    Supply drops only cosmetics my ass. this is my last cod thanks activision for loosing a cod player I will continue to enjoy bo3 and not buy your bullshit, this is my last game

    • Stif Meister

      No it isn’t.

  • lunator100hd .

    I found this on reddit, this is mathematical proofs of why supply drops rape your wallet. enjoy:

    First lets list the content of the current black market:

    (31 camos per gun)(31 base guns)=961 camo drops

    (7 head and 7 body costumes per specialist)(9 specialists)=126 costume drops

    (30 gestures per specialist)(9 specialists)=270 gesture drops

    (7 taunts per specialist)(9 specialists)=63 taunt drops

    (16 reticles for RDS, Recon, and Varix)+(10 reticles for thermal)=58 reticle drops

    (1 alternate model for applicable attachments)(261 applicable attachments across all weapons)=261 attachment variant drops

    (41 common calling cards)+(21 calling card sets)(6 calling cards per set)=167 calling card drops

    31 emblem drops

    110 emblem icon drops

    15 emblem icon material drops

    5 melee weapon drops

    3 weapon drops

    =2070 total possible drops

    odds of getting 1 particular item from a supply drop, assuming everything has the same drop rate:

    (1 item you want)/((2070 items)/(3 items per SD))=0.00145 or 0.145% chance of getting a chosen item from a supply drop

    Now lets go over the actual value of these items:

    Camos: The “Epic” quality camos are most comparable to the camos sold in the personalization packs from Black ops 2 and Ghosts. They cost $1.99 and contained a camo for all weapons, 3 reticles, and a calling card. If we assume that the camo accounts for 100% of that cost, we can value the epic quality black market camos by dividing that $1.99 by the 31 weapons in black ops 3 that can earn them:

    ($1.99)/(31 weapons)= $0.06 per epic camo drop

    And this for just the epic and legendary camos, common and rare camos would have less value.

    Specialist items: The thing most comparable to the cost of the specialist heads and bodies is the cost of the player skins from Ghosts. These skins sold for $1.99 and $3.99 but we’ll use the $1.99 ones as closer to Black ops 3 costumes. If we assume the head and body cost the same then:

    ($1.99)/(2)=$0.99 per head or body costume

    This should be considered less, as all black market specialist costumes are re-skins of the existing models, while the ones in Ghosts were new models entirely.

    Weapons: The only dlc weapons sold individually were the Ripper smg ($3.99), the Maverick assault rifle and Maverick-A2 sniper rifle ($3.99 for both), and the Ohm heavy weapon ($3.99). If we translate this to the ranged weapons then we get a value of $3.99 per gun, and this is considering the fact that all the weapons sold were primaries and had two different forms (Ripper AR-SMG, Maverick AR-sniper, Ohm LMG-shotgun). Applying this logic, we can assume that the a primary or unique weapon like the MX Grand and Shadowclaw costs $2.99 and secondaries like the Marshal and knife reskins cost $1.99 each.

    Emblems,icons,calling cards, attachment variants and reticles: Based on the pricing information used for the camos, these items can all be assumed to cost significantly less than $1.99, so we’ll use $0.05 or less as our estimate for these items.

    Gestures and taunts: nothing in any past game is comparable to how much these items are worth, so we’ll improvise. The Drill Instructor Voice Pack ($2.99) from Ghost featured R. Lee Ermey as the announcer. If we divide the cost of $2.99 by the number of lines spoken we get:

    ($2.99)/(51 lines according to the Cod wiki)=$0.06 per quote/taunt

    Gestures on the other hand can be considered to cost much less based on how taunts are legendary tier drops, and gestures are only rare tier drops. A estimated cost for gestures would be $0.04 per gesture.

    Total value of all current black market content using above logic= $247.00 value

    Average value of a supply drop= (($247.00)/(2070 items))(3 items in SD)=$0.36

    ($2.00 rare SD)/($0.36)=5.5 times overpriced on average

    The actual value of rare supply drops: Since rare supply drops guarantee at least one rare tier item or better, we’ll assume the following scenarios from worst case to best case:

    Two common calling cards and one rare gesture (worst case):

    (2)($0.05)+($0.04)=$0.14 value

    ($2.00 rare SD)/($0.14)= 14.3 times overpriced

    Three epic tier camos:

    (3)($0.06)=$0.18 value

    ($2.00 rare SD)/($0.18)=11.1 times overpriced

    Two legendary taunts and one melee weapon:

    (2)($0.06)+($1.99)=$2.11 value

    $0.11 savings

    ($2.11)/($2.00 rare SD)=1.05 times underpaid

    One primary weapon and two specialist costumes:

    (2)($0.99)+($2.99)=$4.97 value

    $2.97 savings

    ($4.97)/($2.00 rare SD)=2.48 times underpaid

    Three primary weapons (best possible but extremely unlikely case):

    (3)($2.99)=$8.97 value

    $6.97 savings

    ($8.97)/($2.00 rare SD)=4.48 times underpaid

    These scenarios all assume none of the items were duplicates, in which case the duplicate has 0 value.

    To share my thoughts on this data, I feel that the supply drop system is horseshit. Selling RNG “goodie bags” is becoming a more and more common trend in the dlc market nowadays. The RNG-paywall is the best to make content overpriced, as the developers can silently raise and lower the drop rates of any of the items. The thought that one of the gaming industry’s biggest role-models is openly using this scummy tactic against its playerbase is scary. I do not want to see major triple A titles devolve into overpriced, unfinished, glorified mobile games with predatory dlc options. Imagine a few years down the line, when the MW2 remake comes out, imagine popping the disc in and immediately being greeted with 3 minutes of advertisements before the menu loads, followed by 8 popups asking if want to buy Cod points. Matches are paused every 5 minutes to play an ad to the entire lobby, maps are covered in product placement. You get the idea so I’ll just go on say that we have to put our foot down now we have to say no this greedy practice before it becomes the norm. Here are some changes that would make the supply drop system better:

    1. Offer the ability to buy every black market item individually for kytrokeys

    2. Lower the cost of paid for supply drops so you actual save money buying them (like LoL mystery skins)

    3. Make players earn kytrokeys faster and offer kytrokey contracts

    4. Burning duplicates gives you back more kytrokeys

    5. Show the actual drop rate of particular items

    Even if some of these changes happen, it won’t be the end of Activision converting the current generation into gambling addicts trough shady business practices. The only way we can stop practices like this once and for all is to petition for laws against games implementing pseudo-gambling.

    Thank you and goodnight.


    You have less than a 0.2% chance of getting a weapon from a supply drop.

    Supply drops are insanely overpriced, from 5 on average up to 11 times the value of the contents.

    If you somehow roll all three of the new guns in one SD, you only saved $6.00 over if you were able to buy them individually.

    Epic camos are only worth $0.06 per gun

    Telling this generation that gambling is the only way to get stuff you want is stupid.

  • RobMelchor

    I’m happy with the free supply drops I get from grinding, fuck giving Activision money for addional ones. The weapons in supply drops are meh so why bother.

  • Will WilFredo Mendoza

    No one is forcing you idiots to use your money. Your own fucking fault in the end. You had 2 choices to start with, use money to get SD and hope to get what you want, or play the damn game, get cryptos the legit way, and use em for SD.