Activision has announced that the live event viewer for the Call of Duty World League matches for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will be available only on the PS4 version of Black Ops 3.

With today’s newest patch update, Treyarch officially activated the feature, which allows players on PS4 to go to the main menu of Black Ops 3, then in the top left, players should see a CWL Live tab. Press Square to start watching matches now.

Activision says that the live-event in-game viewer will broadcast all of the CWL Pro Division matches, including the matches from Australia/New Zealand, Europe, and North America, as well as other major eSports events.

This live event viewer will also be used for live streams such as Game with Developers and Treyarch’s studio stream, according to Activision.

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      lol fgt, im furst on the good posts. ur furst on the e sport posts. thats what u get for thinking next COD is gonna be called Space Warfare

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        The funny thing is that neither of you spelt first right.

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          Its Dolan style

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      Let me see those big ol’ melons Jordan? ?

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      Still better than the crap we see on Halo 5 eSports.

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    Exactly. lol I do sometimes like to watch OpTic Play.

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    Totally saw this coming. No point in promoting the Esports events, which are played exclusively on PS4, on other platforms.

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      It saddens me that e-Sports gets more attention than public matches (since most of the news I’ve seen on Charlie Intel since launch is “e-Sports” news) because of how stupid and pathetic we the majority can be. I find “e-Sports” to be so lame and the community doesn’t help.

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    I mean fuck you too then

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    DLC IS OUT FOR XBOX ONE I’m playing it right now

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      Maps are pretty lame.

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      Any info on how to get it would be greatly appreciated

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        It’s patched what I did was I went into custom games and they are there but now they have removed der eisendrac√© from zombies custom games, however multiplayer maps can still be accessed

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    What time is the DLC out tomorrow in the UK?

  • I guess I just won’t watch then fuck this exclusivity thing has gone 2 far